Monday, March 30, 2020

High Hopes Stamps - Nurse Elizabeth Jo

Howdy -

This week for High Hopes Stamps I have colored up a little Get Well Soon card. I am sure we all need a few of those for our stash. And there is none better to wish a little Get Well images as "Nurse Elizabeth Jo"

A sweet little nurse like this is sure to make you feel better! I colored with my Copics and did a little high lighting and shading with pencils. Then cut her out with a small border around her. I found papers from October Afternoon that were bright and cheerful and sewed them down with my sewing machine. The sentiment Get Well Soon... is called "Calling the Doctor" from High Hopes Stamps is perfect for this nurse.

Three red buttons for a little embellishment and I think it is a happy colorful Get Well Card. Hopefully to cheer up someone not feeling so well.

Copic colors used.

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Have a safe and blessed day -
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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Animal Crackers - FINALLY!!! Meet Hanna!!!

Howdy -

Last Sunday morning Hubby and I thought it was probably THE DAY for Bella. She was pacing around and twitching... started showing contraction signs early afternoon. And we thought yes! She is going to deliver in the daylight! We can take nice photos and get a good night sleep after a couple of long nights before.

Nope.... She decided to wait until after 10pm to really get going, so it was a late night. We pulled out a couple of chairs and sat on the far side of the pen from her to give her some space. When the time came... she made her way across the pen, and literally fell at our feet to start labor and delivery! She wanted us to be right there with her. Nervously we cheered her on. Bella has had some rough births in the past. But just like a text book delivery... a beautiful baby appeared, birthed and then sat up and shook her ears! NOTE the "SHE" ....

Yes meet Bella's daughter - HANNA !

Now we all know every baby born here has their day one photo with "Dad"... We were up as soon as the sun came up to see Hanna and take her photos!

Love how proud Bella was of her little girl! And "Dad" was pretty happy and proud too! But my favorite part of this photo is that Hanna's Daddy Black Jack is in the background... He was proud and happy too... LOL

Now as you can imagine it has been hard to accomplish much this week... here we in "Quarantine" and have so many chores to catch up on... but all we want to do is play with adorable Miss Hanna!! She gave a little scare her first 24 hours as she had a issue and wasn't doing well at all... but finally she got past it and now is a little pistol! Full of energy and pushy just like her Mom Bella. 

Seriously you can tell this little girl has LOTS of personality!

We are in LOVE with "Hanna Banana" as we have been calling her!

 I know you are falling too aren't you? ADORABLE!!! Ok, now I think I need to get a hug from the sweetie!

Hope you are all safe, healthy and happy - Have a blessed week!
HUGS and

Monday, March 23, 2020

High Hopes Stamps - Wingin' It Duck

Howdy -

Yesterday I decided to color up a little happiness and a smile. And High Hopes Stamps "Wingin' It Duck" was just the smile needed!

Seriously how can you not smile at a duck doing a cartwheel? I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then added the sentiment from High Hopes Stamps "You Quack Me Up!" I  cut it out and then did a little faux mat with my Copic marker around the edge. A few enamel dots in the bottom corner for added fun and some crazy zig zag stitch around the edge onto a piece of Paper Studios Dotted Barn wood paper.

Simple but does bring a smile -

Copic colors used -

Trying times in the world right now - High Hopes Stamps can bring some image for some happy coloring to you! Check out their web site HERE and see all the fun!

Have a blessed and safe day -
HUGS and

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Animal Crackers - Furry Smiles

Howdy -

With everything going on in the world enjoying some furry smiles is my happy place!

We had a rainy day yesterday... and we all know that goats believe they will melt if they get wet.. LOL But during a break of the rain they all came out, it got noisy and they were letting "Dad" know it was safe to feed... but do it fast before the sky starts falling again! Crissy was up on her hut calling out loudly!!! HURRY DAD NOW!!!!

As you can see Cocoa had been out in the rain and doesn't have the fear of getting wet... but the poor baby got into some mud and got a rock stuck in her hoof... she was three legging it to come up and get her dinner.

No worries.. Dad rescued her and cleaned her hoof and got the rock from her foot. She is a little bruised but isn't limping nearly as bad any longer.

Now Gato was enjoying the relaxing stay at home day. Oh wait... that is her day every day!

Problem is that yesterday she seemed to think my desk chair was all hers. And every time I got up, she jumped into my chair and curled up. I gave up and just let her have it...

With the time down right now we got a jump on Spring for us. We normally don't get to bring in chicks and start the garden until our Spring antique shows are done. But since we are stuck at home Hubby decided that it was a great time to get a head start on things... so first up on the agenda was to get some chicks! We wanted to get some last fall but missed the short supply and didn't get any. You see some our girls are getting a bit old and so we need to replenish with some younger girls so we can keep up the eggs!

Oh my I could stand leaning on their tub all day. They are so cute! And I think they are growing and changing by the hour!

So fuzzy and cute!

 And then also the Garden gets in at a normal time instead of late like normal ... Hubby got a few tomato, bell peppers, squash and hot peppers. Still need a few more things to be happy... but this is a good start and hoping the weather will cooperate and we get lots of veggies!

I hope you are all healthy and safe - and this all passes soon - And hope that my fuzzy furry kids help you and bring a smile!

HUGS and

Monday, March 16, 2020

High Hopes Stamps - Butterfly Guy

Howdy -

With Spring comes Butterflies ... and "Butterfly Guy" seems to be enjoying the weather and the colorful flying friends.

Sweet little guy huh? I colored with my Copics (colors below) I found a piece of Paper Studios Gingham Barn wood paper, a grey card stock base and mats. I sewed with a zig zag stitch around the image. The sentiment "Growing Old is mandatory" from High Hopes Stamps. I love this sentiment! So true!

Copic colors used -

Have you taken a look at all the fun Senior images at High Hopes Stamps? Click HERE to pop over to see them all.... they are so fun! As are all the High Hopes Stamps!

Have a blessed day!
HUGS and

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Animal Crackers - Thrilled with Our Man Black Jack

Howdy -

Last weekend was a hard one for us. Our Man Black Jack was very sick. You see the Spring Grass around here has gone nuts and Black Jack made a bit of a piggie and ate way too much and began to colic.

Now Black Jack is not a Spring Chicken... he turns 25 this year. Not old for a Donkey, but not young. And for those that don't know Colic is Very Dangerous for an equine. Painful and Scary. For more than 2 days Hubby or I were out there with him to keep him up moving around... I hated seeing him hurting..

Now Black Jack's pen is right next to the window where I work daily. I took for granite that sound of him Hee Hawing all day and night. For days things were silent. It was so depressing.

So I went looking at old photos of my boy and found one of him talking to me. Wish it had sound.

We have been so blessed to have this stunning man, his children and grandchildren and probably great grandchildren have lots of blue ribbons and awards to them. Now we keep him natural and easy going.. but he is a stunning man when slicked off

Here is one from he showing days before we got him. His youth ...

Sorry not a great photo.. its actually a photo of a photo... but it does show what a looker he is.

He still is a looker, but just with more a that natural happy country look - and more grey mixed in to that stunning black...  LOL

But I am thrilled to say he is now back to normal - feeling good, running around his pen and most of all TALKING!!

 I can't tell you how scared we were. at one point we had discussed that it may the end. But then he started improving... and now we are all happy. Nothing better than watching out my window, this little man trotting along the fence after Cocoa "flirting" and talking not stop to her about how handsome he really is...

We love this boy so much! And thrilled he is doing so much better!

Thought with all that is going on in the world - a happy ending getting better story was needed! Hope you got a smile from it.

HUGS and

Monday, March 9, 2020

High Hopes Stamps - Dragon Go Round

Howdy -

For High Hopes Stamps this week I went for some fun... a little "Dragon Go Round" How can you not have fun with a dragon on a carousel horse?

Now I wanted to go bold and colorful so I started with pencils and then went for my Copics (colors below) Then I added some white Nuvo paint for some dots on the dragon's saddle. I love how bright it turned out. I then found papers from Making Memories that have a glitter to them. This guy has to have more glitter! I then sewed all the layers down with straight and zig zag stitches. The High Hopes Stamps sentiment "Are we there yet?" seemed like a fun sentiment for this guy going around in circles!

Copic colors used -

Love how fun this image is - Great for lots of cards! To find lots of fun images to work with visit the High Hopes Stamps web site HERE - you will fall in love with LOTS of fun cute images!

Have a wonderfully blessed day -
HUGS and

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Animal Crackers - Wonderful Weather

Howdy -

It has been gorgeous here the last couple of days - and the "kids" have really enjoyed the nice temps and sunshine. I went out to take photographs yesterday and Domino was in a full trot to come and say hello.

He is such a looker... and so hard to get photos of. So when I get a shot of him running in the breeze it is a good day! He is more like this normally...

He likes to be the center of attention... and right up front for close ups as you can see... LOL

I turned around and found my two freshly bathed doggies... enjoying the sun laying in a pile of dead grass and dirt... sigh...

They are still cute!

Libbie was in the shade enjoying the sounds and the breeze.

It upsets me that she is so blind now, but it doesn't really slow her down too much, a few bumps on her nose from bumping into things, but she still gets around and takes control of everyone. I love this little girl so much.

Chatting with my girl chickens... this lady was like a statue... just watching the other chickens and not moving...

 All she needs is a cute hat and a pretty purse she is just is like royalty.

Then Miss Guinea .. never still, never calm. Always gotta move, gotta talk, gotta keep going gotta yep gotta keep moving...

She is so hard to get a photo of, she is seriously a blur all the time. LOL funny to watch though.

Then also hard to get a photo of... shhhh be very quiet and look close...

A huge hawk landed in one of the trees. They are Royalty for sure! As long as they aren't looking at any of my kids, and just taking care of mice and such I enjoy seeing them. They are so graceful and beautiful. You do see it right? LOL

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend and enjoy a furry or feathered friend.
HUGS and

Monday, March 2, 2020

High Hopes Stamps - Garden Gate Background

Howdy -

Ready for Spring? Now that March is here I am looking forward to green grass, flowers and sweet little birdies! This image from High Hopes Stamps has it all!

Garden Gate Background

Now if you love coloring... this is one for you! I had so much fun pulling out colors and bringing this stamp to life. I used my copics (colors below) and added some pencils for shading. You can almost hear the birds singing!

I found a piece of My Minds Eye paper in my scraps that have a bright fun color with spots of glitter. I matted the image with a die cut mat and then added "hello" die cut to the bottom. A simple card but with an image this great it is 100% of the focus for sure.

Copic colors used -

Hope you enjoyed and for lots more great Spring images to color and brighten up someones day with you can visit the High Hopes Stamps web site HERE - I promise you will find lots to fall for!

Have a blessed day~
HUGS and
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