Saturday, November 30, 2013

Animal Crackers - This is a Guinea not a Turkey.. whew...

Howdy -

Well we had our quota of Turkey, Ham, Stuffing and all the extras.. then more than our quota of pumpkin pie, pecan pie, banana cream pie, and chocolate pecan pie... yea we had a lot of pies...

The guineas were thankful that they are not turkeys.. cuz nothing was safe from the big meal.

But now we are going to go back to watching what we eat.. not just inhaling and watching everything in sight get eaten.  Well once the left overs are gone then we will get back to healthy... LOL

Came home from dinner one night earlier in the week to find a Alex standing out between all the pens crying and looking so lost. He must have been rubbing down the fence line and rolled out. We found just a small area stretched out.

Thank goodness the coyotes or dogs hadn't found him before we got home. After some bribing with some feed we got him back into his safe pen, then fixed the fence.

Love repairing fences in the dark when it is 35 degrees!

 Yesterday afternoon it was absolutely gorgeous outside here - the sun came out and it warmed up. Everyone was really enjoying the sun.... Ramon was rubbing his head on the fence and asking for some attention -

He is a sweetie and yes he got some personal attention and head scratches as soon as I snapped his photo...

Sam was watching everyone out in the sun - you can tell it has been a while since they have seen the sun as she was squinting.

Off in the distance our big guy was out enjoying grazing in the sun. The three big donkeys favorite place to graze in the afternoons... under their big oak tree.

It is so nice of them to let us live with them here isn't it? They do own the land and us you know? We are wrapped around their little... ok big hooves.

So now we are off to have breakfast with an old friend. Then later today I am going to help my High School BFF with her family photo for their Christmas cards. I need to get onto that myself as a matter of fact. hmmmmm

Have a great day -
HUGS and

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Whimsy Stamps Challenge - Party!

Howdy -

Today is the Whimsy Stamps Challenge and this week the challenge is one that can go a lot of directions.

PARTY!! You could go with a Christmas Party - Birthday - Anniversary - Or anything.

Me I am celebrating cupcakes! Cuz any time you have cupcakes you have a party. Am I right? :0)

Here is one of Whimsy's new images from Marika Collins - Cupcake Queen.

I made my cupcake chocolate of course... LOL I colored with Copics (colors below) Then found some papers from My Minds Eye that happened to already be out on my desk. Merry Little Christmas collection. I love using up pads for lots of different cards this paper doesn't really look Christmas at all when you don't use any of the patterns with trees or ornaments. And I love the pink red and teal colors together.  I sewed all the layers together - then went to play with some of my Whimsy Shape dies -

First I die cut the corners with the Corner Die Set. I am totally serious.... I use this set more than any other dies I have. I LOVE them!! Then I die cut out the sentiment Party time - from the Birthday Sentimentables Dies Set. Great set of three all one piece sentiment dies! PERFECT!!

Then I thought it needed just a bit of bling... so I added some Viva Decor Glitter pen to the words and the corners, then added some pearls to the corners.

Inside is same papers -

Here are the Copics I used -

This is a great challenge this month and you will have the entire month of December to join us for a chance to win prizes... but don't wait and forget during the holidays! :0) Make sure to see all the DT's Party cards at the Whimsy Inspires Challenge - then join in on the fun ok?

So what are you working on today... I would love to be crafting but with the big Turkey Day tomorrow I am in the kitchen. We are going to Hubby's sister's house for the big meal. I am in charge of "the pies"... have quite a few to get done so probably will be in the kitchen most of the day.

Love to bake, just don't do much of it anymore. Hubby and I would be wide as the house if I did. LOL

Hope you have a wonderful day and for those in the US - a blessed Thanksgiving Day -
HUGS and

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

High Hopes Challenge - A little Color Challenge

Howdy -

This week at the High Hopes Challenge Blog there is a little Color Challenge. Red - Green - Light Blue or Teal.

I found a paper pad that was perfect!! My Minds Eye Merry Little Christmas paper pad.

And love the papers with the new Christmas image - Santa and Rudy Block.

And I also used the sentiment - Holly Jolly Christmas  Colored with my Copics ( colors below ) Layered the papers, red satin ribbon and red buttons.

Inside is more of the same papers.

Colors used for coloring.

Love the new Christmas blocks - they are so perfect. So much in a great little square.

Make sure you pop on over to the High Hopes Challenge and see all the other DT's color challenge. Then join us for the fun and win some stamps of your own!!

HUGS and -

Friday, November 22, 2013

Animal Crackers - brrrrrrrr its getting a bit nippy out there!

Howdy -

So what is the weather like in your back yard? Here... it is wet and cold. Well cold for me. It isn't suppose to get out of the 40's until Tuesday!! For Texas and for me - I say that is cold! And the rain really makes it feel cold.

We were out in it all day - running errands and hitting a few estate sales. Nope I didn't get to stay home and color all day like I wanted. We found a few little things at the estate sales... but nothing to jump up and down about. I managed to stay dry and miss getting rained on all day. Then we got home and I told Hubby that I would run out to get the eggs from the coop then I would head out and snap a few photos for today.... well just about the time I got into the coop I felt a very large drop of rain. And then within seconds it was absolutely pouring! I was soaked completely! And it was 38 degrees! So needless to say... I didn't get back out for the photos as I gathered the eggs and ran in and found my cozy warm clothes and did not go back out.

This gives me a chance to show a few more photos from the last couple of weeks that were too good to not share.

A favorite...

I showed Moxie last week, and I believe Nally a few weeks ago - but their brother Niner needed a new photo too... He is such a happy boy. He is bigger than his sisters, but he is a home boy and stays right around the house. He doesn't go far at all. He likes being close - he is very protective of his home, or he likes being close to be first in line for cookies when we call.  He attacks everyone that visits to guard us. Ok, so he jumps up on you to lick and get petting. He is a lover not a fighter.... he leaves that to his sister Nally. 

Hard to believe that she is the tough one... but this gal is our guardian for sure! I know she has saved the life of the goats more than once. Those "Flying Nun" ears makes her really extra tough!!

Speaking of Lover boys... this face is my boy that is all about cuddling and love.....

Autie is my baby and you can see in those eyes that he is just a sweetheart! 

Found this one of Daisy I don't think I showed... she has eyes that melt you -

 Of course in this photo those eyes were screaming for feed...

Now Guinea photos have been a struggle for me. They are VERY hard to get a photo that isn't blurry -or missing a large portion of the bird. They MOVE FAST!!

I was so happy this one came out... They are really gorgeous ugly aren't they. They are all in one - LOL

Found this one... The Wyandottes are really private about their time in the nesting boxes...

They hop out and tell me off when I accidentally interrupt their time in the huts... I counted before I opened and figured one was in the hut, I opened the door just a few inches to get the lens in and snapped.. then I closed the door and went back later... she deserved her time. They are all providing eggs regularly so I don't want to upset them :0)

Hope the weather is nice were you are... but I am planning time indoors at home this weekend. And some coloring!! Got a few new movies to watch and I am thinking a big pot of soup today... sounds yummy to me.

HUGS and -

Whimsy Stamps Inspiration - Autumn Mouse

Howdy -

Got a little me time last night to sit and color and craft. I had printed out a couple of the new Digital images from Whimsy and had fun just coloring and playing - And this little guy was the first one I "HAD" to do.

Adorable huh? "Autumn Mouse" from Miss Rach Digital Collection. Love the new Whimsy images from Miss Rach. I colored with my Copics (colors below) then cut out with a circle Nestie. I found some papers in my stash with the Autumn feel to them. Layered them and Tied a ribbon around the middle. I used a black Viva Decor Paper Pen to make some brad looking dots, then I doodled around the circle.

Inside is more of the same papers

and here are the Copic Colors used -

So what is on your plate today? We had a bunch of errands to run, a few estate sales I wanted to go to. We are still discussing what we are going to end up doing. Front is coming in the weather is suppose to be nasty. I am starting to think that it might be a great day to clean my craft room and do some crafting. Sound like a great plan to me - wonder if I can talk hubby into that? LOL

Have a blessed wonderful day - see you tomorrow for Animal Crackers -
HUGS and-

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

High Hopes Challenge - Circles

Howdy -

Today is the High Hopes Challenge! And today it is all about Circles.

I colored up the new "Making Friends" image too cute --

I colored with my Copics (colors below) I found some older Christmas paper from Fiskars Heidi Grace. Felt circles! Good for the theme. The sentiment is also from High Hopes "Work of Art"  Then I punched out a snowflake border.

Inside is the same papers -

Here is my Copic colors used -

Now pop over to the challenge blog and see all the circles. Then join us!! High Hopes Challenge Blog.

Hugs and -

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Animal Crackers - Please don't make fun of my Chicken Butt

Howdy -

Yes.. the title is odd.. but very true - Please don't make fun of my Chicken Butt!!

I have 7 Wyandottes - and 6 of them have these bright red bare rear ends. A few have feathers started growing and they protect them as best as they can... but there are a couple that are constantly "pecked" on. I have read that it is common... I am working on solutions. But about the time I get them to stop and they start filling in... it all starts over again.

Now you may say what about the one that has its tail feathers? Well that is "CB"... she was the start of all the plucking I think, then it was just a free for all with all of the chickens plucking each other. But I think "CB" has ducked and ran to save her "butt" that it now is stuck in a side ways position. And that is why her name is "CB"... "Crooked Butt"

I think I told you earlier in the week that we built a second chicken coop. The main coop is good, but a little small for 13 chickens... the Rhode Island Reds have claimed it and it is all theirs. So we built a second coop for the Wyandottes. They sleep outside (within their safe fencing) So when it got so cold the other night we had their own coop built and even had heat lamps installed in both coops. The Wyandottes love laying their eggs in their new house. Sleeping... they still are sleeping outside. I hope they will get use to their new hut and learn to sleep in it soon. Other wise I will have to go out a chase chickens and lock them in it at night and I really don't want to do that....

This photo is while hubby was working on the second coop... I sat off to the side and laughed until I physically hurt. They Chickens were all helping him in every way.... standing on his boards, or him, or his tools. Pecking on him. Always under his feet. But the funniest was he would gather up his screws for whatever part he was working on. He would reach for one and they would all be gone... scattered all around. Then they found the little bucket they were stored in WOW now that was fun they had over a hundred to pull out and scatter!! LOL

At one point Hubby glared and me and asked why I was just sitting there laughing, why wasn't I stopping them... Uh well it was too funny to watch!!

We were gone yesterday setting up for an antique show we are doing this weekend, when we got home it was just a little past "normal" dinner time. Like maybe 30 minutes... Crissy was one of about 20 goats that were making sure we were told that was not acceptable!!

Well If you remember a couple of weeks ago I showed you a photo of Peter and told you I really wished we could find him a new home where he will have some girls of his very own. Well a very nice couple that has purchased a couple of girls from us last year... they called and they came and picked up Peter - so now I am putting his brother out there.. Paul now needs his home and gals of his own... :0) 

 He too has that adorable bangs that curl on his forehead.... :0 )  Sweet guy. Doesn't have the blue eyes his brother does, but he has the gene and is a carrier for them.

As I was heading in the house I looked out a ways past the yard and saw Moxie, one of the outside three - She is the sweetest and calmest girl. Just a love.

They had already gotten their evening cookie, but I think Moxie was thinking that a second one would be really nice. I think Hubby came through and snuck her one... I saw him talking to her and heard him say ... "Don't tell anyone ok? " - that usually means he snuck some sort of treat to one LOL 

This is what Hubby's project was Thursday - 

We had to pick all the remaining tomato's from our fall garden earlier in the week. The cold front that blew in would have really done some damage to them. So they all were picked and it was way to many to slice and eat - we do eat a lot of them sliced with dinner we love them. But this was so many all at once so Hubby canned up about a dozen jars of salsa. I sure hope I can enjoy some too - but he was doing all the slicing and cooking, that worries me that this batch may be a bit warm for me. I think I will hide the last jar from Spring for myself just in case - it is what he calls sissy sauce. That is just fine with me too much heat just isn't tasty to me.

Hope you have some fun planned for this weekend. The weather is suppose to be gorgeous here. After a near freeze this week, Sunday it is suppose to get to 87 degrees!  As they say if you don't like the weather in Texas just wait a few minutes and it will change.

Have a blessed wonderful weekend -

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

High Hopes Challenge - Christmas!

Howdy -

This week over at the High Hopes Challenge Blog it is all about Christmas. And even if I don't want to think about just how close Christmas really is... it is!! So this week the challenge is to make a Christmas Card!  One down a million more to go! LOL

Here is my Christmas Card - Using "Christmas Kitty Fun" and the sentiment "Meowy Christmas"

I colored with my Copics (colors below) Then found some papers from Graphic 45 and sewed down everything.

Then I went to look for some red flowers.... I had a few roses, but I didn't think this was a roses card. I dug through everything. Can you believe I have NO red flat flowers! Every other color under the rainbow, but no red! I found some white ones... looked at them for a few minutes and the red Copic laying on my desk and then the light bulb went on... oh yes I can!! I colored them! Whoo Hoo!! Red flat flowers! Not an original idea, but was so happy with myself for remembering it!. I punched out some Martha branch punches and glued them and the flowers down. Then I used the Gold Glitter Viva Decor Paper Pen for the centers. I didn't want it to be too bright with gold, and the stickles I have would have been like a flashing sign. So I just puddled up some of the Viva Decor - not nearly as flashy.

I did the inside to... but my photo was a total blur ... sorry - Same papers though

Here are my Copics used -

Love this kitty image - Now you want to see more Christmas inspiration with some High Hopes? Just pop on over the the High Hopes Challenge Blog - and see all the DT's Christmas Cards, then join us for a chance to win some new High Hopes to play with!

Hope you have a great day today - "We" (Hubby loves we I say that) "We" are working on a second chicken coop. Those Wyandottes will not go in to the hut with the Reds. And when I try and force them the Reds get all Bully with them... It isn't a huge Chicken Coop to start with. So a second coop is almost finished... hope fully the Reds will not divide and decide to take up roost in both huts!! I'll have to then get out there and be a Bully with them.

But we have to have a coop for the Wyandottes as they have been sleeping outside and that is fine most of the year.. but I don't want to come out after a front and find frozen chickens you know. I am loving the size of the new coop - told Hubby yesterday maybe we should take down the first one and build another one matching as it would look cuter... yea you married women know the look I got after that came out of my mouth right?

Ok better get my bootie outside and at least pretend I am helping. Yesterday I sat out there and talked to the chickens while he worked... it entertained a few of them, but then I looked up and was getting "that look" Two of the chickens were sitting up on the board he was trying to put in place and another was pulling the screws out of his bucket... so I had to then take guard for him. LOL

See you later - have a great blessed day!
HUGS and

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Animal Crackers - Among the Flowers

Howdy -

Hope you have had a wonderful week. Things have been going normal around here - but Thursday I looked out the window and saw that all the "Girls" had made their way into a pen that they normally don't linger in ... such good grass in the other two they have access too - But they were all so pretty in this other pen that I grabbed my camera and ran out to snap a few shots...

They were all among the flowers... now I know these are in reality "weeds" but they do have flowers on them... I think they look beautiful!

One of my favorite photos...

Peeking over the "flowers"... Marissa and Caliente - These two are always together. Aren't they beautiful?

Then Irene decided to step in front of her 1/2 sisters photo - She wanted some time too  - just as pretty as her sisters.

Then I saw our old lady... She is our first donkey and one of the sweetest in the world. We were talking this week about her age. We were guessing 18-20 - you know how time flies.

So I pulled out the records and looked up her birth date... We will be celebrating her 22 year this Spring! She still gets around great and is in her prime though... In case you didn't know - donkeys can live to be 30-40... With proper health and care of course. So that is why we spoil our kids and make sure they are happy and healthy.

Gloria decided to take a break and rest for a bit.. then she rolled around in the dirt for a while to feel even better.

 Love this photo...

Ellie Mae couldn't see what I was doing when making her way up the trail. OH there... if you put your head up on Lydia's rear end you can see so much better.....

Patty was in end of the group...

She is getting so WIDE! Can't wait for the baby.... :0)

Then I saw a head pop up ...

 Ha! Sonia is so small I totally missed seeing her - Too adorable.

The wind was really blowing  - a cold front was coming in... Chica wasn't too sure about it -

She is such a pretty girl...

Autie is pretty darn handsome too -

My boy - Can you believe it has only been a few weeks since I shaved him totally. Told you it would grow back fast. And he get more gorgeous - - -

Hope you have a wonderful weakend -
HUGS and