Tuesday, November 27, 2012

High Hopes Challenge - Gift Box

Howdy -
    Things are bouncing around here! I totally love having baby goats around :0) Annie is still waiting to deliver... so still one more birthing to go, but let me tell you the 14 kids that have already arrived sure do fill the pen with life and fun! My favorite time is just after the sun comes up. The kids have woke up and have LOTS of energy. They are here, there and everywhere! So much fun! Ok.. now I must get to "business" today is the High Hopes Challenge and the challenge today is to create a Gift card holder or a Gift Box. This is a great opportunity to try the tutorial by Aaemie  from last weeks blog post.  I love this box. Once I sat down and looked at the tutorial it was not long at all I had a box. It was easy, and is a great size for a small gift or gift card.

Here is my finished box -

I used one of the adorable Newer stamps... Bumble Bear. I love this guy... I colored with my Copics, and then cut him out. My box is made with double sided paper by SEI. The other side of the paper is a pretty orange - I used it to punch a EK Success border to wrap around the top of the box. I then added a satin ribbon. This is a Martha Stewart ribbon that is  was peach and brown. I used one of the Copics and colored it to match better. I wish I had thought of this years ago... I may not have purchased so many ribbons as this really does match things so well... nah... I probably would have still got all the ribbons as I love them so much. LOL I also added some adhesive pearls around the top... just needed more I thought.

Here is a side view.

Now when you open up the box you can see the pretty orange side of the paper - and another fun bear :0)  this is the top of the Bumble Bear Tag - I thought he would look cute popping up from inside the box. 

Oh.. and you can also see that I didn't have any candy to fill my box with to show it off to you. But I did make some homemade oatmeal cookies yesterday. :0)  

This box really was super fun to make! Now you need to hop on over to the High Hopes Challenge Blog and see some other gift boxes by the other DT members. And then please do join us and create a little box yourself. You can win a little high hopes of your own!

Have a great Tuesday - I am hoping to do a little more crafting today... house is pretty much all caught up, laundry all done, a little paperwork to do and some necessary play time with the baby goats and then some crafting! Yea!

HUGS and -

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Animal Crackers - It's All About the Kids!

OH my has this week been all about the Kids!!!! So this last weekend was the Formula One Races here... we had tickets for all three days. I knew and had been telling Hubby that the 8 Mom's to be would all wait until then, and when I was dead tired. And that is exactly what they did. I showed you a few photos earlier in the week.

Scarlet went first Saturday night - she thankfully did it earlier in the evening so I could get some sleep for the race on Sunday and the last day of a million miles to walk... Scarlet had twins, Joanie and Chachi. Then on Sunday evening Chloe went into labor, she had two... and then after hours with her we finally decided that there had to be one more, and we had to pull a still born. She is doing great now, and is back to queen of the pen Chloe. Her kids are Luke and Leia -

They are very independent, and active most of the time. But I caught them napping here...

Rhett then decided it was her turn Monday - She did wonderful and especially since she had triplets. Her first baby last spring was a single much easier to keep track of and control. Three... well she has had to learn to corral and control them... LOL  Her kids are two boys and a girl.  Peter, Paul and Mary.

I have a thing for Peter... he really loves to be held, and he is a real looker!

Not that Paul isn't handsome too!

 I have no clue where Mary was... odd thing is that these kids love to all mix up. They sleep in one huge wad of kids, and they run and scatter and play. When a Mom calls... her kids separate out and head over to her. But other than that they are all one big party! 

Then Lucy decided that she wasn't going to let her baby sisters Scarlet and Rhett have all the attention with their kids so she went into labor. And within about 30 minutes delivered triplets of her own. Two girls and boy... We named them Charles, Lady Di and Camilla  -

 All three of these are just too cute. And very sweet. Lucy is a bit more controlling of her kids and these three stick closer to Mom and usually are not far from each other.

Adorable huh?

Tuesday night we had dinner plans with friends from high school. We don't get to see each other very often, so we look forward to seeing them and catching up and laughing a lot! About one hour before we were to leave... Jill decided that she wanted to take up some of my time and deliver two sweet little girls.

Jill did great with the first one, but the second was a bit tougher... and she was worn out. Laverne was up and walking all over the place within minutes of being born. Screaming the entire time. Shirley... was smaller and quiet when she finally arrived. Oddly, Jill was so concerned about the active loud Laverne that she forgot about Shirley for a bit. She did finally get the two together and fed them both. But she never did clean up Shirley like she normally would have. I decided to wait and give her a chance as that is such a bonding time and went on to dinner. But when we got home poor Shirley still wasn't fluffy and pretty. So I took her inside and gave her a special warm bath in the bathroom sink. I think she really loved it. And now we have a special bond :0) She LOVES to be held and cuddled. Don't worry though... Jill gave her another bath once we got back outside and she still is totally caring to her daughter.

Then before we crashed for the night on Tuesday - Belle decided that it was now her turn. She gave birth to baby one easily and cleaned her up and fed her right away.

Confused us as usually they don't clean and feed until all the babies are born. And Belle still had a some size to her so we thought there was more to come. A while later she started up labor again... and pushed and pushed... nothing. We checked and yep... there was one there, but coming the wrong way. And not only that but with legs all crossed up. We couldn't help with the baby at all. And believe me Hubby and I both tried. The only thing we could do is comfort her and wait till closer to morning and call the vet. I stayed outside with her all night. About 4:30am I just had to go in for a little while. Hubby went went back out at 5:30 and somehow she birthed the baby... along with a third, that seemed to have wedged up next to the other. Both were still born and poor Belle she was totally exhausted. Took her a couple of days to recover to herself. That and a some vitamins and lots of TLC. She is doing much better, and is totally a great Mom to her little girl. Sweet Pea.... I held her a ton that first couple of days... and the nick name I use for lots of babies, well it stuck on her.

This was too funny to not share - I was in the goat pen quite a bit this week. Especially with Belle - All the dogs were very interested in everything that was going on. And all the bouncing kids... well that just drives them totally nuts. LOL But here they had been watching Belle and her baby, and feeding time. They were there for quite a while I guess - Chica fell asleep and Autie.. well his head must have been really heavy to hold up don't you think?

 Too cute...

So that is seven Mom's in just four day!! Seven Mom's and 14 kids!! Now I only have one Mom to go. Annie - She is as wide as the barn! I snapped a photo of her Thursday that seems to be her laughing saying -  "I held out the longest! ha ha!"

 She is getting close though. Hopefully she won't wait until late in the night. I really do need to catch up  on sleep this weekend. But whenever she is ready I'll be there!  I am so glad they all did wait through our crazy month, December should be much calmer and that means I can spend LOTS of time bonding with everyone. There is NOTHING more fun than sitting out in the middle of a bunch of hopping, jumping, wiggling, bouncing kids! I am thinking I may spend the day doing just that :0)

Hope you have something fun planned -
HUGS and-

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Whimsy Inspirations

Howdy! Today is the Whimsy Inspirations post! There is so many great images this month - especially with all the Christmas fun.

I used the great Christmas Tree image by Lia Stampz - a great wonderful Tree for your holiday projects. Me, I thought it would be good to start making up a few more gift items. And ran across my Sizzix Big Shot Pro Pillow Die box while sorting a few things in my craft room. It has been a while since I used it... and the tree seems to be a perfect image for the pillow box and a gift.

Green card stock for the pillow box. Then a piece of Tina Wenke's FABULOUS new papers. (www.tinawenke.com) Love how whimsical this pattern is, but has a great solid pattern look for behind my image. I colored the Christmas Tree with my Copics, then went all stickles on it. A tree has to sparkle right? I cut it loosely out - Ran a piece of Merry Christmas ribbon and the two red satin ribbons and bows around the ends.

Because I will probably make multiples of this I kept it sort of simple. Well simple for me. I think the tree and big red ribbons set off the gift box all on their own.

Close up of my stickles tree ..

Love how with the digitals... it will always fit your project. You set the size and print out and color. Totally love it!

Now you really need to head on over to the Whimsy Inspirations blog and see all the DT projects.

Have a great day... more Goats to show off later in the week!! Things have been hopping around here let me tell you!
HUGS and -

Monday, November 19, 2012

Animal Crackers - 4 Mom's - 8 Kid's 36 hours.

Wow!! I told you when they started it would be lots of babies at once! So it was a very tiring long weekend with the Formula One race. Was LOTS of walking, and I used muscles I forgot were there. I have been so sore, but thrilled to have gotten to go and actually see the race in person. Hubby is a HUGE F1 fan, and for the past 26+ years the TV is on for the live races, even if that meant setting the clock on a Sunday morning before the sun came up. But to see the race in person and better yet FEEL the race, was thrilling.  I took over 900 photos in the three days. We were exhausted when coming home, and looking forward to a hot shower a couple of aspirin and heading off to bed..... but then the goats decided that wasn't going to happen -

Scarlet went first, I knew she would as she was showing the signs earliest. I didn't get photos right away as it was dark - I tried to get photos this afternoon, and well the twins just didn't want to cooperate. These two are always on the move and poor Scarlet keeps loosing them and having to walk around the pen calling out for them.
I named Scarlet's twins (one boy and one girl) - Joanie and Chachi - and these two are going to be active little ones! I will work hard to get better photos for Saturday's post - Just need to set my camera for all my race settings again.. LOL  (Cleatus is the daddy for these twins)

Then last night really late, Chloe went into labor. She did ok with the first two, but then things stopped and she laid down like it was all over, I kept a close eye on her all night, and all day... mid day she was acting like she was in pain. She had a third baby that was stuck. So Hubby and I had to pull it ourselves as the Vet couldn't get here for hours. We got it done, and finally she is doing good and acting like a new Mom with her kids. Poor thing is worn out and sore

Hubby named her babies... Luke and Leia. They seem to be doing well, I supplemented some kid milk during the day, but they are now eating healthy meals from Mom. (Cleatus again for Chloes's twins)

In the morning while dealing with Chloe... Daisy decided she was ready - She did most everything all on her own, the best way. Now last time Daisy had quads - but she wasn't very big this time so we were not sure what to expect... but at least more than one. But nope, she just had one BIG baby!

He is a cutie.. Big but a cutie! Hubby named this one too ... Tonto - Seems to fit him! (Peso is the Papa for Tonto)

Now ... as I was typing this and uploading my photos I took a second to run out and check on everyone.... yep..... as I head towards the pen I hear new noises. Rhett had already had hers!! I get through the gate and around the pen to find her cleaning up three little black and white babies! All black and white with blue eyes it looks. And I think two boys and a girl. Not 100% yet as it was so dark. I'll check better tomorrow and get photos then as well. My night time photos just are not coming out well lately. 

So 4 Mom's - 8 kids's - 36 hours!  Three more Mom's to go!!!! 

HUGS and 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Animal Crackers - Roar!!! HUh?

No I did not see lions yesterday. Nope.. we were at the Circuits of America's F1 practice. And most all day it was an enormous roar, the ground shook, and then every time some would talk to you it was HUH? what was that? And we were wearing ear plugs! WOW those cars are loud! But exciting and fun too! We have a two more days... today is qualifying and Sunday is the actual race. I just hope I make it. I am so sore! We must have walked a 100 miles, from parking all the way around the track to our seats, then out to get lunch and around the track then to the parking again. I have no where that doesn't hurt. Just hope that today isn't as much walking...

Now it took us so long to get home it was dark. And I didn't take many photos at all this week cuz I am STILL waiting on baby goats!!!! I just knew when we got home there would be new kids in the pen. In fact Thursday night I got up twice in the night to check on them. Sadly I passed out Friday night and couldn't get alert enough to walk out to their pen... but they were good. Maybe today is the day.

One photo of Jill... she isn't on my on call list. Hasn't shown any signs of being close and most of the time doesn't even look that wide. Now she did not look huge last time either, and she had three. So who knows these goats keep me guessing all the time!

Snapped a good photo of Gato too... we were having a talk. A serious discussion. I was explaining to her that she cannot climb and sleep on my boxes of antiques. She is going to crush something, or turn it over and break something.

I guess you can tell by the photo that she really wasn't too concerned about my worries. Her house, Her box and I am lucky to be able to live here and take care of her. The life of a cat.... to be so lucky.

Now please don't be upset, but that is it for today. I know not much. But I KNOW that we are gonna have goats right away... and then I will pop a Animal Crackers post in a extra post for the week.

Hope you have a great day!
HUGS and

Thursday, November 15, 2012

High Hopes - Another Donkey Card :0)


Today I have a card that Hubby asked me to do. Yes, every once in a while he ask me to make a card for one of his friends. This one had to be on the edge funny. Cuz this guy is always kidding around and cracking jokes. So of course I had to do a Donkey card... and one of my all time favorite for this "type" of card is High Hopes Brayden's Backside....

This guy is so cute. I started with a kraft card stock base, dark brown card stock mat and then two patterns of paper from Simple Stories Generations stack. My loops are Martha Stewart Loop border corner punch. I sewed things down, and then found some brown satin ribbon to go around the card. Since this card was for a guy, I decided that a bow was just about all the embellishments I should do. Brayden is colored with my Copics. Sorry... I totally forgot to take a photo of them as I was hurrying to get the card done so we could mail it.

Now I did the inside as well... and please don't be offended ok? But this was for an adult man with a wild sense of humor. So I created a sentiment on the computer for him.

He called last night to tell us that he got his card. He was laughing so hard and totally loved it. So it was perfect for him. Again.. hope it didn't offend you - all in fun.

It is nice sometimes to create a card special for someone that is totally them and just for fun. It was great to hear how much he liked it and have him laughing so hard over it.

Hubby and I spent most of the day yesterday getting official. Well the Antique business official, we have been official for 26 years... LOL   We headed into the big town and to the courthouse downtown. I stress going downtown, parking.. paying for parking, getting in the courthouse with all their security just to sit in a chair and wait til our number is called to get our business name filed. And that took about 5 minutes. Got out of downtown, then to the bank... yes a long while there too, but not quite as stressful.  But now it is all done! Whew! Seems like a waste of day, I would have much rather been out antiquing finding things to sell... but we have to be legal right? Now we can really get serious and get to selling lots of antiques!

Now to get things going for the day. I think it is a stay at home getting chores done! Much needed day for sure. Plus I am really getting a little jumpy over the goats. There are a few out there that just look totally miserable! They are going to pop for sure, they are so big! But no babies yet. Hopefully soon as they just make me hurt all over watching them. They can't stand, uncomfortable. They can't lay down, uncomfortable, they can't sit, well I think you get where I am going. They are just not happy campers right now. I am so hoping to see some happy bouncing babies soon!!!!!

Toodles for today -
HUGS and-

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

High Hopes Challenge - Non Traditional Colors


It was a wonderful show this past weekend. And now a few days of regular things - then this coming weekend... busy as ever, but this weekend it is with friends at the US Formula One Race! We have three day tickets so we could see everything. But for today it is just a slow day around here to get some chores done, coloring and enjoying the animals.

Today is also the High Hopes Challenge, and this week it is all about using NonTraditional Colors on your holiday card. I started to pull out one of the new release stamps, and I just kept seeing Cowboy Snowman. He was shouting out that he really needed to be inked up and used. How can you tell a Cowboy no?

As you can see I went with Pink and Brown as my NonTraditional colors. Pretty far from the normal holiday colors I would say! I found a piece of this pink glitter DCWV holiday paper in my stash, and then used Core-dinations brown card stock run through a Sizzix embossing folder and sanded. I brown gingham ribbon and zig zag stitching helped finish the card.  Cowboy Snowman was stamped on kraft card stock I then colored a few areas with my Copics, including the sky. Then the snowman and the ground I colored with a white pencil to have it pop more. I added gold stickles to the star and bandana for some bling. The edge I also added stickles for a sparkle mat.  The sentiment is also from High Hopes. "Roundin' Up Some Winter Fun!"

Inside -

Simple inside. I have been leaving the insides without sentiments. As most of my cards have been being sold recently and they have asked to have an area to write their own sentiment. So that is ok with me!

Now you need to see all the other colors over at the High Hopes Challenge!  Then please join us! YOU can be the winner of the challenge and win yourself High Hopes Stamps!

Better run - I want to get chores done early so I can play the rest of the day :0)
HUGS and-

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Me and My Space - Show Booth 2

Howdy -

 Promised to show you photos of our second Antique Show booth. These are not good at all. We had a wider booth this show and I couldn't back up far enough to show you the entire booth in one photograph. You can also see into the neighbors booth a tad... but at least you will get the idea. :0)

To the Left -

It was also sort of dark when I took it... sorry. But I think you can see that it is pretty full. Totally love the  Handmade Texas Child's bed we found, perfect display for some of the older dolls and the 1850's Doll carriage. Hubby's corner wall really helps anchor our booth. This time I took quite a bit of my Transferware, Flow Blue, Feather Edges Pearlware and Children's Creamware plates. Lots of Dolls, I think I told you that I was lucky to purchase quite a few from one ladies' collection a few weeks ago. Toys, more Toys and then a few more Toys. The large General Store Coffee and Tea Tins really get attention too. oh.. and then my new "little" item that Hubby got me :0)

To the Right of the booth -

We put the antique Schoenhut Animals and the Circus Tent up in the back this time. One I felt it was a little safer, and two... we were totally out of space. More toys, you might see a couple of my tin toy washing machines on the shelves. I love those things, Hubby thinks it is funny to tell people that I seem to love the toy washing machines but have a problem finding our large real one.. ha ha. Kitchen tins, Yelloware, Baby plates, Furniture and then Hubby added in a few pieces of Indian War collectibles, have to have a few things for the men you know. But honestly... I think more guys get a kick out of some of the toys than the women. LOL

Larger booth by a little, but it seems smaller and tighter to get around.

Ok.. now a little better photo of my "little" present -

How stinking cute is this donkey. This was a quick photo I had snapped the day we found it. Honestly I never imagined that Hubby would buy it. I mean I knew we both totally adored it. But it is HUGE. I showed the one with Hubby looking at it so you could see just how large. We honestly think it is bigger than most of the "real" minis. LOL

So what is it?  "She" (we named her Sonia cuz she reminds us so much of our little Sonia) She is a New York Macy's Store Window Display from the 1940's. She is paper mache, but is pretty stout, with a wood frame under neath. I don't think anyone should actually ride this rocking donkey, but it is actually pretty strong. I just love her face. Those eyes just melt me. I nearly passed out when Hubby said we had to have it. Problem... it wouldn't fit in our truck. Oh the bed.. but no way was I letting it ride back there. So the kind man we bought her from delivered her to the show for us, that way we can take her home in the closed in box trailer with all the other things at the end of the show. I probably should have just let her stay in the trailer during the show. But I felt sorry for her being locked in there all by herself. So we just let her stay in the booth with us.  So where am I going to put her in the house? Well that is a really great question!!! When I figure that out I'll let ya know, cuz we have talked and talked about it, and everywhere we come up with she is either too tall, too long or not safe there. So we will keep working on it... but she has a home for sure!

Better run - lots to still do tonight (scheduled my post to come on as we are heading out so early) Hope you have a great Sunday -

Hugs and -

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Animal Crackers - From the other side of the fence...

Howdy -

     One day this week I went out to see all the "children" and while out there I snapped a few photos. I started off with the dogs... You see I had gone out of the yard to head off to the donkeys when I turned back and realized that they all four were just sitting there looking at me. Now if I had been in the yard, they would have been running and jumping and would never sit still for photos... but since on the other side of the fence they were just all calm and sitting there watching me to see where I was headed. Of course Autie... he was bored as usual.

My Lover Boy - Slow, Calm, Sweet and yes Lazy Autie... Hard to tell in these photos but all the Doggies had baths the night before these photos... already had run and rolled in the yard I am sure.

Tuco was panting and tired - that little guy goes out the back door 110 miles per hour and has to see everyone, every corner and keep up with all the other dogs, the goats in the next yard, the donkeys next to the yard, the outside dogs running somewhere around and of course where we are headed. He wears himself out in minutes.. LOL

My little baby is pretty much all grown up... can you believe he is 10 months old!!!

Chica, she has gotten the nick name "licker" recently. This girl has gotten to where you can't bend down or reach for anything near her with out receiving kisses or a bath I guess from this little girl. It is like she is constantly wanted to tell us she loves us maybe? She is a happy little doggy and always right up front for attention, you can't get mad at her... well...

Unless she gets you in the face right across the mouth.. yea I know eeewww yuck. But she has gotten Hubby and I more than once recently while working on things for the antique show this weekend. But really... look at that smile on that happy face, you gotta love her :0)

Miss Libbie - Hubby has been working on a new Patio Walkway in the back yard. From the porch to the gate mainly. Miss Libbie, well as much as the other dogs love getting dirty and rolling in the dirt or grass. Libbie hates it. She gets her baths just like the others, but she is never "dirty". She is a Lady you know...

And she is loving the walkway... now she can head out, go down the steps and all the way to the fence to see the rest of the world and not have to get her feet in that nasty dirt or wet grass in the morning.  A real Lady I tell ya!

I then went by to say hello to the kitties in their house. A very rare sighting!!!!

I got all the way up to the fence and Fraidy Cat was still in view! 99 times out of a 100... before you are   anywhere near the cat house Fraidy, Scaredy and Momma Cat are all in hiding waiting until the coast in all clear before they emerge back out to their sunning. But on this day I guess the moon and stars were aligned and Fraidy just stayed in place... well until I snapped a few photos through the fence, once I went to undo the latch and go in... like the speed of light she was gone.

Tiny Sonia was grazing through the fence... Grass is greener on that side I have heard.

She is so pretty... and dainty. Such gorgeous coloring. We love this girl. Hubby has a real soft spot these tiny girls... what am I saying, he has soft spots for all of them, but especially the tiny girls.

This is when I noticed that all my photos were through the fence so far... so I just went with it and started to see who was coming to the fences to see me...

Sonia's older brother Jorge is awful cute too...

Yes, Jorge is Sonia's full brother. Sonia was Macie's 2011 baby... Jorge 2010. This guy does not have a shy bone in his body. Total attention hog for sure!  Jorge will some day make a great stud for someone one day... he is small, has that wonderful black nose and is a totally sweetie.

Then I smelled around to Frankie's pen. I totally love this guy - he has the funniest personality. Just wish you didn't smell him long before you ever get to his pen. Hold you nose though... it is so worth the smell for that face!

Comical with just a look ain't he? Yes... he only has one horn, and it will get knocked off at some point soon as it is loose. He rubs those horns on everything until they get knocked loose, and then he forget and knocks it off... but if you look close that one is already growing a new one. I always tell Hubby if I could get one wish I think it would be to have them talk... we love to guess what kind of voice or accent they would have... We have the most laughs guessing Frankies some days.

Sun was setting by this time.... Got a great shot of Coffee... Can you guess why he has the nick name Ears?

We are still baby sitting Coffee for the neighbors that bought him. He and Toffee actually. They were just fine next door on their property, but when we opened up the gate and let all the Ladies go back and forth to eat all that long lush green grass growing over there, it just seemed mean to keep Coffee and Toffee penned up and not have anyone to hang out with now that that the horses are living in their new home. So since they are no longer a danger as breeding Jacks, and are gelded calm boys now... they might as well get to boost their ego's and hang with all the hot Ladies right?  Seriously they do have bragging rights and love to show off to the other guys... just like all other boys.

Ok... on the fly now - Second Antique Show for us this weekend! We have a little bigger booth, and have taken more than twice the stuff! LOL yes... we have a very full booth for this show! I am going to try and get some photos before the show opens up this morning. OH ... and Hubby bought a "Little" something this last week... I have it at the show, and I am going to be just happy fine if it doesn't sell and I can bring it home... Sunday I'll show you, you are gonna love it, I know I DO!

HUGS and -

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

High Hopes Challenge - Snowflakes and Buttons

Howdy -

Today it is time for the High Hopes Challenge. This week it is Snowflakes and Buttons. I was running late this week, and couldn't even get to my card until last night. Wasn't too stressful, as I knew the perfect paper... knew which image I wanted to use and I really needed some peaceful quiet time, so it all was good.. even if late. LOL

Here is my card -

My papers - that is where I got the snowflakes for the challenge. All the pattern papers are from Tina Wenke's new papers! Have you visited her website and seen the gorgeous card maker papers yet? www.TinaWenke.com. Promise you will love them. And perfect for the snowflake part of the challenge. I then pulled out the new image "Getting Spruced Up" Loving all the penguins :0) I colored with my Copics, and then used the very last drop of my Marvy Snow Marker for the hat and the snow. A little Gold Stickles on the stars as well. I stacked up the papers and sewed them all together. I then found two ribbons stacked them and tied them around the card. I used my Viva Decor Ice White Pearl pen and added some pearl dots around the edge of the image. Three blue buttons to complete the challenge this week.

The inside -

More of the great Snowflake Tina Wenke papers :0) And I stamped the high hopes sentiment, "Snow all Day" 

A great challenge this week at High Hopes.  I hope you will pop on over to the challenge blog and see all the DT projects, and then join us! You could win some High Hopes for yourself!

So what are you up to today? Well first up for Hubby and I.... voting! I am hoping the lines won't be long, we are in the country so usually even if there is a line, it is neighbors so we at least can chat about the weather, farms, animals and such and the lines seem to move quicker. LOL Then home for chores and getting things ready and priced for our second Antique Show this coming weekend! Whoo Hoo!

I am on baby watch too... I have a couple of goats that are acting odd... and as busy as we are this week, and with the weather changing, I am thinking that they are getting close. But they do have their own timing so I'll just be on guard until they say it is time.

Have a wonderful day!
HUGS and

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Whimsy November Release Day 4! & Me and My Space

Hello! It is the last day of the Whimsy Release-  so I will post that up first and then at the end of the post I will share something special in my house for Me and My Space alrighty?

Welcome to Day 4 of our November Digital Stamp Release Showcase! 
On Thursday (1st November) Whimsy Stamps released this month's new digital designs, From then until 4th November the Whimsy Digital DT and Special Guests are showcasing these fabulous new goodies with a daily mini blog hop and I am part of today’s hop! Each mini blog hop has a new release prize hidden somewhere along the way and you have 24hrs to enter each prize draw. To be entered into today's mini blog hop prize draw, be sure to leave a comment on ALL of the DT's posts listed below by 12.00PM EST tomorrow. All winners will be announced on the Whimsy blog on 5th November

I just had to use another one from Crissy's Digis! 

This is Star of Bethlehem

I kept this one simple, focusing on the image - I found some star paper from October Afternoon that I thought was perfect. The image I colored with my Copics, using my Marvy Snow marker on the little lambs again :0) and Stickles on the star.

Here is a close up so you can see how fluffy the lambs turned out! I am about out of my Snow Marker so I will have to put that on my hunt list!!

Here is the inside - I used a sentiment from Crissy as well - 
Crissy's Love Sentiments 

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Ok, now for a just a little bit of Me and My Space as my normal Sunday post - 
Today I thought I would show you something that I do not collect. I only have one... 

This is belonged to my Grandma - It sat in her bathroom as long as I can remember. She kept her cotton balls in it. It was just a part of the room. I have no idea of where she got it, how long she had it or even how special it was to her... now it sits on the shelf in my bathroom just like it did in Grandma's. I don't keep anything really in it. Oh what, I think I have a couple of hair scrunchy things in it. It really isn't my "style" of collectibles, but I love it. Every time I look at her, I smile and think of my Grandma, and her bathroom. Pink shaggy rugs, a quirky pink tissue holder, and the smell of her perfumed powder that she always let me poof on while at her house as a little girl. Isn't it odd how a memory can smell? It does... I can smell that perfume every time I think about my Grandma and this Pretty lady head vase from her - 

Take a minute to see what memory's you can smell ... and enjoy something from a loved one. Those are the really special things around your house right? 

Ok today we are going to breakfast with the locals, then home. Yes... home. No running around planned. We both need some time to catch up on things around the house, love on fur babies, and just chill on a Sunday at home. What are you doing today? 

thanks for visiting - HUGS and