Saturday, July 30, 2016

Animal Crackers - Gobble Gobble Gobble

Howdy -

This week you will have to allow me to get excited over seeing a few feathered friends yesterday....

 Hubby and I were on our way home from the feed store yesterday and I screamed to stop just before our road.... Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!!

It was a large group of young turkeys!! All different colors - I was facinated with the white one. Never seen a white one in the wild. Maybe he was a generation of some escaped turkey long ago? Not sure. But he was pretty. It was a bunch of them and all though they weren't super skittish, I zoomed in as much as I could so they wouldn't jump up and run into the brush. Some of them were so comfortable lounging in the sun, so didn't want disturb them. Sooooo fun to see!!

One more just cuz they are fun!

Now I think I have been whining a bunch the last few weeks about heat and it getting really dry here... Well feast or famine!

This is our driveway and field next to it.  And this is our front pasture...

In three days time we got right at 6 inches. Love it! I know it sounds crazy but after only one day I think things are greener!! Happy animals around here!

Now speaking of happy... I got a little bit of a smile caught in a photograph of Moxie. Cracks me up that this girl will smile at me!

 Isn't her biggest smile, she really shows teeth when she is smiling. But I just can't capture it with a photo! She sees the camera and bam... smile is gone!

Now this one made me smile!

I had to zoom a ways here too... if I walked too close they would all run at me for head scratches and attention. These goats are way too funny... you see "we" don't want to get our feet wet on this barely soggy ground under their hut. And we don't want to stand out in the sun... so they guys pushed their spool under the hut! Now in reality they were probably just butting heads with it and it ended up under there totally by accident, but I like to think they thought the whole plan out and worked out a solution to their soggy feet! LOL

One last photo... My girl Gato -

 She is so tough sometimes to get photos that shows off her big green eyes. Well here she didn't blink!

Love this kitty...

Hope you got a smile this week! Gobble Gobble!
HUGS and

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Whimsy Stamps - Ice Cream Love

Howdy -

What a "sweet" image! "Ice Cream Love" from Whimsy's Mi Ran Collection.

Such a cute image don't you think? I colored with my Copics (colors below) and matched up the colors with the papers from My Minds Eye In Trend collection. I sewed all the layers down with a light green thread. Added a satin ribbon, Martha Stewart Frond and leaf punches, white mulberry flowers I colored with a Copic to match, and then a button.

The sentiment is from the paper collection, thought it was cute with the ice cream image.... they just might be having a little mint ice cream... LOL

Inside more of the same papers -

Copic colors used... well one fell out of the photo... B0000 :0)

This one was fun to color up... and it kept me busy during a really bad thunderstorm with no power. Good think I was getting some light through the window to see....

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day -
HUGS and

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

High Hopes Stamps - Precius Nativity

Howdy -

Still having some fun with the Christmas in July at High Hopes Stamps. And to end the month I decided that Precious Nativity is just the perfect Christmas image. 

Love how precious .. "Precious Nativity" so sweet and you know I love that donkey! I colored with my Copics (colors below) matching it up with papers from Authentique Grateful collection. I sewed down the layers with a zig zag stitch, then I added the adhesive lace with punches from Martha Stewart leaf punches and then lots mulberry roses. It seemed to need a little more so I added some Viva Decor Pearl Pen dots for some dew drops.

Inside more papers from the same collection.

Copic colors used.

There are so many wonderful Christmas images at High Hopes and honestly... do you know how close Christmas is? We need to get started on our cards pretty soon don't we? Every year I say I am not going to wait until November... maybe this is my year! Same for you... Visit all the Christmas images at High Hopes HERE

If you are in need of a High Hopes stamp, check out these stores:
One Crazy Stamper based out of Canada

Hugs -  

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Animal Crackers - When Pigs Don't Fly

Howdy -

This week Hubby has started working on putting on our new metal roof. Finally the roofing metal came in as there was a huge shortage in our area of roofing materials after the unbelievable hail storm this last spring. We were hit with baseball size hail, and our roof had to be replaced. So we upgraded to a metal roof that Hubby is putting on. Ok... so he is trying to get it all on,  early in the morning, stopping by 10ish and then working again late evening for an hour or two. The heat is so bad that it literally was cooking the bottoms of his feet if he is up there any longer during the daytime. But while the new roof is going on our weathervane is taking some time off from the roof and is on the ground. This is the first time I have ever got to see our flying pig up close. I am in love with it even more now!

Isn't he just the cutest? When we purchased the house years ago I insisted that the previous owner leave it. They didn't want too but I put it into the offer on the house and they agreed. It is all copper and has that great patina to it. Can you believe Hubby actually said he didn't think he was going to put it back? He didn't want to put any holes in his new metal roof. I just gave him that look... and then he said "Just kidding" I don't think he was really, but he knew IT HAS TO GO BACK! Love it!

Now I waited all day and into the evening to try and get some photographs for this week and it just simply has been too hot. I couldn't find a single donkey to snap a photo of they were all way out in the brush or hiding under trees or huts yesterday. Now Frankie is always ready to pose for a photo for me...

Such a happy boy now. Gave us that scare earlier in the year that his age was getting to him. But once that bent horn came off he seemed to have a new bounce to him and he is back to his full of personality self. Even in the middle of his dinner he took time to come to the fence and smile for me. Love this guy so much I would love to give him a big hug! But seriously... male goats are not one to hug, the smell is just too much. So I scratch the top of his head and nose and tell him how much he means to me.

Spartacus came to see me.

This guy is just so funny. He wears his hay before he eats it. He grunts and talks to you and despite he isn't quite sure at all times if he wants you touch him or not he always will come to visit and grin for me.

Then Miss Belle popped her head out just to make sure there wasn't some sort of treat being handed out...

And yes... she is popping her head out the side of the hut here. The wall was knocked out and put back, and then knocked out again. So I guess the extra air through the side is what they are wanting right now. Goats are so destructive. Bet they will like the side put back when winter hits! This goat is a real...well... lets see...  ok she test your patience at times. She head buts the older goats, pushes the younger ones around and simply is "touched"... but she is family and we love her... most all the time.

Speaking of loving... this girl just melts my heart...

Chica is just so beautiful. Always a little super model for me. A bit nuts at times too, but all this little girl wants is attention and love. So we do all the loving we can do for her. She will always be our baby.

One last photo... I think this chicken is trying to tell me something...

 "Take me inside to the air conditioning... Take me inside to the air conditioning... it is so hot out here" I snapped the photo and moved on, was getting spooky... I really think something was going on in her mind. LOL When I left she finally moved and went to stand in the misters. Whew...

Hope you got a smile again this week. I am so past ready for summer to be over. I hate the 100+ degree heat for me and my "children". It is too hard to get good photos and everyone is just melting. Hubby says I am going to have to get up at daylight with him and go out when they are out moving around them. Just not sure if I want to leave the bed that early.. LOL

Have a blessed weekend -

Friday, July 22, 2016

Whimsy Stamps - Mouse on Flower

Howdy -

Such sweet images with the July release at Whimsy Stamps. This "Mouse on Flower" by Lee Holland is adorable.

I found papers from DCWV that felt perfect for a summer card. Then I colored the image with my Copics (colors below). Sewed down all the layers and then placed on a white card stock base. A large Martha Stewart leaf punch with a white mulberry flower... yes it was white. I colored it with Copics so it would match a little better. I think it ended up a little dark after it dried.. darn. A button center to finish it. Oh and the sentiment is from the Whimsy Set Treasured Moments Ticket Set. Love this set! 

Inside more of the same papers -

Copic colors used - 

Love this sweet image - and there are so many to see at Whimsy Stamps HERE 

HUGS and 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

High Hopes Stamps - Jolly Old St. Nick

Howdy -

It has been Christmas in July over at High Hopes Stamps - and how can you really do a feature on Christmas stamps and not do a St. Nick?

I love "Jolly Old St. Nick" ... maybe it is the addition of those two sweet little kitties?

I colored with my Copics (colors below) matching up with the bright fun Christmas papers from Kaisercraft's Christmas Carnival collection. One thing I love about these fun non traditional colors and the fact that the collection comes with shaped tags that can be used for the sentiments. And speaking of sentiments I love the "Holly Jolly" sentiment with this laughing Santa. 

Inside more of the same papers.

Copic colors used -

I hope that this Jolly St. Nick gave you a smile, and maybe some inspiration for your Christmas cards this year!

If you are in need of a High Hopes stamp, check out these stores:
One Crazy Stamper based out of Canada

Thanks so much for stopping by -
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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Animal Crackers - Selfies

Howdy -

Well this week Hubby has stepped in as guest photographer. LOL Last week I made the statement that my all time favorite photo of the year  is the selfie he took a while back of him with "baby" Sebastian. The next day my phone starts dinging with messages...

Now first of all I am sure he is going to give me that look... the one that says "oh Michelle, these were not for the world these were to make you smile." But seriously... they made me smile so big I just have to share them with the world right?

So first is showing young Sebastian again ... he is such a teenager now! I can't believe he is 4 months old! And like any teenager Hubby had a hard time getting a decent photo of the constantly moving little boy. Ha... he actually said he took a whole bunch of photos just to send me the ones he did send. I have always said... it isn't easy getting great shots of animals... selfies I can imagine add another step of difficulty!

While he was out there he decided to get some photos with some of the ladies as well...

Darlene was the calmest - old and steady you know... Darlene... not Hubby ;0)

Our oldest Donkey and she is looking so beautiful! A little mo-hawk going on there but still beautiful!

Then Irene wanted a little photo op with "Dad"

She is such a sweet girl. Like her Mom Patti she is a bit larger than most of the other miniatures, but we will breed her with Raffie and he is so small we hope we will get a smaller baby. Really wanted to put her in this last spring. With work and then hail damage and life we missed our window, now it is just simply too hot. So Fall it will be! Looking forward to that combination of spots!

Then our sweet Jazz got a snap and her shot with "Dad"

I adore Miss Jazz. We had so many issues years back when we purchased her, had problems with her past of bad breeding and very bad births. So we were very worried about her having babies for us. But with care, proper health care and good breeding she had given us some stunning babies all with no problems. She is one of our older ladies now, but I think she might still have a baby or two before she is retired with Darlene. She is such a stunning reddish brown color and her babies have her same sweet personality and calm but pushy friendliness.

Not too many photos this week but these four gave me such joy I just had to share them all on their own. Maybe I should see about selfies with the goats and chickens too? LOL

Hope they made you giggle and smile - and I hope you have a wonderful and blessed weekend with friends, family and furry too!
HUGS and

Friday, July 15, 2016

Whimsy Stamps - July Release 2!

Howdy -

Today is my second post for the Whimsy Stamps July Release and today I colored up one of Elisabeth Bell's images... isn't she pretty... "Birthday Belle" I Adore Elisabeth Bell images!!

She is colored with my Copics (colors below) to match up to the pretty purple pattern papers (say that really fast ten times!) from Dovecraft Papermania Lucy Cromwell collection. I sewed down each layer after shadowing a few with the edges darken with a copic. I then added two layers of ribbons, in purple of course. Three mulberry roses with Martha Steward frond punch leaves on the corner. Then I added a few dots of Viva Decor Pearl Pen dots for some added prettyness. I know not a word... but it sounds so perfect here... LOL

Inside the same pattern papers.

Copic colors used - 

Now it is time for you to join in on some new release fun!!! Whimsy has started up a brand new party and everyone is invited! JULY 2016 Release Party - HERE  There are LOTS of chances to win. There is inspiration and games to have lots of fun. So Please jump over to the link and join in on the fun!!

HUGS and - 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Whimsy Stamps July Release!

Howdy -

New Release at Whimsy Stamps again it is a great one! LOL I know I say that every release. But I really am having fun with this one! For my first card I had to use Bunny in Leaves another great image from Crissy Armstrong's collection. 

This one really gave me a big smile. I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then I inked the edges with Rangers Distress Ink, Tea Dye color. I found papers from FabScraps Heritage collection. I inked the edges of the papers and matted with a dark grey paper. I sewed all the layers down with a dark grey thread. I used an adhesive lace with the border that I inked to age it a bit. The sentiment is punched out with a EK Success punch and then inked heavily. I found some an older Marvy leaf punch to match up with the image.

 Inside I used more of the same papers.

Copic colors used -

Now it is time for you to join in on some new release fun!!! Whimsy has started up a brand new party and everyone is invited! JULY 2016 Release Party - HERE  There are LOTS of chances to win. There is inspiration and games to have lots of fun. So Please jump over to the link and join in on the fun!!

Hope you enjoyed my card... now off to play a few games...
HUGS and

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

High Hopes Stamps - Cowboy Snowman

Howdy -

Over at High Hopes we are having a little Christmas in July going on. But since temps have been running close to 100 degrees here in Texas I decided to bring out a little Cowboy Snowman to cool off! Hope he doesn't melt!

Here is Cowboy Snowman

Love this guy! Perfect for Texas... I mean if we are going to dream about a having a snowman... he might as well be a cowboy! I colored him with my Copics - then added some stickles for some sparkle with Stickles. I used papers from Authentic Grateful collection, sewing down each layer. Then I dug in my High Hopes Sentiments and found  "Think Snow"  Again... might as well dream here in Texas!

Close up of the Snowman -

Inside the cards more of the same papers -

copic colors used -

If you are in need of a High Hopes stamp, check out these stores:

One Crazy Stamper based out of Canada

Thanks for looking - and I hope you cooled off with my Snowman!
HUGS and - 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Animal Crackers - Cute

Howdy -

Now this face is so cute it doesn't even need words...

My boy Autie... he got his hair cut this week. I know doesn't look like we cut much, but trust me we cut tons off. I didn't want to chance him burning in the sun or being too chilly in the house in the air conditioning. And honestly, I love this length on him. His Puppy Cut. He needs another bath but he feels better with his shorter hair. And I just love this tilt and those deep brown eyes... just melt me.

Here is another cutie.. Miss Jackie. She still answers when I call out her name. 

She is such a pretty girl. Thinking she is ready to put on the breeding list now... Oh.. her and Doc would make some beautiful babies.

Rhett was talking as well yesterday afternoon...

She always looks like she is just getting up from a nap or really needs a nap... LOL She has slicked off and really has some stunning colors.

 Hubby and I drove up to the front pen and pasture. Yes drove... Hey it was 100 degrees... and I was in my nice sandles... LOL Anyway we found Cocoa chilin' under the red oak.

Now the shade was moving and it was about time for her to take a few steps forward to stay in the shade, but she was happy. And yes, we do know she is a bit "heavy"... all she gets is grass folks. I told you just greens wasn't always the best skinny diet. LOL

 We visited the guys in the front pen. They have lots of trees in their pasture to have shade. But today it seems they were enjoying a small tree on the edge of the fence. Diego and Patricio were enjoying the grass on the other side of the fence... it is always better you know.

Close up of my baby Diego...

Alright so he is over 10 now, but this guy will always be my special boy. My first baby. He has really slicked off this summer and looks so good. This boy is a love too. He adores attention. Ok... most all my kids do... LOL

Hope you got a smile again this week. Love sharing my "children" with you -
HUGS and