Monday, July 27, 2020

High Hopes Stamps - Fred

Howdy -

This new release at High Hopes Stamps is so fun to color! Happy stamps = Happy Me! Today I played with the new doggie image "Fred"

Isn't he just too cute? I colored with my Copics (colors below) and shaded with some of my pencils. Just adore that bandana around Fred's neck. I added Viva Decor Paint Pen dots to it so it has more pop to it. I sewed down with image to a scrap of the paper I from older My Mind's Eye. Is it just me or does everyone love gingham? I decided to keep it a bit more simple just the one pattern, with the image sewn down with a zig zag stitch. I extra large leaf punch in the corner with three mulberry yellow roses. For a sentiment I pulled out a sweet one. High Hopes Stamps Sentiment - "Smiling!"
A great image for a friend that you haven't seen in a while due to our times..

Copic colors used -

To see all the new image at High Hopes Stamps click HERE  - I can't wait to color up the next one!

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Animal Crackers - Tropical Storm Hanna

Howdy -

Tropical Storm Hanna is hitting the Texas Coast this weekend, they are predicting it a little south for us to get as much rain as we were hoping for as we need rain so so desperately. But as I told Hubby... any rain is a blessing! Now the name of this storm.. Hanna - Something so sweet and adorable having a storm named for her! he he he

Now I have seen the look in her Momma's eyes at times when frustrated with her baby girl Hanna... she might disagree with me and say her child is a tropical storm for sure! While watching these babies play I would have gone with Josie or Big Al as they are trouble makers at this time, always playing, running, nipping and just causing a bit of trouble. LOL

Found Lacey with an itch... man she was going to town scratching on the side of the chicken coop. Squeek Squeek Squeek.. the fence was really making a racket!

But it must have really hit the spot... oh yeah.. that is it!

Scarlet "Red" was making noises at me. In her opinion "Dad" was taking way to long to get her breakfast to her! Beautiful but always in charge of everyone around her!

Poor Ted E Bear... big guy has been down this week. Finding spots around under the trees to get off his feet.

Ground has bee so hard and dry that he got a stone bruise on his back foot. Totally 3 legging it and hobbling around, but they know when they need to rest up and take it easy. He should be back to himself in a few more days.

Someone thinks I can't see him... he is hiding...

He saw "Dad" cleaning and messing with Teds foot... and he says no way is he getting to mess with his!! LOL

Now I know I showed off Gato last week to you, but she seems to think she is a star now and she has taken the doggie bed to be her throne!

 Ha! she is a funny kittie!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks photos, and they brought a smile to you. Have a blessed and safe weekend!
HUGS and

Monday, July 20, 2020

High Hopes Stamps - Willa Raindrop

Howdy -

Have you seen the new release at High Hopes Stamps? I have been having so much fun with them! This is Raindrops Willa - isn't she precious?

I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then shaded with pencils. The Raindrops I added Viva Decor Sparkle Drops. For my sentiment I used a great Get Well Sentiment from High Hopes Stamps - "Better Quickly" Love this poem to send as a Get Well. The colors matched up well with an older SEI dotted paper. Love how it works so well and simple with this image. And I love papers that are two sided to match up perfectly.

Colors used -

There are so many fabulous images at High Hopes Stamps and this new image is so adorable! Click HERE to get there fast!

Have a blessed day!
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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Animal Crackers - Artsy Black and White

Howdy -

This week I snapped some photos with different black and white settings...  Was fun to do something different and play a bit like an artistic photographer.

Gato is what started it all... She was laying there staring at me and I just started snapping photos. She was just so stunning in the Black and White. Ok, she is stunning in color too... but very Dramatic in B&W.

Then I decided that Autie needed his dramatic snapshot -

Those eyes really needed to be filtered. Don't they draw you in?

So then I headed outside to see my Donkeys and Goats - Cocoa and Teddy where finishing off their breakfast -

 Cocoa is always in charge and you can see Teddy waits for her to let him enjoy the last of the hay.

Gracie was knee deep in her hay..

mmm good hay!

The Boys - they were pacing trying to be cool while waiting for their grub...

Love how I caught Pepito's tail swishing up. LOL Good LookingMen!

Love the distant look in Flavio's face.

He knows he is a looker for sure!

Was fun to play a bit with the photos in Black and White - Hope you enjoyed them -
Have a blessed weekend! Safe and Healthy!
HUGS and

Monday, July 13, 2020

High Hopes Stamps - Sweetheart Gnome

Howdy -

Playing with New Stamps at High Hopes Stamps again!! And today it is "Sweetheart Gnome" How can you not smile when playing with Gnomes?

I went through lots of my stash of paper to find a a fun whimsical pattern. When I found the hearts from SEI I knew it was perfect for this "Sweetheart Gnome". I colored with my Copics and shaded with pencils. With the SEI papers was a solid dark red card stock and then I found a tan card stock paper for the base and additional mats. To go with that silly feel I used a Spellbinders scalloped die cut.. then everything sewn down with my sewing machine.

The fabulous part about this Gnome is that her sign is blank... then there is a new High Hopes sentiment set "Mini Sentiment Set #1" ... love this set! Comes with "Just for You, Miss You, Happy Birthday, and Love You" All made to fit in the signs of the new Gnomes! So practical for many many cards!

Copic colors used -

Hope you enjoyed her! And to see all the new image at High Hopes Stamps and get there fast - click HERE 

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Animal Crackers -Hot Hot Hot

Howdy -

Man thought I would go out before lunch yesterday and get photographs... "before it got too hot" Uh too late. Man it is hot! Weather forecast for the weekend is 105 - 106!! Thats a bit warm don't you think?

Sergio braved the sun and came for his kiss...

My bottle baby will always come for a kiss from his "Momma". He is such a sweetheart. I love him so much. We have that special bond of hours 24/7 feeding him after his mom Cheyenne died. Now he is my Baby... always.

Jorge was making noises that he wanted some attention too. Now on my side of his fence he has a large tree. So it was cooler loving on him. Amazing how much cooler with the shade makes it...

As I was loving on Jorge I couldn't see Peso in his pen... then I found him... in the best shade he could find.

He is so funny... he found a great place to hang out and wasn't coming out! LOL

OH I wish you could see the lady goats this week... There are no dainty afraid to get messy girls here!

They got new mineral buckets this week... and man they get it everywhere! Their pretty long glorious beards... yep stick and black! Then they chew on their sides... yep stick black there too! Oh it is hard to find a spot to scratch and say hello! LOL But they love them and they add so many needed nutrients!

Now last week I promised to show off Hubby's pretty mini orange roses... should have done them first I guess. BoY they fade fast! I did find one new open rose to share, but you can see those that have faded

 They are so pretty! And I am going to have to really keep a watch on him... he went out one day this week to get some things at the hardware store, and darn if he didn't come home with a bunch more. sigh... there are worse things I suppose!

Hope you are all safe and healthy - and have a furry family member to hug on!
HUGS and

Monday, July 6, 2020

High Hopes Stamps - Bluebird

Howdy -

There are new stamps at High Hopes Stamps!!!!! Sorry I think I yelled that I am so excited! And this new release has it all from pretty, beautiful, cute and then some fun silly images!

For my first image I went with the pretty new "Bluebird" this new image is so fun to color!

I colored with both pencils and my Copics (colors below) I cut out in a circle with a die cut. Then I dug for some papers to match up with my Bluebird - Now for some reason I was drawn to bold and bright red and white papers. My Minds Eye older papers, with white card stock base and red card stock mats. I sewed down the layers of the papers, and then found the High Hopes Stamps "Lg. Script Thank you". Then for some added fun I added four dots of white Nuvo Paint.

Copic markers used -

Ok... more new images to color... so excited I just have to color up! To see all the new images at High Hopes Stamps fast click HERE !

Have a blessed day -

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Animal Crackers - When you have an itch...

Howdy -

You have to scratch it right?? A big bonus with those long glorious horns is you can reach just the right spot! Spartacus really was working that itch with his horns.

I love watching how much the goats enjoy their scratches...

Seriously take a look at Waylon when he got the right spot...

That grin is priceless! Oh yes.. thats the spot...

And with horns like that you scratch anywhere that itches~!!!

Handsome man right?

And another handsome "man" is our little boy "Big Al" My he is adorable.. and he knows it.

I went in to love on everyone and try and take photos.. thankfully I snapped just as Big Al was coming towards me, but then after that I was being attacked by all three "babies" and their Mommas! Pushing, Shoving and nipping! LOL they all just want their share of the head rubs and hugs. It is so wonderful to be able to step out the backdoor and have so much happiness!

Hubby's trip by the grocery store brought home more mini roses. These are really stunning red and white! Oh and there are also orange and yellow ones too... I'll share those in the future once they are potted up!

 Now Hubby loves when I show off his roses, or garden... but not when I share these! LOL

 He hates walking sticks! LOL I think they are kind of cool... I mean talk about a great camouflage! So when I found this rather large one on our back porch I had to snap a photo to share with Hubby... just cuz I know how much he would "love" it!

Hope you all have a safe and healthy 4th of July weekend!
HUGS and