Wednesday, April 29, 2015

High Hopes - Sneak Peek! Julie's Flight

Howdy -

Today I am having some fun with a sneak peek of one of High Hopes Newest images! Fun new images from"Fairies & Adventurers" collection -

This is Julie's Flight -

Isn't she pretty? I colored with Copics (colors below) and then had lots of fun adding bling from Diamond Stickles. Fairies just have to have some bling don't they?

I sewed down all the layers of papers from Kaisercraft Tropical Punch collection and Authentique Crush collection. Found some white lace that seemed to work perfectly with the papers as well. So I sewed it down as well.

The sentiment is also from the new release! Great sentiment with this collection.

Inside more of the same papers -

 And the Copic colors used -

 Loving this new release and make sure to visit the High Hopes Blog to see more each day!

Be sure to play along with us this month's challenge: Anything Goes!
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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Animal Crackers - Love that Face!

Howdy -

Hasn't been the prettiest sunny days for snapping photos here - All though they say this weekend is suppose to be really pretty.  Hope the sun does come out and a few puddles dry up before it rains again.

I promised a photo last week of Autie - now this doesn't show his cute hair cut at all. I tried and triend to snap a decent photo. Thank goodness for digital! After 30-40 photographs I gave up. But then when looking through them on the computer... I feel in love with my puppy face!

When I was cutting him it felt like I took a ton off - but now after a week I should have taken more off his neck and head. Love my boy.

Another boy we love... Black Jack. "Dad" mowed his pen this last week. He has had his head down and been enjoying that he can get down to the new growth. Anything to make our old man happy.

We did some spring cleaning in the chicken coop. The girls hate change and disturbances. But after it is all done they settle down and are happy.

My older chickens haven't been laying many eggs yet this season. Wondering.. they are only two years old. Thinking maybe it is due to all the rain and clouds.

Oh well they are still my girls :0) Whether we get eggs from everyone or not.

Been watching my four goats that are or should be pregnant. Rhett is really getting wide and starting getting her milk bag. As is her sister Scarlett.. not as big - but still showing.  And she loves to talk about it...

The one I have been really watching is Crissy. This is her first time to be bred. She isn't showing hardly at all if any. First time mommas really do stress me. Usually they only have one maybe two babies.

 Pretty girl... really hoping for some babies. Should be coming soon... can't wait to have more kids to play with!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend with beautiful weather!
HUGS and -

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

High Hopes Stamps - Curious Bunny

Howdy -

This week I have a sweet little bunny to show off from High Hopes Stamps - Great Spring Card image.

Curious Bunny

Sweet isn't she... I paired her up with lots of pink and white. The papers are from My Minds Eye Kate & Co. I colored with my Copics to match up with the papers. Then added a sentiment "Thinking of you and smiling!" I love sewing on my cards so I did some zig zag stitching and a little ribbon and mulberry flowers to finish it off. 

Inside the card more of the same papers -

The Copic colors used -

Happy bunny images do make you smile don't they? And I love the springy flowers. There are so many fun Spring images in the High Hopes Web Site - make sure to pop over and see all that is new and all the great favorite images!

Have a wonderful day -
HUGS and

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Animal Crackers - Country Drive, Longhorn, Bluebonnets

Howdy -

A little different this week. Honestly we were gone all day Thursday and Friday and the rain has been so heavy that when we would get home the sun was setting and the mud was deep, so there are no photos of my furry kids this week. No one was excited to have their photo taken it is just too wet and nasty. So I thought today I would show off some photographs I took on a little day trip Hubby and I took out on a country road earlier in the week.

First up was a field that we say each day we traveled to our Round Top Red Barn Antique show first of the month. This field was full of Bluebonnets and Longhorn cattle. So when driving to see some old houses Hubby wanted to look at I asked to stop and shoot some photos. There were not near as many wildflowers left in the field but it still is really pretty!

 They are so amazing to watch - and with the grass so green and lush with all the rain, and then the vibrant wildflowers - so peaceful. There is nothing like the Texas Landscape in Spring with all the wildflowers. Just wish I could have snapped two weeks ago when the field was solid!

This one shows a few more,  and more Longhorn -

Loved the horns on this one!

And this little one caused me to stay a while longer. He was so funny to watch. Was bouncing and throwing his head up and down. Happy dude!

And then to one of the main reasons for our little day trip holiday. Hubby has been wanting to stop and take a closer look at this Original Dogtrot House -

Part of some of the historic homes brought in and found in the center of Round Top Texas - this is the Moores Fort of 1831. Part of Austin's Colony in 1823, the Moore Family built this hose in 1831, and was a founder of La Grange Texas.

Seeing this house was cool for two reasons. We have been doing some family history research for Hubby and have found that his family was also part of this same group and more than likely knew teh Moore family as their land was very close together and both listed in many histories together.

 Hubby has really been wanting to recreate a historic looking building on our property. Making it an Antique shop on the farm. This is what he would love to recreate. Would make a really awesome shop don't you think?

Right now it is just talk, but someday in the future we hope he can schedule out the time to take on the dream. Now he is helping two family and friends in building and fixing up their houses. Plus the farm, plus the antiques, plus the ... yea he has lots of spare time right now. 2-3 am I am seeing. Soon though.... sigh.

Sorry for missing the critters - really though nothing to see at all when I tried. Donkeys in barn hiding from rain, goats in their huts as they seriously could melt. And then wet dogs.... Autie did get his first haircut of the season. Poor guy really does have thick long hair. So I took it on and gave him his first puppy cut, he will need another before summer. But he feels so much better now. And once he gets a bath I will snap a photo - he is adorable in his puppy look.

Well hope you have a beautiful weekend where you are. Really is amazing to take a day and just drive the country roads and enjoy the outdoors sometimes. Hope you can soon! Was a wonderful relaxing day for us.

Have a great one!
HUGS and-

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

High Hopes - My Pony

Howdy -

Today I am showing off another of the new release images - "My Pony" Such perfect timing for this image for me. A very close friend has had THREE ponies in the last two weeks! How exciting is that?? So I thought this card might be a fun Congrats card for her.

 Such a sweet image - I colored with my copics and then found some fun spring papers from Prima's Sun Kiss collection. I sewed down all the layers with straight stitches and with zig zag. I thought every pony needs a little fence so I punched out Martha Stewarts Fence border in white added a yellow and white gingham ribbon and then Martha Stewarts Leaf punches with Mulberry flowers. Brown button centers to finish them off.

The Congrats! sentiment is perfect for this card - you can find it HERE. 

For the inside of the card I used more of the same papers -

Here are the Copic colors used -

Had some fun making this one. Loved the warm sunny feel of the papers. Hope you enjoyed it too. Make sure to pop over to the High Hopes Stamps site and see all the fabulous images you could be having some fun with! They all make you smile... promise!

HUGS and - 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Animal Crackers - Growing up and Happy

Howdy -

They just grow up to fast.... I basically missed seeing my chicks the first week in April. At the Round Top antique show and left before the sun came up and was home after it set. So this last week I have been going out and just sitting and watching them. They have gotten so big!

They are still a bit in their ugly chick age - but they are getting in their permanent feathers. They are so funny learning and running around the bigger coop now.

Here they were learning how to balance on the pole.

They pretty much have that down and do well sleeping up there. Once in a while someone panics and a few of them fall off... it is a learning curve.

Doris is my only adult chicken in the middle pen with the chicks. We have been calling her our baby sitter. All though that first couple of days she was running around trying to peck at them. But then she realized they were ok.

I know I have said this many more times than just once.... But I am so in love with Doc -

Not only totally handsome, melt your heart blue eyes. He is just the sweetest friendliest little guy. Love that guy!

Found one of the standards near the house grazing on the very fast growing grass. So much rain that Hubby is having a very hard time keeping up the mowing. Cocoa is doing her part to help mow it down.

 She is so peaceful. Calming to watch her graze, especially when it is so green and pretty.

Had someone ask me about Miss Moxie - how she is doing now that she is the only outside farm dog we have.

So she is smiling to let you all know she is doing great. Doesn't roam much at all... staying in view of the house 99.9% of the time. She is getting tons of extra lovings, special breakfast each day and plenty of "cookies". Yes she is being spoiled rotten. And we just love doing it.

Thought I would share a photo of our front pasture. Been a while since we have had it fill in with so many wildflowers.

The Indian Paintbrush have been so brilliant this year. And until these are done and gone to seed there won't be any mowing the front pasture! Sorry for the gray photo... had nearly 1.5 inches of rain just before I snapped this. But wanted to share them while they are still so bright.

Hope you have flowers growing where you are - and some furry critters to love on!
HUGS and -

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

High Hopes Stamps - Snuggles and Cuddles

Howdy -

Today I am sharing another one of High Hopes new stamps "Snuggles and Cuddles" - adore this one! As I kid I Loved Panda Bears - collected any stuffed, ceramic and photograph I could get of Panda bears. Now I have a wonderful new image to color!

Sweet image isn't it? Colored with my copics (colors below) Then a little Distress Ink around the edges I sewed all my layers down. Added the Large Fancy Happy Birthday sentiment.  A few Chipboard corners colored with dark red Copic. Viva Decor Paint Pen Dots cuz that spot seemed to need something. lol.

Inside more of the same papers -

Copic colors used -

 This image just makes me smiles - And isn't that why we do this? Smile ourselves and then pass it on?

And there are so many fabulous images to color and share at High Hopes Stamps!

Hope you have a wonderful day -
HUGS and-

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Animal Crackers - Handsome Hank and more

Howdy -

Had a few more photos from last week that I didn't get to share. And great photos of Hank are always a favorite of mine - and need to be shown off!

This man is so sweet - and I think he likes to have his photo taken. Heck he had it taken enough as a baby I guess my camera is just the normal for him.

But seriously... he was one of the cutest babies...

 OH what am I saying they are all adorable. My heart just melts with some of the special ones. Like little Miss Jackie... Found her the other day napping under one of the spool tables.

One of the Guinea Girls looking for bugs or whatever they peck at for snacks.. all their new feathers are fully in now and really are beautiful. The feathers...  That head. Well we love them.

The Chicks have been outside on the back porch for over a week now. I am thinking this weekend they will go in a larger cage in one of the chicken pens. Safe and split from the adult chickens, but learning them and they then can be let into the pen. I will just be thrilled to have them off the porch. Libbie has so much stress worrying about them. - LOL

Still in a bit of ugly chicken teenage time. But not far off from their colors and pretty stuff to start growing -

 Hope you enjoyed - Have a wonderful blessed weekend!
HUGS and-

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

High Hopes Stamps - Easter

Howdy -

This week I found one of my favorite Easter images from High Hopes Stamps. I love this images -

He Lives!

I love green and purple for Spring images and this one seemed to work well with it. Older papers from DCWV - but still favorites. My Martha Stewart Doily punch and some sewing put it all together. I created three dots with Viva Decor Pearl pen. Then I went back with Stickles. 

Again, Love this image - He Lives! is just such a peaceful blessing image. Cute too.

Inside the card more of the same papers.

 Copic colors used 

I hope that my card gave you a smile and I hope that you have a very blessed Easter.

HUGS and -