About me and my Animal Crackers

Who am I? MichelleO?
I am lucky to be married to my best friend who supports my habit of paper crafting and collecting all new stamps and pattern papers made. We are parents to our Toy Australian Shepherds "Libbie" & "Autie", our cat "Gato" and we raise Miniature Donkeys and Dwarf Nigerian Goats that keep us busy, entertained and happy.
Recently lost my right eye to one of those very dangerous bungee tie downs - I am determined to not let that stop me from doing all that I want or need to do in life. I hope to learn from the experience and help others if I can. I will try and add more about this as I live with my artificial eye and learn how I cope and get along in a "one eyed" world.
Want to meet some of my Animal Crackers?

 Libbie - a Blue Merle Toy Australian Shepherd, my baby girl, and guardian over the entire house. Please don't tell her she is only 10 inches tall and only 11 pounds - she thinks she is as large as our standard donkeys. I call her my triple AAA battery dog, as she is one high spirited, high pitched, fast little girl! Daddy says she is a girl, but no lady -

Autie - a Tri-Color Toy Australian Shepherd and Libbie's new boyfriend, a tad larger than her he is about 12 inches tall and more like 14 pounds! He still has a lot of puppy in him. And like any good man, he lets his woman lead him and direct him in life. He is totally devoted to Libbie but unlike her he is not interested in being any kind of guard dog - this man is all about cuddling and loving.

Chica - Libbie and Auties first puppy - She was suppose to be for sale... She was part of a litter of three - the other two sold. And when we got another call about Chica... Hubby said they were all sold. Uh really? Yep, he bonded with Chica and that was it, she wasn't going anywhere. And honestly, she is a total sweetie and I wasn't upset at all at keeping her.

Tuco - Libbie and Auties last puppy. There were actually three litters  - all the puppies were sold, except for Chica. And when that third litter was due, Hubby said, you know I have always wanted another merle... a merle with copper. And the night she had those puppies... that tiny little guy was born and knew that was it. He was ours. And shhhhh... don't tell anyone but he is my little guy. So we have their first born, and their last. Yes... there will be no more as they have been fixed. And after all... once Tuco was born how could we have had any others that would have been any cuter? This guy... he has more personality than any of us can handle :0)

Gato - our kitty - a stray found in the engine on our deliver van. She was only about 4 weeks old and just helpless. I figured we would get her fed, cleaned up and try and find her a new home... well we did. Here. She is a beautiful Calico, and really most of the day you find her in her window lounging beds. She is great with the dogs and runs, jumps and chases them though out the house, just with the added benefit of being able to jump to places they can't (like anything more than 2 feet high) when she is done playing.

Goats and Donkeys will be added as I can :0)