Thursday, July 30, 2015

Whimsy Stamps - Friendship is the Greatest

Howdy -

Whimsy Stamps today - and still working with Christmas in July. Today I am playing with "Friendship is the Greatest" by Silvia Zet of Wee Stamps. Just to precious!

Love this image - great for a BFF don't you think? I colored with my copics then blinged a bit with Stickles. More older papers from my stash, I think DCWV. Lots of sparkle to them. I used ribbon on the edges of the paper to create the large band around the middle  The sentiment is from Whismy as well. Friendship Ticket Sentiment collection, cut out with the Ticket Die  then matted with the Fancy ticket Die. Love how they layer together.

Close up of the image - 

Inside more of the same papers -

Copic colors used -

Love the light blue and red color combo for this winter card -

Fun to cool off with the winter cards when it is 100 degrees outside! Helps a little. Especially when you work inside with lots of air conditioning!

Hope you have wonderful day! Color up some cool!!!
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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

High Hopes Stamps - Bob Love Golf

Howdy -

Another great new image from High Hopes Stamps - Bob Love Golf 

Now I am not a "golfer" but coloring this one was too much fun. Maybe it was finding the perfect pattern paper to create a paper pieced pair of golfing pants out of! LOL

I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then found the pattern paper for him. Went pretty wild... as don't most serious golfers where the most ridiculous patterns?  I used the same paper and lots of card stock mats for this one. Sewed down all the layers then added the sentiment that is also from High Hopes Sentiment #4 Collection - then a few buttons for added fun.

Inside more of the same papers.

Copic colors used -

So I may not "get" golf.. but coloring it up was fun!

Make sure to pop over to the High Hopes Stamps website

and don't forget about the High Hopes Blog and Challenges for GREAT inspiration!

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Enjoy your day! 
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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Animal Crackers - I < Heart > my animals!

Howdy -

More shots from last weeks photo session. They were all in such good moods and enjoying the attention and posing for me.

Love this shot of Gabby and Patti... simple little sniff of each other to say hi... but love it!

 Kind of looks like a heart don't you think? Maybe I am just looking to much, cuz I love these guys so much!  LOL The girls are all such good friends and I can say this was a friendly hi... but it may have been a check to see if one of them had eaten something better than the other.

 Ellie Mae was just lounging after a good roll in the dirt.

 They are all so gorgeous right now! All shiny and slicked off.

Jolene is really showing off her colors isn't she?

That face is just stunning! That velvet black nose is so beautiful. She has given us some fabulous babies in the past and shares her color with her kids.

Now just don't know what to say about Miss Vicki... My high dollar with the long list of family awards and coloring. She was always a little princess. Hated being wet, Hated being dirty... and now...

 Oh my she is normally so bright white with her black and dark brown spots. She looks as if she has been rolling in the dirt with Ellie Mae and was really stirring up the dirt! That face is suppose to be sparkling white with her green eyes and pink nose showing off. Now it seems she has put aside her royalty and joined the common and enjoying a bit of good old fashion dirt! LOL oh well still beautiful to me.

Speaking of beautiful and hate getting dirty. Miss Libbie is loving her first hair cut she got last month.

Gives her that puppy look and she is already growing her fur back in but she thinks she is still a super model and loving her cut.

Now Thelma... she is just a mess.

 This gal has personality to the highest and is always into something. Here she was enjoying her breakfast and wearing it as well. I figure one of the adult ladies dropped a bite over the top of her as she loves to wiggle in and eat under and next to the ladies. Growing up so fast. Already getting in her little knot head.

Hope you enjoyed this week - So rare to snap so many good poses so I have to keep snapping when they are in the mood. Animals are really tough to get to follow photo instructions for sure!

Have a blessed weekend! Enjoy family friends and a furry kid!
HUGS and

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Whimsy Stamps - Letter to Santa

Howdy -

Better get those wish list off to Santa if you want to get on his list early! Today's card is from Whimsy Stamps and is called "Letter to Santa" from the Art by Mi Ran Collection. Now if only I could look that cute posting my letters! 

I colored with Copics (colors below) and then went nuts with the stickles. Hard to tell in the photo but it is two different colors of stickles. Diamond for all her fur trim, and white lace for the snow and ice.

Found an old paper pad in my stash from Teresa Collins "Christmas Home" Love the bold papers, and thought it was perfect for this pretty image.  Went with a different fold on this one. Sewing down all the layers on to mats. Dug even deeper into the stash and found a couple of very old Poinsettia flowers that just made me giggle! I know easily amused. But wanted flowers on this one and none of the normal worked for me. My sentiment is also Whimsy - "Everyday Sayings Notable Die 4" used the matching die "Notables 4 Die" then did a little coloring on it.

Here is the card opening up so you can see the gate fold.

Inside simple with paper from the same paper collection.

And my Copic colors used -

Had fun diggin in the stash - and doing a little winter card with a different fold. You really need to make sure and head over to Whimsy Stamps... there is a sale going on!!!! And you will kick yourself if you miss it! GREAT Sales are so much fun!

Have a wonderful day - if it is hot where you are... just color up some Winter cool weather and snow!

HUGS and 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

High Hopes Stamps - Bob's A Water Ski Dude

Howdy -

Summer Water Fun! But mine was coloring up the water fun! This is Bob's A Water Ski Dude - and looks to be having a great time on the water -

I made an easel card with Bob - thought I needed some room to make a "splash"! I colored with Copics (colors below) I found papers from Pebbles Front Porch collection. Sewing down on red card stock on a off white base. I found an old flourish die that didn't fit just right so I cut it apart and made it splash the way I wanted. Hubby then informed me that it was backwards. Really? Well I splash this way and so does Bob. I added lots of Stickles! Water sparkles you know. I used a couple of different colors so they show different colors.

My sentiment is also High Hopes "It's Your Day!"   - Fun sentiment that works for a few different kind of cards. Love the font too!

Close up of Bob -

Copic colors used -

I hope you enjoyed my card with a big splash! Great Summer Fun cards!

Have a wonderful day -
HUGS and

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Animal Crackers - All Smiles!

Howdy -

Other than heat not much going on around here this past week. Did take a deposit on two donkeys... but we still have them for a month to enjoy and love on... will give more info on them later on.

Darlene wanted to make sure and let you all know that Raffie is not the only one with a pretty Smile-

 She may be the old lady of the group but she can still rock a big smile for you! And not bad pearly whites for nearly 25 years old either! Ok... so they aren't pearly white... more yellowish green grass color. But still rocking the smile! Love this old girl so much.

Two other old ladies of the group Macie and Jazz were just starved for attention. So mistreated...  Ha!

Such beautiful ladies. Both a little on the heavy side right now from pigging out on all the grass. But still beautiful! And full of personality too.

With the temps getting so high around here salt blocks are a must. Most of the time they share the time at the block. Here "Dad" had just thrown this one over and was going into the pen to carry it into their shed. These thing weigh a ton... Well one of the blocks had numerous donkeys around it... but Patti... she prefers to not share. Crunching down, Licking and then spinning and kicking anyone that came near. Not until she is done girls... then you can have a turn here... but not until she is done!

Miss Juliet was tail end Charlie coming for a turn at the new salt blocks.

Still skinny... despite that all her BFF's in the pen are a mile wide with grass bellies. This girl puts it all into her legs. I swear sometimes she is still growing! LOL Probably just the fact that she is standard among all the Mini ladies. She loves this group and I don't think we will or can ever move her out with the other standards.  

Oh.. and she sends off a BIG "Hi Matt! Miss you!!"  She lives here but her heart belongs to Marine Matt!  :0)

Found baby goats Louise and Spartacus playing in one of the huts. Spartacus was butting heads with Louise to keep her out of "his" hut. I called out and they both stopped for a pose. Hard to believe that Louise is over two weeks older and soooo much smaller than Spartacus... Dude needs to be weaned and put in with the boys and I know I have told you guys that before but I am such a sucker and despite his size he is still a baby! Need to get that word Sucker stamped into my forehead one day!

Now this photo of Gato cracks me up! My kind of girl -

 She enjoys her sun bathing inside in the air conditioning! Ok.. so she has no choice cuz' I am not letting her outside to become playtime or dinner for anything. She lives inside only. But given the choice I would go with the "Cat-Nap" INSIDE with air conditioning in a sunny window as well. Pretty kitty...

Got lots of great shots this week... will share more next week with you. I do hope that you have beautiful weather where you are and have furry kid to love on. There is nothing better than loving on a loving "pet"... Donkey - Goat - Chicken - Cat - Dog.. whatever!

Have a blessed weekend - HUGS and

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Whimsy Stamps - Berry Christmas

Howdy -

Showing off another Whimsy image today - and this entire month Whimsy is showcasing Christmas in July. Inspiration to get you ready for all those Christmas cards!

For my card I chose "Berry " designed by Sylvia Zet ... adorable image!

Loved coloring up this little cutie and her sweet kitten. I used my copics (colors below) Then I cut her out with a circle Spellbinders Nestie. Matted it with a Scalloped die cut. Using the cream card stock, it needed a little pop around the edge so I colored just the outer edge of the image circle. My papers are from my scrap stash. I layered all the images sewed with a zig zag stitch, then placed on a dark red card stock base. I added three buttons on the top corner, then went a bit nuts with the red stickles. dotting each button, then the scallops on the mat. For my sentiment I used one of the sentiments from the Setimentables Die Holiday collection. A must have for your Holiday cards!

Close up of the cute image "Berry

Inside the card more scraps -

Copic colors used -

 Hope you liked - It may be near 100 degrees outside, but having fun cooling off coloring Christmas cards inside!

And don't forget the Whimsy Challenge this month, there is a
Whimsy stamps in store voucher up for grabs for one lucky winner.

There is also sale on over at the Whimsy Store

Have a great day - HUGS and

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

High Hopes Stamps - Gabriel Loves Soccer

Howdy -

Playing a little High Hopes Soccer today - Gabriel Loves Soccer!

Fun image isn't it? I colored with my copics (colors below) matching up to the Madison Penny Black Pattern Papers. Fun bright colors for a boys card. I cut a mat with a Spellbinders Nestie. Then sewed down all my layers. Added a little white doodling around the mat. My sentiment is from the High Hopes   - Sentiment Set #3

Added three dark blue buttons for embellishment.

Inside the card I used more of the same papers.

Copic colors used -

GREAT boy and man images in this last release. For me "guy" cards can be the hardest to do, and these new images have been so much fun!

This release is now available for purchase!

HUGS and

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Animal Crackers - Missing Lillie

Howdy -

With heavy heart I am posting today about our wonderful girl Lillie. Lillie was one of our original four goats we purchased years ago. Last weekend we lost her.  So this post is dedicated to her -

She went to sleep at night, and didn't wake up. She wasn't sick. She hadn't suffered. Old age. The day before she was her normal self. First out to greet us at breakfast. Laying in the middle of her hay, eating and enjoying life, that evening to the fence for a head scratch and a request for more food as normal. I have to say to loose one of my Fur kids is horrible. But if we must this is best. They say average life is 8 years normally. She was over nine. Survived a couple of injuries and a bad case of mastitis.

 Nicknamed "Pop Eyes" - she had more personality than she knew what to do with. And seriously don't even think of coming on the property with an oatmeal cookie. This girl Knew!

Hubby and I were talking about how many amazing babies we have and have had since getting the original 4 goats. Three girls and our man Frank.

Lillie was the best MOM. So much so that if new Mom's didn't watch she would "borrow" their babies.

Here are photos of her with some of her earlier "kids" - the last few years she had give up having babies and become the grandma who loved to babysit.

 We love you dearly Lillie - we miss you terribly. But you live on with all your Kids, Grandkids, and Great-Grandkids. You gave us years of happiness with that goofy grin and those big golden brown eyes.

We now are are keeping a really close eye on Paintbrush. After looking up Lillie's age, we found that Paintbrush is actually a year older and is now near 10 years old. Time flies... Goat world she is our old lady, which happens to be her nick name over the last year or so due to her slow nature and now skinnier and boney rear end. Hope we can last much longer past average with her.

Hope you all have a blessed wonderful week.

HUGS and-