Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Some Whimsy Floral love -

Howdy - today I am all flowers - Colored up one of the new Whimsy Stamp Art Designs - Pretty Petals.  Don't you just love having images that fit so many things? And heck I just love flower images.

All colored with m Copics, colors below, and then cut out with a circle nestie. My one pattern paper is from Whimsy's new papers that I am in total love with. I adore the vintage feel and weight of these papers this piece is from the Cottage Charms collection - gorgeous colors just perfect for spring! I paired it up with pink card stock and kraft paper card stock. Everything was inked on the edges with Rangers Distress Ink in Tea Dye - I zig zag stitched things together. The lace across the bottom is so fabulous! One it is pretty.. two it comes on a roll already to stick down with adhesive!! Is that the berries or what? You can find this one and many others on the Whimsy site HERE. I love using lace on my cards but hate messing with sticking it down. This is just so easy it makes me giddy! The die cut corner - now is that a corner or what? Again also Whimsy - one of the newer dies called Lace Doily Corner 1. There is a two as well.. love it too... hoping there will be a three and four and five... :0)  Sentiment - yep Whimsy! And you'll love this, it is a bonus when you purchase Pretty Petals! And we all love bonuses right? Other embellishments - I added some Viva Decor Paper Pen to the die as some bling, and then three buttons. I have really been on a button thing lately. Not a bad thing as I have about two million buttons so using a few up isn't gonna put a dent into the stash at all.

Here are my Copic colors -

And totally forgot the inside... LOL I was just having so much fun crafting and went on to the next thing and forgot to shoot the inside. Same papers though, basically same design as the front.

So what is up where you are today? Me. Work on ebay, house cleaning, oh a guy is coming to look at some of the goats later this morning. And then maybe some craftiness.  Only if I get enough work done though - so I better get busy huh?

Hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy some flowers!
HUGS and

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Vintage Finds- Bold and Bright from the Estate

Howdy - well I meant to have this post up yesterday. But I was moving slow and not in a hurry to accomplish much. Guess to much on the go after being sick both Hubby and I had a recoop day after our weekend show. I worked on mailings. A little start of some crafty items and then got a few things listed on Ebay from the Estate I am working with. Now the laundry and house cleaning. Hey I made sure we both had something to wear for a day or so more and had enough towels - so I just let it go one more day, and the house would just get dirty again... LOL Today I have to get to some house cleaning. Sigh... but before that I thought I would show off a few Bold and Bright items. And maybe a flash back or two?

Starting to get into the fashion boxes - and WOW impressive gorgeous things. A few different and odd, and then some that just blow me away. This is one that did that - I listed it last night - so we will see if anyone else is blown away -

This is an original 1960's Emilio Pucci velour pants outfit. Totally rad or what? I think I told you last week how much fun I have been having trying on all the hats - well in my wildest dreams and all the dieting in the world and I couldn't fit into any of these clothes. Hubby might be happy about that as I think a few I would love to wear.  Everything is size super model. This outfit is marked as a size 10... or a today size 2-4. The waist is barely 24 inches. But Emilio must have liked shapely women as the hips is about a 36-38... and the bust matches... LOL Coke bottle shape is what Hubby would say - Can't wait to see what this outfit brings.

But back into the dolls - Nano Nano -

 Yes - it is a Mork from Ork doll. He is wearing a back pack that has a pull string - and yes it still works and all the classic Mork from Ork saying garble out. Too funny. As a kid we (my Dad and I) never missed Mork and Mindy - I know dorky... but Dad and I loved all the dorky shows. So you need something more cool?

Well I am all "Shook up" -

Told you all kinds of dolls in this collection - and if you have a Mork Doll... then Elvis must be the opposite end to cool. Love when they still have their boxes! He is a real looker isn't he?

Then something a bit more classic and formal - Love this -

A Madame Alexander Elise Bride doll from the mid 1950's. She is so gorgeous. And so much like the doll from my Grandma. I love my doll and was always amazed that she still had her hose and earrings. But this Elise doll has her brides bouquet and her head dress and veil. Now she had a bit of loose arms and legs when I pulled her from the box. But Hubby has become an expert Doll hospital Dr. and now that we have gotten him all the supplies he is pretty darn good and restringing the dolls with all the correct elastics to keep her as original as possible. Isn't she a pretty bride? Love these early Madame Alexanders.

We are having so much fun with the items coming out of the boxes - and learning so much about things we never would have even looked at before... LOL... Hubby knows more about brands of dolls that he would rather not know. But hey that is the business! I'll show more off next week -

I will do my best to be back tomorrow with something crafty to show off.... have a couple of things started, just need to clean the doll hospital off my desk and find my cards!

Have a wonderful day -
HUGS and

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Me and My Space - "I'd like to introduce you to my little friend..."

I thought it might be time to introduce you to my little friend... my weekly fear... Depending on the week I have had the names for this friend go from nice to really not so nice.

Yep this is the Dr.'s Scale. Every week I go in and take off my jacket, put my purse down, shoes come off and then I step on. Believe me if this thing wasn't in the hallway of her office I would strip off more some weeks. But I want to keep some composure and not look like I am totally desperate to see a lower number each week.

Things go well for a while. On average I loose 1-2 pounds each week. But then after a few weeks. I hit a "plateau" - I am there right now.

I have been bouncing around 55 lbs. now for a few weeks. I loose a couple, then gain one. Stay the same, them gain... it is so frustrating! I told Hubby this coming week we are really hitting it hard. More water! More Veggies! More Fruit! SALADS! Chicken! Fish! No hamburgers - No Nachos - No Pizza this week. Yes I do have all of those once in a while. This is not a diet... it is a life change for me. Moderation is the word. I even have chocolate. Limit myself to a just a few hershey's kisses... yes that is just few and then stop. Not three in my mouth at a time, then the entire bag. This week I am ready to kick start things again - more walking! And more water! I am ready!!!!!!

And then... those monsters that attack you in front of every store are out! NOOOO not now I have the right frame of mind, I am motivated.... NOT NOW!!!!!!

...........It is Girl Scout Cookie time here. And those sweet little faces are EVERYWHERE!! So I caved. Hubby got his favorites and I got one box of the fudge covered peanut butter ones, the ones I make do with since they no longer sell my favorites from when I was a kid. Those yummy FUDGE ones! MMM.. Anyway my box is gone now, I did take three days to eat them all. Hey there isn't very many in those boxes anymore. Instead of the old me where I had a box for dinner once. Ok more than once probably.

Hubby ran into them again yesterday - I was actually kind of relieved when he came back to the truck with only those horrible nasty coconut ones. Whew... won't touch those with a ten foot fork! So I am safe. He has his cookies for desert last night - I had strawberries :0)

Watch out 60lbs!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Animal Crackers - Sisters...

Whew... Howdy - run run run... I snapped a few photos yesterday just before it got to dark. We got home from setting up our booth at the antique show this weekend. Man this job is work! LOL Anyway back to my story... I went out to snap photos but then had to stop to help Hubby. We had an escapee from the little girls pen. Miss Gabby - she was just wandering around enjoying new grass areas that she hadn't had chances at before, putting her nose through the fences to other donkeys. I believe this is when she was doing a little na-na-na-na-nah to everyone that she was out. We "lead" her back to the girls pen. (this took some time, some shoving, some pulling and a bit of grunting and yelling to get done, she wasn't too bad compared to some of the others.) Hubby got her back in the pen, and then we had to figure out where she got out. He went off to examine the fences and the donkey shacks. I said I don't think so I think she shoved her chunky self between the gate and the pole. He said no, there was no way she was way to big. Ok, I started back to the goat pen when he started yelling... "hurry hurry.. she is going back out".. uh yea - she was squeezing through between the gate and the pole... I didn't say "I told you so"... I just looked at him and he rolled his eyes. Oh well, it is all fixed now and no one can wiggle out now. Sigh... anyway long story to tell you I didn't have much time before it got dark.. so I found a couple from last week that I hadn't shown.. so a few from this week and last -

Sisters - Got a great couple of photos of Vera and Alice this week - These girls are from Daisy's kids last spring. Hard to believe they are almost a year old now...  Funny Vera is already growing her beard, usually they are at least 2-3 years old. Vera has such pretty coloring. And Alice... she has those eyes I adore! They usually are together - and are BFF's for sure.

But like most sisters they do butt heads from time to time as well... 

LOL :0)

I found Charles "Chuck" Screaming his head off at me...

The goats have not been the happiest at us. We have been changing up their diets a bit. They are all getting fat. So less grain, less alfalfa and more plain coastal hay. Hey I would be happier living on chocolate, cokes and bread... but it just ain't how it is in life. Well Charles, he was evidently telling me that it was grain night. Yes, Chuck... grain for dinner tonight... 

Here is one from last week... You see Hubby had to go into the boys pen and fix some "problem" areas. They have been working on getting the fencing down between them and the little girls. Yes you know how teenage boys are right? Well here "Dad" was explaining that they had to stay on their side. No "playing" with the girls yet.  - 

I love the look on Felipe's face.... is that a teenage boy or what??? UH yea I am listening... but where is that girl I was after???  They love when he holds their noses, don't ask me why. Something he does with all of the babies... and they grow up with it and love it.

Snapped a pretty photo of Big Moe - would love to say he is sitting in a special plant but...

Nope.. that is a weed. LOL Sorry a tiny bit of rain last week and weeds are just popping up all over the place. Not enough to grow grass - weeds yes though. Moe is such a sweet guy. And he loves his private place, you could leave the door open and he doesn't even bother getting up - That is a happy, content kitty. 

Now one more, thought this was funny... after I finished taking photos I thought I would go and check on Gabby...

She wouldn't even look at me. She knew she wasn't suppose to be out - loved every minute of it. But wouldn't even come to talk to me about it - children...

Hope you have a great day - I hope we have a thousand people come through our booth today... that would be wonderful - ok, a thousand that want to spend money...

HUGS and-

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A little Grey or Silver

Howdy - you may have noticed my blog did a total change again. Sorry.... I had a few saying it was taking forever to load, and I was ready for something calmer and a bit simpler. A snap of my fingers and bam... now in reality it was about an hour, a shareware background and a little photoshop of Raffie smiling - but bam - a new look. Hope you like it.

Now it is Tuesday and today is High Hopes Stamps Challenge. Todays challenge is to add a little grey or gray however you spell it. Or silver to your project.

Me... I had a plan all week for this card. And then when I sat down, I didn't use the stamp I had planned, then the paper just didn't feel right, and then my card stock didn't match. So it is nothing like I started but oh well I think it is still kind of cute and it has lots of grey!

 I had planned to use some of the cute goat stamps, on grey card stock and color them with a white pencil. But my Grey card stock isn't smooth so all I could see was the pattern in the paper, and even when I used the mineral spirits on it.. that pattern was still showing to me! So I got frustrated and just went a new direction. I found this stamp in my High Hopes Collection and realized I had never inked it up - Now was a great time!

This image is called "Popcorn Kitty" -  now I am going to be totally honest with you ok? When I saw the stamp in my box I thought it was a cute cat sitting in a bowl of flowers, with a ring of flowers and hearts around her. I have no clue why I thought that - I am going to blame the cough medicine. Ok I hadn't taken any when I made the card, but I am still going to blame it lingering in my body. Anyway I started coloring and then realized hey... this is is POPCORN.. that is why the cat is Poppin' In... duh.... Good thing I hadn't started coloring the kernels pink yet! I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then decided the best way to make the kernels pop was to color the back ground. Why do I get myself into these things. It still looks blotchy to me. I hate that. But you have to stop coloring at some point. I cut it out with one of my circle nesties that fit wonderfully, then matted with a decorative circle nestie that the name escapes me right now... sorry... cough cough...

My papers I have the grey card stock base, then found some scrap of the red. The patterns are from 7 gypsies and My Minds Eye. I sewed down things, and then added four red buttons. It is a simple card, but the image has so much going on I didn't want to much on the card.

Inside copies the front.

And here are my Copic colors - 

It was nice to just take a little time yesterday morning and color, and craft. Wasn't to mind blowing - and I need to get back to a routine with my crafting. It really does make me a happier person. LOL

So now - you need to POP on over to the High Hopes Challenge Blog and see the other DT's grey/silver projects. Then really I am sure you can come up with a little grey or silver on a High Hopes project and join us - PLEASE... we want you to come and play with us and then WIN more High Hopes! :0)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Monday... Showing off some of the Estate

Wow So much to do this week. I feel as if last week was some kind of void. A Blur. Just a large Swirl of nothing. OH wait it was I was sick and on all kinds of over the counter cold medicine and then Hubby got it and lord knows he had it SO MUCH WORSE than I ever thought about. So the entire week was nothing but runs for more cold meds, kleenex, and coughing. Ok... so looks like the coughing will be sticking around into this week but I feel human again, have halls drops on hand, and we have a huge antique show this coming weekend so there is no time for any dilly dollying around!! (Grandma use to say that to me all the time :0) She would love me using it now LOL)

So lets see this week we are packing up things for the show, hopefully having time to price them and inventory them before the packing this time. I hate sitting in the booth doing that before the show starts. Most everything is already priced and done so it is just the new late additions to be done and I think I can handle it.

Then I am also trying to keep up with listing on Ebay and the Estate items. WOWSER! Things are selling well there! If only I could go back in time and save all those odd, weird dolls from my childhood!! Who would have thought that a six million dollar man doll would be worth more than $50.00. At least that is where it is now... hasn't closed yet.

And yes we have made him run while making the slow motion music... LOL

The fashions have been a real joy for me. I have had a blast pulling things out of the box and drooling all over them. The hats have just been way too much fun!!

Here are four that I have listed right now "for easter" - hey they are all pastel colors so it is a marketing theme ok?

I love hats - never wear them but love them! There are a couple in this collection that I may just have to set aside and buy myself then make sure and wear - They are so soft and fit me perfectly.

And the clothes... sigh... I try on all the hats... but the clothes - we won't even go into how small they are! It is so for sure that people back then did not have M&M's, Hershey's Cordial Cherry Kissses and drink Coke!

But then I found this little gem in a box. She is on right now - If only I had a few hundred of these little Pez things...

The Donkeys would eat Premium Hay like royalty I tell you! Little Orphan Annie would not have to worry about Daddy Warbucks adopting her if she knew what her Pez containers were going to be selling for! LOL

Now I am going to go and get to digging in a box - My own little treasure hunt! I'll keep sharing some of what I find :0) Things are just to cool to not show off!! If you want to follow the fun and my auctions the link to my Ebay store is top of my bar to the left.

Have a great Monday - see you tomorrow for High Hopes Challenge!
Donkey HUGS and-

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Me and My Space - A Doll Show??

Howdy - and Yes... last weekend we did a one day Doll Show in a town near home. We were asked to it at one of the Antique Shows we were doing. I wasn't too sure about it. We do have lots of antique dolls but we are mostly about toys... but they asked us right? And then I contracted to sell this large Estate... and talk about DoLLS! Wowser. And this collection has a lot of dolls that I am not really too familiar with. Or at least I wasn't... Hubby and I both have learned a ton about them the past few weeks. LOL Scary how much Hubby as learned... HA!  Anyway we talked and decided with the Estate we should really try the Doll Show.

Here is our "booth" - Not our normal set up. No screens, or fancy set up. It was only for one day so no time. But I think it turned out ok.

Right Side

This is a mix of my Antiques and the Estates Collectibles and "Fashion Dolls" those are all new to us. Huge following of them, though.

Other side of the booth.

oops.. should have taken our drinks away for the photo huh?
Here is a close up of something in the Estate that I just adore...
Lenci Dolls -

I have been rambling to Hubby for over a  year now wanting one of these dolls. An older 300 series is what I have been drooling over in books and online. Those two on top.. those are later Lenci. 1980's. Lenci's are all felt. And have painted faces, a trademark is the eyes that look to one side. The two on either side on the bottom.. those are mid years. I think one is 40's and the other late 60's... can't remember now. They are both pretty and really sought after.  But see that young man in the middle... yes... him... that soft vintage school boy. He is a 300 series. Yep.. the very one. But I talked it over with Hubby and we have him priced - a fair but good price. If he sells in the next month or so, then that was what was suppose to happen. If he doesn't.......... well we will wait and see :0)

Now I guess you are wanting to know how the show went. It was ok. Not great, but not a total wash out.  I will say... we did find a few really awesome dolls while there. A few to sell in our next shows, and a couple that may just have to stay at home... I'll try and show them off once they are cleaned up and ready to show.

OH.. you want to see things from the Estate that I am selling... everything is going on Ebay as much as I can each week. My store is HERE - it is fun to watch some of the items. And just wait to you see some of the fabulous vintage fashions... stunning.

Yesterday I teased about something new... how great is this!!!

Hubby has some tomatoes, strawberries and a few herbs in some head start pots. He has an above ground garden in the works out in a fenced off section behind the goat pen. But it is still just a bit chilly to plant out there. So for now they are protected against the house - out of the north wind but lots of sun. I am so excited. We have wanted to do a garden since moving out here 10 years ago. But with the business and Hubby working such long hours in the Spring it just didn't seem enough time. But now.. we are gonna have some yummy veggies and other good treats! OH I can't wait!!!

So do you have a garden? What do you grow and look forward to most? We will add to it once it warms up, but the head start on a few thing sure will be nice!

Have a wonderful Sunday... we have a day at  home planned... wonderful!
HUGS and

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Animal Crackers - How could you not love that face?

Howdy! I am finally getting my health back... man it was a doosy of a cold! It was so special I gave it to Hubby for his birthday... yep totally ruined our Anniversary/Birthday plans for the day. He is on the downhill side now, but I am sure he will moan longer than I was aloud too... he sure has moaned louder that is for sure! LOL  Anyway to the animals...

Yesterday afternoon I went out to see all my "kids", they were out enjoying the sun and the cool wind. Everyone was out ready for love...

Speaking of loving... How could you not love that face?

This goat has more personality than 10. We totally love him. Ok not true... We totally love all but his smell. LOL He does have one awesome smell.. Wow! He is so funny too. Now those horns... He lost one of them a few months back, rubbed it off on the tree I suppose. The other one is loose. Has been for a while so we expect any time to go out and it be gone. Don't worry... they'll grow back. I'll miss the one sided horn though, it is just so "Frankie", you gotta love him.

Here is another face you just have too love...

Little Miss Chica - Hubby calls her our middle child. She is always looking for attention. If she didn't come at you tongue first I wouldn't mind.. but man this girl is a licker. And she goes a million miles an hour and usually when you are in the middle of doing something bent down in total concentration. LOL Hubby and I were working on a shelf just last night and we would have both hands busy and not paying attention... and there she is  - Licking  - your arm - your leg - your ear - don't matter. Just as long as she licks... She is just so precious, gotta love her...

Precious... that would describe Felicia - gotta love her too  -

She too is personality times 10. She has her Mom's pretty face and huge eyes, but she is a bit different too. Pushy friendly, and humorous. Those are her too. I know you can see it in her face. Gotta love her!

Now this ... this is obnoxious. Sweet, Friendly, Pushy, Funny, and just down right a favorite.

Sandra Dee - Yep you can hear it can't you... She sings it all the time... "Look at me I'm Sandra Dee.. " My bottle baby - I need 100 Sandy's... every time someone comes to see the baby goats to buy one they always want Sandra Dee. Maybe that is because she is untying their shoes, pulling on their shirts, climbing in their lap. She just loves attention... and you just gotta love her...

And how about another bottle baby... well.. pail baby. My little orphan boy - and now a handsome man!

Sergio... We sure miss his Momma, Cheyenne. She died when he was 10 days old, and then he became my baby. Every two hours for a few weeks.. and then three hours then four hours... I have to admit... weening is hard on the Mom's too... But he is still my boy.. stunning handsome... you just gotta love him!

Now here is a photo that may be a last shot. Jill and her twins LaVerne and Shirley. They look pretty together don't they? Well except for the mineral block all over Jill's face, LOL.

You see LaVerne has a deposit on her and she will be going to a new home in a couple of weeks. And now I have a girl coming to look at Shirley tomorrow. I was going to keep one of them, but I have Crissy from her last triplets... and so if both girls sell this time I'll be ok. I do think we will breed again with Peso. Jill and Peso do make pretty babies... you gotta love them.

I saved the best for last...

Miss Libbie... now how is that for a face! That girl just loves to sit in the wind. Royalty isn't she? Well she thinks she is  - And you just gotta love her !!!

Hope you enjoyed my faces to love this week -

I'll be back tomorrow to show you our Doll booth from last week that I promised, and the start of something else :0)

HUGS and-

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Whimsy Stamps Challene - Add a little Metal

Howdy -
  Today is the Whimsy Digital Stamps Challenge - and the challenge? To add a little metal to your project. Now I have some wonderful metal trim pieces that I thought about all week for my card. Can I find them now? UH NO! Darn it. Hate that... so I had to find something else. But it all worked out.

Now Thursday (Valentines Day) is a big day around here... Hubby's birthday, and our Anniversary. So I thought I might make him a card. :0)

Not the most manly card... LOL But oh well it is made from the heart. This is Raggedy Boy & Raggedy Girl Adorable Together.  Thought that would be a nice couple for us. I colored with Copics (colors below) and then found a pad of paper that the colors worked perfectly with the image. The pad is from French General and is called Jolee's Boutique. Pretty papers that all work together in Blues Reds and Creams. I used a red and white gingham ribbon that I colored with a copic to give it darker shades I found a metal tag that says "hugs and kisses" that fulfills my metal and is good for Hubby. :0)  Then I found while digging through all my junk these pretty felt flowers. they seemed too pretty to leave in the box and they matched - I added a metal brad heart. An extra little metal piece. My sentiment is also from Whimsy - Ticket Notes. Love these sentiments in this collection.

The inside is scraps from the front.. and what I put on the inside :0) That is just for Hubby :0)

Here is my Copic Colors -

Now jump on over to the Whimsy Challenge and see all the metal inspiration -

Hope you liked my peek at Hubby's card ... don't tell him about it ok?

Have a great day, and have a FABULOUS Valentines day! My favorite day of the entire year!
HUGS and-

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

High Hopes Challenge - Two by Two

Howdy! Tuesday and today is the High Hopes Challenge! Today it is all about two - we want to see two by two on your card. Two people or Two animals. Whether there are two on one image or if you use two images.

Now this card - I won't lie... it took me about 7 hours to make. Not that it was hard, or had a million steps. Nope... I am sick - and moving in very slow motion. I have a cold. Boo Hoo. A really nasty one, that is making me miserable. Hubby and I were talking and I don't remember having a cold like this in years. I hate colds. You feel yucky but you keep saying it is only a cold I should be able to do my normal life it is only a cold. And yet... you have no energy to do anything. Oh wait... I did fold a load of laundry too! That one load of laundry and then my card that was my entire day yesterday. Maybe today will be better.

Ok want to see my card? I have a good friend with a birthday with a birthday later in the week so this card was made with her in mind. And I of course had to have a donkey on it :0)

I believe I have told you before. Brayden the donkey was my first High Hopes Stamp - He was the reason I went to the site - a lead to a new donkey stamp. And then I fell in love with all their stamps and they had other donkey stamps too! So we all know how much I went nuts for High Hopes... :0)  So Brayden is special for me - and I teamed him up with Ally Rose - she is so precious. She needed something to sit on, so I used my hay bale. That stamp is so useful! Then cuz I just had too because of the special birthday... I added a Chocolate Cake too! It is actually the three candle cake... but I made it chocolate cuz it just sounded good to me.

Everything colored with my Copics (colors below) I added glaze to the icing, and Viva Decor glitter to the other areas of the cake and candles. My papers are FarmHouse - The corner die is a new Whimsy die. I added three buttons tied with twine. The Sizzix Happy Birthday Die sentiment. It really went together really easy... I was just slow in processing it mentally. LOL

The inside - same papers -

The Copic Colors -

This is such a fun challenge so I do hope you will join us at the High Hopes Blog! You can win some High Hopes for yourself!!! Trot on over to the blog and see the other DT cards ok?

So what are you up to today? Me... I am waiting to see if my brain is going to plug in - then I will see what I am capable of today. I do know that we need to go and get Nally from the vet this morning. Nally is one of our outside dogs.

Yesterday morning Hubby went out to do the breakfast feedings when she came up to him. With a nasty huge gash on her shoulder... and then a couple of small cuts on the top of her head. He called me out to see her. And asked what I thought.... I thought the same as him. She had gotten into it with another dog... more than likely a coyote! And the vet agreed as well. Sigh... We are really having a horrible time with them. And Nally and the other two outside dogs have deserved T-bone steaks the last couple of weeks! They have saved the goats more than once.  Hubby has found them twice standing between a very large coyote and the goats with all teeth showing. Protecting our family I would say. They really are wonderful dogs... very happy dogs. But Nally she must have had to do more than growl. So she spent the night at the vets. She is doing great and it wasn't too bad of injury. But we didn't' want to take any risk, so she got to sleep in a cushy bed in the warm vets to make sure it was ok. We will have to pick her up today - then take her back to get stitches out in a couple of weeks. She is gonna get extra servings of canned food this week I am thinking... such a sweet dog.

Then after that, I'll see if I can handle more... maybe a nap - yes a nap sounds like about what I can handle. LOL

HUGS and-

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Animal Crackers - Bye Bye Cleatus

Howdy - yes... we said goodbye to Cleatus this week. It was harder than I thought, but it was the best. I had an email about a little boy goat. I told her about all my little boys... then I mentioned Cleatus. Once she saw his photo that was it. Oh.. and her son and daughter-in-law left a deposit on Alex, LaVerne and Leiah... they were not quite ready for them yet. They will get them in a few weeks.

Now I won't lie.. I wasn't sure about their home made trailer, but Hubby looked it over and they were just going down the road a little way and it would be ok.

He is one stunning man isn't he? I am sure they will have some gorgeous babies from him. I hated to sell him, he was actually taming down now that we moved him away from Peso. But we have too much of his bloodline. Frank is his Daddy... so about 1/2 of our ladies are sisters. So it was best to let someone else get those gorgeous looks to pass down.

All the other photos this week are from the last two weeks... I got home after the sun went down and didn't get to snap new shots. But I had some great ones I didn't show off so it is all good right?

Ellie Mae - Our screamer, she depresses me when I think about her. She is so pretty and has a great blood line and I would LOVE it if she passed down her scream... but she has never been able to get pregnant. Maybe one day she will surprise us. I HOPE and PRAY for that.

She has gorgeous eyes - and her ears are like velvet. And do love the sun behind her or what? Love how that shot came out!

Took one of Raffie about that same time. My Stud - My Smiling Donkey!

Poor guy... yes we are still on population control around here. And that means that Raffie has to be in a pen all on his own. The life of a Jack is not always fun you know.  But as long as you make it by his pen for some hugs and lovin' then he is ok with it. Well maybe not OK.. but he deals with it. LOL Handsome guy -

Thought this shot of Paintbrush and her daughter Olive was too cute.

Paintbrush has been retired. No planned breedings anymore. Last two were too scary. She seems to have a kink or something and one baby has gotten stuck each of her last two deliveries. The last one nearly killed her too. So Olive is all that is left of kids for her. She had two brothers... we sold both of them as soon as the ad went up. They were both stunning - Popeye lives around the corner so we see him out grazing from time to time. Olive is grown, but is still very small compared to the others the same age. That is ok, it keeps her as a little girl for Paintbrush...

Now here is one from these last kids... this one was on my for sale list and just yesterday Hubby and I decided we just really didn't want to sell her.

Jennifer is just so pretty - her coloring is so different from all the others we have had. She is a sweetheart too :0) Not an in your lap obnoxious one like a few, little skittish, but curious and lets you love on her once you have her. She will warm up and loose the skittish I think. She is a pretty little thing isn't she?

Now this is brave.. or stupid. LOL I wanted to show you guys that I really have been buried in getting ready for this show and the boxes from the estate I am selling.

This is what once was called my living room. The last few months it is more like a storage and prep room for antique shows. But honestly this is the most we have ever brought in to sort through. These boxes are full of dolls of all kinds... and gorgeous vintage clothes... and vintage posters from theater plays... books.... doll furniture... antiques... between the estate and all that we have been gathering up for the Spring Shows - well there is a lot here folks!  Today it looks a little different. A tiny bit more sorted. And we have a bunch out for the Doll show we are doing today. I wanted to snap a photo of our booth last night before we left to come home. But we didn't quite finish it - so I'll hopefully remember once we are done this morning before the show opens to snap one to show you. It is our first "Doll Show" and already I am seeing that it is a bit different atmosphere than doing an antique show. There are lots of great old dolls at the show.. but there is also a lot of modern and art dolls. Some of them are so real looking they kind of freak me out a bit. LOL I told Hubby that and he didn't get it. Then we passed a table with one of the real looking babies on it, he just turned and looked at me and shook his head.... seriously freaky! Looks like tables and shelves of live babies... they are VERY realistic.

Now better run - we have to be there early to finish setting up and pricing. Hope you have something fun planned today!

HUGS and-