Wednesday, August 29, 2018

High Hopes Stamps - Bossie's Bad Mood

Howdy -

Did some looking at my older High Hopes over the last few weeks, and have been pulling out a few favorites to play with and I don't know why but "Bossie's Bad Mood" just seemed to call out to me.. maybe a little relating? LOL

 I can so relate to Bossie... So I decided to have Bossie sit on a "Bale O'Hay".. I have the "Farm Fence" as well, but honestly do you think a Cow can climb a fence to sit on it? No me either... LOL

Colored with my copics (colors below) and then added some sparkle with Nuvo Sparkle Markers. Cuz cows love bling.

I found some older My Minds Eye papers that were fun along with a cream and black colored card stock for bases. Those yummy swirls are a Spellbinder's die cut that I layered under Bossie. Needed swirls along with the bling. The sentiment "Waiting for Heifer" as I just love it and matches up so well with Bossie and her attitude. Three Nuvo Dots in the corner and I love how fun this one is.

Copic markers used -

You just must click over right now to the High Hopes Stamps website and see all the fun there! Old and New there is just so much to create with!

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day - and in a much happier mood than Bossie -
HUGS and -

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Animal Crackers - My Boys

Howdy -

My Boys have gotten so big... where did my babies go? 

They think they are "men" But they still have that lovey Cuddly baby in them. Hope they keep it! Here they were having just a little morning nap after breakfast.

Went out to see the Ladies early before they headed out to the big pasture... Fancy Pants was the only one that came over to the fence, the rest... finishing up their morning breakfast was much more important.

Fancy Pants has started to show a bit of grey on her face. All my kids have gotten older... what does that say about me? I guess we will get old together, I am ok with that... nothing better than feeling better loving on those long ears! And Fancy Pants.. she is a sweet long ears girl.

OH... I got Vickie to look up at me! Still chewing, but she did acknowledge me... 

I must rank close to number 2 after the hay... ok maybe 3 cuz "Dad" is probably a bit higher than me cuz he brings the hay... LOL

You scratch my back... I'll scratch yours...

Patty must have had an itch... so she started scratching Darlene in that spot and Darlene knows, that means scratch me in the same place. True friends for sure!

Mary is such a beauty... those big blue eyes are so pretty.

She was part of Triplets when she was born, years ago. She had two brothers. Peter, Paul and she is Mary. You know I tell "younger" ones that and they have no idea why I named the three that... What is it with these kids today? They just don't know classic music, tv or movies! ... LOL

And then I turned around and found this laying at my feet...

 Now how can you not stop bend down and rub that belly? Especially when she grins with that little snaggle tooth? LOL Her tail was really wagging fast.. Love this girl. Maybe she was just thanking me for her breakfast.. she had a few scrambled eggs with a little left over hamburger meat. Didn't look so yummy to me, but she gobbled it up in just a few bites.

Hope you got a grin and enjoyed my kids today...

Have a blessed day-
HUGS and

Friday, August 24, 2018

Whimsy Digital Stamps - Western Pony

Howdy -

Still playing with the Whimsy Digital Stamp Set "Western Pony" from the Crissy Armstrong Collection. Last week I showcased the Cowboy Hat from the set... this week I went straight to the Pony!

I printed the Digital Stamp along with the Whimsy Digital Paper from the Old Glory set. Perfect for a bit of western feel with all those stars!  Love this about the digital way of doing things. I can just print that paper as the background for a flat clean look! I colored with my Copics (colors below) then found some scraps from Carte Bella Cowboy Country paper pad that went perfectly with my stars western feel I was going for. I sewed the layers all together and placed on a kraft card stock base. Found an older sentiment that was a fun western font, sewed and matted it on my card. Three rhinestones for some bling on the bottom of the card. Cuz what is more western than a little bling?

Copic colors used -

Click the images below to go straight to the Whimsy Products in my card!

Hope you enjoyed .. yee haw!
Have a blessed weekend-
HUGS and

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

High Hopes Stamps - Herbie's Heifer

Howdy -

Having fun with some of the High Hopes Stamps Animal stamps - LOVE these animal stamps -
and how can you not love a young man and his cute cow?

"Cow ya doin?" Herbie's Heifer

Colored with Copics - (colors below) I pulled out a new favorite paper pad Carta Bella's Cowboy Country collection I sewed down the layers on Black card stock mats and used a kraft card stock for the base. I matched the image with a "Cow ya doin?" sentiment. Then six Nuvo Black dots for embellishments.

Copic colors used -

There are so many fun wonderful animal images at High Hopes Stamps... that was my first love at High Hopes Stamps... and now there are so many other reasons! I bet you find some when you visit the web site HERE

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Animal Crackers - Your Touching Me...

Howdy -

This is THE LOOK...

The Look you get from Libbie when you are too close, when Autie or Chica or even worse... Gato is touching her. Or the look that something is up and she is trying to figure out if she needs to check it out... She may be going blind... but she is still in charge! Don't you mess with Miss Libbie!

Now Sweet Pea... she doesn't need the look any longer. Now that Domino has been weaned and Sweet Pea is back in with all the Ladies she is out of the Mom attitude. 

Found her yesterday morning chilling on one of the covered decks on a hut. Just chillin'... no responsibility no one climbing on her or pushing on her. Just ... sigh...  Enjoy the morning ... you enjoy Miss Sweet Pea...

Lucy.. was enjoying breakfast with a petite dainty girly bite.. 

Ok.. so it isn't nice to say she was totally pigging out. It is ok Lucy girl... you take as big of bites as you like. She is timid and hangs back and doesn't fight for breakfast... so when she gets in to eat she can take as big of bites as she wants to make up for the other girls that are actually real piggies!

I had to do some apologizing to Valentine... poor boy.. I scared him half to death. 

When I went out yesterday morning to snap photos he was "resting" and was flat out asleep on his side. I was trying to give him plenty of room and tip toe a wide path around him so I wouldn't disturb him. And well once at a better angle snap a photo of the sleeping baby... but.. as soon as I got near him, he bolted up and ran. I scared him so bad he thought I was a predator I guess. But thankfully once he turned and saw that it was me he calmed down and let me do some loving on him. I love this gentle giant.

Gato is really loving being a super model lately... We go months without a cute photo of her.. then every week she wants to be a focus on Animal Crackers... this last week she was posing for her super model shot! 

 LOL Hubby found this fabulous old frame at an estate sale... It was laid down while unloading more treasures and she immediately found it and was posing within it! She was so cute... spinning around and stretching out.. silly kitty.

Now today I am going to end with a total AWE....

 I bet you said it! How adorable is this shot of Willie! He is getting so much better at coming in and getting attention. So cute! Willie and Waylan are both staying small.. I love that I hope they continue to be a bit smaller. But no worries they still hold their own against Domino! Small but mighty!

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend and you got a smile from our little furry family!
HUGS and

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Whimsy Stamps - Hats off to You!

Howdy -

This week for Whimsy Digital Stamps I had some fun with a bit yee haw! LOL The new Digital Set Western Pony  by Crissy Armstrong and it has a Cowboy Hat as part of the set... I took that hat and made a congratulations card for someone! 

 Before I printed the hat I added the sentiment "Hats off to You!" then printed. I colored with my Copics, and then inked the edges with Ranger Distress ink. Those yummy papers are a new favorite of mine from Carta Bella Cowboy Country. Always have had a soft spot for those western papers! I sewed all the patterns to Kraft cardstock for the base. I then added two Whimsy Stamps "Leaf Foliage Set 2" - Love the selection of leaf dies.

Copic colors used -

I had lots of fun with this one this week! Now... I think that western horse is calling out to me to color it up!

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day -
HUGS and

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

High Hopes Stamps - Pumpkin Buddies

Howdy -

This week for High Hopes Stamps I was digging through all of my Fall and Halloween stamps and ran across this sweet image of "Pumpkin Buddies"  Now I couldn't not color up these cute little faces could I?

I colored these guys with my Copics (colors below) and then found some My Minds Eye scraps that just screamed for a fall card to made with them. I sewed all the layers down and used a Dark Brown card stock for the base and the mats. Then I used the High Hopes Stamps sentiment "Frightfully delightful"  I colored the paper with a bright green copic as the card needed a pop!

Copic colors used -

A fun fall card don't you think so? To see LOTS of fun stamps for fall visit the High Hopes Web Site HERE! I promise you will fall in love with one... or 30 or 50 or more! LOL

Hope you enjoyed -
Hugs and

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Animal Crackers - Gato and her Box

Howdy -

 I thought maybe I should update you all about Gato and her Box. If you remember from a few weeks ago I told you I was "discussing" with Hubby that the box needed to go and that Gato has lots of places she has claimed as her "beds"... But Hubby said she loved her box and it would just stay in the Dining Room until she was done enjoying it. Despite me wanting it to be put away and gone. I gave in and said fine... in a few days she will get bored and I can put it up then. Well.....

Here we are yesterday morning... yep box is still there... A bit more squished in but still her favorite place to spend her cat naps... that she takes about 75% of the day. Sigh... I hope soon to get that box put away... not looking good for me though.

I went out yesterday morning just after the sun came up with Hubby to try and snap some photos before it got hot. I was just a few minutes behind Hubby.. and I pretty much missed everyone to breakfast...

Pavo was keeping a close eye on Hubby and who was next in line for grub.

Almost Pavo...

Cocoa and Ted were trying to be calm and cool...

My big kids are sure looking old. Still young at heart right? Cocoa is all better now and taken control of the three as usual. Ted always my little clown.. a bit of a photo bomb here...

They got fed next...

Now I snapped this photo and realized something. I have taken this pose many times over the years. And these three are usually always in this order ... Cocoa always in the middle. I think that is the old girl makes sure she is standing over the top of the main portion of hay. "Dad" has gotten smart and spreads out their ration of hay out a bit more so the boys can get their share as well. Not that it looks like either of them have missed a single meal... Man Valentine is lumpy!

Well. then I caught "Dad" not happy with our boy Sergio... not happy at all!

You see Mr. Sergio decided that with the heat and lack of rain he did not have any green grass left to munch on so he took it upon himself to move his temporary panels to reach a few stray pieces of green... Ok Sergio that is the purpose of those panels so we can move them around and give new places to eat... but your brute strength shoving broke a few of the older panels... and made the pathway pretty tight between the two pens. Now the panels need to moved and probably repaired or replaced... "Dad" have him his breakfast and then loved all over him... can't stay mad at that handsome baby!

Ok.... but quit talking to that Donkey "Dad"!!! that flake of hay in your hand is meant for me!!!

 Alice was seriously giving him that look like NOW!!!!! and as soon as it went over the fence and was hitting the ground.. so was she! Funny most of the goats get angry when they are fed Coastal hay... they want their Alfalfa! The expensive more fatty grass! But we have a couple that would rather have the coastal. Then again they are a bit trimmer and not so "large" as the other gals. LOL

Hope you got a smile this week. They always make us smile - even when in trouble!
Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and

Friday, August 10, 2018

Whimsy DIgital Stamps - KING LION

Howdy -

ROAR! today I have the King of the Jungle! KING LION by Crissy Armstrong and Whimsy Digital Stamps.

 Isn't he just the most regal thing? I have been lovin' playing techie and working with the digital stamps... I found a free jungle photo that I opened up in my Photoshop program. Then the King Lion went into the jungle! A flat image to work with! I colored the Lion with my Copics (colors below) and then topped his nose and crown with Nuvo clear for some shiny-ness! I dug through my piles of paper to find this yellow-orange coredinations card stock that I tore to shape around the image to size it up. Then I sewed down the image on the card stock with a zig zag stitch. A Black card stock base for my card. I then pulled out those fun and fabulous Whimsy Word Dies for some Birthday Wishes. I cut them out twice once with the black card stock and then again with the yellowish. I layered them up for a shadow look.

Hope my lion made you ROAR!

Copic colors used -
Have a blessed day -
See you tomorrow for Animal Crackers Saturday!
HUGS and

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

High Hopes Stamps - Happy Pigs

Howdy -

Today for my High Hopes Stamps card I was going through my Farm and Animal stamps... the reason I fell in love with High Hopes a long long long time ago... then I just dove into the deep end of all the great stamps at High Hopes.

I realized that these "Happy Pigs" needed some lovin and ink time it had been a while since they came out to play on my desk. And how can you not adore coloring up some muddy piggies? 

First I found some papers from BoBunny's Only You collection loved the browns, dark red/pinkish tones. I sewed some layers together with a zig zag stitch. then stamped my image out and cut it and a mat of the same paper in ovals. I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then cut out a Spellbinders die for a background. I love the fall feeling of it. My sentiment is a sweet sentiment from High Hopes "Friends  are we.." Such a great image... and don't it match up great with this pair of piggies?

A few dots of Nuvo Antique Rose drops to embellish.

Copic colors used -

Have you surfed around the High Hopes Stamps web site recently? HURRY.. there is so much to fall in love with! get there fast with this link HERE

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and 

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Animal Crackers - Rocking the Beard...

Howdy -

So...  Why do some rock the beard and some just don't... ?  I have wondered why do some of the goats have these glorious long lush beards... or "goatee"... LOL I had to "say" it you know...

But really why is it that some goats have these long thick long flowing beards and then others have scraggly little hairs. I guess it is some sort of gene.. cuz I know people are the same right? Some men have great full beards while others can't fill in to look even half of a beard.

Now Crissy ... she totally rocks the beard! That blonde look blowing in the wind.. yes she is a super model for sure. All she needs is a beach and a bikini... ok not the bikini. But this lady has that perfect flowing always looks good beard.

And Jill.. us a little short and whimpy on her beard.

A few skimpy hairs that need some fancy volume shampoo to help make them fuller. Or maybe extensions?

Vera another long luxurious beard, she has some of those coloring stripes in her beard to match all those colors she wears so pretty. 

All in control and always like she is posing for a fashion photo.

Then Sweet pea.. uh.. beard Sweet Pea?

 Nope this little lady has not one long beard hair.. now I guess for most of us ladies that is a good thing, but in the goat world do they make fun of her? I don't know... I wonder?? Is the beard a status in the pen?

And an update of Momma Sweet Pea - she was separated from her boy Domino and it was noisy for a bit. She was ok with it and didn't mind at all until her milk bag was so full and she wanted some relief but Domino that poor baby called out for Mom until he nearly lost his voice! We didn't wean Waylan and Willie at the same time, they were so much smaller that we gave them a couple more weeks with Mom.. but the coming week it will all come to an end and all three boys will be crying for Mom and the milk!

Back to beards... Now Wyatt.. he totally Rocks the Full thick beard!

 But does that count as a Man? LOL

One last beard this week and I thought it had to be our old lady and matriarch of the goats,  Paintbrush.

Long Thick Full and just glorious! I will say that some of the time her beard is a little messy and has breakfast or her last dip in the water bucket... but on a sunny afternoon in a breeze she rocks the beard totally! Even as an old lady!

So a little fun this week with the beards... but seriously 100 degree heat no one wants to pose to much and be cute... so a little fun with a silly post of goat beards was needed! Hope it made you giggle...

Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and