Tuesday, April 30, 2013

High Hopes - Paper Piecing

Howdy -

WE GOT RAIN! Sorry had to start off with that loud scream of excitement. Was so fabulous and SO needed. Two really good rain storms in two days. I think you can already see the grass growing! I know the neighbors corn field has grown in just 24 hours. We laughed yesterday, we drove out around 9am and when we came back around noon it looked like it was a full foot taller! LOL  I know some areas have really had too much rain, but here in Texas we need it badly. So we dance when we get good measurable rain! Means the hay fields will grow and the hay will be cut and available for the animals!

Now lets move on to todays High Hopes Challenge! This week we are having fun doing a little Paper Piecing. Did you get a chance to see the Tutorial last week over at the HH Blog? Well this week we are putting it to use and doing some paper piecing ourselves.

For me I wanted to go a little different....

I wanted to piece something a little different - normally I piece clothing but when I came across these three "chicks" I thought maybe I could paper piece them! This is Gertie, Millie and Hatie - they are three great girlfriends!

Bazill Gem papers that have a shine to them were perfect. I stamped them out on white and yellow, then again one more time on my regular card stock. I colored their hats and ribbons. The background and then the grass. Then I cut out all the white bodies - then out of the yellow their legs and beaks. I really love how it came out! May have to try this more often.  

I found some papers in my scraps matted with red and blue card stock. Then put on a blue card stock base. Each layer was sewed together. A red gingham ribbon around the bottom and then three red buttons. The sentiment is also from High Hopes - "Happy Bird Day!" - a friend had a birthday this past weekend - so this card had a purpose! 

Here is a different view of the girls so you can see the piecing and texture of the Gem card stock. 

Here is the inside - more of the same papers -

And then my Copics I uses... for such little coloring I sure used a bunch of colors didn't I? LOL

 Pop on over to the High Hopes Challenge and see the other DT's paper piecing. Then join us!! Great chances of winning more High Hopes!

So today ---- what are you up to? We have plans to work on a few projects here at home. Hubby has been working on restoring an antique display case, hopefully today he will finish it. Really is looking great and I can't wait to use it at our next show. Me, I will do some chores, and work on eBay. If I can get the courage I might go to the grocery store. ARG... I keep putting it off, and we are getting to the point that it is becoming totally necessary. So today or tomorrow it will have to be done. See... I just put it off another day there didn't I? LOL

Have a wonderful day -
Hugs and -

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Animal Crackers - Heat Lamp or Tanning Bed?

Howdy -

We had to move the baby chicks into my craft room yesterday. We have had them closed up in our spare room where the cat and the dogs couldn't get to them. But we had a guest, and a heat lamp and chicks chirping wasn't the best hospitality... so into my craft room was the next best place for them. Too chilly and humid out on the porch which my first choice. They had been in there maybe 10 minutes when Gato found them... or was it the heat lamp she was happier to find?

"Great tanning bed Mom!" Isn't she a riot. Could have cared less about the chicks. She watched them for 2 minutes and was bored and jumped up on top and took a nap. mmmm it is warm here ... LOL

Libble - she didn't give up. Still hasn't. She is driving us insane.... whining, barking, growling. 24/7 The chicks will be going out on the porch as soon as possible.

I don't know what she would do if she actually got up close to one of them. Don't think I want to know. She got out of the yard last week.... took off a million miles an hour after Niner. He is the largest outside dog. Oh about 20 times her size. I think he knew if he touched her he would be in trouble. So he took off. With her barking on his heels. She is so intense!  Check out those eyes!

Cute photo of Cali - Captured a head swing in motion.

It was suppose to rain. SUPPOSE to, very humid and still. That brings out flies. They were driving the donkeys nuts. Poor things. Cali was telling one to get off her head -

Went to talk to the young boys. I think Jorge was telling me this is his good side for photos -

Such a funny boy. And I swear Felipe was laughing at him... doesn't it look like he is grinning? They have such fabulous personalities. Love these boys. :0)

I took about 60 photo trying to get decent Chicken and Guineas ... they move so fast!

This is a chicken run...

This is their favorite spot in the coop. They have scratched the dirt in the corner till it is all soft. She smoosh themselves down into dirt and then pile up.

The chicken on the left was stepping up to climb up on top -

Then I went to get a photo of the Guineas. They are really changing right now. "Maturing" as Hubby says -

They are gorgeous as long as you don't look at their heads... WOW their head is turning a light purple, feathers are changing... and they are growing thingies on the sides of their faces. Hubby says once they are all grown up they will be really good looking... I worry - man they are not pretty right now.

Oops .. I think she heard me..

 She buried that head as fast as I said that! Or was she looking for something? LOL Their feathers really are gorgeous. BOLD and Bright!

Speaking of Bold and Bright... how about ending today's Animal Crackers post with our boy Tuco? He is just too handsome :0)

Now all full grown (we hope as he is now the biggest of all four dogs) Now all full grown he has become so handsome. You just want to hug him.. or what was that old bugs bunny cartoon " I'm gonna   hug him, love him, pet him... hug him, love him, pet him"  Tuco don't mind at all. He loves to be cuddled and loved on.

Hope you  have a wonderful weekend - Hug something furry ok?
HUGS and

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Whimsy Inspiration - Missing You like Crazy

Howdy -

Today I wanted to share one of the new digital images from Whimsy Stamps. This image got me one of those "rolls of the eye" you are making me crazy looks from Hubby. I got to coloring this cutie and was just enjoying my crafting time... when he stepped into my craft room and said do you know what time it is? That is the nice question I get when he is trying to sleep and the light from my craft area is keeping him from dozing off. My craft room is a an extension off of our bedroom. That means I am suppose to stop working and head to bed. Now I was on a roll and was enjoying myself and my quiet time. I said I just want to finish my card.... and there was the roll of the eyes. Now why is it my light is bothering him, but he can fall asleep with all the lights on and the TV blaring at top volume? But that is different I guess -

So I stayed up and kept on working... I had to I couldn't not finish this cutie!!!

This is one of the new images from Whimsy's new artist Scrappers Delights - Baby Boo Dragon - look at that pouty face.  I thought she was perfect for a "Missing You" card -

I found some older papers from My Minds Eye - Kraft Funday - one of those sets I had to have and really never have used. I love it! I colored up with my Copics (colors below) then I chose some of the pattern papers and cut them out. I then went around each piece with a really dark grey Copic. Love how it gives a shadow look to each paper. I found some ribbon that was the same color as one of the mats - I stuck it down and then hated it. Too shiny.. this paper was all wrong with the that type of ribbon. But it was down. To help I found some twine and wrapped the ribbon and then tied around the bow. Helps some maybe.... I dont' know maybe not.

Then I found a Whimsy sentiment that was just what my card was for - "Missing You like Crazy" It is from the Simple Everyday Greetings set -  Great set to have on hand for cards.

Here is Baby Boo Dragon up close -

Cutie huh?

Here is the inside - more papers from the Kraft Funday paper pad -

And the Copics used -

Whimsy had a release yesterday - More great rubber... papers...dies and Shape EZ templates...  my wish list just gets longer and longer! I get an order in and then the list starts over :0)  Love my Whimsy! How about you?

What is on your list to do today? I am thinking I need to do some organizing today - little cleaning but mostly sorting and organizing. Need resort the Estate items and clear some boxes. And I SERIOUSLY need to clean and sort my craft room. It has turned into eBay central and I want more craft central again. So that is the plan...fingers crossed!

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and-

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Me and My Space - getting into a few different eBay items

Howdy -

Things have been really busy around here. Lots of Normal and Lots of getting things out, cleaned up and on eBay. Since there are no antique shows for the past couple of weeks we decided to go through the stock and move some items. So not only have I been listing the estate I am working through, but now we are listing items from our own stock.

So lots of items going on and selling in our eBay store. More "man" type of antiques with Hubby's trucks. Some of my Antique dolls, and other toys. Then I got into some new items in the estate that found me really ooohing and aaahhing. But I snapped photos and listed them.

Got into a box of vintage fabrics, embroidery and doily items. Listed a stunning Lithograph fabric Pillow Cover from 1900! The color and image are really stunning! Would love to add to my own collection of pretty things... but have to think business like and listed it. But really... look how pretty it is!

Just as it was purchased over 100 years ago!! Never used, just folded and put away. This are gorgeous Victorian pillows - but I have seen them framed as well.

Found a finished vintage needlepoint.  Large size like for a bench top or long rectangle pillow.
I have really never finished any needlepoint so buying someone else's hard work would be a great way for me to work with a pretty piece like this.

Picked out a few of our stock Antique Pressed steel trucks to list - this one sure is a pretty one. Toys from the 1920's and 30's sure were great weren't they? Look sturdy - imagination - well made and NO BATTERIES!

This one has been totally restored. The paint is like a mirror!! My truck didn't have a paint job like this when I drove off the showroom floor!  Great toy.

And then a pretty little dolly - Love this ones eyes.

Sweet little German Bisque doll from Heubach Kopplesdorf - I have "stocked" up so many great porcelain bisque dolls that I am thinking I need to list a bunch more. Only way to have room to buy more right? LOL That is the BEST part of doing this. I get to "play" with wonderful antiques, then I price them and sell them so I can go out and find more. And yes... a few do hurt when they sell... Sold a doll last month that I fell in love with, got it, next day took it to a show and it sold 30 minutes into the first day. Hubby was worried I wasn't going to let go of it... LOL

Hope you enjoy seeing a few of the antiques we deal with - You can see all the listings in the DonkeySmiles eBay store you can click on the link on the bar on the right -

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Whimsy Inspiration - Ana Mae Party Bunny!

Howdy -

Wanted to show off one of the new Whimsy Stamps images from the new stamp designer! Stamper's Delight - love her adorable images and this was my first to color up!

This is Anna Mae Party Bunny Girl -  now you may look at my card and say "Bunny?" well this is a bonus of the digital image - you get this girl with adorable bunny ears, and then also without. So you can use it for many different projects. Love when things are so practical don't you?

Love how this one came out - sometimes they just make you happy you know? I always love the primary colors. I colored with my Copics (colors below) I went really bold with her. I used a circle nestie, and cut her feet out to pop out of the circle. My papers are all from Simple Stories Summer Fresh collection. This is one of my favorite collections and this stack is getting low. I added two gingham ribbons and sewed things down. I die cut out some flowers and leaves with Viva Decor Graphite Paper Pen to the centers.

Because the pattern paper had a "sentiment" of sorts printed on it I didn't add one to the front, but instead added one to the inside -

I used the same paper collection inside. Then printed out from one of my favorite Whimsy Sentiment Sets - Smile Sentiments - this is a FABULOUS set to have one hand for all kinds of cards.

here are my copic colors -

sorry a couple seem to have gotten buried in the jar there ... told you I colored bold on this one :0)

Really looking forward to more from the new artist at Whimsy Stamps -  then again I love pretty much all Whimsy :0) don't you?

If you haven't been at the Whimsy store in a while you seriously need to pop over and take a looks. There is TONS of wonderful new things to see!! Bet you can't look around at the store and not put at least a few things in your cart! Common dare you to try!!!

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday - Breakfast with the locals - then home for more needed chore time and work time. Got lots done yesterday - I have a some great things on eBay right now, but have a  whole bunch coming on later today!! GOT lots listed to come on! Link to my store is on the top right bar.

HUGS and-

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Animal Crackers - Wyandotte :0)

Howdy -

My Wyandotte Chicks arrived!!! I didn't order them special - but I checked the feed store website for updates and waited and waited for their shipment of wyandottes to be scheduled. Then on the morning that they were to arrive we made sure to get there as soon as we could. They run out of the baby chicks for the most wanted varieties. And Wyandotte Chicks are those that just do not come in often and go quick!  The plan was always to try and get a dozen total chickens... 1/2 Rhode Island Reds and then the other 1/2 of Wyandotte - I was not happy about having to wait so long for them, but now that I have them they were so worth the wait!!! Can't even tell you how cute they are... oh love my reds, they are gorgeous. But these little Wyandotte chickies are ... well... you look -

They are just adorable! I asked the girl how old they were  - she said "Today" I said no not when did you get them how old? "Today" I said cracked out of the egg? She said yes "Today" ... it would have been easier to say "one day old" wouldn't it? Now they are 3 days old and just growing by leaps and bounds every day! They are very friendly - I love that! 

Look how pretty their back sides are - 

They are actually formally called Silver Lace Wyandotte Chickens - They will be pretty black and white feathers - very striking. But for now adorable!

I held my phone in to snap the photos... they are very friendly ... a few wanted close ups and to peck a hello to you -

They kept coming up to my phone and pecking on the face. Then running away and looking at me. Then they would do it again and again... Don't know if they thought it was special food or were being really brave and attacking the odd object that kept making snapping noises at them. :0)

Can't wait to see them grow up and how pretty they are gonna be! Just hope we don't have problems introducing them into the chicken coop with all the others - Everyone better be nice!

Now I have more photos from my photos last week - I took a ton, when working with animals you have to take advantage to good photo shoots as they don't come very often!

Annie - I have no clue what she was licking her lips for. LOL I didn't have anything yummy for her, and it was still a while till dinner time -

What ever she had must have been good.

Speaking of eating something good... Love this photo of Leticia!!

With the little bit of rain we have had we are getting some GREEN growing! Little Leticia was really loving the weeds growing under the trees! She is all grown up... over a year old now. And she is still a little thing. Hubby still calls her "Little Bitty" She sure is a pretty little bitty one!

Hank was enjoying the shade -

He is looking much better now that we took the black mineral buckets away from the boys. Why is it that the buckets are in the girls pens and they don't look like they have rolled all in it. But when ever we put it in with the boys they have to wear more than they eat!! Oh wait... They are boys!!!

Found Raffie trying to get as close as he could to his barn for some shade.

 Now that sounds really sad - like we have him in a hot zone with no shade to relax in. But not so... just around the corner of his barn there was 1/2 a pen of shade! For some reason he likes the shade here better... you would think he could see the girls better from here or something... LOL

 Here is one of the girl kids...

Jennifer - she is one of Annie's girls. Not the friendliest - like her Mom she is only friendly on her terms. She is a pretty thing though. And she is staying small - Really a gorgeous odd buckskin color, not at all like her Mom or Grandma... She was funny here. She popped her head out just to see what I was doing. "Uh.. you giving out treats? any Food?.. Uh no?" and then she went back in. Need to get some treats they are just so deprived you know. :0)

I have lots of house work to do today.. blah. The weather is gorgeous - I really would love to take a chair out and sit and read and watch all my fur children. They are really loving the weather! I may have to just sneak some time to enjoy them today - can't spend all day inside can I? Just not healthy.. we need fresh air! LOL So what are you looking forward to this weekend? Share some fun with me...

Have a wonderful day -
HUGS and

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

High Hopes!

High Hopes! Man that is me right now... I have very High Hopes that I can get my head on straight and get organized today. Today is the High Hopes Challenge... and the challenge today is to add a border. Life... I lost track of things here and totally missed my card! Duh what an idiot. We had a pipe get broke here on the farm and with the water spraying everywhere, I guess I just lost things. Pipe is fixed now so I need to refocus and get myself back on track. I have no card to show you for the challenge today but please pop over to the High Hopes Challenge and see all the other organized gals wonderful border cards -

So for today I'll show you a card I had planned to show you tomorrow  - it too is a High Hopes card. We were asked to join the talented ladies over at the Designed to Color Blog and show off High Hopes stamps and our love for coloring!! Well that was fun - I actually did two.. first one I didn't see the sketch and made a card... then went back and did a second card with the sketch. See I told you I am just loosing it this month!! LOL

Here is my card WITH the sketch -

Had to use one of my favorites :0) - I think this is one of my total favorite birthday images of all time. It is just so "ME".

Here is the info I put together for the Designed to Color Blog -

Medium: Copics
Hair: (donkey) - W00; W1; W2; W3; W5; W7; N4; N8; E00
Clothing: (bandana) R37; R89
Other: BG49; BG90; E39; E47; E55; G24; G99; YG63; YG67; R39; Y18; YR18; YR20; YR21
Image: High Hopes Party Donkey; High Hopes Got Cake?; High Hopes Three Candle Cake
Paper: As in the paper you colored on - Papertrey Ink White Card Stock 
Elements: Whimsy Corner Die; Vivia Decor Black Paper Pen; Sewing Machine: Pattern papers - My Minds Eye Lost and Found Union Square

Had to have things a bit more "organized" for their blog... I can do a few things correctly at times.

Now I think today I need to clean off my desk - clean off my calendar - and get things straight.  A re-booting you could say! Make sure to head over to High Hopes Challenge and join the border challenge - and then after that head over to the Designed to Color Challenge and join the sketch challenge!!

I am going now... hug a few furry and feathered babies - then to life back on schedule! I know my calendar is on my desk somewhere!! oh yea, then the bank, the post office, the grocery store, the feed store, laundry, house cleaned, dogs need a bath......

HUGS and -

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Animal Crackers - There is always one that has to be different

Howdy -

oH my the weather was so gorgeous here yesterday afternoon!! I grabbed my camera and went out to make the rounds. Everyone was enjoying a nice spot in the shade and the nice temperatures. If I had a hammock I could have easily joined them in a little afternoon nap. And this is probably why we have never gotten a hammock... well that and one of the animals would probably use, tear it, knock it over or eat it...

Hope you are not already tired of the chickens and guineas - but they are changing so much that I just have to show them off...

The chickens were all lined up liking the nice breeze in the shade - Why is it that there is always one that can't do as the others?

Five of them were facing one way... but that one rebel in the middle decided that it was better to face outward.

But then they thought maybe we had some sort of food for them. Haven't they gotten huge?

And changing every day - Love the red color on these guys. Rhode Island Reds.... I am thinking I would like to get some Wyondettes next... unless I find something else that we fall for. :0)

Hubby likes the chickens... but the Guineas are "his" and he is thrilled with them. They scream every time he comes out the back door.

Their coloring is really gorgeous - and they are a ton of fun - He says when they are big enough we can let them out of the pen and they will stay around the house... I am thinking no - I would die if something got them. Especially if it was one of the outside dogs - He keeps telling me that they can run fast and fly up into a tree.... but I have seen them with bunny rabbits to often - and a guinea that I raised would just crush me. They are only doing what they do I know that... but still ...

This is one close family - Paintbrush and her girls from different birthings are always together -

And the hut in the middle of the pen has been claimed as thiers - don't even think of getting in it ok?

Sandra Dee (my totally spoiled rotten bottle baby from last year) - was calling out for me to come and let her climb on me.

But I had on my "nicer" clothes and we were planning to leave soon for dinner so a white goat climbing on me was not in my plans at this time. I'll make it up today for her though.

Snapped a great photo of Toffee -

He is a handsome guy - babysitting him still for the neighbor. It will be a long term thing as Toffee and Coffee have decided that getting on a trailer and traveling is not something they want to do... living in a large pen with all Ladies is much better - (good thing they are both "safe" for the girls and can't do anything) 

This is one of my favorite views on our property - 

We have a huge Oak tree in the back by the barn. You can hardly see under it as the limbs reach down and touch the ground. Hubby thinks it is over 300 years old from the distance of the trunk. The three standards love this area. And they graze there quite often. Peaceful scene isn't it?

Poor Libbie wasn't feeling well yesterday - Something she ate I am sure. By evening she was back to herself. But you can tell her that her tummy was upset -

And here her daughter does the same thing and is chewing on a stick. I take them from them, tell them no and it does no good they are chewers.

Chica is especially a chewer...

But her Dad Autie is an Eater... he will eat anything - and it drives me nuts cuz he usually gets sick. How do you stop it? I have no clue...I have tried scolding, yelling, time out... he just is a chewer...

 Wood, plastic, shoes, string, boxes, jeans... it just doesn't matter - sigh.. But he is my boy... my matted messy dog... and we love all of them.

Hope you enjoyed today's photos... went a bit over, in fact I have a bunch more left to show you ;0)
Next time...

Have a wonderful weekend.
HUGS and-