Saturday, January 30, 2010

I am home... how about some sneak peeks... and some baby goat photos.

 Well I made it home! And thankfully the flight home was fine, the weather was good so it wasn't nearly as bumpy and scary as the first! It was also alot shorter! Loved that! Was late last night when I got home, you would think we would have slept in especially as I feel much like a zombie but noooo we instead got up and went out for breakfast, as there is little for food in the house.. LOL Tomorrow I will have to go to the store. Then we came home and bathed the dogs... poor little Autie has some sort of rash or something, he is scratching and pulling out his fur. Just after he was bathed he crashed and is sound asleep.. must feel much better. 
Before I show off the goats... how about a card?? LOL yep still plan on showing them on here! I only have one sneak peek for you  - one of the new Penny Johnson images... I just love it. This is Rosie Rabbit... 

She is colored with my copics -
My card is pretty simple, a green Bazzil Bling card stock, with scraps of pink and green papers - I wanted a lace border around the image, love those Martha Stewart corner/border punches, they really are fun to work with. I sewed down everything. For a band across the middle I found a small piece of really wide green ribbon - And then I suddenly remembered this sentiment stamp I have had forever! Too perfect!

Make sure to check out the other sneak peeks at the Stampavie DT/Blog... we are in our 40 days of samples - to show off all the wonderful new Spring/Summer releases!!

Now how about meeting "C" "H" and "A"... Cathy, Hank and Andy???

Oh my these little ones are too cute for words! So I'll just show off photos... guaranteed to make you smile!

Mom "Lillie" and her three little kids -


Cathy was born first.. Hubby took this just minutes after she was born... (Jan. 20th)

Hank came later... he was very small and very tough birth - they didn't think he was going to survive... but he is really a fighter and is doing great!

Hubby called and told me it was twins..... a boy and a girl... then he called back a bit later and said... uh there was one more... another little boy!
So three little kids... I was at CHA... so the names had to be C - H and A ...  :0) 
Andy the last one, is the clown... he doesn't walk anywhere, he bounces everywhere!

heck.. they all three bounce :0)

Hubby put this log in their pen today for them to play on.. took Andy just 10 seconds until he was up on top to check it out!
Now we wait for Paintbrush to have hers... she is due February 4th - so could be anytime :0)

Now... I am off to relax... HUGS and

Thursday, January 28, 2010

So How do you end a fabulous CHA??? Well you Go to DISNEY OF COURSE!!!

I think this shot of Stuart says just about everything! LOL Seriously it was an amazing week, and Heidi and Stuart surprised us today by taking us to Disneyland on our last afternoon here in Annaheim California. Told you they are just the best ever aren't they?  SMOOCH and BIG HUGS Guys the week was wonderful and the trip to Disney just ended everything PERFECTLY!... 

I mean common... They took me to Disney so I could SEE EEYORE!!!  They just have to be the bestest bosses and buddies ever!!!

 Man these photos of me this week are bad... but you know I don't really care I am with EEYORE!!!!  CHA was wonderful... Disney was a blast... but seeing EEYORE was the ending highlight of my trip you know???

 This was the shot of the Castle as we were dragging ourselves out of Disney... I have to admit, I kind of felt like the little girl in front of us... her mother was litterally dragging her kicking, screaming, and crying that she wanted to stay. I think Stuart and I both felt that way - other than the fact we were all worn out, sore, feet killing us, hungry and just tired!  A quick stop at the Cheesecake factory for a yummy dinner and back at the hotel for our last night. I really should be trying to figure out how I am going to fit everything into my suitcases but I think I am going to sign off here and call it a night and get up early in the morning and pray can get it all in, and that it is under the 50 pounds requirement!

I will probably be showing lots more photos of the trip and Disney this next week... :0) And also telling you about my flight home, that I am really nervous about. Remember I landed in LA in a horrible storm?  Well Hubby says the forcast is for really nasty weather and thunderstorms when I land at home... wonderful! I won't get home until late Friday night... so I may not post until Sunday... 

So for the last night.. Hugs from California!

CHA is over... and it was amazing!

Finally we got a photograph of the four of us in the booth! Stuart, Myself, Jay Jay and Heidi - Note to self, do this on the first morning instead of the last hours... we all were much perky and the dark circles under our eyes were not nearly as visible. CHA has really been amazing - Don't get me wrong unbelievable HARD work, but so worth every ounce of pain and energy!

It was so fun to watch Heidi show how to use the pencils and baby oil with the stamps. She really is an amazing person, I am so blessed to call her friend and boss! It will really make me so sad to hug goodbye at the airport tomorrow... I just wish I could fit them in my suitcase and take them back to Texas with me... but seriously fitting things in my suitcase is going to be an issue as it is... LOL I never did really get to see much of the show, and I am A-OK with that cuz that means we were super busy and that is why we are here! Stampavie images are going to be all over the world in the coming year - I had so many say that we were the buzz of the show... and that makes all of us smile from ear to ear!

I did get a few photos from a neighbor booth, I just had to - It amazes me how people build and make amazing things with paper! This is from the Couture Cardstock booth. Super sweet girls in that booth, and I can't wait to work with more of their papers. They even have a card stock for Copics!!!  But common - how amazing is this Eiffel tower??? Can you even image how long this took to make? How many pearls to do you think they attached to each embossed crossing?? Gorgeous.

More of a shoe person??? No problem... they made those too...

I am thinking I may just have to try and make one of these... too cute for words!

They even can "grow" trees! I love this... just wonder how long it would take Gato - Libbie and Autie to destroy it... Oh I so miss my babies!!!! :0)  Even talking about them destroying things sounds wonderful! LOL Hubby has been taking great care of them, but I think for the first time REALLY knows how destructive they are in turning our house upside down!

I also can't wait to see the baby goats... and snap some photos for you to see as well!!! Did I ever tell you what we named them??? Well there is one girl and two boys... three of them... So I named them....
 C  -   H  -  A   !!!! LOL get it CHA?   They are "C"athy   -   "H"ank   and   "A"ndy

Well I better finish getting ready and get down to breakfast.... today is still some hard work for at least 1/2 of the day. We have to get all the furniture from the booth into storage, so it is all ready for next January to do this all over again in LA for CHA 2011 .... 

HUGS from California... more later :0) as we are hoping to do a bit of sight seeing and I want to share more

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What a difference a Day makes.. and lookie at all these punches!!

WOW... what a difference a day makes. Today was so much better for me, but between Heidi, Stuart and Jay Jay... I did drink lots of water today and did sit a little here and there. We really thought that the booth would be a bit slower today... NOT! There was about an hour this afternoon where it was calmer, but seriously... today was even busier than yesterday! It really is so totally cool!!!

I can't even tell you how much better I felt today... other than really tired and worn out, I feel like a different person compaired to me 24 hours ago! Well and my feet and back are killing me too, but that is to be expected and I will live and be fine for that.

So because we were so busy again today I didn't get a chance to roam away from the booth again... sad I know all these beautiful tools and supplies and I have seen much of them! But tonight on the way out the show, I did get into a couple of booths and see what was new... I asked if was ok to take photos and then snapped a few for you to see. One of my many obsessions.. punches! I love them all ...

Here is the new EK Success border punches... my oh my..

 They are all wonderful - but I think my favorite two were Puppy Paws....

And the Chain... Oh I can see lots of cards with both of these... those paws are just adorable, and the chain just so different!

Of course I had to track down the Martha Stewart Around the Corner/Border punches... Man Hubby will have to build me a second craft room if I keep "collecting" all of these!  But I really do think I "NEED" so many of them! They even have one that is a little farm scene around it.... Sorry... photo didn't end up so hot...

The we just happened to pass the Spellbinders booth... lucky weren't we that all of these were on our way out of the show huh...

Looks like lots of really cool shapes there... now if only I could talk them into a donkey that would be perfect! They are starting to have animals -fish and birds so there is hope!

We ended our day eating out - oh my this was wonderful. We found the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. the night we came in, but we were all so wiped from our flights we really didn't "enjoy" it like we should. Well tonight it was wonderful! Food was yummy - dessert was even yummier... mmmm peanut butter/chocolate moose! but good thing I had the tiny Mini one, cuz I was so full! Fun restraunt - what a great idea, the entire theme around Forest Gump... to funny!

Yes, I know really bad huh? I guess that is why he was a waiter and not a professional photographer.... POINT and CLICK usually turns up so much better...  So here the four of us are... Jay Jay, Heidi, Stuart and I... and I have no clue who the watiress in the middle is.. she jumped in the shot at the last second! LOL

Sign on the table is pretty funny huh? Stays on the run side until you need something, then you flip it to the red sign that says Stop Forrest Stop .... cute!

Must sign off for the night... my eyelids and every other part of me is wiped out tire, sore and well.. I might just fall out of this chair if I keep on going!  If things are slower tomorrow I do hope to hit a few of my favorite product booths... maybe! And camera is charging just in case I do....


Monday, January 25, 2010

Another WOW what a day at CHA and TINA WENKE!!!

Wow is just about all I have energy to say about today... thanks for visiting... LOL no just kidding.. well not... but I will share :0)

I literally nearly passed out coming into the hotel after the show today... tomorrow I must remember to drink some water and to eat something. I really have never felt like that before. Hubby said it sounded like lack of food, water and motion sickness. He use to do art shows years ago, and standing all day in one spot with som much going by.. The thing is I just have not felt hungry in the least. Actually today really eating was not even something I wanted to do. I guess it is just the fact that there is so much passing the booth and so much to be doing - food is the last thing I want. Shocker there can't believe that came out of me... LOL  ok so a good diet is working a booth at CHA. HA! Dieting before CHA I had lost 26 pounds... wonder if I will have a good loss when I get home... Not the healthiest way to loose, but effective... No seriously tomorrow I have promised to drink more water, and eat something. Even if I hadn't promised, I have a feeling that Heidi and Stuart will be shoving it down me, I think I freaked them out a bit tonight.. sorry guys.. I am back to "me" now! :0)

No worries, I feel worlds better now. No longer dizzy. A good hot shower, talked to Hubby, computer to surf a bit and Pearl Harbor on the TV... that and just sitting totally still has really done wonders. I feel 80% like myself - almost human again!

So you want to know about CHA? If you would like to know what went on in our 20-10 booth... I can tell you about that -other than that sorry. I didn't see anything today but our booth. Now it was a thrilling morning in our booth, cuz the one and only TINA WENKE visited for a while!! So thrilling to meet, and a truly wonderful lady! Absolutely so sweet - I just adore her art, each one is cuter than the next we all know that. And having her standing in the booth while we were selling lots of her stamps was even more thrilling!

Here is a photo of Jay Jay, Tina and I at the make-n-take table:

And another of Jay Jay and Tina with ladies having fun coloring Tina's images at the make-n-take table.

And that concludes my photo taking of the day! LOL Forgot to get Tina's autograph... maybe I can get it from her tomorrow :0)

I am hoping that before the show closes I can take a whirl around and snap some photos of some of the booths for you to see. But it really is a FABULOUS thing that we are just simply too busy to leave huh? THRILLING! And that is what it is all about for me - sharing the Stampavie name and making sure that each person knows that they really have to had these stamps for their customers, they are the cutest and best stamps out there! ( see gotten to be a pretty good sales gal here huh? )

ok, signing off now - must go and put my feet up and "rest" and watch the end of the movie - back tomorrow night to report in...

HUGS and-

CHA Day ONE!!!

CHA day one is now in the history books for me. And WOW... what an experience. A few nerves just before those doors opened, and from that very second CHA opened we were busy!! There was no real breaks or down time from 10 am until 6 pm! I was so proud to be in this booth...  and a part of Stampavie -  I have been so blessed to have had Stuart and Heidi come into my life and ask be to join this "family" and that is just what it is... ok... so I am really really tired and yes a bit emotional now. But it is all still 110% true!

Here are the bosses.. Stuart and Heidi under the Stampavie Logo sign - and I just have to mention the aprons they are wearing.. very proud my Sister made them for us to wear at the show, GREAT job Mel... they are wonderful! This photo was taken just before the doors opened, I think we all had a few butterflies at this point. But from then on it was just thrilling and fun! Painful feet and back and all.. it was really a blast.

Here is  full photo of our booth. Heidi and Jay Jay were busy getting the make-n-take table ready to go..  Is is a beautiful booth or what? Really shows off the images wonderfully.

A view from the side - Our "sales" table - A busy place all day!

I really can't believe I am showing this horrible photo of me.. but I was just so excited to get my photo with MELODY ROSS!!! Oh my we have been watching the GCD Studios booth being built all week, I just adore Melody's art and this booth is just as stunning as her stuff. Just wait until you see all of her papers this year and she has a new tool line that is a must on my shopping list this spring! And I have to say - she is so sweet in person a true joyful spirit.

I really do hope to get away before the show ends and take some photos for you to see... today I didn't really leave the booth from 9am until 6pm. Tomorrow will probably be just as busy... but my camera will be in my pocket so you never know what I might get a chance to snap a photo of :0)

As we closed the show, we had planned a dinner with Heidi from Simon Says Stamp - her and her 'Team" of ladies met us and we had a wonderful time talking about the show... products... the business and of course a lot of laughing about everything from our more than stressed waitress to  teasing Stuart. Hey the only guy with 7 ladies... can you say a must target? But I think he really enjoyed every moment, right Stuart?  These girls are so much fun and I so enjoyed relaxing and getting to know them! Meeting some of these people I have known for so long by email, forums, and chats over the internet has been so wonderful!

Well I must close and call it a night.. every inch of my body feels the past 4 days and I really do need some quality sleep tonight - 

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Well Hello Sunshine.. and hello pain?

It is time, yes at 10 am on Sunday morning the show opens up - and our booth is just amazing. Really... it is gorgeous. I wanted to take some photos of the booth to show you today. But there was still some carpeting to get done and I want to show it off in its finest.. :0)

How about a little sneak peek though???

This is the large Sarah Kay display that you can see from all directions... It is just stunning!! I am so in love with her!! I wonder if Heidi and Stuart will notice if it disappears at the end of the show and it finds its way to the wall of my craft room?  LOL   And behind Sarah you can see the large logo sign.. this too is VERY visible - oh.. and Jay Jay and Heidi are working on getting all the DT's sample cards out on the shelves :0)

Now the view from our room.. is of the parking garage and other hotels, but on our way down to breakfast there is a large window at the elevators. And this was the first thing we saw... oh my look at the mountains and the snow! You see it has been so cloudy and rainy here you couldn't see this all week! But this morning the sun was shining and the view was spectacular!

And just to the left of the mountains.. you can see how close we are to Disney Land!  We wave at Mickey each time we go by the main gate... Of course I am looking for Eeyore.. :0)  Today was also the first time we saw the rides going, trains running and people all over the place coming and going from Mickey's  Californian playground. I just loved the look on the children's faces as they were heading towards the entrance. Sheer joy and excitement.
I love this shot I got, we had to make a run out to the store for supplies. I love these Palm Trees with the ivy flower bottoms.  And here too you can see it is just gorgeous! Sunny and bright!

Now I will say... as we got back to the hotel and sat down for dinner... we really were a sad group of people. Let me take that back... as we got up from dinner and were trying to walk to the elevators to go up to our rooms. All four of us are walking like we are a hundred. I have aches and pains in every muscle I have... I hurt everywhere! Who knew building one booth for a trade show is such hard work. But when you see the photos of it - you will have to agree - it is so worth what we have been doing and feeling to get it all done. I think proud is an understatement for me to be so fortunate enough to be working in this booth. Now we will start the real work - 3 1/2 days on our feet showing off Stampavie.  Not true.. Stampavie shows off itself - sells itself - we all know the quality and beauty of these images are number one. So restating... 3 1/2 days of being there to take the orders for this amazing product.. Hope I can make it :0) 

Jay Jay and I did get a chance to visit the Super Show next door, lots of wonderful booths. And yes I did get some goodies,. A few collections of 12x12 paper (shhh don't tell Hubby.. I don't need anymore paper, but I just feel in love with them!)  And then a hand full of sentiment stamps, and then I went a bit nuts with die cuts.. A few Nesties I had been really wanting, and then lots of little flourishes and flowers from Bosskuts oohh and a pin the tail on the Donkey die!! I just had to make that one mine of course.. LOL

I guess I had better turn in so I can get a good nights rest and feel refreshed and ready to go in the morning! 

HUGS and more tomorrow!

So Where is Sunny Southern California???

LOL ... yes I have been here for 2.5 days now.. and I still have not seen the sun, or any real blue sky. I have been soaked completely through more than once, and have been so cold my teeth were chattering!!

 Here is one of the main roads near the Anaheim Convention Center. Gorgeous huh? I think I am going to try and take it again once the sun comes out.. it should be even prettier then... it was really raining hard here...oh yea.. and take the parking permit ticket off of the dash.. duh... but at least it was pink.

Today we actually arrived at CHA, and got to set up and install the furniture we built yesterday...

And let me tell you - it is really just stunning.  Can't wait to show you photos of our booth!!! I personally think it is just stunning. Heidi picks out just as wonderful furniture and booth materials as she does artist and images for stamps let me tell you!

As we left the show we were all totally worn out, two long days of building furniture, carrying furniture and really going non-stop. We were very proud as we walked away from our gorgeous booth though... tomorrow the fun part comes... we get to "decorate" it will all of the FABULOUS new stamps, sample cards and projects.

And because we have worked so hard the last two days... it should give us some "free time" to spend in the next hall tomorrow afternoon.... The retail show!!  Woo Hoo!

I have to say I am super excited about Sunday - I can't wait to see all of the oohs and aahs as people see all of the new stamps up close! You all know I love all of the Stampavie collections when they come out... but this release is really awesome! If you want some sneak peeks of the images don't forget the Stampavie DT BLOG is showing off 40 days of samples... pop over and take a look!

HUGS and

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sneak Peak of Stampavie's Gillian Roberts!

Hi - As promised I am showing a couple of sneak peaks for Stampavie's Artist Gillian Roberts - This is part of the 40 days of Samples of the CHA releases at the Stampavie DT Blog.

This is only two of the FABULOUS images that are being released here at CHA.

The first card to show today is the image called "Crush on You" - I just love it! How sweet are these two? I colored with my copics - and I wanted to go with a denim feel for this - so I used lots of blues and red, just felt so right for them. Dark Blue and Red cardstock with my mat cut with my Nesties label - I doodled around a few pieces for some fun. and found some red satin ribbon for bands across the middle. The flowers are EK Success Retro punches, highlighted and "sewed" with buttons. The leaves are Martha Stewart frond leaves. I just love the Denim and red theme.

Here is a close up of the image - :0) So Sweet!

My second card:

The image is called "Picking Cherries"

 Good name huh? She is too cute as well and I love the cherries -I was amazed at how many papers I had with cherries on them.. LOL But I really loved this one from DCWV - I colored her with my Copics, and then went to work on my card starting with a green cardstock base, and white mat. I then layered a gingham green and white, with the cherries. I decided to sew everything down with a zig zag stitch - But I wanted some larger cherries for an embellishment.... So I punched two circles and then hand cut the stems. The leaves are Martha Stewart. The sentiment is a Stampavie Rachelle Ann Miller. 

Here is a close up of the image:

I hope you liked my two sneak peeks.. and I hope you are enjoying the 40 days of Samples of CHA on the Stampavie DT BLOG... if you haven't been visiting the site and seeing the wonderful creations from the DT and all the wonderful new images... POP over and catch up and then follow us for more!

Now back to CHA... :0)  HUGS and-

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I never want to do that again!!!!

So that was one of the most horrible experiences of my life... I never want to fly again!! Oh wait...  I have to get home.... and I will probably be coming back next year... OMG....

I have been hearing for months... quit worrying Michelle, it is smoother than riding in a car, simple no worries... Ok for me... VERY SMALL plane, packed like sardines in tiny seats not meant for skinny people much less "me". And why is it that the fattest people on the plane end up next to each other??? I don't think I moved my arms the entire flight. And then he was an "experienced" flyer and told me not to worry it would be smooth. And 15 minutes into the flight said... ok this is really bumpy... the middle hours calmed down a bit, then last 45 minutes he says... WOW this is getting to me, this is really bad turbulence! I have never been so scared and sick at the same time.

But I did keep "it all together" ... I didn't need to use that little bag... (love that huh Sis?)  I landed and was thrilled to be on the ground. OH wait we landed in a thunderstorm... I now was in one of the largest airports in the country. Over an hour late and had to find my luggage and get to the other end to meet Heidi, Stuart and Jay Jay - who I am sure are all waiting for me now. Well I did it, had to take two buses, have you ever tried to STAND on a very crowded moving bus hold two very large suitcases for dear life while still sick, then realize that you missed your terminal, and had to ride all the way around again? But as I got off and gathered my strength... I see Stuart coming towards me... A friendly face. From then on things were ok. I wasn't alone.

Except that Hubby was worried sick about me, cuz I was so late in calling him. And when I finally got my phone to work he was having problems of his own... Lillie went into Labor!! We knew she was really close when he took me to the airport. First baby... out no problems... an hour later... she is still in labor and there is a problem. He called the neighbor and she came over and the baby was breech - evidently it was bad... but they saved the baby and Lillie. Then he talks to me and says it is twins!!! I call back an hour later and there was another problem... there was a third baby in there and it needed help too.. but I am happy to report that as of last night, all three and Mom were doing ok. I hope they are as well today.

So today is going to be a long hard day. The four of us will spend the day building all of the furniture for the booth. And get this... I am gonna have to drive in LA traffic..  I'll report how that goes .. :0)

So from California... getting ready for CHA... HUGS!  OH WAIT ... Happy Birthday MOM!!! HUGS