Monday, March 28, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Just hoppin' By to Say Hi!

Howdy - 

 Now seriously how can you not giggle at a frog that can do handstands? Yep! This is High Hopes Stamps "Handstand Frog" talented little guy huh? 

Cute too. I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then cut out with an oval die. The pattern paper is from Graphic 45 that is sewn down onto a scrap green polka dot paper. White card stock all sewn together with a fun zig zag stitch. 
The sentiment "Just hoppin' by to say hi!"  is punched out with an EK Success ticket punch and then the edges with green copic marker for a faux mat around the ticket. Then the card just needed some flowers right? So three mulberry flowers with a Martha Stewart leaves punch. 

Fun bright happy card! 

Colors used -

To find more happy images - make sure to pop over to the High Hopes Stamps Web site HERE 

Have a HOPPY day! 

HUGS and

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Animal Crackers - Handsome Man


This week I went I was out checking on the "children" and enjoying the warmer sunny weather.  First I headed out to talk to the Momma's to be... but was stopped and watched the handsome "Daddy" - Raffie or excuse me formally Raphael. He is my Smiling Donkey - and he really is a handsome guy isn't he. 


The Moms are all looking good.  Some pretty good bellies on Vickie and Lacey, Pepita not as much. Not out of the normal for a first time Mom but we have tried to get her bred multiple times with no results so I am not holding my breath... 

Hoping for a spotted baby girl this time. We need a baby girl with spots! You would think it is a for sure with Raffie and Vickie - but we have gotten a couple of solid babies from these two spots. Maybe this time!

Oh my Miss Hannah... this little girl really does try hard to get ones attention.

She is adorable though. And we love her to pieces even as silly as she is. 

I spent quite a while outside with the fur children, the weather was so pretty and warmer, and then suddenly remembered that I forgot that Libbie and Chica were outside - oops.. 

Chica was not happy... she thought it was to warm, my spoiled little girl. She could have been laying nicely in the shade, but well... that spot

Yes the Queen has claimed that spot and is very comfortable and didn't seem to want to share with Chica. My this old lady is funny. She is always in control! 

Last is a photo from my Kitty Photo Shoot last week - Porche this week. 

 Calm sweet Porche. Oh she plays hard, but compared to the other three she is more independent and you can see she is always thinking and studying the things going on around her. Sweet Pretty Porche -

Hope you have a smile - And I hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend. 

Hugs and -

Monday, March 21, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Fairy on Log

Howdy -

This week for High Hopes Stamps I colored up a sweet little Happy Image. "Fairy on Log" - 

Isn't she sweet? She is colored with my Copics (colors used) and then added some Viva Decor Glitter - all fairy wings need some bling right? Along with a pattern paper from 3 Bugs in a Rug Sugar collection. White card stock base and green card stock mat all sewn together! 
The High Hopes Stamps sentiment "Hello Sunshine"  fit just perfect with this happy little fairy. I punched the sentiment with an EK Success punch. Then to finish it off a mulberry flower and Martha Stewart leaves punch. 

Really love the warm .... well happy feeling of this one. 


For more happy fun images make sure to visit the High Hopes Stamps web store HERE and fall in love with so many! 

Have sunshine happy day! 

HUGS and -

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Animal Crackers - Perfect Light for a Photograph

Howdy - 

 The other morning the sun was so pretty coming in the windows I just had to take advantage and see about taking some photos of the kittens.. now more like cats. They have grown up so fast. Still have that playful kitten attitude but they are looking all grown up. First McLaren - oh my McLaren...

She is so funny... our silly "touched" kitty. Love her to pieces even when she it totally being crazy! But she is a pretty little black and white kitty isn't she? Another kitty next week.. but now how about Miss Chica - 


Hubby brought in some post office boxes the other day and stacked them in the dining room floor. For over an hour it was a a wonderful attack point of battle for the kittens. But once they were done.. or bored.. Chica claimed the stack for her own. It was really cute how she placed herself up on the boxes and was so proud. 

While walking around I saw Chimpunk watching a few of the lady goats across then pen. It struck me how awesome his horns are. They are really wonderful aren't they? But not an intended pun about struck me... Those horns do major damages when they strike!


He is such a handsome man! 

After that I started making my way out to the donkeys. It was such a pretty day and everyone was out enjoying the day. 

The three stooges were finishing off what was left of their breakfast. 

Cracks me up that they always eat so close to each other. It is almost like they are all trying to get the same piece of hay.. the best piece of hay! LOL 

Back at the Ladies pen they were all moving around to get in for some attention. I love being out there when everyone is gathering around and happy... not more interested in food than me. Ha!

Fancy was right up front - I adore those big ears, big eyes of my donkeys when they are resting their head on fence panels. So sweet!

They make my heart warm and happy! 

This next photo really needs sound! Ellie Mae has be BEST "scream" I snapped this just as she started to trot and scream! Love that voice!

All though it scares a few people when they hear it for the first time. It is a high pitch yell that sounds so much like a little girl screaming. But once you hear it and know it - you recognize it is Ellie Mae. And when you hear it you just smile! Love this girl... all though now becoming an old girl. 

Hope you have a smile - They love coming to visit each Saturday and making you smile! 

HUGS and

Monday, March 14, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Just Chick-en in!

Howdy - 

 Totally Fallen in Love with the new images at High Hopes Stamps!! Seriously how can you not love a group of chickens all stacked up?? This is "Chicken Stack" and "Barn" - can you swoon over new stamps? 


Well I do when they are this adorable!! I colored up the two images matted and sewed down the barn and then cut out the chickens. The pattern paper is from old stash and just loved that it matched up with the whole chicken theme. The sentiment is a new favorite! " Just Chick-en in!" so fun and perfect with these stacked up chickens. The whole thing just makes me giggle! 

Copics used -

Now you must run or click over to the High Hopes Stamps web site and see all the fun new images! Click HERE and pop on over ! And warning... You are gunna fall in love! 

Have a wonderful day! 

HUGS and

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Animal Crackers - Lovin' our furry family

Howdy - 

This week I thought I would lead off with Juliet... our standard among the minis - Lol She loves her BFF's in the Ladies pen. Literally watches over them. ha!

She is such a blessing to our "family" she has the same pushy affectionate personality as her older brother Ted E. Bear. Love her! And she has her own fan club!
 Sweet Pea was finishing off breakfast but making sure I was not there to feed some sort of special treat. You even notice that the food, treats is the number one priority for them? My kids for sure!
She is such a funny goat. Not super friendly but not totally 100% psycho. She has her grandma's eyes... Lillie was one of our first four goats and we miss her. But I do see her in Sweet Pea from time to time. Wonder if she likes oatmeal cookies too? Her Grandma use to snort and beg for them... hmm need to make some and see if she is the same. 
Got a couple of shots of the NON-Twins. They are not twins.. but 1/2 sisters from two different Moms but same Dad. But seriously they should have been twins.. they are so hard to tell apart unless you are looking straight at them. And honestly at times they have been confused.. LOL 
Thelma - 
And Lizzie -

Both are beautiful! 
And another Beautiful... oh my! Our youngest little girl Josie! Talk about personality! 

Don't even think you are walking by her without giving her some attention! She is so little and so gorgeous! 

Walking back to the house Jose was snorting and just begging for a little scratch on the end of that gorgeous velvet nose! Of course Jose! You always get that lovin'!

Last photo today... Now donkeys do not like dogs... coyotes is what they think they are. They HATE Coyotes! I'm ok with that 99.9% of the time. But we adopted a neighbors left behind dogs years and years ago and now she is a very important member of our family. Moxie... She knows that she has limitations.. There has to be a border that can't be crossed. 

Hannah is trying to learn that Moxie is a member of the family, but her instincts are to chase down. She is young.. she will learn that Moxie is safe. But I'm glad Moxie knows to stay clear of her. That right there is about as close as Moxie will get. Smart Doggie! 

I sure love these fur and feather kids! Dogs, Cats, Donkeys, Goats and Chickens! Our funny furry family! 

Hope they brought you a smile this week. Sharing them with you brings us all smiles here! 

HUGS and

Monday, March 7, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Wingin' It Duck

Howdy - 

Sometimes you just need a little silly! And this adorable little duck from High Hopes Stamps "Wingin' It Duck" is the perfect image to have a little silly and send a smile !

 He is colored with Copics (colors below) and then found pattern papers from Fancy Pants Office Suite. Love the fun flowers! I sewed down the papers with both a zig zag and straight stitch. Then stamped the High Hopes Stamps "You Quack Me Up!" and created a border with it and a Fiskars border punch. First time I have created the punch with a black card stock, but it really does pop. I think I like it. And I love the fun feeling of this card. Seriously how can you not love a duck standing on one wing? 
Copic colors used -  
For more fun wonderful images from High Hopes Stamps visit the web store HERE - you will fall in love over and over! 

Hope you have a blessed weekend - 

HUGS and

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Animal Crackers - Sunset with the Guys

Howdy - 

One evening this last week Hubby and I came through the gate after a long day and found the guys all at the fence. Oh my we had no mints for them. They don't get treats very often but it was one of those long days and we needed to spoil them, and needed some time loving on the guys. So we just will have to make due with what we have in the truck. 

Now this was something new.. and we didn't have very many but we decided since they were a favorite of Hubby's maybe the donkeys would like them too... so a few cheese puffs it was! Was quite funny at first. They spit them out and were not sure what to think. But honestly they were expecting mints, so I guess I understand the first reaction.  

But quickly they decided that they were actually quite yummy! 
Patricio got the first one.. spit it out and then went to the back of the line and waited to see if the others would like them any better. 
He finally did enjoy a few... eventually

Flavio was also a bit unsure but was eating a few just to keep Diego and Miguel from getting them all. 

I think Diego was the first one to really go nuts for them.. My boy does love his junk food! 

Miguel loved them as well. He made sure to get right up front in center. Mmmmm cheese puffs are good!

Personality is strong with this one! LOL funny thing is I don't really like cheese puffs that well. Guess that is why I was so quick to share Hubby's last puffs with the guys. Ha! But the guys ended up really loving them. Just like their "Dad" - 

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend - enjoy your favorite treat!

HUGS and