Monday, September 28, 2020

High Hopes Stamps - Angel Bear Pumpkin

Howdy - 

How cute is a sweet bear in an angel pumpkin costume? This is High Hopes Stamps "Angel Bear Pumpkin Costume" image  - 

For my card I colored the bear with pencils and Copic markers. (colors below) Then I went through my mast stash of scraps and found two pieces that felt perfect with this bear. A check pattern paper from Graphic 45 and then a orange spotted paper from SEI. All on dark brown card stock with orange card stock as a mat. All sewn down. Then I added two leaf punches from Martha Stewart Extra Large punches. And because all angels even bears need some sparkle, I added Nuvo glitter to the wings. 

For the sentiment I pulled out High Hopes Stamps - "Happy Halloween!"

Copic colors used  - 

For lots of wonderful Fall and Winter images visit the High Hopes Stamps web site HERE 

Thanks so much for looking

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Saturday, September 26, 2020

Animal Crackers - When Breakfast is Stuck to Your Head...

Howdy - 

It is a rough start to the day when you get your breakfast stuck to your head!! And I mean really tangled up and stuck! 

Little guy was so upset... he was bouncing around, bucking his head and rubbing on everything. I am just glad I saw him out the window and could run out and save him!! I called out to him and he ran towards the fence as if he knew I had come to rescue him! Took me a minute to get it all untangled but finally he was free... I didn't even get a thank you... he went right back to eating what was just a hat on his head! LOL 

I did catch Domino in what I am sure was a really good laugh at his buddy Alvin Jr. 

I think I heard Domino yell out "Dork"! HA! These guys sure are entertaining! 

Went out to visit the ladies then. So sweet. Fancy Pants sure is showing a bit of age... that tiny little white spot on her head has gotten a bit bigger and gray, and she is starting to have a bit of gray coming in all over her face. 

Such a beautiful lady... a bit controlling, but beautiful and sweet.

Then once they all calmed down and went back to eating breakfast, my sweet timid little guy Pavo came for some lovin'. 

It amazes me just how sweet and friendly this guy has become. We barely could touch him when he was in with the other guys. But he was being beat up and since he is a gelding he can live in with the girls. So we moved him in and he fit in perfectly with his new girl friends. Now he loves to get attention and scratches all over. In fact he followed me all the way to the gate, and didn't want me to go. So sweet. So glad he lives happily in with the ladies, now I can love on this handsome man. 

Then Raffie yelled out... 

Now I am fluent in donkey you know... He said... "MOM MOM... Just 5 minutes in with the Ladies please... MOM 5 minutes!!!" HA! I explained that it isn't long before we put a couple of girls in with him. It is starting to cool off a bit and then we can have a few dates for him. He just doesn't like to wait! 

When coming through the back door I found this.. 

Now this is a rare thing.... Libbie isn't the most loving family member towards Gato. Chica and Autie love Gato, but Libbie.. not so much. But since she has been blind she tolerates much more. Even Gato. At least at this distance.. much closer she starts to make some noises to let Gato know she is pushing the limit... She may be blind but she is still in control and can show it! 

Hope you got a smile or two this week. And honestly how can you not have gotten a smile from Alvin Jr's breakfast hat? 

Have a blessed weekend and love on a furry or feathered friend! 
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Monday, September 21, 2020

High Hopes Stamps - My Best for Him


High Hopes Stamps this week I am pulling out a favorite Christmas image - "My Best For Him"

Adorable image right? Love those little baby Jesus toes in the manger. I colored with my Copics (colors below) and went a bit nuts with coloring the background with a few different shades and even coloring the sentiment background so it matches better. Oh that sentiment is from High Hopes Stamps "I played my best for Him" All the layers are sewn onto pattern papers from My Minds Eye Christmas collection. For a base I used a Kraft card stock. Don't you just love that music pattern with this image and sentiment? I've been singing this all afternoon. :0) 

Copic colors used - 

Christmas is coming soon. Have you started your Holiday cards yet? High Hopes Stamps has LOTS of great images for all your Christmas Cards wishes! Just visit the web site HERE and see all the fun images to play with! 

Have a blessed day - 

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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Animal Crackers - A little chat with the chickens

Howdy - 

I was out talking to the chickens yesterday afternoon ... yes I talk to them. I talk to all my "kids". It is amazing how grown up the little chicks are now. In fact they have finally started to eggs now.. over there.. and under that.. and over there...

Yes the nice coop and nesting boxes that Hubby has for them, nope they are laying eggs outside the coop and under the coop... sigh... I hope they get it soon. But they are beautiful - 

And chatty... LOL We opened up their pens... basically took out two pens and took out the fence between them. They now roam in a much larger area and seem to be happy about it, funny they all go back to their original pens at bed time though.

Looked across the yard and saw this Mom and baby getting some afternoon water. Ha.. Mom and big baby! Cocoa and Valentine, he does whatever Mom does and follows her everywhere. Now please no judgement on the tummies and rolls of extra fluff. 

All they get is grass... so it is a salad diet 24/7 and they still put on weight. It's in their genes... big bones.. water weight??? Hey I use those excuses it works for them too! 

Oh my this guy is a sweetheart. Love Alvin to pieces! But man does he STINK right now! Its that time around here.. 

where the "MEN" are flirting with the women and creating a lot of noise and SMELL! 

Domino also is nasty... but he didn't want to pose for a photo for me.

This was the best I got... I took 21 photos of this stinky dude! He was busy jumping around and rubbing his head on the fence. I told him I was sure he was trying to rub the smell off but it wasn't working!! 

A little Nature here... Check out the huge moth we found early one morning this week. Wish I had put some sort of reference next to it, but it was pretty high up on the pole, and didn't want to spook him. 

Really a cool bug? I suppose a moth is a bug. This bug I enjoyed seeing instead of one of Hubby's scary creepy bugs! 

I hope you got a smile this weekend - Take time to love on a furry or feathered friend! 
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Monday, September 14, 2020

High Hopes Stamps - Welcome Fall - Hay Ride!

Howdy -

We had a little teaser of cooler weather here last week. I got all inspired to pull out the Fall colors and images!! This High Hopes Stamps image "Hay Ride" is just too much fun to color!

I just adore these country farm images from High Hopes Stamps... Can't you just see how much fun that chicken is having on this hay ride? I colored with my Copics (colors below) and shaded with a few pencils. For my papers I found some My Minds Eye printed kraft papers that just were too yummy with a Fall card. The layers are sewn down with both straight and zig zag stitches. I love how the image pops on the soft printed papers. For the sentiment I found High Hopes Stamps "Welcome Fall". LOVE this "sign" sentiment. If I thought it would work I would hang out a sign to welcome the cooler weather to stay! 

Copic colors used - 

You just must pop over to High Hopes Stamps and see all the fun! I first fell in love with the country farm images at High Hopes Stamps, but honestly there is something for everyone, every need! 

See the website HERE 

Thanks so much for looking and have a very Blessed day! 

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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Animal Crackers - Pretty Girls

Howdy - 

The other morning I went out to visit with the Girls and say Hi. They were still finishing up their breakfast, but a few had enough to stop and visit with me. 

Vicki was the first to look up and acknowledge me. 

Look at those eyes staring up at me. So beautiful. Macie and Ellie Mae just kept on eating as if no one was there... 

Then she came over for some lovin'. 

Ok, so she was a dirty mess. But she still got lots of lovin' from me. I am use to dirty donkeys. Really she is a beautiful girl isn't she... then she brought over her little friend Pepita.

Pepita is just as sweet but just a bit more timid at times, others she is pushy friendly. So I loved on both girls, they didn't end up having babies this year. We will try again next year I suppose. 

I then went over to talk to Irene about a baby in the future. She really wasn't in the talking mood. She was still more interested in breakfast. 

But I did get her to look up for a pretty photograph. She has such a calm personality. Then at times she is right up front and demanding all the attention. I love how they all have such different personalities, all wonderful on their own, but as a group they all have their place. 

Ok one more collectible to show off this week. This is a porcelain donkey baby that Hubby got me right after we got Raffie, he looks just like Raffie as a baby. 

I pass it in the cabinet and grin thinking about my little "boy" ... and now we have a son from him that also looks just like him. "Big Al" 

Hope you got a smile this week - They sure make us smile. 

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend - 
HUGS and

Monday, September 7, 2020

High Hopes Stamps - Chris Mouse Dreams

Howdy - 

A Little Christmas Dreams - or should I say "Chris Mouse Dreams

Isn't he sweet... put out his Cookies and Milk for Santa. I colored with my Copics (colors below) and found some Country Christmas papers from My Minds Eye. A Country Mouse should have country colors. I layered things up and sewed them down with zig zag and straight stitches. The High Hopes Stamp "I believe!" is perfect for this little guy. I added some Nuvo white for the milk glass. 

Copic colors used - 

Have you gotten a head start on your Christmas Cards yet? High Hopes Stamps has a whole bunch of fabulous images to help with that head start! Head to the web site store HERE 

Have a blessed day - 

HUGS and 

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Animal Crackers - Cloudy Day

Howdy - 

Oh my... rain rain please come our way. We need rain, and yesterday it was raining everywhere around us... storms would move right at us, break apart then re-fire once they passed us! We are starting to take this very personally! Praying for future predictions to actually hit here! Yesterday it was cloudy and dreary most all day. I went out to snap some photos and found the young men goats playing in their water and flirting with the girls. They are flirting pretty much 24/7 now a days.  Even when trying to be cool and manly, these boys stop their snorting and girl calling to run over for attention and head scratches. They are very sweet boys after all. 

Alvin Jr. came and was showing off his baby blue eyes at me, and his very wet dunked beard straight from the water bucket.


He is always so very sweet, even if he is sticky and nasty. LOL Love this guy and his baby blues! 

Speaking of Blue Eyes.. I found Alice looking out the lady goats new side window. 

Goats are so destructive... sigh... I can't tell you how many times Hubby has fixed, replaced and reattached the side of their hut... But Alice does look like she enjoying the view from the side of hut, but before cold weather that new opening will have to be fixed again. 

I decided that I would try and get a photo of the young donkeys... well they had a different idea. You see it was much cooler than it has been, cloudy and well they were feeling like being rowdy and playing! 

Hanna paused just long enough for me to snap a photo of her resting her head on the fence. She is such a sweet girl. Just wish I could have gotten a better photo... but you can see how sweet she is in those big brown eyes... 

A few minutes later Jose and Hanna stopped to take a minute to "scratch" each others back. 

Love the look on Josie's face, HA! She is like not now Mom! They seemed to really be hitting the right spot and enjoying it! Funny girls... I didn't get a photo in time, but their Mommas Jolene and Bella was doing the exact same thing the other side of the pen. Was too funny.

I came inside and couldn't find Gato... every once in awhile she gets in a bad kitty mode and likes to try and run outside. And lately she has actually made it a couple of times. I did not want to chase her around the back yard or especially up the tree! So when I couldn't find her I had a small panic. Then I went into the Living room when I remembered her new spot. Since cleaning out we have a trunk under a window... I put a quilt over the top of it and Gato now has claimed it as her own window bed with a view. 

Look at that innocent look on her face, You been looking for me?? I've been right here taking a little cat nap. 

Thought I would show off another favorite "thing" around the house. This time a kitty... and some roses. 

First the Kitty Teapot - its not super old, or valuable. But I love it. It technically is Hubby's, he collects all kinds of cat things. I remember the day we bought it, years ago. A great day out antiquing just the two of us, end of the day and there it was on a shelf. Not anything we normally was out looking for but it stood out and we had to have it. It has personality. It sits in my corner cabinet on the top shelf where we can see it every day. Behind that Kitty... something very special. Those are the silk roses from our wedding. We sat and made those roses with my Grandmother before our wedding day... Grandma and I sewed, Hubby wrapped them with tape and put them on wires. Then we filled them with bird seed... I have saved that little grouping of them for over 33 years... It is a nice happy memory of Hubby and I spending time with my Grandma. Miss her, but have lots of special memories like this. 

Hope you got a smile today - Cooler temperatures and a little bit of rain makes us and my fur kids happy and smile! 

Have a blessed weekend!
HUGS and