Tuesday, April 29, 2014

High Hopes Challenge - Dots and Spots

Howdy -

This week at the High Hopes Challenge the challenge is "Dots and Spots" - I needed a birthday card for a friend so I combined for the challenge and had some fun with a couple of the new images at High Hopes that I knew my friend would like -

I used the new "Barn" along with "Lucy's Lambs" - I stamped Lucy and her lambs first, masked them and then stamped the barn. Colored with my Copics (colors below).  I used paper scraps as I had a great dotted paper in scraps. And doesn't it make you feel good to use up scraps?  I then stamped out the sentiment " From our Barnyard to Yours" Love that one! Punched out some flowers and leaves and embellished the corner.

Inside I used up more papers and stamped a Happy Birthday.

Copid Colors used

Easy challenge this week and fun. Dots work with lots of subjects! Join us at the High Hopes Challenge with some Dots and Spots and then win some High Hopes of your own!

Have a great day -
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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Gardening Sunday - A little heat is good, I guess.

Howdy -

Well I can complain about the heat and how I am not looking forward to it. How I really hate it. But in all honesty... a little heat is good for the garden.

With the temps warming up this last week we can see things really shooting up and even starting to see blooms.

The tomatoes really are loving the heat - they are filing in the cages, and now we are seeing lots of blooms coming on. We still have some in the greenhouse. Hubby is going to be getting them out now that there are no more chances for cold weather. Now I wanted to share the different varieties this week. But well... they have gotten a bit mixed up in the grab and go, and quick move when the bad weather came in a couple of weeks ago. Hubby will get them all back in order and then I can snap photos and share with you. We are really excited about the tomatoes!! My favorite part of the garden goodies!

That may not be totally true... I do love that we are having what looks like a whole bunch of strawberries! I am really excited about these.

This is our second year of doing the strawberries - actually these are the same plants from last year! Hubby kept good care of them and they have come back wonderfully. But you see last year we didn't get huge numbers of fruit. Ok... again not totally true. True would be that fruit did not make it into the house in any numbers!! My handsome gardener ate his snacks while working on the garden - so very few made it in to the house! LOL This year we have what looks like much larger numbers of fruit so I might get a few inside to clean up and chill for a treat!

Now we have 6 groupings of beans - and they have been very very very sad. The Pinto beans faired the worst from the hail storms and have not come back well. But a couple groupings of the Kentucky wonders have just in the past few days really popped up and started giving hope to a full pot in our future.

 Some TLC and fertilizer - they are really looking healthy again. If we can get a few more seeds this week we may just try and re do the others - If time allows I guess, we have a very full week this coming week. Getting ready for another show - and the grass is starting to get out of control with all the rain last month and then the heat this week...  Rain - SUN - Warmth and you get growth! Sounds easy but it all works so much nicer with out interruptions from cold blast - high winds and oh yea an hour of solid hail that covered the ground and did so much damage.

You planning a garden? Got things growing yet? It is so exciting to see it from seed  to plant to the table to enjoy!

Have a blessed Sunday -
HUGS and-

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Animal Crackers - From Winter to Spring straight into Summer

Howdy -

I guess I went MIA again for a few days this week didn't I? Oops sorry about that. Was nuts here on the farm. With the weather so odd this last month lots to catch up on and get done around here. Got up new fencing for Raffie, enlarging his pen by double. (Yes WE meaning ME and Hubby) I had the sunburn for proof of being outside all day. Worked another day outside helping set up new water tanks for the girls. Still work to be done on that but at least they have another fresh tank for summer. Then had two days of people here to look at the donkeys and goats.

Was going to post earlier in the week about the couple that came last weekend, but was still dealing and accepting it. :0) Was a whirlwind. They came, looked and loved on everyone, talked for a while, chose who they liked, loaded them and were gone. Was like one huge bandaid ripped off! After they drove off it was really hit hard. Yes... we are here to sell donkeys and we are actually getting calls again after the long drought. There are donkeys here that we know from day one they are to be sold. Boys especially... but then there are a few girls that have never been on the "for sale" list and we thought for some time that we would never part with them and keep them as future breeders. Angelina "Lina" was on that list... one of our first babies here... and a love. They chose her. And they chose Gloria. Now Gloria was always on our "for sale" list but just had become a member of the family with her outrageous outgoing personality. The two girls are very close in age, were friends and bonded, and actually were a really good pair to move on together. The home they went to is with a wonderful young couple that I know will spoil and love them. No worries that they will be taken care of or not. They have a good home. And honestly the fast big bandaid is probably for the best in some respects. But man don't make it hurt any less... miss the two of them so much already. But did get photos this week and see how wonderful of place they live at now.

So now I have cried and pouted to you all too much. How about some animal fun from yesterday?
We are really keeping an eye on a few donkeys. Yes a FEW... Hubby has finally agreed that yes, there are probably at least three that will be having babies at some point. I have made sure to say it more than once...  "I TOLD YOU SO!"

Macie for sure -

Gorgeous girl - She may be a plain "grey dun" but we have always said she has the most beautiful face. Big beautiful brown eyes and long eyelashes. Now here she is out of the heat in the barn yesterday afternoon. I don't think you really get the idea of how tired and miserable she is in the heat right now. It was quite warm here yesterday...

Here she is leaving the barn....

Yea - now you feel for her!! She is a really short girl, and really carries her babies wide! She isn't showing signs to being close yet. But we are watching! Lacey actually might be showing some signs.... so more babies coming!

Speaking of babies...

Handsome guy or what!?? Such a love too! Patricio has already grown up to big boy status... he is allowed to leave Mom's side and wander off and she doesn't freak. But I think she is always keeping a bit of watch over him. I actually realized she wasn't anywhere near us when I was talking to him and took his photo. Where was SHE?? 

Out in the pasture, giving some "Donkey Smiles" to the men over the fence... flirt! 

Getting a bit loud around her this week, as she is going into season... And showing off to all that will pay attention. Nope forget Patti, no boys now... won't stop her from showing off though. 

Found little Mirta really enjoying herself wish I could have gotten it on video - man she was scratching so fast and hard on this t-post could have been great with some good music! 

Went and saw Hank on my way to check on the boys and the garden. All the goats were chillin in the shade. Hank had claimed the best spot in the boys pen, up on the bench under the awning.

Still a sweet boy, he got some good head scratching and nose rubs :0) 

Then a very RARE sighting!!! 

 Fraidy Cat!  or wait is that Scaredy cat? Ok it is one of the brothers. And they are usually never still for viewing. But it was warm, and he had such a good spot in the shade I went very slowly and used the zoom and snapped. He looked at me like one more step and I am out of here! LOL I backed up and left him still and cozy right where he was.

Then I visited the garden to check on things for tomorrow's post and then I went in to some air conditioning and to get still and chill myself!

Hope you have nice weather were you are. Get out and love a furry animal ok?

See you tomorrow for updates on the Garden
HUGS and -

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

High Hopes Challenge - One for the Girls!

Howdy -

Today is the High Hopes Challenge and it is a really fun one this week! "One for the Girls" LOVE GIRLY CARDS! This week I went into my older High Hopes images for a favorite! And perfect for the challenge!!

This is Gertie, Millie and Hattie! Three great "Girl friends!" And they work wonderfully with the sentiment "Chicks with Hat-itude!" Just cracks me up! I colored with my Copics, colors below, and them found some very girly pattern papers from First Addition called Rose Garden. Really yummy papers! They have some great texture to them, and wonderful rich colors. I used a piece of lace, sewed things together and then added some mulberry roses with leaf punches. Girl enough?

Here is the inside - all the same papers -

And the Copic colors used -

Now you need to pop over to the High Hopes challenge - see more of the DT inspiration and then please do join us!! You can have a great chance to win some High Hopes stamps to play with!

Have a wonderful day!
HUGS and

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Gardening Sunday - Things are looking good!

Howdy -

First let me wish you all a Happy Easter. I hope you are blessed with lots of friends and family to share today with -

Well this week was one that we just held our breath and watched the garden. A bit of a cold snap with some frosty nights this last week. Hubby held off planting anything else from out of the greenhouse or starting anything else new until the frosty nights were over. This week he should have some better progress.

Speaking of progress....

The Squashes are all doing great after their hail damage... We have little veggies starting over again! The beans... well they are just too sad to share photographs.

But these little guys are doing well!

Right before the hail storm Hubby planted some Watermelon seeds. We at first thought that maybe they washed away, but they didn't and they are really putting on some leaves this week.

Now this is really exciting too! Don't you see...

Last weekend Hubby planted two long rows of corn. Just for fun, not sure how they will do, but lookie......

Think I should get extra butter at the store this week? I will hold off for now, but every seed he planted is coming up so far! We have a neighbor that does acres of corn, and I always want to pull over and "borrow" a few and Hubby won't let me. But I am thinking I won't have to get in trouble stealing any if these keep on growing! And if they all do there will be lots to share too!

Now that the weather is warming up again and the threat of frost looks over, Hubby will get back to the tomatoes and cucumbers that are still in the greenhouse. Oh and the grapes too. We both are really watching the tomatoes really close, they slowed way down with the cold. The tomatoes are both of our favorites and we have I think 3 or 4 different kind this year.  I can almost taste them.

Oh.. one more photo - - -

 Found this gorgeous little one in the greenhouse yesterday - Isn't he just beautiful! Love how a garden and plants bring out so many pretty things in nature to see. And yes, there are some scary and bad too... but I won't think about those today.

Hope you have a wonderful and blessed Easter with friends and family -
Hugs and -

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Animal Crackers - All about the Goats... babies :0)

Howdy -

This week it is all about the Goats - I told you last week that some of the girls that we sold to a wonderful couple have had babies. Well she has been so kind to share photos of the babies with me. I don't have any goat babies this Spring.... But this week we have things in the works for Fall! Peso got two Ladies. And Frankie got Four! Three of the younger girls and then Annie went in on accident so now she is there until pregnant. Tired of chasing goats and she gives pretty babies and is a good Mom.

I captured a photo yesterday evening that cracked me up. I guess Frank is showing off that he can still fit inside a bowl to Miss Alice. She didn't seem amused, more like get your feet out there I eat out of that!

These two should hopefully give us some stunning babies. Both Black and White and both those stunning ice blue eyes!

We also put in Gracie with Frank... I have been waiting for this for two years! All though at this point she was staying high up away from Frank... not to sure about this guy thing... Vera also was put in with Frank.

Now I know you are wanting to see those babies... not talk about future babies! 

Speaking of FABULOUS Black and White with blue eyes... Lady Di had twins... and are they royalty or what??

Lady Di's Sister, Camilla also had twins... and oh my these are stunning!!! I am so jealous of all the color and all the blue eyes!!

I believe that Camilla was bred to Peter... Remember that stunning hot shot boy we had? Well he and Camilla really out did themselves! WoW Love that color!!

Then she also has Betty Davis!! And Betty had triplets! All different too! Looks like Triplets was requiring a nap for Betty...

Here is a close up of Betty's Boy.... Oh my just melts my heart! LOVE THOSE EYES!!! He got Betty Davis's eyes huh?

 Cuteness overload huh?

Was going to add a photo of our baby Patricio for you but that guy was too interested in being in the big pasture with all the Ladies. He really is proud of himself over there! I'll get some during the week for you next week before he starts growing up to fast.

We have a family coming this morning to see the donkeys. They think they want a pair for their ranch. One of those happy sad times for us. We need to sell sell sell... but we hate to have any leave us. Sound like a wonderful family and a pretty place though... so I will share my donkey love -

Hope you have a wonderful day -
Be back tomorrow with the Garden!
HUGS and

Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Easter Card!

Howdy -

Today I have an Easter Card! This image just made me smile when I saw it. Whimsy Stamps artist LiaStampz Digi's are a favorite for me, and "Bunny Costume" is just a cutie don't you think?

Colored with my Copics (colors below) I went with some bold coloring and just a tiny bit of shading for the costume. Easter Bunnies need to be white right? Used up some scrap papers on my desk from My Minds Eye. Added a satin green ribbon, lots of mulberry flowers with leaf punches. Then I printed out a Whimsy Digital Sentiment "Easter Sentiments" This is a wonderful collection of sentiments! And a great deal too!

Inside are the same papers -

Copics used -

I am having so much fun with all these spring fun images! And there are so many new ones at Whimsy! And you can have them so fast and do so much with Digitals! Change the size - add together - print in different colors.. Have you tried Digital Images yet? Head over to Whimsy Stamps Digital Images and see all that there is to offer! Digital Sentiments are a must!! Go ahead and give it a go...

Hopefully the weather is going to be nice today. Hoping to do some Spring cleaning outside and then a bit inside as well today. Yesterday the sun never came out and it drizzled all day... very yucky depressing feeling. I love the rain don't get me wrong but love that Spring Sun when I am outside!

Hope you have the sun where you are!
Have a wonderful day
HUGS and

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

High Hopes Challenge - A Sketch!

Howdy -

Todays High Hopes Challenge is a sketch - isn't it wonderful to have a sketch provided sometimes? I don't have to think about the layout at all. Just follow the sketch!

I decided to play with the new image - "Sitting Shelby" One really adorable little turtle don't you think?

I colored with my Copics (colors below) Then I found some older papers in my stash from My Minds Eye Home Collection - rich earthy colors that work for a turtle card right? The sentiment is also from High Hopes and is perfect for Shelby - "Wishing you a turtally awesome birthday!" Great Guy Card!

Here is the inside -

And the Copic Colors used -

Quick fun card I think! Now the sketch is over at the High Hopes Challenge Blog I do hope you will join us and you might win some new images from High Hopes!

Chilly day today ... planning inside jobs for me. Other than that quick run out to love on a few animals. wink wink... Not sure what happened to our wonderful Spring weather, it decided to hide for a little while and mean old winter came back to show us he is stronger I guess. I will just keep looking towards the Spring that should be back in a day or so!

Hope it is nice where you are - And that you have some time to do a little crafting too!
Have a wonderful day -
HUGS and

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Gardening Sunday - Moving Forward After the Storm

Howdy -

Well as I said in an earlier post this week we had some really bad storms here first part of the week. I hailed constant for over 30 minutes. It covered the ground and we actually still had piles of hail the next morning! It was unbelievable. And not so nice to Hubby's beautiful garden!

The green beans took the worst of it.

Hubby says they will come back but it will take a while before I can have the pot ready for cooking..

The Squashes also took a pretty good bashing, Hubby has picked a lot of the bad leaves off and they are already looking worlds better than they did.

After we pouted just a bit about the damage Hubby decided that it was more than time to put out the tomatoes. So he has started sorting and planting them out in their planters. I mean what are the chances of another hail storm right? I will share the varieties next week once they are all in - 

No I am really proud of Hubby... I had no idea he had saved the strawberries from last year! But he surprised me today and not only showed me healthy and happy plants, but there are already strawberries showing! 

We went into town the other day for "supplies" and found a few more grape plants. I do hope these do well once "we" he he he Hubby gets them in the ground.

 So things are moving on around here. Spring has Sprung! Things are green and growing! I love Spring!

Hope you have something pretty growing where you are!
HUGS and -

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Animal Crackers - Donkey Hugs!

Howdy -

Well the weather has been really gorgeous here the past few days - first of the week we had some horrible storms and lots of hail.... Yes the Garden will be shown tomorrow and it ain't pretty folks. But today is all about lots of cuteness!!!

Now you will have to just let me go on and on about our baby Patricio... or as his we have been calling him "Pac Man" - He has so much personality and is just a total love...

He LOVES to give Donkey Hugs!

He puts everything into it! He leans so hard on you is front legs come off the ground! Wish you could see his little tail... it was going a million miles an hour! This is really fun, adorable and cute now.... as he get bigger and full grown.... well you can imagine! LOL

"Dad" is explaining that he is already getting big and gonna have to not lean so hard. In reality... Hubby loves it and wouldn't change a thing.... How freaking adorable is that furry face! PacMan... I am talking about, but I do love Hubby's face too...

Patricio then decided he wanted a close up...

It does let you know under those bangs he has adorable big brown eyes!

Snapped these yesterday morning.... PacMan had already done a few laps around his little pen and was napping...

He finally did sit up for me. But you can tell he was sleepy still...

I know you might be bored with all my baby photographs.... but we are just so in love with this guy I just can't stand it!!

I did get emails this past weekend that some of our goat kids that went on to new homes ... Well they are Moms! And a DAD!!  Lady Di - Camilla - Betty all have had babies this last week!! And there is one proud Dad that we know as well!! Peter!!! I have gotten a few first born photos... I will see if we can get some bouncing photos to share next week! So proud - these are all some of our prettiest kids and they though we miss them, they have a fabulous new family home and now have babies of their own!

To end.. I did snap one really sweet photo yesterday ----

 Miss Chica ... she is just so beautiful. She was watching the donkeys off in the distance running - If you note.... her "baby" The Flea was right there behind her. Always is close...

We have been letting Patti and PacMan out into the large pen during the day with all the girls... so I probably will do the same as I did yesterday and spend time going in and out to check and make sure all is happy - I know I am a dork... LOL

Have a blessed wonderful day -
Hugs and