Saturday, December 29, 2012

Animal Crackers - Gorgeous - Sweet - Fast - Handsome - Funny - Sleepy and a little Growl

Howdy - Last Animal Crackers for 2012! Everyone wanted their photo taken this week. I took a whole bunch of great photos yesterday, good thing cuz they are saying the weather is gonna be nasty next week and everyone will probably be hiding in huts.

Leticia wanted to be first this week... and she is so darn cute I couldn't say no to her -

She is our youngest little girl, just over a year old now. And totally gorgeous! She is still very small. Her personality is a total sweetie.

Speaking of very small and sweet - Malory is both as well.

One of Annie's triplets, she is the youngest of all the kids. She is all black except for that tiny little white hat and one white dot on her side. She is very timid, but once you catch her and calm her down she is happy to be held. Just have to catch her first!

Another hard to catch girl - Laverne

Her sister Shirley is much easier to get a hold of. Laverne is like the speed of light! I bet since they were born we have only held Laverne 5 or 6 times!! I know that doesn't make the sweetest loving baby goats. But seriously this girl is FAST! LOL She is a pretty thing though! She has darker areas coming in. She is gonna end up looking a lot like her Mom Jill and older sister Crissy - but maybe a little darker.

The hay must be good...

Charles was enjoying it too.

Lovin' this guy - Hanks little brother is what Hubby calls him. That or "Chuck" - I prefer "Charles" he is just too handsome for a silly nick name. :0) He is Royalty! ha!

And handsome.... Pedro is the man!

He is settled in the boys pen, no longer the little one being picked on. A few days ago we actually found him chasing Ramon and getting the edge on him pretty good! All of Darlene's boys all end up looking so much alike once all grown up. Diego - Pavo - Frio - and now Pedro. All sweet grey dun boys and all alike.

This was just too funny... Do you see it?

Lucy her kids and Chloe and her little girl were all enjoying the mineral bucket. The kids usually have to get 1/2 in with their front legs to get all the way to the good stuff. But for some reason Lady Di felt that laying on the side was the best way to tackle it!! Cracks me up these kids!

Hubby called me over to take a look into the "Cat House" you see a couple of weeks ago I found pet beds on sale and got a few for the Kitties. He rolled his eyes at me - But...

They seem to like them! Sam was just totally relaxed and looking at me like that snap just woke me up. But Momma Cat.... she is Scaredy Cat and Fraidy Cat's Mom... she has their same personality. I snapped and in that second she was up and hiding behind the door. No worries... I checked later and she had gone back to resting in the bed.

Don't touch my stick!

 That is exactly what Autie was saying. It was directed to Tuco not me. But I decided to leave it as well! Oh this boy - he is a sweetie, I could take anything away from him and he would never snap. He isn't gonna be a happy camper later today. We are hoping it is gonna warm up enough for baths today. Autie is in desperate need! I hate to bath them too often, especially if it is cold, but Autie is like a little Pig Pen! I am not sure what he has done recently, but his hair is a total mess, and a better smell wouldn't hurt. He loves it once the bath is over, prances with his head up, but then with in a day or so he is back to a dirty little mess. I still love him though :0) He is my boy to the core. For some reason the past few weeks he won't even go out with Hubby unless I say it is ok, or I go to the door with them. He likes being right at my side. In fact as I type this - he is laying asleep across my feet. He is fabulous as a foot warmer let me tell  you! Have I said I love this boy before?

So what is on your schedule to do today? I think Hubby and I are going to meet a friend for breakfast, then heading to the grocery store. No Hubby does not help me with the grocery shopping. He HATES shopping. He will have his IPad and will stay in the car, but then when I show up with the cart he will unload for me, then take them all in the house. So I guess he does his part of the groceries. Then a bit of chores I suppose. Nothing to exciting huh? Hope you have more fun planned than that!

Have a wonderful Saturday!
HUGS and-

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Whimsy Stamps - A Happy New Year

Howdy! So did Santa bring you what was on your list? I didn't get the maid, or the personal assistant that was on mine... LOL  Hubby and I had a pretty quiet holiday. I am thinking that the New Year's holiday will be more of the same. And actually that is ok with me! We enjoyed some time with family and some nice time at home with no real agenda of things to do. He worked out in his garage, me I found my desk! Took me over 4 hours but I actually found the glass top to my desk and got it all cleaned up and ready to start a new year. Now the rest of my Craft room is still a bit of a mess - but all I needed right now was some space for me to sit and color and make a few cards.

Here is one I did with one of the new Whimsy Stamps by LiaStampz  and is called "Happy New Year"

She is a great New Years image... but I went with a Congrats card - more uses for me you know? I colored her up with my copies ( Sorry I forgot to snap the photo before I put them up ) I then cut her out with an oval Nestie. The papers are all new ones from Basic Grey called Serenade. Pretty papers, and I love how they all go together. I sewed down a few of the patterns. A piece of tan lace with the teal satin ribbon across it with a bow. I then found a chipboard flourish thingie in my drawer, I used some Vintage Shabby Chic embossing powders for it, then a few mulberry Roses and Martha Stewart branch punches. My "Congrats" is a Sizzix Alphabet Dies - I always forget I have those... need to leave it out on my desk and use them more! Love how they look.

Inside is a simple version of the front.

Was fun to sit and craft for much needed me time. Thinking this weekend will hopefully be more of the same. Suppose to be rainy and cold this coming weekend and New Years... sounds great for crafting. Hubby is talking about fishing - I think that is TOTALLY nuts in a cold rain, but me are not always smart when it comes to their Guy hobbies are they? We won't go into Women hobbies and how smart we approach things. :0) 

I'll see you on Saturday for Animals Crackers - 
HUGS and

Monday, December 24, 2012

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Animal Crackers - A Chilly Late Afternoon

Howdy - Getting ready for Christmas? Trying here... had plans to finish up things to wrap up and couldn't do a thing yesterday. I had to get my "good eye" checked. I was late on making my appointment and finally got in. Nothing wrong really, getting a little harder to read things at times. But since only having the one eye,  I am suppose to have my eye appointments more often to be on the safe side. Anyway... they put those nasty drops in my eye... I hate that! But necessary I suppose. Normally they don't effect me too bad. But yesterday they made me ill, dizzy and gave me a horrible headache. Not fun for being crafty or doing any cooking. So nothing was checked off my list at all. I did feel a bit better just before the sun started to set, at least well enough to grab my camera and head out to see my kids and snap a few photos. With the cold start to the day the afternoon really was gorgeous, a little chilly but the sun was shining and made for some great photos - oh and in case you are wondering... check up was good, well except for the dreaded news that I have gotten old and need bifocals! sigh.

The babies are all getting big... I can't believe that it almost time to pull the boys out and start run the ads to start finding new homes for some of them. Mary is most likely going to stay with us. She is one of the friendliest of the girls. And you know I love those blue eyes!

Speaking of the blue eyes.. how stunning is Luke?

I can't get over the markings on his face, and those eyes just melt me. He is a friendly one too! Darn it... Why is it that the friendliest ones of all the babies are a few of the boys? I can't keep boys. They are that too obnoxious friendly point right now. Like pull and chew on your pant legs, un-tie your shoes, jump in your lap and try and eat your hair friendly. Love it!

Snapped a pretty one of Jennifer -

She is one of the youngest - A odd color too. Really a pretty grayish tan buckskin. None of the others have her coloring. She is part of Annie's triplets, and all three of them are tiny and all though friendly once you catch them... you have to work at catching them. Mom keeps them rounded up and on guard. I'll keep working on Jennifer... her sister Malory and brother Alex.

Promised you Donkeys this week! And I got some adorable faces for you!

Fancy Pants -

Don't show the three from the front pen often... I guess I just don't have my camera when we get up to the front pen. We have three Donkeys in the small front pen. Two of our geldings and then Fancy Pants. Now you may ask why is Fancy Pants in the pen with two geldings. Well as much as we love Fancy Pants... she can be a bit of a trouble maker. We tried for years to breed her - she had problems and never did take. Sad, cuz she is a gorgeous red/brown girl. Her trouble making though... she takes over all the other girls, and keeps them from getting bred as well. She is rough on the young ones, and loves teaching the young ones her bad habits. So we decided that we loved her too much to sell her, plus why sell and pass on a little trouble to someone else. The best thing is to move her in with the geldings, Rico and Miguel. Now Miguel is her 1/2 brother. We purchased them both from the same place, years apart.

Miguel - our first "stud"

 When we started the donkey "business", we purchased three girls and then Miguel for our stud. Three years later... no babies. Seems Miguel had issues with breeding as well. (yes, we stopped buying from that breeder) Again... we loved him too much to sell him. Yes... we probably are not the best business minded at raising "livestock" we are saps-

Since I showed you both Miguel and Fancy Pants from the front, wouldn't be fair to not show you Rico

 Sun was starting to set -hard to get a photo of the guy.  But I loved this one and how it shows off all those wiskers! LOL Rico... well he is a handsome spot. Would have loved to have him as a stud. But he was a gelding when I found him in an ad. We didn't need him, but I saw the photo of him and he looked so sad that I told Hubby we had to go and see him. And of course once we did it was for sure we needed to bring him home. He was all alone in a very tiny muddy pen, not the healthiest, or cleanest. And scared of everything. That made me think things had not been happy for him his first year of life. He needed to come home with us and if anything he could be a friend for Miguel so he didn't have to be alone in a pen. Now years later you cannot separate them. They are best buds - and where one goes the other must as well.

Got a sweet photo of Pedro in the young boys pen- He is getting so big!

With the cold start to the day and the winds, Pedro and Ramon had spent most of the day running and rough housing. They are so funny when they are playing, you know that hard reckless boy playing. Yes, too fun to watch and see them so happy. 

Chica - 

 Ok, Chica and "The Flea" - Chica loves to carry around her special toy. She changes which one is special from time to time. But 75% of the time it is Flea. (Don't tell her this is Flea #3 ok? Flea 1 and 2 lots legs and stuffing from too many tug of war games.) She is such a sweet doggie - with those big brown eyes and a nasty dirty flea toy in her mouth. :0)

Last photo today... I am calling this one Dinner on the Run -

Hubby has to really work quick to fool the goats and get in and feed them. They are like piranhas at dinner time. Sometimes I worry that Hubby won't make it out alive! LOL The trick now is to let them out of the goat pen into the back yard, and just as they all have come out, he heads in quick to get ahead of them. Once he gets a couple of their feed troughs filled it settles down, but the winner is the one that can get to the feed first and start eating. That goat gets them most feed you know. LOL This time of the night is one of my favorite times of the day - It is loud, active and just plain funny!!  And it is all over in a matter of minutes then all are settled and munching. About 5 minutes later all the grain is gone (they really don't get much per goat, just enough to spoil them and make them think they getting the "good stuff")  and then we get to talk to them, and play with the babies for a while. Love this time of the day!

Now you would think that today I will have my list out and be working like crazy to get those things checked off right? Should be... but today Hubby has someone coming to help him work on some fences and do a things around here. And me? BF Tracey and I have an appointment for pedicures and manicures in town. It has been a long while since we have gone for some girl time - looking forward to it! Then I will be ready to tackle all those things on the list tomorrow - for tomorrow is another day. :0)

You ready? What is still on your list to do? Make me feel better that I am behind and let me know you are too ok? LOL Have a great Saturday!

HUGS and-

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Whimsy Inspiration - A Mini Tutorial for a Shape EZ Take Out Box!

Howdy - Today is the Whimsy Inspiration Blog - and for my inspiration today I decided to help out myself being behind with a few little presents for Christmas. And while doing it I thought I might show you just how fabulously easy the Whimsy Shape EZ patterns are to use.

So here is my finished Shape EZ Take out Box.

The perfect gift box! Now you can put a present in it. Or you can fill it with goodies, like Christmas Candy or Cookies. Start to finish I had this one done in under an hour, and that was with me watching tv... so you probably could do it in less time... it was a good movie so I kept stopping to look up and watch the good scenes. :0)

First you decide which Shape EZ you want to make.

When you go to the site, you will see what the image cuts out like. (Here it shows that there is a window in the pattern, I decided to not use the window so you can't see the present inside)

For the take out box you will cut out two of the shapes. Here are my two shapes cut out.

When you get the template, you have the choice of using them as JPG, PNG, PDF or SVG versions. So no matter how you cut out your projects you can use these templates. Now in the beginning I would print mine directly onto the papers I was cutting or if planning to make more than one I would make a chipboard pattern to use. Then I hand cut my pieces. Recently I got the Silhouette Cameo. So I have been learning how to use the SVG files and cutting on the Cameo. Loving that :0)

Ok back to the take out box. I cut out the two main pieces. Then you also get the patterns to cut the overlay pattern pieces so everything is sized to fit. Here are all the pieces laid out.

 The next step I do is to score my fold lines. Easiest way I have found is using my Score Pal. There are tiny little notches where your fold lines are. I line up the notches on the score pal and then create the fold score lines. (Make sure you lay out your pieces the way the connect together and score the right direction, yes... experience talking, I scored one of mine the wrong direction. No big mistake really, just have to score the other direction carefully)

Then I add double sided tape to the flaps and put the pieces together.

Once the sides are together, then you fold in the bottom, and then the top -

 The overlay pieces simply glue to the sides. I inked the edges of mine before glueing them on. Then it was on to "decorating" the top.

I totally fell in love with the new Poinsettia images from Dana's Digi's. Gorgeous image for Christmas! Now I wanted to have a bit of pop to mine, so I printed it out three times, colored with my Copics, then cut out layers.

Once cut out there are pop dots between each layer and I curled up the petals to give a more vintage "real" look. Well at least that was the goal. Then I added a few Martha Stewart leaves and branches, and a few blingy things that I found in my stash. The center I used a Viva Decor Yellow Pearl Paper pen to have some added sparkle. Oh and I used a velcro dot to "close" the top. That way the box can be opened and then closed again easily.

Seriously this box was super easy to put together, and adding the Whimsy image to the top was a great embellishment.

Here is the finished box again -

 Wouldn't you like to know what goodies are inside? LOL me too... haven't totally made up my mind on what I am making yet for the sweets this year. Told you I have been running late, today I am going to grocery store so guess I have to narrow down so I can get the ingredients.

Have you visited the Whimsy Store and seen all the Shape EZ templates? Here is the link straight to them... HERE . There are boxes, cards and lots of fun things to make. And don't forget to head over to the Whimsy Inspirations Blog and see all the DT's "inspirations" they have created.

Better get all the critters fed breakfast, then get dressed and out the door to get my errands run and groceries.

Have a wonderful Wednesday -
HUGS and-

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Animal Crackers - A Little Love from Tuco?

Howdy - Still working on my Christmas Cards... yea I know Christmas is coming... man I am late this year! Honestly it just hasn't felt like it as close as it really is. I don't know if it is the weather, or that we have just been so busy. Heck I wrote October on a check last week... seriously!

First photo today is one of my favorites - You think this is a little love from Tuco?

Honestly Tuco was probably trying to get a taste of the Goat Lick that is in that bucket. Those buckets are solid black stinky and sticky mineral and vitamin gunk. The babies like to stand on it while licking them. That bucket is actually just about gone, they got a new one that afternoon. Sweet Pea was enjoying her vitamins when Tuco and Chica decided to say hello. Tuco actually got a pretty good "Kiss" of Sweet Pea's lips... and a taste of the lick.

Love the look on Sweet Pea's face... "uh... that was weird... MOM......HELP....."

She flew out of the bucket and to Bella as fast as she could just after I snapped the photo. Too Cute!

I think I told you last week that we doubled the size of the goat pen last week. Was fabulous to open up their area. But best of all was to spread out the "men". Cleatus and Peso had neighboring pens before,  after a few weeks... they had adjoining pens. They actually beat their way through the panels and then were going back and forth between the wall and causing a lot of trouble. The noise was unbelievable with the head banging, fence banging and the screaming.

Now the four boys are pretty spread out. Cleatus is the farthest out... as he is the instigator in most of the trouble. As they opened up the pen and built Cleatus's corner, Hubby and the great guy that works for him from once in a while decided that they could just let him out of the old area then work him towards the new pen. I didn't think it would work, but "they knew better" ... I was lucky to snap this photo as I was laughing so hard at them I could hardly stand.

They chased poor Cleatus forever! He would out run them... they would corner him... then he would jump over a hut or run through their legs or run around or between them. Or he would just run towards them and nearly knock them over. It was hysterical. Saying I Told You So was not even necessary. But I do think I said it anyway. LOL  They finally did catch Cleatus, it took both of them to get him into the pen and close it up. Cleatus was not a happy camper at all. He yelled at us for days. He has now settled down. He even has a new "Dogloo" hut and a climbing bench to play on.

Here is the pen just after we opened it up and let all the girls and kids into the new area.

They didn't hardly even care to take a look at the new additional huts that were built for them. Nope they went straight for all that long grass that Hubby was letting grow up for them. I don't think they said a word for hours... Oh and the grass... it was eaten down in a couple of days. So glad we got it done last week and they did get to eat it all, cuz it froze here a couple of nights... so it all dead now.

Here is a photo from the old fence line. You can see one of the old pipes from the fence.... concreted in and was the only one that they couldn't get out. Hubby one day will use the tractor to pull it, but for now it works to tie one of the climbing benches on. They knock those things over all the time, this one ain't going over now!

 Love this photo... Look at all those kids roaming around. Man it was loud when I snapped it. Moms were busy with the new areas of grass.. kids were talking like crazy trying to find each Mom... then they would find something new to capture their attention for a few minutes and forget that they lost their Mom. They are too funny.

Peso wasn't thinking anything was funny... He is reserved compared to Cleatus. Don't get me wrong he can cause an uproar too. But on his own with out his partner in crime, he is much calmer, quieter and studies things around him. Here he was really watching all the Girls heading out to the new area. Wish he could have gone too... but too many of them are his daughters, so we can't let him mingle.

Hubby put in new licks and a couple of mineral blocks this week. Here is Chloe teaching Leiah what a mineral block is...

Not that she needed to be shown. As soon as she got one taste she knew it was something good.

I found Lucy watching over her triplets.

 We have two Mom's that are super over protective. And they don't let their kids get too far with out giving that little grunt to return. Lucy is one and Annie is the other. As the kids are getting older they let them get a little more independence. Love this afternoon nap shot. Kills me how they sleep with their necks flipped backwards, makes my neck hurt just seeing them like that.

Last photo is one Hubby captured one evening before feeding. Just how many baby goats can you get on a picnic table?

We counted 12 here. They were having a picnic party and a ton of fun let me tell you! LOL ( Edited: after seeing my post today Hubby asked me to make sure you all know that we do not eat on this table, it is strictly a climbing toy for the goats) :0)

Hope you aren't getting bored with the goats... so much going on with them lately. Donkeys they are just grazing and enjoying the cooler weather. But I do need to get out there and snap a few of them for next time.

Better get back to my Christmas Cards. Then you think I should start my Christmas Shopping? I have not one thing. Good thing I don't have much to get this year. Family has decided to cut back, so mainly just for the kids is all I need to do. Thought about stopping the other day while we were in town. But the idea of Hubby going into the toy store with me gave me a scare, so I was ok when we ran out of time. LOL

Hope  things are more organized and done for you! Have a great weekend!
HUGS and

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Howdy - just a little FYI

Howdy - Time is just flying by isn't it? I really can't even tell you where the first of the week went...

I looked up this morning and it was Wednesday - where did Monday and Tuesday go? LOL I am crafting... sort of... working on our personal Christmas Cards mostly. I worked a 1/2 a day on the photos for it ( I traditionally do photo cards with the animals ) I worked over 1/ 2 a day on it... was just about all done and then got up to do something came back and it was gone! I mean like gone gone. I have no clue what happened, we didn't have a power blink or anything. I am blaming the cat... she must have ran across the keyboard or something. Poor Gato gets blamed for so many things. So I had to start all over!! I almost have it done now, then I can start printing and putting it together. So hopefully my cards will go out by the weekend... or first of the week...

My other project of the week - my eBay store. Yep it finally has "stuff" in it. Mostly paper pads, some dies, and some stamps. It is all coming in a little at a time, so I am just going to be adding it as it does. So please pop in from time to time, as there is lots on order. My store link is HERE - their is also a link on my side bar.  It will have mostly crafting supplies, but a few antiques as well.

So are you guys ready for Christmas? Less than two weeks away... I have a couple of things I am working on, and just a few gifts to still pick up, we are not really doing major Christmas this year. Mainly just time with family and quiet time I think. Sounds nice to me. Usually we are scheduled full, but this year it is slow and quiet. I am really liking that too - a few days on slow motion and pause will be nice, seems like the last couple of months have been on fast forward.

Hmmm what else has been going on.. oh yes, went to the Dr's office to have an official weigh in - I am now finally officially at 50 lbs. lost.  I have told you before that those "0" marks are so hard for me to get to. Took forever to hit the 40 lbs. mark, and then this 50 was about to drive me nuts. I would loose 3 then gain 1, loose 1, then stay the same, was insane. Nice sweet "little" nurse kept encouraging me and saying it is muscle... it weighs more, and you are exercising more so don't worry about it.  LOL she was so sweet, but really... it was making me nuts. So now I am at the mark, and now I can start heading to the next one. Slowly but surely - But as long as it is still coming off I am ok with it. Not quite as fast as I would have liked but hey it took me.... well a long time, to get this way, if it takes me a couple of years to get it all off I'll be a happy camper. And a much healthier and smaller one!

Ok, now I have to get back to work on those cards - Sorry for the lack of cards and projects here - it is that time of year ... HO HO HO

HUGS and

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Me and My Space - "Our Booth"

Howdy - as promised this week I am showing off a few photos from our booth in the Antique Mall. We still have more to add... and there are things that have been sold and now we have some holes. So we will be heading in first part of the week to fluff and add more to it.

We don't plan to do a lot of furniture. But we have added some that we had in the house and storage that needs new homes. I am sure if we run across good furniture at good prices we will pick it up, but dealing in furniture just sounds heavy to me. LOL

Now the booth use to be that same yellow as our "neighbors" booth. I just couldn't live with that. Love yellow... but not that yellow on the walls. So we picked out a little calmer color and "we" painted the walls. Hubby loves when I say "we"...   so you can see the little bit of furniture we have. The rocking chair sold last Sunday... now where will I sit when I am there pricing things? LOL

And then to the right of the booth -

This is just a hodge podge of things I have found recently and things from my own collection that was ready to go and make room for new. Totally love the General Store coffee and tea bins.. but they do take up a ton of space.

I do hope when we go in this next week there are LOTS of empty spaces. May have a panic filling it back up but will be fun to go on the hunt!!

Have a wonderful Sunday. Hubby and I are going to do the breakfast with the locals, then if the weather is still nice we are going to head off to the flea market. Three passes around usually. One fast one to spy the goodies, one slower one to really scope out inside the booths, then one more fast one for some extra exercise. Usually ends up a couple of miles maybe a little more. Suppose to rain later in the day, just hope it holds off til we get our laps in..LOL.   Hey.. I am almost at 50lbs. gone!! So the laps help right?

Again.. have a great day -
HUGS and-