Wednesday, February 27, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Online Olive

Howdy -

To save too much talk.. we will just say this sentiment and image from High Hopes Stamps is a little close to home... sigh... insert rolling eyes here. LOL

 Freezing cold then suddenly flames of heat! Not fun. This card did give me a chuckle. My look alike image is "Online Olive" and she was fun to color! I used my Copics (colors below) and then used a little Nuvo sparkle on the steam from the cup and the smoke from the computer. Scrap papers with a bit of shine to them give a little more life. All the layers are sewn down with dots of Nuvo black for embellishment. That sentiment is just a scream. "I don't have hot flashes, I have power surges!"

I know you have friends that would get a kick out of this card... right? LOL

Copic colors used -

There are so many fun image like this at High Hopes! Love cards that bring a smile don't you? And a chuckle... Laugh out Loud is even better.

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Animal Crackers - Lovin' my Kids

Howdy -

What a handsome man. Kind of a GQ super model don't you think?

I think Alvin is beginning to enjoy posing for me. When I head out with my Camera he stops and tilts his head and looks at me with his little sly grin. I call it is super model pose. He just needs a fancy suit and a watch to point and look at to be a cover shot!  He is so funny. Then I put the camera down and call out his name and he bounces over to get his head scratches.

Now I know I keep showing off Alvin's 3 girlfriends... I keep going out and trying to see if they are getting fatter. Which with my goats... well some them look like they are having multiple kids and have not be bred.. Yes they are spoiled rotten, fat and need treadmills just like me. But seriously.. maybe Alice is looking a little pregnant? Maybe?

Sigh .. time will tell.... common Alice.. bouncing babies in there!

A few thoughts and prayers for Miss. Paintbrush. She has not been feeling well at all this week. 

 When we get right down to it her problem is as Hubby says "Birthdays". She is beyond the average age, and all though she is moving around and still eating we are seeing that is having trouble getting up and is a little wobbly. Hoping when it warms up a bit it might help. We pray. Love this old lady so much.

Found the chickens taking a little line up nap late in the afternoon.

They all were all in a row and all snoozing... funny gals.

Then Miss Libbie was out listening to everything.

 My little bug eyed blind lady. She still is the boss on our property. In control at all times. She loves to sit outside and listen to all her animals. The goats were all talking thinking that I was outside to give them something good to eat and Libbie was enjoying their chatter. And even a few of the Donkeys in the back pasture talking had her attention. Funny she sits quietly outside listening. But once inside the house if she hears anything outside that she doesn't recognize right off... we have her high pitch alarm barking going off. Butterflies fluttering by a window.. we know... She had a bath the night before this photo.. she was so fuzzy and was so pretty with her fur blowing in the wind.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned. Some time with a furry or feathered friend. Their hugs are such a blessing.

HUGS and -

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Whimsy Stamps - Adopt Don't Shop CATS

Howdy -

There are two new sets of stamps at Whimsy Stamps that just seriously are totally heart worthy! And a great cause too! Today I am using Adopt  Don't Shop CATS -

This set of cats comes with so many fabulous sentiments - Look -

I colored with my copics (colors below) There is so much fun coloring the patterns of the cats! I found some papers from Bella & Boo. I sewed down the layers of papers with a straight and zig zag stitch. The sentiment "Happy Birthday from the whole KITTEN Caboodle" is just too funny. For just a bit more embellishment I added some Whimsy Stamps Enamel Dots.

Copics used -

Now for those of you that are not cat people... there is a doggie version too...

And even more fun there is a Facebook party going on - Adopt A Shop Event! Whimsy Stamps is donating $1 from every sale of Adopt Don't Shop Cats or Dogs stamp set to the Gulf Coast Humane Society. 

Join the party - have some fun! And I am sure you will love these two sets! 

Have a blessed day - 
HUGS and 

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Puppy Love

Howdy -

For High Hopes Stamps today I have a little "Puppy Love

Aren't they a cute pair? I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then she was just screaming to have a polka-dot dress so I dotted her up with Nuvo white dots. I found papers from Paper Studios that I matched up with a grey card stock base. I sewed all the layers down. Then pulled out some older paper punches. Extra Large Martha Stewart Leaves and then EK Success shape for my sentiment "Friends Furr Ever!"  Perfect for this girl and her doggie! Then I added some Mulberry roses. Sweet image don't you think?

Copic colors used -

There is so much to love at High Hopes Stamps! Jump over FAST HERE!

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Animal Crackers - Why did the Turkeys cross the road?

Howdy -

Well Thursday was Hubby and I's 32nd Anniversary, His birthday and Valentines Day - we don't go out for dinner... to crowded with the heart holiday and we don't like crowded restaurants. So we usually go to breakfast or lunch. This year we went to Lunch - we were headed out and down our "road" when he slammed on the breaks and yelled get your camera!

Then he looks at me and says.. so did you get a photo for your blog on Saturday? Love this man... he has been trained so well! Then we sat there and watched them cross the road an go through our neighbors field. One large Tom turkey and lots of girlfriends! I always tell them they are safe and welcome on our property.. must have been where they were headed.

Now is this a cute photo or what?  My boys Waylon and Domino just chillin in the afternoon sun.

Handsome men or what? LOL they think so for sure. Funny Waylon's twin Willie.. is the third of these trio of boys but a lot of times he is a bit of a loner. These two are buddies though.

And cute...? This melts my heart..

Yesterday afternoon while I was out talking to the goats - I turned around and found Chica and Autie also enjoying the afternoon sun - and how cute that they were lounging together. So adorable!

And those goats? Rhett and Lucy were discussing who was going to get the attention first. Me no Me.. 

Such pretty ladies - both with their funny personalities - I am sure these two have some great gossip stories between them.

And in the shade of one of the huts - was pretty Miss Crissy -

She is such a sweet girl. And such a sleek pretty beard on this gal! You know you are jealous..

And then one last shot for today - I never have understood that great feeling of enjoying a good afternoon dirt bath roll.

 But that seem to be the thing - the goats do it - the donkeys do it and the chickens do it. I think I will pass on it though.. just makes me itch all over thinking about it.

But it was great weather Friday and suppose to be today again.. then here comes the cold wet again tomorrow night. Up and Down but the nice sunny days do not go to waste around here.. all my furry and feathered children enjoy it while it is here -

Hope you have some nice weather where you are and enjoy some time outdoors with a feather or furry friend.. but maybe not the roll in that nasty dirt.

Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and

Friday, February 15, 2019

Whimsy Stamps - Amy

Howdy -

Today for Whimsy Stamps I am playing with Sylvia Zet's "Amy" - She is so pretty and I am loving her flowers and heart shaped balloon. 

I colored with my Copics (colors below) and with pretty flowers I found some pattern papers from Graphic 45 to match up . I sewed all the layers down on a Core-d'nations cardstock base that I sanded. Bright bold papers for a pretty image.

For my sentiment I pulled out the yummy Whimsy's chipboard element "Celebrate Adapt-a-Words" LOVE LOVE LOVE these chipboard elements.

Such a fun image to play with - it comes in Digital and Rubber! DOUBLE fun! To see all the great images at Whimsy jump over to the the web store HERE and fill up a cart!

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Happy Anniversary!

Howdy -

A little romance today for my post for High Hopes Stamps. A Happy Anniversary card... guess anniversary is on my mind... thursday is Hubby and I's 32nd Anniversary. Wow 32 years. Really doesn't seem like that long - ok some days it does... LOL

A bit American Cowthic..

This image cracks me up. I mean seriously how cute and funny is this. Pure Americana with a twist of Farm Humor. I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then found some papers from Papers Studio Lemon collection. I sewed everything together and used a kraft card stock. A Marvy punch leaves and some mulberry roses for embellishments. Then a fabulous "Happy Anniversary!" stamp from High Hopes Stamps.

Copic colors used -

Love this stamp! There are so many great fun stamps at High Hopes Stamps - I think I have narrowed it down to top 100... maybe.

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Animal Crackers - Nope... not coming out!

Howdy -

As they say here in Texas ... If you don't like the weather just wait a minute... Man that is the truth this last week!!  Middle of the week it was near 80 - Hubby was working in outside in shorts. Then the next day it blew in and then Yesterday we barely hit 40 and had sleet a few times during the day! And that wind was like it was coming off pure ice! Now I know complaining again about cold... many of you deal with much much colder weather, but for us here... and my fur babies outside.... those totally wide ranges in weather are not fun. Do we puff up and keep all our thick fur for cold? Or do we shed it off so we don't melt from the heat? Well you can tell in this photo Pavo - well he was puffed up to fight off that cold cold wind and sleet!

He bravely poked his head out of the barn just to see who was out there and make sure it did not involve any type of treats or feed. Sorry just a photo Pavo. He went right back in I assure you.

Found Mary poking her head out of Alvin's hut. This hut is facing away from the north as most all of them do, but his hut is also nestled behind one donkey barn and the chicken coop, it is a bit more protected from the wind. Mary seems happy about that -

Vera was standing out front of one of the goat huts... she was so puffed up her fur was so pretty and luxurious. Wish the jacket I had on was that thick! I was shaking taking photos! brrrr. 

Now in Raffie's pen his ladies were standing out near what is left of their round bale. I think maybe this was to inform me they would like a new fresh bale please...

I really wish you could see and feel Pepitas face, it is so soft and velvety. She looks so much like her Dad Black Jack and about the same size too. Lacey... she is a pretty girl too, just doesn't have that black velvet nose. Adore Lacey... she has the humor in her. Obnoxious Pushy Humor... LOL

And where did I find Raffie?? Uh not with the girls he has living with him. Nope... he was at the fence flirting with the other girls, at the moment particularly Juliet, the standard size girl...

That's Raffie always setting his goals high! ha!

Now  the chickens - it amazes me they doen't seem to mind the cold. They puff up too... but keep on scratching. It was funny to watch them chasing the sleet as it was falling. Look how handsome Red is. Little Big Man on campus... only man now. He is handling and trying to be the man!

 He is handsome.. just too much attitude! But that is just some men -

Hope you got a smile again this week. Hope you have nice weather where you are and can enjoy some outdoor time with a furry or feathered friend.  Sunday is suppose to be in the 70's here again. Can't wait!

HUGS and -

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Just Married

Howdy -

This week for High Hopes Stamps I pulled out an older favorite. "Just Married" is such a sweet image for a wedding couple!

Pretty little couple right? I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then figured her wedding dress needed a little bling to it, so I added some Viva Decor sparkle to it. I went with black card stock for the base, then a yellow card stock to match up to the happy couple's car. Three pattern papers from Paper Studio in black and white patterns. All layers sewn down. I used a Marvy punch for the leaf, and then found three very old Prima Flowers in my stash with three brads for centers. And love the High Hopes Stamp bold sentiment "Congrats!" for this one!

Copic colors used -

Love how sweet this image is and how cute of wedding cards it makes up.  There are lots of fun cute stamps to play with at High Hopes Stamps! Jump fast to the web site store HERE

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and  

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Whimsy Stamps - Kitty with Butterfly

Howdy -

Still having fun with the new release at Whimsy Stamps! And today I am showing off the new image from CCDesigns - Kitty with Butterfly!

Such a totally sweet image and so fun to color! I colored with Copics (colors below) and then found some papers from Paper Studio to sew down the layers. I added a retired Doily Die for some added cuteness. And then when looking for a sentiment I found one that fit perfectly for a simple and fun sentiment.

Copic colors used -

 There are so many fun wonderful new things to play with at Whimsy Stamps - Rubber Stamps - Clear Stamps - Dies - and Digital!! Click HERE to see all the new fun this month!

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Animal Crackers - Pretty Girls

Howdy -

 This week I was out talking to some of our girls...  Now first up out leading lady, Libbie.

The lady in charge of all things... mostly blind but still our little Queen. Just before I took this photo I had to tell Libbie that life was all good. She heard a noise and when she hears a noise she barks.. and barks. That makes Chica bark, then Autie. And no one wants to be the first to stop barking. So if... if I can get Libbie to stop barking then Chica and Autie will stop too. This is Libbis's look of "But Mom I am just protecting us all!" LOL This little lady is so special - LOVE HER.

I then headed over to Alvin's pen and see the girls living with him. Alice was chillin' on the deck. Enjoying the little bit warmer weather.

Oh I am so hoping and praying that this girl is already bred. Don't you think her and Alvin will have gorgeous babies? Fingers crossed for lots of blue eyed little girls!

And Miss Lizzie was chillin' on the deck under the covering. The little bit of drizzle that was in the air... way to much for this gal so she needed covering. 

Again with Lizzie... I think she should have some beautiful babies with Alvin. All that color! WoW!

I then headed over to Black Jack's pen to talk to the three gals in his pen. First to head over to me was Miss Irene.

I don't think she is real happy in the Black Jack pen this is her first time to be sectioned out of all the girls. I keep telling her she has more food to herself, and some great grass in this pen, and hopefully this time next year she will have a bouncing baby to totally drive her nuts!

And then Jolene headed over, she has given us a couple of stunning babies in the past.

I adore those black velvet noses on both her and Black Jack... and on a new baby that is just absolutely adorable. Can you all tell I am just totally nuts wanting babies around here?? They take so long to get here and grow up too fast! Just really wanting cuddles with a fuzzy baby!

Hope you all have a wonderfully blessed weekend, and have some time to cuddle with a fuzzy friend!

HUGS and -

Friday, February 1, 2019

Whimsy Stamps - Lamb Hugs

Howdy -

It is the first and time for a new release at Whimsy Stamps! And today I am playing with one of the totally adorable new Digital images!

This is Lamb Hugs -

Such a sweet image! I adore this soft little image, I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then I used my Marvy Snow Marker on the lamb... cuz a lamb just has to be fluffy, right? I found some papers from Paper Studio that I sewed the layers down with a zig zag stitch. For embellishment I added some Whimsy Stamps Dies from the Peony Flower Dies Set from Core'dinations cardstock that I sanded. Topped with some mulberry flowers. The sentiment is a retired Whimsy Die "Blessings".

Love this sweet image -

Copic colors used -

There are so many wonderful new image with this release. To see entire new release at Whimsy click HERE and see all the fun.

Have a wonderfully blessed day -
HUGS and