Monday, August 28, 2023

High Hopes Stamps - Free Broom Rides

Howdy - 

Fall is coming!! Time to get a few Halloween Cards made. High Hopes Stamps has some adorable fun friends to color up for you projects. This image is "Free Broom Rides" - Such  a cute little witch!  


 Decided she was a bright fashionable witch so I matched up the Halloween papers from DCWV and went bold and colorful for her!  

After coloring her I found my Nuvo Glitter paint pen and added some bling to her stars and to the broom. Why the broom? Well it has to have some magical features right? 

All the layers are sewn down with both straight and zig zag stitches. 

My sentiment is also from High Hopes Stamps - "Happy Halloween Script

Love that font!! 

A few orange rhinestone brads to hold the tag punched sentiment. 

Copic colors used -


Fun Halloween card! For many many more fun images pop over to the High Hopes Stamps 
web store HERE and fall in love with a bunch yourself!

Have a wonderfully blessed day - 

HUGS and -

Saturday, August 26, 2023

Animal Crackers - Just one good photo please

Howdy - 

McLaren was sitting on top of one of the cabinets looking so pretty and posed. I went and got my phone to snap a photo as she doesn't sit still and pose much for me. And I get this ... 

She is always reaching out - walk by her anywhere and she reaches out for you. I loved on her and had a little talk about sitting sweet and letting me get a pretty photo. 

Her response...

 She is so funny. Really is the silly girl in the group of siblings. 

Now I jumped out of bed before 7 am to get out to snap photos. First while it was cooler, and second before Hubby feeds. I hate only getting heads in hay photos. 

But I didn't make it....  At least Chipmunk looked up for me while I passed by.

He is such a striking handsome man isn't he? And he has those pop eyes like his Grandma Lilly had. I love that I can see her in Grandkids and great Grandkids. Chipmunk is so sweet. But wouldn't leave his breakfast for me - so I moved on.

As I got back to the Ladies pen I found Patti had claimed her own private pile of hay. Not sure why they let her eat alone, maybe they were giving her some credit for being one of the oldest in the pen?

She is keeping a watch and enjoying her own pile though it is a rare treat to not have to squish in and get breakfast. 

Her daughter Irene had pulled out a piece and was eating off to the side of the group. Now the funny here... I snapped about 12-15 photos to get this one. She was off to the side, but Juliet's tale was just causing me all kinds of issues. She was swishing it back and forth and causing me to not get a good photo of Irene. This was the best I got... notice that swishing tail top left? :0)

I then walked around the group and got these three - Lacey, Vicki and Ellie Mae. No worries Vicki's BFF and shadow Pepita was just behind her - close as always. Don't you imagine that this group is the little gossip group in chat here?

I am so sure these girls keep up with all the juicy facts on the farm! 

Wait Wait... Jolene is going to come and see me and get a photo taken!!

Never mind ... she went for a drink and then went straight back to her breakfast. 

I have got to beat Hubby out next week. I can't get photos after mid morning it just gets to hot and they all are off in the shade. And getting me up any earlier than 7 to get out there is really rough. LOL I may have to just remind Hubby to let me out first to snap photos, before he feeds that is. I am sure then they will all be at the fences ... begging for food... but at the fences! Ha !

Hope you have your Saturday Smile from Animal Crackers this week. They love making you smile you know! 

Have a blessed weekend -

Hugs and

Monday, August 21, 2023

High Hopes Stamps - Little Nutty Buddy

Howdy - 

 What a fun Fall image! This is from High Hopes Stamps "Little Nutty Buddy", So fun! 


Colored with my Copics (colors below) - Then I went looking for Pattern papers, normally I do that first, but I got to coloring and then realized I needed papers. Digging deep in my stash I found some fall Prima Marketing papers. Wasn't sure about going with the green, but then I think it worked and wasn't too much brown. So all the layers are sewn down with straight and zig zag stitches. 

The sentiment is also from High Hopes Stamps "Bold Happy Harvest"  - fun for the image and any card. I added some brown enamel dots for added fun. 

Copic colors used -

Loving coloring the fall cards. Hoping that the weather starts to follow soon!! Pop over to the High Hopes Stamps web store HERE -

Have a blessed day 

HUGS and -

Saturday, August 19, 2023

Animal Crackers - Good Morning

Howdy - 

 Once again to beat the heat I went out really early to try and capture photos for today. It has been brutally hot around here - so all the fur children eat early and then head for the shade, after all it was 107 here yesterday. 

The Girls were head deep into their breakfast. Could hardly get anyone's attention. But then little Josie really was sweet and came for lots of loving.

She is so funny - and just adorable - 

I mean look at that face! She is such a beauty!! 

Then Miss Bella left the group and come see me. It was short but it was so sweet that she did take the time for a little ear rub and scratch.

She then went straight back to her breakfast - Pretty lady! 

I found her daughter Hannah at the water - hydrating is so important in such nasty heat.

Such a pretty young girl - and I adore those ears! She is all grown up and sweet. Pushy most of the time, but sweet. After her drink she came over and we had a lovely chat and lots of attention.

And then I heard him! 


This boy has a great set of lungs! Sergio wanted his Momma's loving. My baby... Sergio is my orphaned bottle baby so we spent many many many hours together 24/7 for months. And now we have a special bond. Such a LOUD boy.

On my way back to the house I passed Domino's pen. Now usually I take a wide path, he has way too much testosterone and well gets aggressive. Surprisingly he wasn't too interested... I'm blaming the heat again. 

Handsome - but I am still cautious around him. Safety first!

Now later in the day yesterday I was doing some laundry took my sheets out of the dryer to move the next load over and well... when I came back they were occupied.

So its a million degrees outside and Ferrari was cuddled up in hot sheets. Kitties and their warm clothes. :0)

Hope you have an Animal Crackers Smile - Have a blessed weekend - 
HUGS and -

Monday, August 14, 2023

High Hopes Stamps - Ryan & Ainsley


Common On Fall!! Ready for those cooler temps and pretty fall colors and flowers. So this week for High Hopes Stamps I colored up some fall with a cute little image "Ryan & Ainsley"  

Adore these two sweet little mice. And love that the image can be colored for fall or for spring. Loving the fall right now. I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then decided to dig in my stash of older papers to find scraps of these Graphic 45 papers. I sewed all the layers down and then the image is given a little vintage look with some Ranger Tea Dye ink around the edges and black Copic around the edges for a faux mat look. The Sentiment is also from High Hopes Stamps "Happy Fall Y'all!" I love the font on this one. 

Then to add even more fall I added some mulberry sunflowers with Martha Stewart Leaves punches and button centers. Sunflowers are just so happy aren't they? 

Copic colors used -

There is so many fabulous Fall images to have fun with at High Hopes Stamps - click HERE to jump to the store fast! 

Have a blessed day - 

HUGS and

Saturday, August 12, 2023

Animal Crackers - Morning Breakfast


Out early yesterday to get photos before the heat sets in. The Big Stooges were enjoying their hay as usual all in a row.  Cocoa is always in them middle - you know the Lady Leader.

Love my big lumpy kids! 
I headed to the back to see the ladies - not much activity. Just munch munch munch. But then little Hannah looked up to give me a little look. Sweet little girl. Hard to believe she is all grown up.

Her Bestie Juliet was at the water...  its gunna be 107 so lots of water! 

She is such a sweetheart - Big adorable pushy girl. 

But right next Juliet appeared Vicki - Now she didn't stop eating but at least she did come and pay attention to me! 

 Now should I get insulted at Malory's photo?

LOL... funny girl. I think this was just a from dry hay breakfast. Right? Not directed at me.. Right?

Its been a while since I updated Hubby's outdoor barn kitties. The kittens are in their teenage stage.

After lots of talking from Hubby they are actually getting less skittish, and they like to sit and listen. Still very cautious but at least they don't totally bolt when we come out the back door. All three are boys. Handsome boys. 

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend - and have your weekend Animal Crackers Smile! 

HUGS and -

Monday, August 7, 2023

High Hopes Stamps - Annie's Bushel

Howdy - 

 Time to start up those Fall cards! Common cooler Weather! Back to School and Halloween are all coming soon. For my card I pulled out Annie's Bushel - love the fall feel of this sweet image!  

 I found some papers from Graphic 45 in my stash - love the colors and went with them for this image's coloring with my Copics. (colors below) All the layers are sewn down with a Fiskar's border punch, tiny red brads as embellishments. Great Country feel - 

The sentiment is also from High Hopes Stamps "If friends were apples" Makes a great sentiment to send a smile to a friend !

Copic colors used -

I've colored this image in softer colors before and loved it. But I am thinking these bold dark colors are fun too! That is the great thing about this hobby... one image can be used so many ways! 

Have you seen the High Hopes Stamps web site lately? There is so much to fall in love with and have fun coloring! Click HERE to get there quick! 

Have a blessed day! 

HUGS and

Saturday, August 5, 2023

Animal Crackers - All Lined Up

Howdy -

I thought this was a funny photo op. LOL The Ladies were all lined up at the fence watching Dad work and move some things around. 

They needed to keep a close eye on him just in case there was going to be a second feeding you know... Sorry girls.  

I spent some time in the goat pen yesterday to give some attention to a few of the girls. Penelope always will come up to me for her nose scratches. Even if she still has a little bit of breakfast hanging out of her mouth.


Lizzie was stopped and giving me a nice pose - little bit of a chunky alfalfa belly but not too bad. Love that long beard with the stripe in it! 

Crissy was watching the doggies in the backyard. Libbie and Chica were out and she was just making sure that stayed in the part of the yard. No worries, Crissy neither of them are at all interested in coming in your pen! 
Gracie was very pleased with herself claiming the best hut, in the shade enjoying the morning. 
 You can see most all the yard from this hut so it is a prime spot to claim! Adore that little one sided grin she gives me for photos.

Sweet Pea gave me the same grin... Hers was while I was talking to her about the damage they have done to the side of one of the huts.

Like I said last week - they are very destructive creatures! The girls are not quite as bad as the guys. But still... Dad will have to some repairs to this hut before winter... for now we will just consider it an open window for ventilation. 

Hope you have your weekly smile again this week... if not take another peek at Sweet Pea... that is a a giggle face for sure! 

Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and