Saturday, March 30, 2013

Animal Crackers - The Coop has its first residents

Howdy -
   Well the Coop has its first new residents! We moved the Guineas into it yesterday. The hut isn't quite done and we still need to run some chicken wire around the bottom to keep the chicks in once they are put it. Hopefully today or tomorrow. But the Guineas are large enough that they can't fit through the fencing, so they moved in first. Been so busy we just can't seem to get it all done.

They were very happy to be out in their new home. Loved the grass, but I think the dirt was really their favorite... Always thought it was odd that rolling in the dirt can make the animals feel so good... makes me want to head in and take a bath.

Here is a photo of the coop...

It actually was before we finished the top cover, and put the concrete blocks around the edge. Keep critters from digging in or the birds from getting out. I am sure Hubby would love me saying how "WE" finished... LOL I did help with the roof a tiny bit.

The chicks were watching out the window... I think we get to move in next is what they were saying...

They have grown a ton haven't they? They are so fun to watch.

I took all these photos at breakfast yesterday morning. So most wouldn't even acknowledge me... Lina wouldn't look at me, but she was interested in making sure that "Dad" wasn't going to throw in more hay that might be better than what she had.

 Frank on the other hand had decided that the best thing to do with his breakfast was keep it warm....

 So his hay was serving as a cozy morning bed until he was hungry. He is a funny guy.

And here is funny as well.. Niner one of the outside dog had just woken up.

It was a long night of barking at the moon the night before so he slept in... I think this is a stretch, a yawn and a "What's for breakfast?" all at once. LOL

The boys in their pen were really enjoying their morning meal.

Pavo for a split second was thinking about coming over to the fence for a good morning, but then went back to eating. Wouldn't want the hay to spoil now would we? 

As I was heading back into the house I found Tuco watching the donkeys in one of the pen. 

I have no clue what he had gotten into or why he is wet. He is a boy for sure, loves to get into things. But he is also one very handsome Toy Australian Shepherd. In some photos you would never know he is only 12 inches tall. LOL

Alright... errands, Post Office, Grocery Store, Hardware Store, Bread Store then home to get things packed up for next weeks antique show... Better get going! Hope you have a wonderful Saturday and hug something furry!

HUGS and-

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Whimsy Inspirations - The Farmer's Daughter

Howdy -

How is your week going? Things here are a million miles and hour and 50 different directions - so normal here! LOL

I was cleaning off my desk the other day. (yes I do it once in a while) I came across a few Whimsy Stamps I purchased a little while back.  I had to find time to ink up and color them! So this week my Digital Whimy Inspiration has a little bit of Whimsy Rubber stamp inspiration as well ok?

This is "Farmer's Daughter" from KennyK's Glam Gang Collection.

I had to have her! Not that she is me, I would LOVE to say she looks like me! LOL Maybe one day..Ha. Anyway I had to have her, I colored with my Copics (sorry I forgot the photo on this one) Now after coloring I went to my Whimsy Digital papers, I knew exactly what I wanted to use!! Grunge Cottage Charms from Michele R. Designs - love all her papers, but this one is my favorite. I printed off two of the patterns to use. I matched up some Bazzil card stock with the red. And cut out the flower in the one pattern. I die cut the Whimsy Double Scalloped Square Doily Die out of the same off white card stock as the base. I hand sewed red and white twine around the outer holes. Then I went to find a sentiment. Love the Smile Sentiment Collection -  And this card makes me smile ;0)

Here is the inside - all with left-overs

Ok... on the run again! Dr. appointment this morning for a weigh in - sigh.. that scale just is not moving for me lately. Hopefully today I can kick it back into going down again. Then home to work around the  house. Fingers all crossed we can get the chicken coop done today. It is so close, but have to make sure it is safe don't want any critters getting in to my feathered kids. Hopefully for Animal Crackers you will see them running around in their new homed!

Have a great day!
HUGS and-

Monday, March 25, 2013

Me and My Space - Gone with the Wind

Howdy - Now that title could go a lot of different directions here again! Has it been windy where you are? Man I feel like we are going to have to tie down the animals out side some days! And just about the time it calms down and is nice... another front comes around and it blows like a hurricane again. Oh well it has kept it cool and the animals do love that, it won't be long and it will be 100 degrees and I'll wish the wind was here.

But today's title is about a few dolls I just listed last night from the estate. I fell in love with them when I found them. They are just so cute.

These are 8 inch Madame Alexander dolls from the 1980's Gone with the Wind series. I have listed three of them. I think there may be a couple more in one of the boxes, but for now I just had to get these on Ebay -

There are two Scarlett's -

My favorite is the one in the fabulous Green Curtains Dress - only Scarlett could get away with wearing the family curtains!

But she is gorgeous in her Red and white Ashley's farewell dress

The third one is Mammy - You just have to love Mammy - 

 She is really pretty but my favorite thing is that they have her wearing a bright red pedi coat! Love that.

They are fun and not huge money to collect, that is why I think Madame Alexander Dolls are still so popular. Of course the older ones are really collectible and can get pricey, but the newer ones are just fun and decorative small investment items.

Now this estate has lots of KEN dolls from all eras - I have sold quite a few of them. I have one listed right now that is just too many memories from my childhood...

Long Hair Mod Ken.. he is too wonderful! Hysterical! He has on a red and silver Tuxedo Jacket from the 1970's... He just makes you smile doesn't he? LOL

So did you have Ken doll? Or Madame Alexander? Which ones?

HUGS and-

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Animal Crackers - Dirty Kids

Howdy -
   My kids have been bad... the little boys have been. These sweet little boys the last couple of days have decided that their mineral bucket that they are suppose to lick and get added vitamins and well.. minerals. The past few days they have been playing in it, rolling in it, laying in it, basically just being boys.

A mess right? They are all a mess... Peter is the worst though! I think he was just rubbing his entire head in the bucket! But Charles comes in a close second. We actually took the bucket out for a while. I think they need some time without the mineral bucket!

The girls aren't that messy... and I think Gracie was making fun of the boys and sticking her tongue out at the boys that she has a mineral bucket and they don't.

Watch it Gracie.. you get messy and we will take it away from you too! LOL

It has gotten pretty hot here this past week. Shade is already becoming valuable places around here.

Lucy had found a spot under one of the huts... she was guarding it well, only allowing her buddies to come into the shade. She is like that :0)

Ellie Mae was enjoying the large Oak tree -

Was actually a pretty nice place to be... in the sun it was pretty warm. But under the tree it was just a bit breezy and nice.. Smart Donkey Ellie Mae!

Felicia and found some shade from a tree too.

 Ok, so there was a little bit of shade from a smaller tree, but shade is shade!! Hubby planted a 1/2 dozen live oak trees a couple of years ago... future large shade for the donkeys.

Bird Update -

The little Chicks have started growing in their wings!

 I waste so much time just watching them. They are so darn cute... the past couple of days they have been stretching out their wings showing them off to each other. Adorable!

 The Guineas are HUGE!

 They are ready to go out into the pen and live life now. Hubby just needs to get the fencing finished.. make sure that top is on secure cuz these guys I think could fly right over it now. Still don't have names for them... Can't tell them apart actually... LOL

Friday, March 22, 2013

Whimsy Inspiration - Fuzzy Chicks

Howdy -
   While trying to decide which Whimsy image to use this week... as soon as I saw the new image "Easter Chicken" by Lia Stampz I giggled. It reminded my of my little chicks. They have already grown so much!! They have started showing all their wings! I'll try and get a photo for tomorrows Animal Crackers! Too cute! And isn't this image too cute?

 He is such a sweet little chick especially in his striped shorts! I colored with my Copics (colors below) then I added more color and shading with my pencils. Haven't done that in a while. I was ok.. then I tried to add splashes of paint from the brush... didn't work and I was really upset with myself. But I stayed with it. Sometimes I figured you have to just live with it. I added some spring papers from First Edition called "Spring Drop" I found pink green and purple card stock to put with them. Sewed all the layers together, and then printed out the sentiment "Happy Easter" also from Whimsy. "Easter Sentiments" is a fabulous set for your cards - Really gorgeous Sentiments. I remembered my Martha Stewart Chick border punch. A gift from one of my favorite ladies :0) I punched out one punch and used it to top my sentiment, after I colored the grass green.

I added a little bit of Flower Soft to my Chick... Now he looks a bit more fuzzy like my chicks :0) I added very little to his head, as I didn't want to loose his adorable face.

Here are my Copic colors - 

I can hardly believe that Easter is so close! I am still getting organized and getting ready for 2013... and now we are at Easter! Guess I better make time file things and finish organizing huh? Maybe I can find a few hours for that this coming week. Maybe...

All righty, gonna run for today. Chores today so I can play this weekend. I hope I can get everything done, I would love to have a relaxing weekend next weekend will be a mad rush getting things ready for our next Antique Show. Yes, Relaxing Weekend that is on my wish list for the next couple of days. We will see....

HUGS and -

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

High Hopes - Stripes and Dots

Howdy - Today is Tuesday and this Tuesday is the High Hopes Challenge. We have a bit of Stripes and Dots going on today. It was a good thing that this was a tad bit easier challenge as it has really been a busy past few days. Old Neighbors were in town visiting us. And all though we had a million laughs and enjoyed every second they were here... I was a bit behind on what I normally do in my schedule. So yesterday was catch up, and I allowed one hour to make this card. Stressing yes, but I seriously had very little time. But I figured that Stripes and Dots could all fall together, and with a great image it all did!

I had some fun with one of the new Senior Moments images - This is "Fisherman Fred"-

Love this guy for so many "guy" card subjects. He is colored with Copics (colors below) I matched up with colors with the paper pad FarmHouse "Paper Skies". Great for manly cards. I found a stripe and a dot for the challenge and then a solid. I paired them all up with kraft card stock. A brown satin ribbon around the middle, three buttons and the sentiment.  - which is from High Hopes Stamps as well! You can find it HERE. Love it!

Here is the inside... simple with same papers.

And my Copic colors -

 Man cards are usually really tough for me. More of a bling and flowers kind of gal. But I got this one done in just over an hour. And it all went together really pretty easily.

Now you know you can do some stripes and dots. So pull out a High Hopes image and join us at the challenge! WE really would love it if you would join us at The High Hopes Challenge!

Must run now - Hubby and I are suppose to have lunch with some old co-workers of mine today, then home to hopefully work on the chicken coop. The Guineas are ready for their new home. They are so BIG! Chicks are still a little to young.. growing but still small.

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday -
HUGS and-

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Me and My Space - Odd and Funny!

Howdy - Now I have talked about some of the items that I am selling for the estate. I have done lots of research for an entire era of toys and dolls that I normally did not deal it. We have really learned a lot and grown a new appreciation for the value of these "modern" toys. Well modern compared to what we normally deal with.

So last Sunday we were at the flea market and I went into a booth and found a Madame Alexander Doll. Sounds basic and normal right? A little new for what I would usually slow down and look at. But I have come to realize that these dolls are very collectible as well and finding them and getting them into the hands of collectors is fun too. But this Madame Alexander doll... well she was like brand new condition, had her accessories and honestly she just really made me laugh out loud, she is a bit odd and funny and I had to find out how much she was. 

Yep.. she is a Madame Alexander "Psycho" doll with her claw foot tub/shower and curtain. Her skimpy little towel even reads Bates Motel! One side of the curtain as you can see has the Movie title. Then the other side of the curtain... yep... look close!!! That is Norman Bates in his mothers clothes!! Is that a Scream or what!! LOL  She ended up being a pretty good price so I purchased her and came home and listed her for sale right away.  She still cracks me up... She was part of a "Thriller" Series that Madame Alexander started. Only two were ever released. Now the second doll. I really want that one! "Birds".... love that movie, need to find that doll for a grin too!

Now this next doll I have listed is from the estate and to me is very odd.  But you have to appreciate the talent and complex parts to put it together. This is more of an ART doll. The man who made it is no longer alive. But he was an extremely talented man. William "Bill" Wiley -

You can read all the history and info about it in my auction post MERMAN . But a few notable things - A few really impressive things - Bill created more than 60 of the characters in the movie Nutcracker, including the Nutcracker! He did windows at Tiffanys - oh I could go on and on. And this doll was one of the first - really rare item, maybe too rare? I hope not.. he is odd. But really extremely well made. The porcelain is gorgeous and high quality. Just odd... LOL I think I said that. OH .. this guy is big too. He weighs over 5 pounds! BIG MERMAN!

Some fun stuff this week.. huh? I even listed a few post cards that are kind of odd and funny...

This one really is both... odd and funny

Giant Blow Fished dressed in a suit walking through the park filled with miniature children. Yep.. Odd and Funny!

Hope you have a great Sunday! And I really hope this weeks Me and My Space gave you a giggle, a grin, a chuckle... or just found it interesting.

HUGS and-

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Animal Crackers - cheep cheep cheep

Howdy - Lots going on here on the farm. #1 priority Hubby is building the new chicken coop.. Yeah I know we have been doing that for over a week now. Keep getting interrupted for other priorities. But it is really coming together nice, and the Guineas are not quite old enough to go in yet. They are huge don't get me wrong can't believe how big they have gotten in two weeks. But when you see them next to these guys... they look enormous!

Are they not just the cutest? We got 7 baby chicks this week. Rhode Island Reds. We decided on 6 Reds. Then we would 6 different ones this week in their next shipment. But there were 7 at the feed store. I couldn't buy 6 and leave one to be all alone could I?... so we have 7 :0) they are so cute, we have had them three days and they are already growing like crazy! and their wings have started growing their feathers. They are much sweeter than the Guineas... sorry but they are, the Guineas spook and freak out too often. These little chicks run around and when you catch them they do calm down and let you hold them. Can't wait to watch them grow up. :0)

Speaking of growing up... This is Hank and his Posse of young boys.

All the little girls we want to sell are now gone. We kept three girls out of this group. But we really need to sell boys, but only to homes we know will love them. For now Hank is happy with them, and being their leader

 This one is funny...  They love the cool water as the buckets are being filled...

 This is the little girls pen, and they were begin calm and lined up for their turn. Well as I snapped they were calm... then things got a little wild. LOL

Now the boys, we have issues. The guys as soon as the buckets get less than 1/2 full of water they like to turn them over and then carry the buckets off. Heck they all love to do that not just the little boys.

 Now it is funny to watch them carry the buckets from the rope handles, or edges of the buckets. But even funnier when they flip it upside down. Once it is upside down they have nothing to grab it by. But that doesn't stop them from trying! Pavo was even trying to kick the bucket to help. I have no clue what they think they are biting on the top to pick it up. But it was funny to watch. They were making lots of noise kicking at the bucket and snorting....

Not to far away is the Cat Condo... And Samantha "Sam" was watching -

I can only imagine the thoughts running through her head. "Dumb boys... what is the point of biting it and kicking that bucket... way to much energy for nothing. Not like it is a bug, a butterfly, mouse or leaf blowing across the pen"  Yes those are things Sam like to chase and move at any speed for.

There was a fraction of a split second that I caught Tuco sitting still -

It isn't a perfect photo, a bit blurry even. But it really shows off Tuco's gorgeous coloring doesn't it? And it was nice of him to slow down in front of my geraniums wasn't it? Nice background. I can't believe how much he has grown up. In fact the other day he was standing even with Autie right next to him and I was shocked. He is actually about an inch taller than his Daddy, Autie. Not quite as wide as Autie but taller! ;0)

So what do you have planned for the weekend? Work Work Work here.. Farm life never takes a break! And it is wonderful isn't it.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Whimsy Stamps - Rain or Shine?

Howdy - another one of those weeks were things flew by - Hubby has been helping a friend with Coaching Little League. Well we all know that Hubby eats, breaths and sleeps baseball. So he is having a ball! (pun intended) But I had no clue that means THREE nights a week we are at a little league game! I am gonna have to get things a bit more organized and start doing more things over the weekend I am thinking.

But I have made time this week to work with one of the new Whimsy Stamps Images :0)

Adorable image isn't it? This is "Ari and Toby" by Katheryne, StampArt Designs - love he stuff don't you? That puppy just has to make you smile. The sentiment... well that is a one of three that are bonuses with the image!! BONUS! I had fun with some spring colors from First Paper Editions Black Canvas paper stack. I added a matching ribbon from my stash and then found a pearl flourish in my drawer. I cut out the sentiment with Whimsy dies.. first Notables 4 die, then I matted it with Notables 6 die from a scrap.

Here are my Copic Colors.

Hope you are having a great Friday - I'll be back tomorrow with Animal Crackers
HUGS and-

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

High Hopes - Celebrate Something!

Howdy! First... we didn't get as much rain as they said we would. Darn it! We got just enough to get the ground slightly wet. Then by mid morning the sky was clear and sunny. That was nice but really I wanted a entire Sunday of rain... needed it. Maybe next time.... Sigh... Don't you hate me whining about rain? Life of having animals and needed hay.

Today is all about Celebrating though - High Hopes Challenge today is asking for a card to show off celebrating something - anniversary, birthday, graduation.. whatever as long as you are celebrating!

Me I will do some serious celebrating when Spring is officially here, love spring when everything is growing and blooming!

Here is my card -

This is one of my first and favorite High Hopes images. This is Miss Marissa. I love her! She is just so darn cute, and I adore her large flower. I have always popped the flower. This time I decided I would just color her and let it go... then at the very end I went and stamped another one and popped it. LOL

I really had a ton of fun with all the bright colors and flowers... maybe went a little too much with the flowers? So the papers are from Blank Canvas. With mats from Core'dinations White wash card stock.. all though I used the colored side not the white wash side :0).  The die cuts - vines from Whimsy, and flowers from Memory Box. Some added lace, and then my sentiments. Celebrate is a cheap $1.00 stamp from Michaels. The fabulous "Take time to Smell the Flowers" is a High Hopes Sentiment.

Here is the card from the side so you can see the POP...

You will have to peek at the inside in this photo too as I forgot to take a photo of the inside, and the Copic colors used, sorry was watching a good movie and just got side tracked :0)

So what will you be Celebrating? Common you need a card - use a High Hopes image and join us at the challenge! Common we want record people to join us this week! Celebrate!!!

Whats up in your house today? We are working today... me on estate collections Hubby on mowing and the farm.... normal day around here. It is a good thing though.. normal is nice.

Have a great day -
Hugs and