Thursday, June 29, 2017

Whimsy Stamps - Lazy Days of Summer

Howdy -

Whimsy Stamps today and with the heat here in Texas this image by Krista Heij-Barber called "Lazy Days of Summer"

Now isn't she lovely.. chillin' in her polka dot bikini. LOL She just cracks me up! I colored with my Copics (colors below) It comes with the sentiment so I just colored that up too! With a kraft card stock base, white card stock mats and then Paper Studio's polka dot pattern paper, to match her bathing suit :0)

For the band across the middle I found a satin ribbon that matched and layered Martha Stewart Loop borders on each side. I used the matching corner punch to create corners at the top of the card with Enamel Dots. Fun card don't you think?

Inside more of the same papers -

Copic colors used -

There are so really wonderfully fun image and dies this month over at Whimsy Stamps. Click right HERE to get there quick!!

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

High Hopes Stamps - Norman Goat

Howdy -

Still having so much fun coloring up my old favorites from High Hopes Stamps! I have so many you know... he he he

This is Norman Goat... love him!

Isn't he adorable??? I colored with my Copics (colors below) I love making Norman pop with lots of color.. background. colored heavily making Norman's white fur a bit brighter. I matched up Norman's clothing to pattern papers from Paper Studio's Beach House collection. I sewed the layers down and punched out an EK Success large double border. For my sentiment I used Ya Old Goat... giggle giggle... I punched out the sentiment is punched out with EK Success ticket punch.

Inside more of the same papers and Whimsy Stamps Dies "happy birthday"

Copic colors used -

There are so many fun wonderful images at High Hopes Stamps. You can surf forever having fun seeing all the great images and filling up that cart! LOL

So for a quick jump click HERE to have some fun!

Hope you have a blessed day!
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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Animal Crackers - Early Morning Photographs

Howdy -

With the heat here in Texas this week the best time to get photographs of the fur children is early in the morning. Because by lunch time everyone is hiding in the shade as much as possible. Yesterday was the hottest of the week. I think 102.. heat index was much much hotter! So early morning is my and the animals best time to be outside. You know I melt in the heat...

Found Momma Cat enjoying the slight morning breeze and watching the goats scatter around for their place in the breakfast lines.

These outdoor kitties love their cat house. Hubby's rescue cats that he has built a little life of luxury area. Lots of greenery to hide in, a house with beds for nice night time sleeps and benches around the outside to get up and see enjoy a better view. I won't say spoiled...

Now I found Ted E. Bear doing what he does each and every morning. Cleaning up any extra hay or alfalfa from around the goat pens. You know that little bit that drops while feeding.. or that blows up against the fences. Ted makes sure that everything is cleaned up and no waste.

Now no worries, he has his own pile of breakfast just a few feet away from here... but this is special, better hay.. so we make sure to not waste a singe piece.

The boys Wyatt and Spartacus were done with breakfast and doing a bit of head butting and male rough housing. They stopped and looked right at me when I called out to them... too funny looks like they were being sweet with each other... not!

The baby Guineas or keets moved from their small chick trough to the little larger outdoor housing.

Now it wasn't easy to get then from the trough to the hut.. these guys are so skittish and nuts!! But they are now in it and I think they really like it. They are sharing with our young Bantam chickens, Itsy and Bitsy. Most of the day they stay under the coop, in a large wad of feathers. But every now and then I see them venturing out around the pen, snacking and enjoying the misters to cool off. But as soon as they see anyone moving towards the pen.. they are back under the coop. Silly Keets.

Now a couple more birds... The other nice thing about getting out early in the morning is seeing all the birds we have on our property. LOTS of cardinals... I found this young man sitting really still on one of the fences just enjoying the morning sun and staring at something a little ways off... Isn't he pretty? or handsome?

What is he staring at? Oh.. like most guys, his interest is in a lady friend...

 Not too far off I found his girlfriend looking back at him. I think maybe that is that look "you just stay over there on your side of the fence" ... as soon as he made his move towards her, she took off!

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend! We have a little chance of rain this weekend. Prayers that we get a bit and give everyone a little moisture. This time of year that seems to be what we are always wishing for doesn't it.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Whimsy Stamps - Daphne's Tea Party

Howdy -

This week I colored up Whimsy Stamps new image by Sylvia Zet called "Daphne's Tea Party". Just love Sylvia's cute images and this one really is adorable. Just too cute that little kitty having a tea party! I have been looking through some old stash of crafting stuff. Ran across this old Martha Stewart Pansy Punch set, it seemed to perfect to match up with this image!

Sweet isn't she? I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then used a red card stock for my base and punched out those pansy borders with white. This way the flowers looked red.. right? I found a scrap of Paper Studio paper with flowers and stacked up my image with it. For a sentiment I wanted to keep it simple but stay sort of cute, so I found in the Whimsy Clear Stamp set "Painted Sayings" as little "hello" perfect size to stamp directly on my image piece. This set of sentiments has so many great words to use alone or put together. A must have!

Also while digging in my older things I found some really old Prima flowers. All shades of reds and pinks. Matched up to the flowers in her hair just right so I added some brads and used them for embellishments.

Here are the Copic colors used  -

Is it sad or good that it feels like craft shopping and finding new things when I dig into all the goodies I have in my "collection"? I'll go with good as it made me happy to find things I haven't seen in a long while and put them to use!

Now make sure to pop over to the Whimsy Stamps Store and see all the new images I just know you are going to fall in love with! HERE 

Have a blessed day -
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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

High Hopes Stamps - Clarabelle and Riley

Howdy -

Friends for Heifer!! Sometimes you just need a hug from that friend that loves you unconditionally. Clarabelle and Riley are just those friends.

Aren't they just too cute? I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then inked the edge with Rangers Distress Ink. I found scrap papers from My Minds Eye in my stash and loved how they all had that country feel to them. So I layered them on a white card stock base and sewed all the layers down with a straight stitch.

My sentiment that is fabulous "Friends for Heifer!" is stamped directly on the pattern paper. With a few enamel dots for embellishments it is all finished off perfectly.

My copic colors used -

Now I am having just too much fun digging through old favorites at High Hopes Stamps. Have you surfed through their full website of fabulous images? You must! Get there quick HERE and see all the fun!

Have a wonderfully blessed day -
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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Animal Crackers - Sometimes a little bribe works

Howdy -

Sunny afternoon and Red was out with his girls,,, now I will admit Our tiny little Rooster Red is a bit tough. So much so that I have gone to bribery to go into the pen!! Otherwise he chases me around!

So I take in stale crackers!

Whew... now I can go in and turn on the misters and check for eggs. Hate that I have to trick them, but however I have to do it to get in right? All this for that one little rooster.. LOL

I had one photo last week I didn't show and I just love how pretty Jolene is and had to show it this week.

She is slicking off for summer and is looking really beautiful. She was finishing up a little afternoon dirt roll. Odd how a dirt roll makes you feel so great in the afternoon.

Look Moxie was enjoying an afternoon nap in the dirt too.

Now she woke up when she saw me coming she raised up and that tail started wagging. I love this dog so much! Such a sweet heart!

Now I know I have shown views like this before but I can't help it.. I love it when I come through in the morning and see these two like this....

These two have always stayed on opposite ends of the house, hate each other,  but lately they have booth mellowed in their old age. Down deep they do love each other. Or at least tolerate each other... LOL

Once more photo... we have had a really sad year for flowers around here this year. They are saying it is lack of bees. Hubby is looking into what we can do about that. It even effected our garden big time. NO Squash! Can you believe it? But it was really wonderful to finally see our Crepe Myrtle blooming!!

 Hope you have some blooming beautiful flowers where you are! And have some furry feathered friends to pet on. Have a blessed weekend -

HUGS and

Friday, June 16, 2017

Whimsy Stamps - New Release - Twinkle Toe Tommy and Cleo

Howdy -

June Release at Whimsy Stamps!! And for my first image to color up I fell in love with "Twinkle Toe Tommy and Cleo" by Elizabeth Bell.. Simply an adorable image!!

Cute isn't it? I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then found some fun papers from My Minds Eye. Cream card stock for the base, red card stock and then the pattern paper. I cut out Whimsy Stamps die.. sadly retired. I sewed all the layers down and found a sentiment from Whimsy Stamps Bold Statements. Love this set of sentiments.

Copic colors used -

There are some really fabulous new release stamps this month at Whimsy Stamps. Pop over quick HERE to see them all.

I'll be back tomorrow with another release card!
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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Whimsy Stamps New Release - Penguin Floating

Howdy -

Another day to show of the new fun at Whimsy Stamps! New Release time! And today it is all about relaxing and floating in the water! Summer Fun ... Penguin Floating is just so cute!

Sweet huh? I colored with my copics (colors below) I just love how cute those little penguin faces are! I found paper from My Mind's Eye with cream card stock and red card stock. I sewed all the layers down and then found a sentiment from Whimsy Stamps Clear stamps Bold Statements. Then I punched it out with EK Success punch. Three red enamel dots that are some of my favorite embellishments. You can find them HERE on the Whimsy site.

Inside the card all my scraps.

 Copics used -

Make sure to see all the new release stamps at Whimsy Stamps HERE You will love all the cute images!

Have a blessed day -
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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

High Hopes Stamps - Party Donkey

Howdy -

Now if you asked me to list some of my favorite things Stamps would be on my short list. And top of any list would of course be Donkeys! So when I have a chance to mix two favorites it is very special! Today I am working with High Hopes Stamps Party Donkey (S113)!

Love this guy!! One of my first High Hopes Stamps - I colored with my Copics (colors below) I used kraft card stock, coredinations red card stock and papers from Dovecraft Curiosity Corner. I inked the edges of everything and sewed all the layers together. Then that Donkey needs to hold something up right? So I added the fun cake from High Hopes Stamps Three Candle Cake H187. Would would love that birthday cake? I then added Whimsy Stamps Dies Birthday Wishes, then made flowers for the corner with the Whimsy Stamps Peony flower die. Love how this card came out -

Here are my Copic colors used -

Have you spent any time searching through the High Hopes Stamps store? Oh my I can loose myself in that website! SO many wonderful fun images to color up! Jump straight to the store HERE and have some fun... then make sure to put some fun in your cart so you can color up more fun!

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Animal Crackers - How about them blue eyes?

Howdy -

Wow summer is here! Went out yesterday afternoon and the heat was horrible! Ok heat was bad humidity was horrible! In my little walk the goat pen is always first, right out the back door. Lizzie trotted over to the fence to see if she could get a little head scratch. Ok she was seeing if I brought any treats, they are always looking for treats, but let me think it was just for me ok?

Now isn't a face you just have to love! Look at how beautiful she is! And sweet! Those eyes just melt your heart... she got those from her Momma you know...

Daisy has those same stunning blue eyes!

She always does give us stunning babies! She is on the fall breeding list for sure. Heck Lizzie is old enough too.. maybe she should be on that list!

Now after I left the goat pen I passed by the back "mens" pen. Wish I had volume on my camera!

Wow Sergio was really screaming it out "HEEEELLLLLOOOO" sounded more like a Hee Haw but I know it was Hello. He is my special guy you know. My orphan that became my baby years ago is still very attached.. as I am to him! Sorry he was talking with his mouth full...

Then I walked back to the back pasture to see if by any chance I could find the girls. Now it was mid afternoon so my chances weren't good as it was pretty hot and sunny, usually they are far back in hiding.... But look at what I spotted!!

Shhhh they don't know I can see them! Now I am pretty sure the one on the left is Jazz... and I think that one on the right is Lacey... maybe. LOL Hey if it keeps them cooler to hide back in there I am all for it.

Found Juliet sort of in the shade...

I bet she was totally in the shade when she stopped there, but when I first saw her she was asleep in her standing pose. Shade moved past her... and once she saw me I barely got a chance to snap before she was right there at me pushing shoving and insisting on 100% attention. Hard to take photographs from then on but Love Juliet!

Then on my way back up front I checked on Raffie... now yesterday was his first day back into bachelor status. Yep his three ladies were released back into the girls pen. We are pretty sure they are all pregnant now... Oh I so hope they are, they should be!

One day on his own with no lady friends in his pen... and this boy is reaching through the fence trying to convince Macie to come closer and say hi....

Guess he is a man to the end huh? LOL Too hot for new lady friends now Raffie... Fall will come soon and then you can have new girlfriends!

One more photo... an update on our little Keets.

 They are doing great! A little bit bigger, not much. They are still very skittish but getting very chatting for sure!

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend, hug on a furry or feathered friend!
HUGS and

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

High Hopes Stamps - Posey's For Ewe

Howdy -

I love new stamps at High Hopes Stamps. But I giggle when I get to pull out all my old favorites from High Hopes as well. Like playing with old friends!

Today I pulled out "Posey's For Ewe"

Simple little card, but perfect to put onto a gift for a friend. I colored with my copics (colors below) then sewed onto layers of white and purple card stock with a pretty dotted pattern paper from Paper Studio. My "For Ewe" is die cut letters from a Whimsy Stamps Brush Script alphabet die set. 

Colors of Copics used - 

Make sure to visit the High Hopes Stamps web site and fall in love with so many images!! HERE

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Animal Crackers - Clean Doggies

Howdy -

Well my three inside babies had baths this week. I love when they are so pretty, soft and clean. It doesn't last long...

Libbie is such looker anyway, but clean and her fur blowing in the breeze... such a pretty girl.

Now despite Libbie being nearly blind she still sees light, dark and shapes when it is bright. But either it was too bright or it just felt really nice in the sun yesterday afternoon.

Autie was laying there watching the chickens. Love that long mane on him. But it is getting really warm, heck HOT,  here so it is time for his puppy cut! Hoping Hubby has time to help me this weekend to do that.

Can't leave Miss Chica out today. She is so silky soft!

This girl fights a bath like no other! Hides, cries, then falls over in the tub and shakes. But once clean and dry... she is stunning.

Now last week I showed off the new guineas and I just felt I needed to show off how big my "Chicks" have gotten!

Can you believe how big they are?? And then look at how big our home grown little Banty chicks are!

 Itsy and Bitsy... I keep chanting "please be girls please be girls.. please"  We will love them no matter what, but we seriously do not need or have a place for another rooster. So far, neither of them are acting "boyish" towards the other chicks... so maybe we will be lucky!

Snapped a photo of Old Miss Paintbrush. Been keeping a watch on her little boo boo on her nose. Not sure how our old lady got her wound, but it hasn't seemed to effect her.

For our oldest girl she still is trotting, and getting in there for her share of the hay. And if a younger goat tries to push her out... she tells them differently. Maybe that is how she got her boo boo... Head butting does create ouches once in a while.  I hope she continues on for a long time! Love this girl!

Tried to snap some donkey photos this week, but everyone was snoozing in the shade yesterday afternoon. I was a nice afternoon for a nap.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned. Not sure what is on our to do list. We always have a to do list you know.... now if we will mark anything off... not sure. Suppose to be nice weather so we should do a few things. Should but will we? Ha... depends on Hubby's mood I guess, poor guy has been working so much lately he deserves a down day now and then.

Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and