Sunday, September 30, 2012

Me and My Space - Need a "Little" Laundry done?

Hope you had a wonderful Saturday - we had a soggy one here. Much needed slow good rain! Animals were not happy, as they do not like to stay in the barns all day, and the rain does mess up their all important schedule of meals and grazing, then naps and then meals and grazing. But later they will be glad as much needed grass will keep growing.

Today I thought I would share a couple of toys  - One of them I have wanted for years, and when I finally found it, I knew it was coming home! The other, well... honestly I had never seen one before and when I saw it I thought maybe I could resell it. But the more I looked at it, the more I decided that it needed some time on my shelf for a while. Just too interesting to let go of right away. :0)

First up my "wash tub and glass rub board"

I have seen these in books and on the web for years. Adorable little toy wash tub isn't it? Ok, so it isn't in perfect condition. It has a few bends and a few scratches. But I love it just as it is. Some little girl truly loved and played with it.  I was so excited when I came home with it. And it came with the fabulous miniature toy Glass washboard. It says Crystal across it. It is in wonderful condition, and amazingly the glass has no cracks in it.  They were made for many years, probably 1930's - 1950ish. They usually also had a wringer that clamped on, a small standing clothes line and pins. I'll find those one day I hope. For now.. just loving my little tub.

Then I also came across this fabulous "toy"!!

Dollyduds Electric Washer... yes I said ELECTRIC!! This is a toy, and it does have its original cord and plug... I assume that it was for little girls to wash their dolly clothes. You would fill the glass bowl (which is old, has creases and bubbles in it) you fill the bowl to the water line, add your soap, and put the lid on. The lid has the motor in it, so it is kind of heavy. Lid on and turn on and it really does spin and wash the clothes! I cannot imagine a little girl today playing with water and electricity!! They made all kinds of electric toys "back then" stoves, irons... just seems so unsafe. But honestly kids then were different than today I guess. Heck Girls married in their mid teens! So I guess playing with stoves and cleaning items was just preparing for early homemakers. The condition is good on this "toy". It has decals on each side of the metal base that are all bright and vibrant. All the labels are still attached. The only part that has any wear, is the paint on the motor top is peeling. I think it was just simply bad paint, and not fired on like all the rest.  I have searched the internet for information on this toy. I have only found a handful that have sold on eBay or private sites. NONE that are turquoise, all the ones I found are white. I love the colors in this one, just wish I could find out more about it. I will keep looking...

Both of my "Laundry" toys sit currently on a shelf in my bathroom.  I have a few other toys that also fit into the washing, laundry category... but I'll save them for another post. :0) Don't want to show everything off at once you know. Ha!

Better get up and dressed. Sunday normals, breakfast with the locals, and if not too muddy the flea market. Not sure the rest of the day. I have things I "should" do, and things I "need" to do and things I "want" to do. Shame they are not all the same thing! This week is gonna be really busy, so I SHOULD do my list of chores. WE will see. Roundtop / Warrington Antique fair is going on now.... We would like to go a few days this week. NO way you can see it all in a day, there are thousands of vendors in barns, tents and farmer's fields. We are planning at least two days... maybe we can get in three. :0)  Hoping next Sunday I can show you a few brand new treasures!

Have a wonderful blessed day!! Enjoy it!
HUGs and -

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Animal Crackers - Gato Bed? And what a DOO!

Hey There - So I don't know what the weather is like where you are... but we have had some rain here in TEXAS BABY! Whoo Hoo!!! Now Hubby is thrilled don't get me wrong, but he only got down about 2/3rds his winter grass seed before it hit yesterday afternoon, and he has had to cancel his garage building today, so as much as he is loving the rain... even a few more hours before it started would have been better.. LOL Never happy are we?

My first photo today for you just totally cracks me up! Early yesterday morning I came down the hall and looked over into the living room and said Good Morning to Gato. Then I took a few steps back and just died laughing. You see I purchased this fabulous antique Doll Bed to sell in my Ebay store - and it seems that it has been claimed before I could even clean it up and photograph it!!!

 Sorry for the bad photo... I was lucky she stayed in "bed" while I ran and got my phone to photograph her. And then Hubby and I were laughing so I just didn't get a good shot. Then she realized we were laughing at her and she got up and left. It is a wonderful folding antique doll bed, but Hubby says it has been claimed and I just may not be able to sell it now. LOL  We will see....

NOW before it started raining yesterday morning I went out and shot a few photos of the goats... I felt bad when I realized that I hadn't really done any photo shoots with them in a while. First up was my little future stud, Hank.  Now is that a HAIRDO or WHAT????

I sent this photo to a few people yesterday, and most all of them texted me back and asked if I did his hair that way. UH nope... Hank is a MAN goat now. I try to not touch him much at all... He has now moved into the one finger scratch on the end of the nose. HE SMELLS. I did go in a few weeks ago with a glove on... LOL But back to his hairdo. I have NO clue why his hair is like that. We were calling it his Elvis pompadour for a while, then it grew out even longer. It is hysterical! And he thinks he is just the hottest best looking little dude around. Ok, so he is... LOL

When he realized I was snapping photos of him, he came over to see me.

He has more personality than he knows what to do with... man I love this goat! :0)

Now I tried to get a good photo of Chloe to show you just how wide she is getting. And sadly the best way to show that is from the back. But you see Chloe doesn't trust me from the back... LOL She thinks I am going to grab her, or I guess take unflattering photos from the back side... LOL So every time I tried to go around her, she spun around to face me. LOL

The front just does not show how large she is. Now it does show that the babies seem to be on resting on one side! LOL Wish this Lady was friendlier. She is my skitzoid (I don't think that is a real word, but that is what I call her) She was the goat born the same time as my accident, and I wasn't allowed to go out and play with her because of germs. It was torture! And so she did not get handled hardly at all. So now... she is a nut case. But she is so gorgeous that I just keep working with her, and hope that one day she will come to understand that we love her. She is actually a tiny percent better than she use to be. So maybe there is hope.

Chloe's little 1/2 sister is Gidget. (Annie is both of their Mom, 2 years apart) Gidget was a single baby this last Spring. And she was the last baby born. I feel so sorry for her.

Why? Well she never did bond with any of the other "kids" and she didn't have any siblings to hang with. So she just stuck with her Mom. Well Annie hasn't been in the pen for a while. (She has been sharing residence with Frankie) Poor Gidge... she is off on her own 99% of the time. She doesn't eat with the others, she doesn't sleep to close to them, and some days she just roams around the pen and talks to herself or anyone that will listen. I even had her on my for sale list for a while. I thought maybe if she started off with a new herd she would bond with someone. But I guess she is meant to be here. She is a lot like her Mom and older sister, a bit of that nervous, cautious not let you rub all over her thing. I have been trying to talk to her a lot, and reach out and pet more and more. She is letting me now and then. I will keep working on her. She is a pretty long legged thing. We nicknamed her the "The Flying Nun" ... common you see it don't you? And the whole Gidget... Sally Field thing. LOL

Speaking of the For Sale List...

We still have three boys that REALLY need to go. Jack (you can see one leg in the background) and then Danny and Hutch. These guys are really STUNNING, I am hoping that once we get the new babies and have people coming to look at them, that they will need a Buck as well and we can sell them then. I was bad... I didn't nag Hubby about taking them off to Auction when they didn't sell this Spring, and we got busy and I quit running the ads... so they are still here. I just have such a hard time taking my kids to auction. I have no way of knowing what happens to them!! And yes, some do find good homes at Auction. But many... well we do not raise Cabrito here!

Now how about a few dogs?

Do you think Autie can ever say he isn't Chica's Daddy?

 LOL Darn they are cute. Autie is doing much better. Allergies really were the issue, and with his medicine he does just fine. He actually hasn't had any medicine most of the week, until yesterday... we both needed some drugs before the rain came in. Blew in some nasty pollen. All the doggies had been out running in the morning dew and were waiting to go back in for breakfast. Chica is smaller than her Daddy Autie... that must be from Libbie's side.  But that face... that is all Autie! And those melt your heart big brown eyes... those just kill me. Oh and her chest mane is starting to grow and match up to Autie's. His is stunning for the 3 1/2 minutes he is clean and brushed.

And how about one of Miss Libbie...

She is hardly ever a mess. She is about as wide as she is tall with that fur all pooffy.. well that and those extra 4 lbs the Doc lectured her and told her she has to loose weight. She is still beautiful.  I tell her it is ok, we will get the weight off... until then just claim she is big boned, it is water weight, it is all fur, whatever she needs to feel ok with it. I'll worry about the diet food and limiting the high fat treats.

That is it for this week, hope you got a giggle or two, or at least a smile :0 )

I'll see you tomorrow for Me and My Space.. hope you have a wonderful Saturday and do something fun!

HUGS and

Friday, September 28, 2012

Just Magnolias and Hanglars Challenge - Pearls and Die cuts

Howdy - How has your week been going? Here things are chugging along and doing pretty good.  I know makes me nervous to even say it... normal quiet.  Hubby has been mowing like a crazy person as it is suppose to rain again this weekend and he hasn't caught up from all the growing from the last rain. He has also been working on the "garage" for the Model T.

Me.. I have been a busy beaver, I have been cleaning, photographing, and getting things written up for my new Ebay store. Right now it is mostly just "antiques and collectibles" but I will be putting more craft fun in there soon promise.  It is small right now, but I hope it will get bigger and bigger :0)  If you would like to visit it...  ... please remember I am just getting things going :0)

I also have been crafting a ton this week. I know you are looking back at my blog saying "Really?"  But honestly I have! Next week both Whimsy Stamps and High Hopes Stamps have New Releases! So there will be lots of fabulous new images to see!  Hmmm... what else? Oh lost another 2 lbs. this week so I am at 39 gone so far... just short of that big number 40 lbs!!! Hopefully next week I will get over that hurdle. Why is it that those numbers are so hard to hit? thought I would never get to 20, and 30 came finally... and now I am just hanging under 40... 50 is a biggie mark for me so you will se some serious celebrating there!

Ok, how about if I show a card? Today is the Just Magnolia and Hanglar Challenge, and I actually remembered and got my card done a few days ago! The challenge this week is to use pearls and die cuts/punches on your project. Well the pearls that is an easy one, and since I have been trying to play with my new Silhouette Cameo this week, I thought die cutting a shape for my card would be a good test for me. And to get even more testing, I used my gift card that came with it, and downloaded a file to use. I did it! I picked one out, downloaded, opened, resized and cut it out perfectly! So so proud of myself :0)

Here is my card... sorry I ended up going just a tad overboard with the die cuts...

Told you way too much huh? LOL Ok, so I started out with the Silhouette die cut. I believe it is called "Iron Gate Oval". I cut it and then went to my Magnolias to see what would "fit" You see the height was cut at 5.75 inches so the oval could not be any larger. I then found this Tilda that sort of looked to me like she could be looking in a mirror at her new dress. So I colored her up with my Copics ( I am so sorry.. I forgot to take a photo of the colors) I then hand cut her using the center as a traceable oval and cut a bit larger to go behind. For my card I used the same dark brown card stock as the base, a light pink mat, and then a sheet of Prima Tea Time pattern paper. I sewed it in place, added a satin ribbon for more color and then glued down Tilda is my massive die cut. Added pearls to the circles of the die cut. It seemed empty in the corners. Really it wasn't right to me. So I looked over and saw my Memory Box Corner flourish... uh it is pretty close don't you think? glued them down in the corners, and added more pearls. Uh... no where for a sentiment... LOL

I used some Stickles on Tilda's jewels and made her dress all sparkly.

The inside is pretty much the same, just a different piece of the pattern paper.

too much? Oh well I had fun playing. How about you? I know you have pearls and die cuts or punches so join us for a fabulous prize again this week. Hop on over to the challenge HERE and see all the DT's projects and then link up your project.

OH my on the run today! A few errands for me while Hubby is working on the garage. And while out I am planning to meet up with BFF Tracey for a more than needed pedicure! And then the grocery store...sigh... man I hate going there lately. Nothing sounds good! Need something new and different to make, that doesn't take all day to prepare. May do a search for some ideas before I go...

So what you up to today? Plans for the weekend? Share....

Have a great one! HUGS and

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hello and maybe a Help?

Well I did it... I ordered a Silhouette Cameo electric die cutting machine.

Ordered and received. It has been sitting here sealed up in the box for way over a week. Sad.. We have been so busy trying to gather inventory and get things for selling on our new Ebay Store, plus life, animals and just keeping up with things... that this new toy that I normally would have opened and running seconds after coming in the back door... it has sat, lonely in the box. Well yesterday was a horrible stressful day and the end of the day I decided that I just needed some me time.

I opened up, read a little of the instructions, downloaded the software, plugged in the machine and in about 20 minutes I had this cut out from a font on my computer.

I was very proud of myself. I have a wishblade - I NEVER got that thing to do very much at all. It has come very close to being thrown across the room! But for the past few years it has sat with dust on the shelf.  So my little Cameo's "Hello" is great!

Then I did a little playing with the software, then found the button to get to their store...... uh... WOW overwhelming! And me with my headache I decided that there was way to much there to take in. LOL BUT WOW so many gorgeous things to download to cut!

I am seriously hoping I can learn how to use some of my SGV files.  I can right? I hope so, I think I read that when researching. Honestly my choices really were limited I found, once you go looking for the ones that work with MAC. But at this point and time I am very happy :0) If only I wasn't so tired and so far behind on other things. It is here though, and ready for me any minute I have to play.

You have one? Any advise? Any advise at all would help me I am sure! :0)

Well today is errands in town day. Doc appointment for me, then we get to stand in line probably for hours to register the Model T. Then all the little normal chores, bank, post office, grocery store then home. Doesn't sound too fun to me at all..... I do think I am going to throw in a nice lunch at our favorite little Italian restaurant... Huge Salad and a wee little slice of pizza? Sounds good to me!

Have a great day! HUGS and -

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Me and My Space - A couple of Auction Goodies

As promised I thought I would show you a couple of goodies that we got at the auction last week. We has list of things we were planning on bidding on, had a list and what our top price would be on each item. You have to be strong you know - you can get sucked in to the competition of an auction. And then you end up paying way too much for things. So we try really hard to have a limit and don't go over it. We stuck with it... and lost most things I wanted. LOL.. my limits... well a few things went for 3 and 4 times my limit. Oh those things weren't meant to be mine right? Even if one was a gorgeous County Courthouse sorting cabinet? Oh it was SO gorgeous, Pretty Oak with old wavy glass doors, and inside shelves, all about two inches apart. I could see all my card stock sorted, looking like a rainbow behind that wavy glass. Well it went past my top of the line and just kept on going and going. Sigh... it was so depressing. But then we were watching things and had a long while before our next item and this really handsome desk came up for auction, I had looked at it briefly, but I have absolutely no where to put a desk. So I didn't look long at it at all. Well.. there it was, and it seemed that most everyone there had no where for it either, was it going to hammer down for a steal? I looked at Hubby and I think he was thinking the exact same thing. As were just a couple of others, and it went up just a bit... Hubby bid and BAM. It was done. And we now had a desk... and no where to put it! LOL

But could  you have left this behind?

Well we didn't. This photo is from the auction cuz.. it isn't quite in a photograph-able state just yet. LOL I have had to really move my craft room around, got rid of one piece that I was using. And now it sits behind me here in my craft room! Now Hubby was saying that I could place my Big Shot Pro on it and keep the dies inside. That won't work though, cuz I would have to move the Pro every time I want to open the doors. Darn.. So I have my Pro on a table next to it, and then all my dies are inside. It is a wonderful piece.. I still can't believe it is sitting here! Now Hubby and I have agreed, that if we do get to do a Antique Show in the future that it will be a piece that we will take with us, great display and a work space.... that is the plan anyway.

I also was the high bidder on a pair of Mantle clocks. Shocked..  I really didn't think we would win them but we did. This is my favorite of the pair, but basically they are almost alike. 

Sorry, for the photo on my stove. But honestly there is so much on every flat spot in my house, the stove was the only clear place. This is a circa 1970's  Jerome & Co. Mantle Clock, with a reverse painted floral front, in a rosewood case. Still has its original label inside! We wound it up and set it as soon as we got home. Surprisingly even as dirty as it is, it keeps really good time and has a really pretty chime. The other looks about the same, just a tad taller, and has a geometric square flourish pattern instead of the flowers. So Hubby is going to do a little cleaning on both of them, and then they will be two pretty pieces for sale. And until this one is sold... I am thinking I will let it chime away in my Dining room. :0)

Other than that.. the only other piece I got was a small painted glass front table display cabinet. It wasn't on my list of wants. Was the end of the auction, not many people there, and it was really cheap... so Hubby shrugged and bid. LOL It will be great for showcasing small pieces in this future booth we are planning.

I love Auctions, and I could have spent the farm on some of the pieces there. Gorgeous Furniture, HUGE pieces. And that stopped me... well.. that and they went for tons of money. OHHH there was one table top piece that I told Hubby it was mine! HOLD that number up and don't take it down until the hammer hits! It was oak under this odd pink paint. With THIRTY, yes, 30 drawers. Each drawer had this gorgeous mid 1800's cast iron pulls on them. I could already see it across the back of my desk, with my ribbon pharmacy cabinet and my library cabinet sitting on top. SO fabulous! But as the price kept climbing.. 200... 300... 400... I grabbed Hubby's arm and said uh no.. that is not smart at all! But I will be looking for another one I can assure you!

You ever go auctioning? You find anything fabulous that you treasure?  It is a sport all on its own, the thrill of the bidding and winning and bringing things home! Love it! LOL I just need to find more around here that I can go to... Hubby may not agree with that though! ha!

Normal things I think today... Breakfast with the Locals... a few rounds around the flea market, then home to do a few chores around the farm.

Have a great Sunday! Enjoy it...
HUGS and-

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Animal Crackers - Who Me?

 oops... this week got by me pretty quick. What was I doing? Not too much, I have been cleaning out cabinets, drawers and such trying to get together more stock for my ebay sales. We took a day and went hunting  for  goodies as well. I am pretty close I think to opening a ebay store I think. I didn't end up doing a few weeks ago because I just didn't have enough "stock" but we have been finding quite a bit around here and out and about so I may just go for it. Then again we have been talking about a booth somewhere. One day at a time I suppose, then I will have a for sure plan. I had my monthly Doctor's appointment to get my check up for my weight loss. I have a 37 pound loss so far. SLLLLOOOOOWLY it is coming off. But I know that is how I need to do it, and as long as each week it is some sort of loss and no gains I am ok with it. My goal was 100 pounds in a year. It may take me a little longer than that... but hey took me a lifetime to put it on so if it take a year and a half or even two years and I have trained myself how to eat better and live healthier It is all good.

How about a few photos I have taken the past week - First up... Mr. Tuco.... So the dogs were accidentally let out the other evening while the sprinkler was going in the back yard. Before we had the rain we were trying to save the grass in the back yard... If it dies out too soon then the dogs have just dead grass in spots and dirt, and then they play in it, and then the back yard ends up in my house... seriously I sweep up and just put it back out in the yard sometime cuz it is nothing but dirt. Anyway we forgot the sprinkler was going, the other three dogs stayed on the other side of the yard, but Tuco... well he decided that it was really way too much to try and contain himself. Now you have to remember, that Tuco is one of the dogs that WILL NOT go outside if it is raining... but a sprinkler, that is totally different. He ran barked and his fresh pretty fur from his bath a couple of days before - well now he was a smelly wet dog. And more than that he then went and found some dirt and played in it.  "Tuco.. are you the one that tracked all the water and mud in my house" He tried to go and hide. "Come here Tuco... Did you track all this in?"  And that face was all I got back. I seriously think that is his "Who Me?, Not me I am really cute and always innocent."look,   he gets away with a lot with that face.

I thought I should update you all on Patti. She is all better. At least she acts and looks all better. She is eating and has put back on most all the weight she had lost. She is roaming with all the other Ladies and I am so thrilled.

All the test finally came back in. And pretty much told us... well not much. All they could say for sure is that it seemed that it was some sort of Toxin. That could mean something bit her that was poisonous, or something that she was highly allergic too. After finding the Copperhead snake very close to her barn, we all agree that was more than likely the cause. I am just glad our gal Patti is back to herself again.

Speaking of eating... I cannot even express to you how thrilling it has been the past couple of weeks to look across our pen into our neighbors and see all our Ladies grazing... all day.... and all night. LOL they have really needed fresh grass. Their pen never got a chance to really grow much after last years drought. They would eat up every blade of grass as it would sprout. Now they are getting spoiled with overload of grass. But that is ok.

Goats... haven't shown many photos of them recently have I? They are all growing and getting so big. The little girls are nearing "full size" They will still fill out as they age, but their height is about there. The older Mom's well they are getting bigger too. But theirs is WIDE. WOA we have some really big Mommas. I have them dated for November births. But seriously, there are a couple that I wonder if one of the Young Boys were.. ahem... active early. Will have to keep a close eye on them.  I will try and get some good photos of them this week so you can see yourselves just how huge they are. I really love all our goats, but I still think Gracie is my favorite to photograph.

Even with my phone.. she takes great photos. It is almost like she stares through the camera at you. She is for sure a Super Model Goat.

OH.. wanted to also share one of about 40 photos I took early in the week after the rains. Hubby called me outside and said hurry you don't see this too often. Most of the time one of the animals is doing something really stupid, or he has found some "rare" bug for me to see. But this time it was something really beautiful.

I had a horrible time getting photos of it. But we had an amazing view of a full rainbow. I just couldn't get a photograph of it at all. We could see it from the ground on both ends! It was so bright and vibrant,  and the longer we stayed out and watched it the bolder it became. And you can barely see it in this photo, but soon there was a second rainbow appearing! It wasn't nearly as bold, but it was there. But then as fast as it was there, the sun started setting and it was gone. And before I got a chance to look for the pot of gold!!

And last today.. wanted to show you the "garage".  I am sure you think we have totally forgotten about that gorgeous 1913 Model T Ford we got a few weeks ago. No we open up the trailer and sigh and stare at it almost daily. But it can't come out for us to play with until there is a safe storage for it. Safe from - Bugs (wood wheels can't be stored on dirt or gravel) .. and then Donkeys, Dogs and varmints. The Concrete Slab is all done...

Has the pipe for a sink in the corner, and electrical box up front. A ramp for a 16 foot roll up door in the front, and then a small door across the back for ventilation when working in it. Well now as of last night I can report that the building has arrived to the property. Flat and on a trailer, but technically it is here. Yesterday Hubby drove the near 2 hours and took down the building from the friend we purchased it from. It is a "model" garage for his business. We got it for a good price, but Hubby had to take it down and bring it home. Now it is just a matter of putting it back together. I think Hubby will take a day or two to rest, then he will be going like crazy to get it up and completed. It is killing him not getting to start working on the "T". But a couple days rest after getting the 20 x 24 building apart, down, and loaded onto a trailer just him and one other guy, in less than a day... that was not an easy job.  He was showing me that he can fit at least two cars, maybe three in this garage ... one car at a time babe... LOL

ok.. time to get things going. I really hope to get things in order today, and house all clean and sorted. Making me nuts having stuff sitting around everywhere!! So what are you working on this weekend? Have fun plans? Share... I would like to hear about some fun!

Have a great one... I'll see you tomorrow for Me and My Space. (It is scheduled again... lets see if it works this week!)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

High Hopes Challenge - Halloween Colors!

OOPs - my post on Sunday didn't show up did it? Sorry... I am not sure where it went - and I didn't have internet 99% of the day due to rain! Yes... RAIN! You know, that wet water stuff that falls from the ground - we got some really great rain this past weekend, and no internet was worth it - at least the Donkeys think so cuz it means they will have grass later in the month. So I will save the missing post and get it on this coming week -

Now for today's post. High Hopes Challenge today and this week it is Halloween colors. Black, Orange, Purple and Green. Now this was a really TOUGH challenge for me, I know I could have gone with a general card and used the colors - but I really did try to do a Halloween card with them. I am just not a Halloween holiday person, and when I went through my High Hopes stamps I realized that I did not have one stamp that was a true Halloween type of image, so I had to think outside the box a little... Here is what I came up with -

After looking  - The Medicine Man was the the best that I could find that looked like maybe he was wearing a costume. Maybe sort of? Hope so, I colored with my Copic's (colors below) then I cut out with a circle nestie - For my card I dug through and found some older halloween papers - Debbie Mumm's JoAnn papers I believe. I sewed down with a random stitch three patterns, then I found some super old Glitter Thickers for Trick or Treat -

The inside -

pretty much the same, but I colored the Medicine Man's Bubbling Brew for the inside - These images make a really adorable get well card, but I don't think they are too horrible for a Halloween...

Here are my Copic colors.

whew... got it done, as hard as it was I did finally pull it off! LOL Now I know you can make up a Halloween card or at least a card with the traditional colors - common you have a GREAT chance for winning stamps from High Hopes!!! So please jump on over and see the DT's really good Halloween cards, and then join the challenge! We would love to see what you come up with -

Today I am hoping to get lots of work done - I need to work on more auctions for Ebay - lots of goodies to put on, and we hopefully can make a trip to pick up the items we won at the auction on Saturday. Didn't get a lot of things really... but one big piece. I have NO idea where I am going to put it, as I have no room for a single piece of furniture! But that is the thing about auctions, they suck you in... this piece was going to be sold way way too cheap and I couldn't stand it... and then all of the sudden my number had the winning bid. LOL it is a really fabulous piece... I just really need to figure out what I am going move around or get rid of so I can bring in the new. I'll get photos to show you promise :0)

Have a great day -
HUGS and

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Animal Crackers - The Vet and The Neighbors Green Grass

Howdy its Saturday... Animal Crackers day, this week was all about the Vet and the Neighbors Green Grass -

Let's do the Green Grass first, happy subject. The neighbor has a couple of empty pastures next door - one is right next to our Ladies pen. It is so sad to see all our Donkeys on their side where they have eaten and walked down all the fresh green grass. Especially when you look over the fence and see that her side of the fence has lush green grass that no one is taking advantage of. So we discussed "renting" some time for some munching for our gals. She agreed that it will all die soon with Winter, so let the girls come next door and eat all they would like. So we removed a few boards and rearranged a few gate panels and now our girls have a sort of drive thru lane to LOTS of yummy grass! I don't think they looked up for the first 24-48 hours. They didn't show up, and scream for their breakfast or their dinner for three days, why would they want dried up hay when they have fresh? It has been wonderful to watch. We are probably going to move around a few more pens and get other donkeys some time eating out at the neighbors. So lots of photos from next door...

First I have to show you this photo of Leticia - Vickie's baby girl, that should have been weaned and put into the Sorority pen a few weeks back. But I knew we would be moving them for fresh grass, so I left her with her Mom a little longer. This girl is PERFECT! She just has that look of a great show Donkey... great conformation is what they say.

She is proportioned well. Look at those ears! She was watching "Dad" clean and fill their water bucket.  And she isn't just looks - nope this girl has tons of personality :0)

Speaking of watching "Dad" - Here are three Ladies really keeping an eye on what is going on as well.  I love this photo - They are all watching so close to make sure he does everything correctly.

So we have our oldest donkey, Darlene. We call her our Matriarch - The wisest and most experienced, this lady has had LOTS of babies over the years. She is 20 years old this year! But that isn't old - Donkey's can live to be 40+ years. Darlene I hope will go way past that she is super special.  Lacey is one of our brown ladies, she has given us some gorgeous brown and dark brown babies. I think she may be pregnant now... She was in with Raffie a very short time before we decided to pull our men out and not breed during the bad drought time. Don't tell Hubby... but I am so hoping she is, I "need" another baby. Angelina "Lina" is one of our first babies born here, and Gloria... You have to love Gloria, poor thing is just a little too much. Too much personality, Too Nosey, Too pushy, Too Nippy (she will take little love bites if you don't pay attention) But will all of her "too muches" She is a love... And all of it is just cuz she wants attention and lovin'. Can't fault that now can you?

This photo just has to make you smile. They were a little far off from me to get a good photo with my phone, but I still had to snap it. Flavio and his Mom Bella. How adorable is this photo?

Flavio is a stunning little boy. It just kills me that this little man is one of the rare babies here. He is cautious and just a bit skittish. 99% of the kids here will climb in your lap and adore attention. But this guy, well he is very slow to totally trust and give in to our attention. He is just like his Mom was when we purchased her and brought her home. But after a while, Bella warmed up and she loves her scratches and Donkey Hugs. I am hoping we can get Flavio to love it all too... we will I am sure. He wants it.. and will almost give in, so he is close.

Here is a funny one... Anyone want me to mail this box to you? LOL Hubby and I were packing up a few things that had sold in my Auctions this week, when Hubby asked if I had another box as this one was being used.

She "Thinks" she is hiding from everyone here. What is it with cats and boxes and bags? They just HAVE to climb in don't they? Heck this one wasn't even totally put together yet and she just had to hunker down in it. She was very happy there until the dogs found her, then she jumped out to find a new spot to make hers.

NOW the VET... We love our Vet's new office. I think we have been with them almost a year now. Had to find a new Doc for our "children" when ours retired. Finding an office that is ok with me calling  on nights, weekends and holidays... and that understand how special Donkey's and their personalities can be, and that will make farm calls. Let me tell you that isn't an easy thing to do. But we were lucky and found a great place, a little farther away than I would have liked, but not to bad. We may go weeks with out talking to them, then there is a month like this last one. Patti is doing fantastic now since her time staying at the Vet's and then home with her Meds for a couple of weeks. We spoke to everyone in the office quite a bit that few weeks. Thought we were in a quiet time again... But this week things went all nuts again.

Monday morning Hubby found Cocoa in the barn three legging it... she had hurt her leg, and we were not for sure what was the cause. Now Cocoa... she is a special case. She is our rescued standard. Very sweet, but cautious and not the easiest to deal with at times. Getting her on a trailer and to the vet - uh no... that is not happening. The Vet was booked solid all day, so we treated with phone calls and making sure that she didn't get any worse. All week we have been giving her meds, and making sure she was improving and not getting worse. She is still limping, but the swelling has gone down. I am hoping that she just twisted it, and time will heal things. She is moving all over the property, so it can't be too bad. You can see in this picture that front leg held up...

 Libbie had an appointment for her shots on Wednesday to postpone as the workmen were still here working on the new garage so couldn't leave. Tried for Thursday, that didn't work, so we ended up calling and moving it to next week... then later that day I was calling and getting an emergency appointment for Autie.. Little guy scared the tar out of me.

He has been coughing and gagging the past week. We have been really keeping a very close eye on him trying to figure out what was wrong. Then Thursday morning he choked. I wasn't going to risk it. I dropped everything and took him -

Here he is waiting to see the Doc. Now of course once at the Vet... he was happy and seemed perfectly healthy.... Kids..

 He loved all the attention, and especially loved when the Doc got down on the floor to play with him. LOL No coughing or gagging.. of course.  But Doc did give him a good exam, I was worried he had something stuck in his throat. But no... Doc says he has severe allergies. ALLERGIES?? Yep... allergies and he has put on a little too much weight. (ok that I had noticed, and already switched all the doggies to light food. Libbie has also packed on a few too many unnecessary pounds) So after Autie got to play with the Doc, and get lots of scratches from all the techs and receptionist we went home with a bottle of medicine that should help with his allergies, and told to cut back food and start him on a diet. If he is still having issues on Monday when we take Libbie in, Autie will get to go for more attention then. Then.. if the meds work on him... I may ask Doc if they will work on me, cuz my allergies are making me nuts as well. LOL

Ok, long one this week... better get things going! Local Auction today..... wonder what Hubby and I can drag home? Hope you have some fun planned...

See you tomorrow for Me and My Space - Have a great day!
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Whimsy Stamps Inspiration Blog -

Wednesday - Wednesday Whimsy day! And today's challenge at Whimsy Inspiration Blog really was fun!

This week is an Anything Goes week... the DT we all used Whimsy's Shape EZ templates as we are sponsored by TLC this week... she does the most awesome things! If you have never taken a look at the digital patterns on the Whimsy Site for the Shape EZ templates, really you need to. They can be used with most all digital cutters that can do SVG files, but me... I at this moment don't have a digital cutter (wink wink) so for my project, I printed out on the backside of my patterned paper, and hand cut! It was really easy, and I totally love how it came out! I will so be doing many many more of these Shape EZ projects!

Here is my project - I used the "Wedding Dress" 

I used cream colored card stock, with DCWV scraps - Again I printed on the back sides all the pieces from the template. Then I cut out.. inked the edges. Glued together... then had some real fun! :0) I added lace ribbon strips across the middle, I cut out some of the flowers from the pattern paper inked the edges of the tiny flowers, and then glued them across the top. Now this started as a Wedding Dress... but somehow I think it looks more like a vintage formal dress.. LOL I added a Whimsy Vine die cut on the bottom a few punched flowers, that I inked folded up, then added stickles too. A matching blue Seam binding tape ribbon around the middle with a pretty little bow. Then I pulled out my Viva Deco Pearl Pen ... added lots and lots of dots of "pearls".

Here you can see how the template has a folded part.. It is a CARD!

And here is how I did the inside -

A base of a Whimsy Notable Die cut - Then I die cut out a Fanciful Birthday Notable Stamp with a matching Notable One Die.

It really was fun... OH my I just realized I didn't even use my Copics! LOL ... I hope you will head on over to the Whimsy Challenge and see all the DT's Shape EZ projects! It was so fun to see what we all picked to work with -

Errand day... not sure what we will end up doing, we worked outside quite a bit yesterday, moved around donkeys. (exhausting!!! They don't like begin told where to go especially the young ones as they haven't been on leads often.) Then we worked on fences, and opened up a new area for the older girls to graze while there is what little grass is left there. I came in late yesterday HOT, Dirty, worn out and very RED.... So errands some today but not too many -

Don't forget my Stamps for sale on my Ebay auctions.. Link top right -

Better run.. what is on your Wednesday schedule?
HUGS and-

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Stamps for Sale - and - High Hopes Challenge Things That Hop!

Hey There! It is Tuesday and Tuesdays are High Hopes Stamps day right! :0) But first I want to give you guys a little notice that I have started to list some of my older, needing love and ink stamps for sale over on Ebay - I usually sell "junk" - you know collectibles and antiques and things I find while on our little day trips, but I decided that I just have WAY too much and I need to thin out before my Craft room Falls off the house. Plus I would like some new things and I need to make some space.. LOL So if you are interested you can find my stuff for sale on Ebay right HERE -  Just the first batch to go on so save me as a seller and keep a look out cuz I am really thinking it is time for some deep cleaning around here!

Great Challenge this week at High Hope Stamps Challenge Blog! This week we want to see something that hops on your project. For me that was a great time to use one of the new Froggy images :0) Love frog images... Here is my card -

This is "Buggy Frog"  How can you resist a frog in a straw hat? Ok, so this one is looking a little frustrated with those bugs.. but still cute! I colored with my Copics (colors below) And then cut out in a circle and inked the edges with Distress Ink Tea Dye. Then I found pattern papers from Simple Stories called Generations. LOVE this collection of papers! I found a some Bazzil card stock in a yellowish tan color that matched up perfectly that I used for the base. I cut out three patterns of paper, and then matted the gingham paper and border punched around with the card stock with a Martha Stewart String Lace set, love how delicate this border appears.

A piece of Whimsy's dies Ribbon matched and looked gorgeous, so I punched two holes in my circle and ran the ribbon through and added a bow. Mulberry flowers, and Martha's Branch punches.. dots of Viva Decor Pearl Pen in cream on the corners, then in the collection of pattern papers I found this cute little sentiment box, I stamped with High Hopes Feelin' Froggy sentiment and added a bug that I cut off an oops stamped imaged.

Maybe a little frilly for a frog card.. but I like it! Then I went to do the inside and decided that it would be great to add the other High Hopes stamp inside!

Love this one! "Wouldn't it Be Great... If you Could Eat What Bugs You!"  Too funny! I stamped on another sentiment box from the collection, then colored with my frog color Copics. Then I found scraps and one other pattern paper to use on the inside and a matching punched border - simple and stuck down!

Here are my Copic colors -

There are TONS of High Hopes images that would work great for this challenge! Just think HOPS and dig through your stamps and join us! YOU could win new High Hopes Stamps!!! HELLO... you know you want more stamps right?

So HOP on over to the High Hopes Challenge Blog and see the other DT projects, then add your project to our list -

Busy Day today... Concrete Trucks should be arriving early this morning to fill the forms for our new garage floor!!! Hubby is so excited :0)...

Have a great day!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Me and My Space - FABULOUS FIND! and more Painted Furniture!

HI!- Sunday's are Me and My Space post, and today I have a couple of things to share. So first I have to share a super duper fabulous scream with excitement find!

Now you probably remember when I shared my children's toy canisters in the vintage toy kitchen cabinet and how I found a second set still in the box from 1927 - If not you can find that post  HERE.

For years since getting that first set I have dreamed of one day finding the inspiration for those toys. The real thing I guess you could say. Life size canisters that were from the early 1920's. I had one seen one or two individual ones on a blog once and a very horrible condition one on a auction once long ago. I have surfed for years trying to find even one canister to prove that one day I might hopefully own a set. I dreamed...

And then one day a couple of weeks ago there they were!!!! Seriously... ALL OF THEM!!!  AND EVEN BETTER.... THEY ARE NOW SITTING ON MY KITCHEN COUNTER!!! Sorry for the yelling but I am seriously excited about these!

But look...

Just makes me giggle seeing them! I stacked up my toy canisters... right next to MY new set of real canisters! Still pinching myself! Gorgeous huh? I have to say I have the best Hubby in the world. I nearly had a stroke when I found them, I just looked at him... he laughed and said better hurry and buy them before someone else does. Damn I am spoiled! :0) When we were setting them up I started to line them across the back of my counter, he came in the kitchen and took them all and stacked them back up. I spread them back out... he stacked them up. So since he was so great at getting them for me... I'll leave them stacked.... for now.

Now all I need is that matching bread box... Hey you have to have goals to go for. :0)

Ok subject number two - I thought I needed to show off another one of our pieces of furniture re-do projects!

I have told you about the Wonderful Chalk Paint that I read about and then hunted down. (First Post HERE)  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I got mine at HERE at a cute little shop called Woodland Cottage. Hubby and I are now regulars in this pretty store full of some really fun vintage things as well as must have things to decorate your house with. Oh they have the cutest purses made out of vintage cowboy boots, oh and she just got in this wing back arm chair that is upholstered in different fabrics that I just love... wait I am straying off subject... Chalk Paint....  We have now have collected I think 6 or 7 of the colors. Loving this stuff. In fact we have also gotten BFF,  Tracey hooked on the stuff... I have kidded her that if anything stays still around her she is going to paint it with chalk paint.  Ha! Anyway we are re-doing most of our major pieces in the house. When we moved out to the farm, we sold all of our furniture and purchased pieces that all matched. Was great. And we loved the look, but I get bored easily and I change things around pretty often. I haven't as much the past few years, had to many other things going on, job, animals, eye injuries,  but when Hubby said he was ready for change that was all I needed to hear and we went for it. So piece number two completed... my Donkey Collection Cabinet. 
Here is how it looked "before"... 

I LOVE this cabinet - It has so much display space, good size and I can use the top to show off things. BUT the bright green.. not so much. But that was how it came - and our living room was a green as well.. then we changed to a taupe color wall and that green started glowing in the dark. Really was bothering me.

The Donkey cabinet "after" with its new Chalk Paint....
Totally in love with it now! This is the yellow ochre color... with a heavy coat of dark wax over it. They yellow is scary... but the wax really does make it totally gorgeous! Now don't look inside the cabinet - SO FULL that it is about to bust open. That is on my list of things to do - clean and re-organize the donkeys. But life, and real donkeys have come first.. but I do plan to do it hopefully sooner than later. Oh.. on top of the cabinet. Donkeys I love, Tin Toys, Grandma's Mantle Clock and then hanging above it. One of Hubby's brother's paintings. I use to say this was my favorite of the ones we have.. but each time we get a new one I can't decide which I love more... usually it is the one I am standing looking at. He really does paint some GORGEOUS Landscapes. I keep telling them he needs a website to sell - they are really wonderful. 

Well better get things going. Regular Sunday - Breakfast with the locals, possibly the flea market for a little exercise while hunting down good bargins. Then home and hopefully moving around a few of the donkeys and fixing a fence that needs some attention. THEN I hope to sit and do some crafting. 

Hope you have a fun Sunday planned - Have a great one! 
HUGS and-