Wednesday, November 28, 2018

High Hopes Stamps - Woodland Stocking

Howdy -

Today for High Hopes Stamps I have a little Woodland Stocking to share! Christmas Stockings are a favorite for the holiday, and for me a stocking filled with cute little animals sounds perfect to me.

 Love the warm feel, and love how perfect this image fits in the oval die. I colored with Copics, and then inked the edges and background with Ranger Distresss Ink. I found papers from Paper Studio Christmas collection that I sewed together with a zig zag stitch and then topped off with a vintage piece of lace. Vintage lace and red and black gingham paper is a love of mine. Some enamel dots in each corner to finish it off.

Copics used -

 Hope you enjoyed and you got a warm country feel with my High Hopes Woodland Stocking!

HUGS and

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Animal Crackers - Handsome Hairdos

Howdy -

For some fun today I thought I might show you the Handsome Hairdos of my boys...  Funny how different each one is but all just as handsome.

Now Waylon he goes for the bed head look... Footloose and fancy free. 

 It SO works for him though! He is a handsome little man if I do say so myself! Such a stinky looker...

Now his brother Willie... he is channeling his Dad Doc for his hair style.

 Now from the front, he is adorable but it just doesn't have the same look as it does from the side view...

I think he is close to working on the same curl that runs in the men in his family. So very handsome and sweet.

Then there is Domino... :0)

Much shorter.. and more of a toupee look for this guy! Such a stunning look! And he pulls of the sillier hairstyle much better with his larger than life personality.

Then off in the distance I found Bella really enjoying the afternoon -

A good Dirt Bath is so refreshing! Ok.. if you are a donkey I suppose... they really do enjoy their rolls in the dirt!

Then.. I heard it...

 I have no idea what the argument was all about but WOW these two girls were really discussing it loudly! And look at that stretched out neck. I think who ever has the longest neck shows that they are boss! She wins..

Then I took some extra time and had a little talk with Paintbrush.

 After the loss of Annie last week, a little extra loving on Paintbrush is needed. The old lady is so sweet. And adored. LOVE her.

I hope you all have a blessed weekend. Make sure and Hug a furry or feathered friend!
HUGS and

Friday, November 23, 2018

Whimsy Stamps - Christmas Frankie

Howdy -

This image speaks to me! I just love the new Whimsy Stamps Digital image by CC Designs  "Christmas Frankie" Love how frazzled he looks. 

It is all part of the Christmas Joy ... that fun frazzled running around getting things perfect for the holidays. I colored with my Copics (colors below). I found a fun piece of Paper Studio paper that has some bling to it. And I love the colors, I found a ribbon for the corner of my image and then I pulled out those yummy Whimsy Chipboard Elements these are from the "Christmas Adapt-a-Words" set. I colored with my Copics to match the image. I am addicted to these Chipboard Elements!

Close up of the Copics

All though we may have a little frazzle in the season, the joy of family and friends is the important part of the holiday.

Have a blessed day -
Hugs and -

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

High Hopes Stamps - I'll be Gnome for Christmas

Howdy -

Still have the Country Christmas feel I guess... These new High Hopes Stamps Woodsy Christmas stamps are just feeling so perfect this year. I pulled out Cocoa Gnome and did a little coloring with my Copics.

I went a bit from the traditional Christmas colors and papers and pulled out pure country. I had fun coloring with my copics and then inked the edges of the image. I added Nuvo sparkle to the hat and then Nuvo Clear to the candy and the marsh mallows. I sewed down the image with a zig zag stitch. And then dug in my antique buttons and found four mother of pearl buttons that have the vintage feel to them.

For the sentiment I pulled out the new "I'll be Gnome for Christmas" sentiment. Love that!

Copic colors used -

Loving the warm feeling these image have - for you to see the entire collection click HERE -

Enjoy all the Christmas fun there!

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Animal Crackers - We will miss you, Annie -

Howdy -

A bit of a sad post today, but one thinking back to the joy of her life.

We lost Annie this week.

Just like her Mom, Lillie, she wasn't sick, didn't act differently. Got in a hut one evening to go to sleep, rolled up and never woke up. It has been depressing, and Hubby and I both have been very sad, but as we have discussed recently we have some animals that are getting pretty old. Annie was one of our very first goats... years ago. She was "the youth" on the side of her Mom Lille.

First she was extremely skittish... 

I have a three inch long scar on my leg to prove just how skittish and hard she was to deal will in the beginning. Hey.. Hubby said don't let go of her no matter what... so I didn't she took off I held on and she drug me across the pen giving me one nasty gash on my leg. Wasn't her fault... I should have let go. LOL

But after a while she realized her new home and "parents" were just wanting to help her and love on her and she became a sweet heart. And over the years she has given us some amazing little ones.

First was Maggi... sadly she didn't make it... Annie was already bred when she arrived, she was a bit to young and her baby was born a little too early and just wasn't strong enough. 

 Then she had triplets... Bo, Daisy and Duke! 

Bo and Duke had to be sold.. boys, you know ... But Daisy was special and became a favorite breeder for us. 

Then she have us Gidget... Such a cutie! Sad we sold her, but at that time we had baby goats everywhere... LOL 

 Then in 2014 she had another single little girl Abigail... her last baby and now a Mommy herself to twins Waylan and Willie.

 Waylan and Willie have some great genes in them. And Waylan will be a future Buck for us and love that we will be passing on Lillie and Annie in future babies.

Annie you have blessed us and have been a joy our lives. We love you and miss that funny little noise you make each morning wanting you private special breakfast... Dad was so good at hiding your hay so no one else would bother you to eat with out greedy girls.

Thanks for letting me take a little trip down memory lane - It does make me feel better seeing all the happiness we have had with Miss Annie.

Hope you have a blessed day and please hug a furry or feathered animal... it is good for both of you!

 HUGS and

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Whimsy Stamps - Iggy

Howdy -

Today for Whimsy Digital Stamps I thought the new CC Designs Iggy was perfect... maybe it was the fact that we had a really good freeze this week and I have been freezing! LOL So the little girl on an igloo seemed perfect!

I colored with my Copics and then I went nuts with the Marvy Snow Marker - Ranger Stickles white lace glitter and then Nuvo clear on the ice...

Papers from Making Memories are sewed with the image with a zig zag stitch. Then a fun sentiment.

Here is a close up of the all the bling -

Love how chilly this image feels.. or is that just me freezing here?

Hope you have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

High Hopes Stamps - Merry Christmas Wreath

Howdy -

Today for High Hopes Stamps I went for a simple traditional look for my card today. I used the new Wreath stamp with the sentiment Merry Christmas works out perfect. 

I was trying to go for a bit of leather look... hmm.. not sure if I pulled it off but I still like it. I stamped the image and then colored with Copics - topped off with some Nuvo sparkle pens. Just for a little touch of bling. I inked the edges of the kraft card stock with Ranger Tea Dye ink.

With cardstock layers of dark green and red I sewed all the layers together. Then added ribbon around the corners with a bow. Simple but I love how this stamp stands out.

Copic colors used - 

I hope you enjoyed my card - Love how grown up it feels.. :0)

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Animal Crackers - Still in Love

Howdy -

 How can you not just adore this face?

This guy is so sweet.. and so friendly. He has made a huge impression on all of here and all are in love with him.. Even Raffie...

Raffie and Alvin have become best buddies... Cracks me up how these two chatter and talk to each other... Ok.. Alvin does most all the chattering and talking. Raffie just listens and nods. LOL

Frankie just grins from his pen a few feet away. 

What am I saying... Frankie grins all the time. He is such a happy old man. Love that face too!

Now we had a cold front come through again this week. It is tough to get use to... 80's ... then 40's... then back up to 80's... then Thursday night again... brrrr!!! Yesterday it was rainy and in the low 50's during the day... Jill well she wasn't giving up her igloo for nothing!

She had it warmed up and she knew if she got out someone else would claim it in seconds! So she popped out said hi... then went right back in. Don't blame you Jill... as soon as I snap a few photos I am going right back in too!

Miss Cocoa was sure full and fluffy -

Amazes me how quick their winter fur comes in and puffs up to keep them warm.

Speaking of Puffed up ... Not a great photo... but I just love how the chicken know how to handle the cold.

Step 1 - puff up , Step 2 - Hunker down... Now they  have huts.. and heat lamps... but nope they are good to puff up and hunker down! LOL But don't worry when that sun goes down and temp drops a bit more... she will be under those heat lamps!

Speaking of Heat Lamps... 

Moxie is LOVING her new bed, and is a toasty little doggie under her heat lamp. Girl won't use a dog house but a few years ago we finally found that if we made her a spot on the porch with a wind barrier she would sleep there at night. And when a could front blows in she stays snug in her bed with a heat lamp above her. And boy she doesn't like it when that lamp goes off during the day and it is time to get out of bed... She is my doggie for sure,  I complain when getting out of bed on cold mornings too! Ok.. all mornings. LOL

Hope you have a blessed weekend.. Hug a Furry or Feathered Friend!
HUGS and

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

High Hopes Stamps - Sledding Gnomes

Howdy -

From Our Gnome to Yours...  Today for High Hopes Stamps I had some holiday fun with one of the new Woodsy Christmas images. "Sledding Gnomes"

 These little Gnomes are so full of fun! And I really enjoyed coloring them. I went a little country again with this card. I used my Copics (colors below) and then added lots of bling with Nuvo sparkles and shine. I used papers from Moda Scraps Vintage Xmas collection. Dots of Nuvo Gold Pearl I then added the High Hopes Sentiment "From Our Gnome to Yours"

Copic colors used -

I am loving this new Woodsy Christmas collection to see it all click HERE

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and 

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Animal Crackers - Luxury


Now I don't want you to think my "kids" are spoiled... you wouldn't think that right? Well Hubby and I found dog beds last week.. we had already talked about the fact that Moxie our outside doggie really needed a new bed. You can only wash so many times... then you must start fresh. So we were on the look out for new dog bed... And decided that we would get two when we found a good deal... So Moxie got a new bed and the inside doggies got a new bed too. This is 5 minutes after it hit the floor.. How is this for enjoying some Luxury? 

Ok so it is a bigger bed than we normally buy for the inside doggies. But like I said it was a really good deal and we thought they may enjoy stretching out. LOL Libbie LOVES the new bed. We have two older beds.. not that old but not new, One is in one of the house and the other in the bedroom. Libbie and Chica both love them and "share" them. Meaning Chica can sleep in it whenever Libbie allows it. But now we have this new Luxury bed too... we ended up putting it in the bedroom next to the other bed. Chica prefers the older bed she always has liked to roll up in a small bed. Libbie has loved her "Queen" bed.

Autie... he uses is like a "day" bed and loves the pillow in it!

Autie... he sleeps across my feet at night. And has done it since he was a puppy. Use to drive me nuts! And now I can 't sleep unless he is right there with me. But during the day, he shares what ever bed he can. And this new bigger bed is just fun right now!

Made my way out to the donkeys.. trying to avoid mud. Still dealing with mud. But needed to do some loving on my girls.

 Bella and Fancy thought maybe it was snack time. Look at those sad eyes like they really needed a snack. Fancy Pants... she really can pull out those big brown eyes and make me want to find a treat really fast. But they don't look as if they "need" any other kind of treats (don't worry when they get a treat it is a carrot nothing unhealthy)...  BTW... answer me this... my kids only eat "grass" fresh and dried hay. So they live on a salad diet. That is how we as humans are drilled to loose weight... but do my kids look like skinny super models? LOL You would think they got sweet feed and treats constantly. Maybe I should work on treadmills for some exercise for them? (and me)  LOL Have no clue how grass puts weight on them. Some is putting it on for winter... so lets just say it is going to be a cold winter coming and they are well protected. Now will that work for me too?

Got a shot of Miss Vera.. I think it is going to be a cold winter...

In the last couple of weeks seem like everyone is thickening up.. weight and fur. God knows how to take care of the animals and if he has them put on more fur... then he is preparing them for cold weather.... hmmmmm better make sure I have enough gas for heat and some warm clothes.

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day - We have a very special wedding this weekend. Looking forward to the beautiful day!

HUGS and 

Friday, November 2, 2018

Whimsy Stamps - New Release - Elf Cinnamon

Howdy -

I am so excited to show you another new release from Whimsy Stamps Digital Collection. This is Elf Cinnamon from CC Designs! 

 I printed out this wonderful Digital image and then colored with my Copics (colors below) and then found some pretty papers from Paper Studio. I sewed all they layers down and then a new item for me... so excited and see this becoming a top favorite! My sentiment is from the Christmas Adopt-a-Words Chipboard collection.

There are so many wonderful chipboard fun to play with!! See them all HERE - Promise you will love!  

Copic colors used -

You just must click over and see all the wonderful new things this month at Whimsy Stamps! to get there fast click HERE!!

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and