Monday, June 27, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Chi Chi's Party

Howdy -

Today for High Hopes Stamps I colored a little party with Chi Chi's Party! This cute little Chihuahua is ready to have a great party! 


I wanted this guy to have one loud bold party so I dug into my papers and found some Paper Studio Hippy Chic papers with lots of glitter and fun bold colors! I sewed down the layers onto a piece of Bazzill dotted card stock and then a cream color card base. Love the colors! And because the papers have glitter I just had to add some glitter to my image as well. So out came out the Nuvo glitter paint pen! 

For my sentiment I went with High Hopes Stamps "Happy Birthday Script"  - love the font goes with so many styles of cards! I used a EK Success ticket punch for a mat on the sentiment. Now it was a little short... so I punched two and put them together.. cheated a bit but it worked I think. 

Love how fun and.. and... well BOLD this one came out! 

Copic colors used - 


Now you must pop over to the High Hopes Stamps Web Store (HERE) and see all the fabulous images you will fall head over heels in love with! I just know it!

 Have a very special blessed day - 

HUGS and

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Animal Crackers - We need to talk

Howdy - 

So  early yesterday morning I went out and had a serious talk with Lacey and Vickie... I mean common this is getting just nuts! I want a baby donkey! Vickie showed all the signs and looked like it was coming really close. Then it all went away.


I told Hubby that it was all a joke and they just decided this plan to get into the smaller Momma pen and get better food and shade. LOL So April it was a year that they were put into the pen with Raffie for breeding. So basically babies anytime 11 - 13 months is average. But that date is all depending on what day they actually get bred. sigh... They didn't get bred right off like they were suppose too...

Common baby bump ...


 They are so beautiful. I told them as long as they are healthy and babies come at some point I am happy.

 They say nice talk Mom... but when is "Dad" going to bring us that really good breakfast? 
Penelope was making noises next to us. She wanted attention. She is such a sweet girl. And I think she was saying she will always be a pretty little baby for me.
True Penelope you will always be Momma's pretty little girl.

Now one afternoon this week I was sitting waiting on Hubby to get home so we could have dinner. I had some kitties that wanted photos taken.. so here are two of them.

McLaren - nickname is "Crazy"

Fits her to a tee! She is the most nuts of the four kitties, that is for sure. Loved yes, but at times totally exhausting. Ha! She thinks that pulling out your phone to read something is a sign to come and knock it out of your hand.

Then Mercedes was posed so very seriously.  Handsome though. Mercedes nickname is "Bubba" as the only brother.

This guy is a riot. Into everything and always seeing what is next to try. Thankfully he seems to have gotten board with the ice and water dispensers on the refrigerator. And Hubby and I have both learned to make sure he is not in the bathroom when getting in the shower, as he loves to jump in with you. Yes.. not a relaxing shower with a cat playing in the water with you. Oh love you Bubba!

Now one more, coming home yesterday afternoon Hubby was closing the gate and I asked the men if they wanted to come and say hi. Nope sorry Mom that is a long hot distance in the sun. We are staying here in the shade of our hut!

Nope not coming over unless there is something really worth it. I understand, I didn't actually get out the truck with the air conditioning. I just rolled down the window and zoomed... But hey it was 103 after all it was HOT!  

Hope you are cool where you are - and that you have your Saturday Animal Crackers Smile! 
HUGS and

Monday, June 20, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Cupcake Hedgie

Howdy - 

Today for High Hopes Stamps I pulled out a sweet little image for a Happy Birthday Card. This is Cupcake Hedgie


Now I have to be honest here... I have never in my life seen a hedgehog in real life. They just are not a common little critter here in Texas. They are cute, but I just don't have connection with them, but I decided to pull out this little guy and make friends with him. I colored with my Copics with a few pencils for more hair look. I also added some Nuvo glitter paint to my cupcake. I just love the sparkle in my frosting :0) 

 For my papers I have been digging deep in my stash - this is from the Cosmo Cricket collection Jitterbug collection. Love the color combo!  I must have loved them.. cuz I bought a bunch of it.. LOL

The sentiment is also from High Hopes stamps. One of my favorite Happy Birthday sentiments - this is Raggedy's Birthday - love the font! 

 Copic colors used - 

Hope you enjoy -

HUGS and

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Animal Crackers - How can you resist that adorable face?

Howdy - 

How can you resist that adorable face? I mean seriously cute! Miguel was really begging for attention. Ok, so I think it was begging for treats, which I did not have anything. Sorry big guy.

Now he was not a good boy at this point. My brand new shirt now has a stretched out area and almost got a hole! I guess that is what I deserve for not having treats! Amazing how fast they get those noses through the fence and grab you! Diego was hanging back and being sweet ... ok hold that!! 

Yep he too "reached" out! You know you will get loving Diego! Kisses on his nose and lots of loving! He is my baby! My first baby.. and even though he is getting older now he will always be my baby. And always get his kisses! LOL 

I turn to my right and this is what I see inches from my face!

Now I kissed the top of that sweet little nose, but then I explained that for a handsome photo we need to see his handsome eyes. 
Oh much better Flavio! You are so good looking!

And Mr. Patricio you are handsome too! Now if Flavio wouldn't be a attention hog you could get up here for a close up too! 

Now even going out early in the morning, the goats were already crashing and not wanting to pose and come to me. Maybe it was a breakfast hay coma? They were all munching and totally zoning out!

I can normally get someone to look up and come at me. Someone?? Please look up and give me a smile!

Thank you VERA!! She decided that she felt sorry for me and looked up and grinned for just a minute. LOL
Now I can't believe I didn't share this photo ! But I can't find it in my past post. It is a favorite of mine that I snapped earlier in the month and when looking to see who I have shown off lately I realized this one wasn't in any of my post. WHAT?? REALLY??  


I snapped this one afternoon when Hubby was down on the floor going through one of his jars of bits... you know - old nails, screws, bolts etc. When you work on old furniture you collect all the little things you can find and save for future use! Well here he was looking for an old flat top screw and he had lots of help trying to find the right size. It was sooo cute. They would reach out to play with one, he would calmly say "noooo" and the foot would go back. McLaren was getting frustrated and every time "Dad" would say no she would wiggle closer. You can see she had been told no more than once as she was now on top of the pile. LOL This photo just makes my heart all warm and happy. Not that I "wanted" all these kitties... Yeah I am totally in love with them and can't imagine not having them. But don't tell Hubby ok? I still blame him when they get into something... ha! 

Hope you have a warm happy feeling and have a big smile! 

Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and

Monday, June 13, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Yertle Turtle

Howdy - 

Today for High Hopes Stamps I went with little Yertle Turtle for my card. This little guy is just adorable! He is part of the re-release this month at High Hope Stamps "Let's Celebrate!"  

He so makes me smile! I colored with my Copics (colors below) to match up with some fun glittered pattern papers from Heidi Grace designs. I know the glitter is hard to see in the photo, but trust me, it really sparkles! I decided that he deserved some zig zag stitching, and despite my machine not working 100% I went very slow and made it work. I just had too.. I am addicted to sewing on my cards. In cleaning out my stash I found some pretty ribbons from making memories that had the sticky already on them, wasn't sure if they would still stick, but they did! And the color worked well with the papers. 
The sentiment is also from High Hopes Stamps "Happy Birthday Script" I punched out an EK Success ticket from the pattern paper then cut and layered the stamp on top edge to edge. I love the color combos with this one. And I do love little Yertle.. 

Copics used - 

Now you need to pop over to the High Hopes Stamps web store HERE and see all the fun going on! The new Re-Release "Let's Celebrate" is adorable fun!

Have a blessed day - 

HUGS and

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Animal Crackers - I work for her...

Howdy - 

 In our house there is an order - Hubby is for sure in charge around here. Everyone listens and minds "Dad". Below him is Libbie.. she is in complete control when he is away. From there I would say, The Cats, Donkeys, then the Goats, Moxie, Chica... and then Me. Yep bottom of the ladder here. Oh Wait! Chickens... maybe I am above them? Who am I kidding? 

Here is a photo I took of Libbie earlier in the week. She is totally blind and is now loosing her hearing. And at time that is selective hearing that she has left. When I took this photo I think I had called (and yelled) her name 25 times to get up and come in the house. Not even a glance my way.

Down the stairs I have go to - to give her a nudge and tell her to get her tiny little rear end back in the house. I got up to her and nothing. She was ignoring me - she wasn't ready to come in yet and I can wait and stop my day until she is. Not even a slight look my way. I give her a tap with my foot... nope nothing. Say the word "cookie" She yawns, stretches and makes her way very slowly up the stairs and to the door. I work for her... my time is all hers. Good thing I love this old lady! 
Ted E. Bear kind of understands my situation. You see he is never in control of life with the other two stooges. Cocoa.. leader of the pack. Valentine comes next and shadows and says yes mam quickly with his Momma Cocoa. Then you find Ted... three steps behind and bringing up the rear end. Well I went out pretty early to take photos yesterday. And Ted he must have figured out.. early donkey gets the hay first.
Cocoa was just starting to make her way out of the barn but Teddy, he got up early and moved quick to get first choice of hay. LOL not that it is any different but I would say the top of the pile and peace and quiet and not having to sneak in around Cocoa for it was worth getting up early for. 
Now Jolene is being smart here.. Hydrate! This last week has been brutally hot here! Like 100-106 degrees! So you must drink lots of water. All the water buckets have been busy this week!

There was  line at the water. Guess everyone was stocking up before making their way out into the pasture. By early afternoon they will be done and finding shade for the heat of the day. 

FanciPants was telling me hello and waiting her turn for a drink. 

Funny long eared girl. LOL 

Maci had just finished up some Donkey hugs, you scratch my back I'll scratch yours, with Ellie Mae. I don't think she was fully awake yet. - me either Maci.. it is barely after 7 am. But I knew I had to get out early to catch the ladies before they headed out. That and Libbie wanted outside so I had to get up anyway... sigh.

 Went by the goat pen and Abigail was actually being friendly. Not letting me pet her, but not freaking out and scrambling across the pen. LOL I did manage to love on her daughter Penelope a bit, she is much calmer. I do love Abigail's coloring. She is a pretty lady. 

As I got back inside I found little Ferrari playing in the dining room chair. I think one of her sisters had been playing with her between the bars. But as I came in ran off being silly. So I stopped and finished the game with Ferrari. She is so sweet and funny.

She is so much smaller than the other three. But don't worry about her, she holds her own! And if a bug gets in the house... she is the mighty hunter FOR SURE! Tiny pretty little girl with one LOUD in control growl! 

Hope you got a giggle and your Saturday Animal Crackers Smile! They make my world happy for sure! 

Have a blessed weekend!

HUGS and

Monday, June 6, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Bandit's Cake

Howdy - 

MichelleO here today and have you seen the new Re-Release at High Hope Stamps? So fun! "Let's Celebrate" 9 sweet images all about celebrating!

I thought this image was too sweet for a Birthday card - this is "Bandit's Cake"  

I really thought he would have been cute with a bubble of him saying "Mine!" LOL I decided to find my papers first to match up my coloring. Found an older pad from First Edition Boho Chic collection. Loved that wood print paper. Then colored up my image with my Copics (colors below) For a little sparkle I added some Nuvo glitter paint and white paint on the cake and his eyes, nose and tongue. 
Sewing machine is still down so no sewing this week, insert sad face here. Digging into my drawer I found an EK Success border punch of doggie feet prints. Love it! haven't used it in forever, and it works so well with this card. I put cream paper behind the prints so they pop a bit more. 
My sentiment is also from High Hope Stamps "Raggedy's Birthday"  Love the large script that looks hand written. I matted it with an EK Success ticket punch. I didn't add any other embellishments to this one, as I really wanted it to stay totally flat for easy mailing. 

Copic colors used - (yes I used a lot on this one! ha!)

This little "Bandit" is really adorable. Love him! To see him and all the new Re-Release images pop over to the High Hopes Stamps Web Store HERE

Have a blessed day - 

HUGS and

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Animal Crackers - Guest Prospective

Howdy - 

This week Animal Crackers has a guest photographer! Our sweet young friend Madi brought her friends out to visit. The animals, not us.. LOL I love to get her to take photos while she is here. She takes great photos with a totally different prospective than I me. 


The Fur kids love when she visits with friends. They all head out get in the mix and love on everyone. When you are young and in your twenties you can get down that low and take great photos. Me.. it takes me too long to get up. ha! Love this photo of Irene... those fabulous ears in the sun!! 

Great long view of Juliet too!

She is such a pretty girl. Great view with that blue sky behind her! 

Patti must have gotten tired waiting her turn for head scratches... resting on her daughter Irene's back.

Josie decided she needed to pull the I am adorable love on me pose...  Oh she pulls that one off really well!

I am betting that she took a little nip of her shirt there if she wasn't paying attention quick enough. She is so demanding! Ok really so spoiled. But when you are that cute it is just a given.
Jorge was looking for attention... He was giving that hello I am a single man here please come and see me too!
 You are so handsome Jorge they have to give you attention! LOL
Next was the goat pen... feeding a little fresh green grass is always an attention grabber! And Scarlett "Red" is always pushy and up front for fresh grass! 

 That tongue is a scream! She is so funny! 

Alvin decided for three cute young ladies he would make the effort and get up and show off how handsome he is.

Yes Alvin they are going to love on you. They are not even afraid of the smell. He is really very handsome. LOL 

I really love when Madi comes out and plays with all the kids. They love seeing different people, and I love watching them enjoy my fur babies. 

You have your Animal Crackers smile? I hope so! And I hope you enjoyed our guest photographer this week! Thank you so much Madi and friends! Y'all did a great job with photos! 

HUGS and have a very blessed weekend!