Monday, May 31, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Beetle Bug - Live Life at Full Throttle

Howdy - 

This week for High Hopes Stamps it is time to take a little ride! How cute is "Beetle Bug"?? I know I wanted a "Bug" when dreaming of a car as a teenage! 

And this little bug seems to be wound up and going as fast as it can! "Live Life at Full Throttle" as the High Hopes Stamps sentiment says! I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then found a shimmering paper from Fiskars - all those flowers just matched up with the feel of the bug. I sewed down the layers and then punched out the sentiment out with a circle nestie and then a scalloped nestie in the red card stock. This card just has a happy feel to it to me, but then again a Beetle Bug and flowers make anyone happy! 

Copic colors used - 

There are more images coming out of the vault! And you just have to travel over to the High Hopes Stamps store at "FULL THROTTLE" and see what we have all been missing and thrilled to have out to play again! Click HERE to speed over to the store! 

Hope you have a blessed day - 

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Saturday, May 29, 2021

Animal Crackers - SMILE

Howdy - 

Man I love this girl! She is such a sweet heart. Moxie Girl! 

She is so funny... I say give me smile Moxie so I can take your photo! And she does.... ok, most of the time she does. It is a very pretty smile when I get it... but when I was taking these photos this was my first smile from Moxie....

Silly girl. I got a couple of photos then I told her she was silly, and bam she took off a million miles an hour running around in circles. Silly Silly Silly... 

This photo was early the other morning... Hubby and were leaving to run errands and get a bite to eat. Teddy decided he wanted to stop us and see if maybe he should be going with us.

Or at least to ask us to bring back something for him. HA! 

Out at the barn with Hubby the other day and Pavo came to the fence to say hi. He has become so friendly. And as long as there isn't a bunch of girls pushing and scrambling to get to the front he will move to the front of line and loves the attention. 

Then Macie came up for attention, she is calm and slow so he was good with her coming to see us. 

And she is beautiful too.. 

We won't not mention the chubby belly sticking out there ok? She is just a big beautiful woman! 

On the way back to the house Sergio was calling out and trotting to see his Momma... (ME)

He has gotten trim the last few weeks. He spends lots of his day trotting up and down the fence to get the attention of the ladies. He is ready for his summer body for sure! 

Found one of our cactus blooming - so pretty. 

Yes those are weeds growing around too.. we have lots of those right now. All the rain has everything growing double time. Good for grazing, bad for Hubby trying to get the non animal areas of the property under control. He spent and entire day mowing and running the weed eater one day last week... a week later and it doesn't even look like he did a thing. I told him to enjoy the green and don't complain. LOL Easy for me to say - I don't help with the lawn work... sorry babe. It is lush and pretty. Just getting a little tall - 

Hope you all have a smile this week and enjoyed. 

Have a blessed weekend -

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Monday, May 24, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Picnic Time


Summer is coming... and that is a great time for a Picnic! Pack up you basket and plan an afternoon with a few ants :0) This image from High Hopes Stamps is "Ants Picnic" they have to enjoy a meal too right? 

And these two seem to be ready to enjoy this large hot dog! With mustard! I colored with my Copics (colors below) and found a scrap piece of paper that have that gingham picnic feel to it. I matted with dark red card stock and sewed down the layers with a zig zag stitch. The High Hopes Stamp sentiment "Picnic Time" is too funny and too perfect. Punched it out with a EK Success ticket punch.  I added a few card stock flower punch flowers and leaves. With center dots of Nuvo, yellow pearl paint. 

Copic colors used 

Fun friendship card - maybe an invite for a lunch? 

Make sure to pop over to the High Hopes Stamps website HERE and see all the fun images! 

Have a  blessed weekend. 

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Saturday, May 22, 2021

Animal Crackers - Happy Happy Happy

Howdy -

Simply Happy - Standing and chatting with my Fur children just makes me happy - and when I see them happy and chilling in the day it really makes me smile. Yesterday I went out into the muggy afternoon to snap some photos - Chillin' in the shade of his tree I found Alvin laying in what was left of his messy breakfast. 

As I chatted he just laid there chewing and watching me and everyone around him. Just enjoying the afternoon and well.... chillin!  Love this guy so much! 

Then out of no where I was jumped. Literally! Big Al came up behind me ... snuck up behind me and raised up and jumped on my back! 

Now I realize to him it is just a friendly hello... "playing" with me. But man! My back is killing me now! He is a big boy and is not a light weight! LOL He is such a sweetie! Its all good Big Al... you are still my baby boy! 

So I got up... and then made my way to the chicken pen to see the girls. They as always were very very busy.... Busy Busy Busy. Always on the move and chattering. Sometimes they make it hard to snap photos of them. So stood at the outside  of the pen and waited until they made their way my direction and tried to get a good shot. I like this one, it is like they are moving in a row to make sure that every inch of the pen is checked for grain, bugs, grass... whatever. 

AND THEN WHAM!!! Big Al came up behind me and jumped up and knocked me agains the pen fence. I should have been paying attention to him better... I am going to have to really start teaching him to NOT try and play with people in his pen. sigh... 

I keep trying to get a "GOOD" photo of our old Guinea. It has been so long since I have snapped a really good one. I just can't get her to hold still at all... and unlike the chickens its not a steady fast pace. 

Its a jerky spastic fast movement. And this fence is her path. Back and Forth over and over and over. Talking and yelling out to the chickens... She is funny to watch for sure! 

Peeking around the end of the goat pen watching me was Scarlett or "Red" as we have come to call her. 

The leader of the all the ladies... She is so friendly, loves attention. 100% of all attention. I gave her a big hug... it was good for both of us! 

Thought I would show you some yumminess... oh my the tomatoes are getting soooo close! That one will be part of a meal this weekend I can promise that! 

I end with my sweet girl Chica. 

She was on the back porch waiting for me to go in... I asked her if she was ready to go in and this was her look... I think that means yes... inside into the air conditioning please... Yep me too girl! 

More rain forecasting this weekend.. like I've said its all or nothing here - But no complaints here, rain... grass turns green and grow and we are all happy! 

Hope you have a blessed weekend. 
HUGS and - 

Monday, May 17, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Cow Hugs

Howdy - 

This image from High Hopes Stamps just warms my heart... "Cow Hugs" Now I show real life photos of my donkeys giving each other "hugs" but I am sure that cows are just as loving to each other! 

I colored with Copics (colors below) and found some country feeling papers from Paper Studios that have hot pink flowers and barn wood look. I layered onto a white card stock base, then added a hot pink border as a faux mat on the image and the sentiment. And love that High Hopes Stamps sentiment, "Somedays". A encouragement sentiment for someone... a pick me up smile sort of! Then two mulberry flowers and vintage buttons for embellishment. Pretty little cow card! 

Copic colors used - 

Love these "Furry & Friends" images that have been released from the vault! They are all so sweet and fun to color! You are gunna want to play with them! click HERE to get there quick to see and put in a cart while the vault door is open! 

Have a blessed day! 

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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Animal Crackers - New "Friends"

Howdy - 

Our new neighbors... brought in some new friends for our fur children. Patricio and Flavio have been trotting up and down the fence line for hours and hours... the cows are one thing as they are really strange creatures for them being over the fence. But then "Jack" moved in. LOL A standard donkey that is really very friendly and I think once the new has worn off they will all be the best of friends and neighbors.

Flavio is keeping a close watch on the "friend" but I think he is finally settling down and realizing Jack is cool. 

Jack seems more interested in all the green grass, than in Flavio and Patricio. But he has called out and done his own fare share of trotting the fence line as well. But I think he was calling out to all the girls in the next pasture. 

As we were coming on the property one day this week, we saw some real beauty. We have tried and tried to snap a photo of these beautiful little birds that pass through this time of year. It is impossible, they are skittish and moving all the time so I've never really gotten anything "good" of them. But as driving into the gate we slowed down, stopped and rolled down the window and amazingly he just sat and watched us! He is just so gorgeous! He is a Painted Bunting. 

We snapped a lot of photos and then I said... shame we can't see his back as it is such a bright yellow... and then like a little model he bounced a couple of times and then flipped around to show off his color! 

We just sat and watched him for awhile. So pretty! 

Then coming in the backyard I walked over to the goat pen and I tried to talk to old lady Lucy - but she had no interest in me - you see there was a board there... the perfect height to scratch a rear end itch! 

Must have been a good scratch cuz she was doing a dance and really enjoying it! LOL 

Then with no one around... Miss Penelope came to see me. She is so sweet and loves the attention and rubs, unless someone else walks up ... Human or Goat... Timid sweet girl. And absolutely Gorgeous! 

We had a wonderful long talk with rubs between her horns... hard place for them to reach on their own. And then all down her neck and behind her ears. Sweet Sweet Girl! 

I hope you enjoyed my fur babies. They are a true blessing for us and love to visit you each week! Have a wonderfully blessed weekend - More rain forecasted this week... so more green! 

HUGS and 

Monday, May 10, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Dads Catch

Howdy - 

If you need a "guy" card for that special man in your life this one is a cutie! Especially if your guy likes to fish! This image from High Hopes Stamps is called "Dads Catch" and he just makes me grin. So proud of his little fish! 

I colored him with my Copics, cut him out with a circle Spellbinders Nestie and then added Nuvo Glitter to the water and the fish. Guy card or not they needed to sparkle! I found some papers from My Mind's Eye Paris & Co. Collection. Liked the dots and colors with my fisherman. I sewed down the layers with a large zig zag stitch and straight stitch for the band across the bottom. 

The sentiment is also from High Hopes "World's Greatest Fisherman" .... so perfect!! Love how this one turned out. Manly and cute! 

Copic colors used - 

For so many great images for you to have fun coloring up make sure to visit the High Hopes Stamps Web store HERE - You will get lost in all the fabulous things to play with and add so much happiness to your projects! 

Hope you have a blessed day - 

HUGS and 

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Animal Crackers - It's All or Nothing!

Howdy - 

All or nothing! So last week I mentioned that some storms were due. We got rain! It is all or nothing around here. So over the weekend we ended up 7.25 inches of rain. It was such a blessing! Ok I could have done without the hail in the last storm, it was scary how much hail we ended up with but thankfully we had no real damage. And now a few days after we can already see how green things are getting. Green equals food for the kids! I went out with Hubby earlier in the week during breakfast to visit with the girls. I snapped photos while "we" were waiting for the meal to arrive to them. 

Patti was giving me that look... "really Mom photos again? Its breakfast time."

She has such expressive eyes! It was funny... I asked her if she could please pose for a pretty picture... I looked away to say something to Hubby and then looked back to this....

They do love that head rest pose. Beautiful Patti! And her daughter Irene was just that perfect height for that pretty pose. 

I then heard a little snorting sound going on... seems Josie was especially hungry this morning and was getting impatient! 

She is such a Momma's girl and is right there with Mom Josie. 

And then Hubby threw in the hay... and I lost my pretty photos... This is all I got then. 

Ok, cute even when they have their backs turned to me .. You can see how much bigger Juliet is than the her Mini BFFs - She doesn't know she is a standard vs. them being miniature donkeys. She just thinks she is the big sister to them all, and looks over them. 

Oops.. while Hubby and I were leaning on the fence watching the girls someone snuck up and decided that "Dad" was taking too long to deliver breakfast to them, he was going to eat right off the cart. 

It's ok Ted - its your breakfast just not in the right location... LOL he trotted behind Hubby to the right spot and got to finish up his meal. 

So last week I showed off one of the Vultures that move in a couple times a year to raise their babies.  Well the babies are older than I thought!

We came out to run errands the other morning and found one of the babies out stretching and feeling those wings in the breeze. Close to learning to take off and fly I think.  It was funny to watch the little fuzzy baby stretch and pretend to fly - Of course I was zooming to watch as didn't need to personally be too close, no reason to upset Mom and get too close! LOL 

Hope you enjoyed and maybe get out stretch your wings this weekend! At least get out and enjoy a fuzzy friend .. or feathered. 

Have a blessed weekend - 
HUGS and

Monday, May 3, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Oh Bull


Guess What!  High Hopes Stamps is opening up the vault today!! A group of some of my favorite Farm Stamps is becoming available again!! Today I had some fun with a little Bull.. "Oh Bull" - he is a sweet cute Bull isn't he? 

This guy is colored with my Copics (colors below) and I went for bold heavy coloring. I mean he is a bull right? I found some papers from October Afternoon's Thrift collection that just matched up perfect with those flowers in the image. I sewed down layers with zig zag and straight stitches on cream card stock base. For more fun I punched out some Martha Stewart flowers and leaves to also match with the image and papers. Nuvo yellow pearl paint for the centers. The sentiment seemed fun for a pick me up card for a friend. "Somedays" also from High Hopes Stamps. 

Copic colors used

I adore the country feel of this one, and just giggle getting to color up farm images!! Make sure to pop over to the High Hopes Stamps Web store HERE and see all the new release! Hurry !! 

HUGs and 

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Animal Crackers - Zooming

Howdy - 

Yesterday I went out early in the morning to see about snapping photos before some storms were due to arrive. Seems like most everyone was way off and not prepared for photo ops. The only "cute" photos were way off in the opposite ends of the pens. Sigh... zooming and a bit grainy images but they are still cute kids! 

This was the big news this week... Lacey, Pepita and Vicki moved into Raffie's pen. It was too far off to hear the discussion, but I think Raffie was explaining the rules of his bachelors pad. Or maybe the ladies telling Raffie that they out number him and now they are in control? I am thinking that is closer to the subject. LOL Lets hope we do better with babies this time... For some reason he isn't getting his job done with Pepita and Vicki... common dude!! 

I turned around and found Alvin enjoying his breakfast... LOL 

You would think he is protecting his share here, but nope just enjoying the soft new meal as a bed as well. They like breakfast as a bed! 

Ok, not so cute here but thought I would show him off for Hubby. They are back! 

Now these seasonal visitors are "Hubby's Guest" Forever this pair of Vultures have been landing on an old structure here, and move in the attic. They have their babies raise them til they are ready to fly off and then they move on... then they arrive back again. Guess they have a purpose in the world and need a place to raise their family just like everyone else. 

Found Jackie across the goat pen up on one of the huts. For HOURS... this is how you protect yourself when in season and don't want the other ladies chasing and head butting you. Get up where they can't reach you and stay calm. It will pass as soon as the attention moves on to something else. With breakfast put out there I am sure she will come down soon as food is always above all else. 

As I was coming back into the backyard the "3 Stooges" were there enjoying the morning. Looks like Valentine was still a bit sleepy and not to happy about the fact that they were up so early. I agree! 

Head must have felt very heavy.. Cocoa's hind end is just the perfect height! It is nice to lean on a loved one from time to time. 

Just as I was going in a saw this sweet rose. There are so many right now but I love the new buds. Hope they survive the storms this weekend, but the rain will do them so well. 

They are so gorgeous... 

And speaking of gorgeous - Little Miss Chica trying to use those big brown eyes on me. She thinks I don't know that Dad has already fed them, and just maybe I will give her second serving. 

Sorry sweetheart... you don't need more. Want maybe, Need nope! But absolutely Beautiful!! 

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend. Make sure to hug a furry friend! 
HUGS and