Saturday, July 31, 2021

Animal Crackers - Very Sneaky!

Howdy - 

Cocoa thinks she is being so sneaky! Ha... Hubby left a bale of hay in the back of the truck to feed in the boys in the front pasture. But the three stooges found it! They think they were being so very sneaky about ripping it apart, but actually "Dad" knew they had gotten into it and was ok with it. He spoils them all! ha! 

So your not in trouble Miss Cocoa... just very cute! 

Speaking of cute... Gracie seemed to have gotten up to early for her breakfast this morning. She decided that a nap in it the hay was much more inviting. Be very quiet.....

Sweet Pea was wide awake - grinning at me while laying across the hay. She was thinking since super model Gracie wasn't posing for my camera she would step in and be my hot model I suppose. LOL! 

Love that grin! You are a super model all on your own Sweet Pea! 

Alice on the other hand was happy to be chowing down! NO posing or time wasting for a camera! Alice is our blessing to have. You may remember she severely broke her leg a year ago. With very handy doctoring by Hubby we braced her leg and wrapped it and prayed for the best. 

She limps a little when the weather is bad.. but hey so do I! She moves around pretty good and all seems to have healed up pretty well. Much better than the alternative at the time... putting her down was the very last thing we were going to think of and with as bad of break as it was, I was scared. And now she is happy and enjoying breakfast. Love you Miss Alice!

And since I am showing off "Dr" Hubby's work... I have to show off Old Lady Darlene! A few months back we were really worried about our old gal.  She was having trouble walking without pain. She was dreadfully skinny and well.. just not looked good. She is quickly approaching her 30th birthday and time and many many many baby donkeys were showing. 

Hubby has been great about feeding her "Senior Equine" watered down to digest easy twice a day, we call it Old People Food, and then added a vitamin powder to help with her pain in her feet. And now she is doing great! Looks fabulous, gained a bit of weight and is walking without the pain like she had. Talk about super models! Senior Super Model! 

Now a bit of nature. Coming home the other day we found a Road Runner coming down the road with his lunch to go - 

This bird was very proud of "the hunt" and meal he had found. He or She? Not sure, but anyway PROUD... LOL 

Didn't seem to mind at all that we stopped the car and was watching the strut down the dirt road. 

Really do love just pausing and enjoying nature! Best part of living in the country... well that and it being ok for me to have Lots and Lots of fur children! :0) 

Hope you got a smile this week - and enjoyed my nature and fur family. 
Have a blessed weekend - 
HUGS and 

Monday, July 26, 2021

High Hope Stamps - Wasn't Me!

Howdy - 

Ok I saved a favorite Christmas image from High Hopes Stamps to use for my last Christmas in July card - I adore this image... maybe because it is REALLY close to home! 

This is "Wasn't Me!"

Oh this image makes me laugh! Takes me back many many years ago - to Hubby and I's first Christmas tree... we set it up proudly in the window of our apartment. Said Wow... went to get dinner... and when we walked back in the front door... OH MY our tree was on the ground all our satin Christmas ornaments were shredded all over the house. HA ! Our Cat and new kitten seemed to have a lot of fun in that couple of hours! So it really makes me happy when coloring this one! "Wasn't Me!" is colored with my Copics (colors below) and then added Nuvo Glitter pen on the ornaments so they have some sparkle. I then found some Christmas pattern papers from Graphic 45 collection, that I stacked and sewed down with both straight and zig zag stitches. A ribbon around the entire card tied off with a bow. And then the sentiment "Define Naughty" (which I find so funny) I punched it out with a EK Success punch and created a faux mat with my Copic marker around the edge. 

This one really does make me grin!

Copic colors used - 

For so many FABULOUS Christmas images to get a head start on your holiday cards click HERE - you will fall for so many images promise! 

Have a blessed day - 
HUGS and 

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Animal Crackers - Happy Goat

Howdy -

Yesterday afternoon I went out to visit my fur kids - I found Lucy cleaning up what was left of breakfast. She was so happy, grinning and chewing her found food. Our old lady goat... but I still see the adorable little baby she was so many years ago. 

Now I only thought that first bite was making her happy.... now this bite, that was a happy goat! 

She was really enjoying it... lol. Then I heard a little sniff at my feet. Oh my love for this little girl. She is so sweet and loves calm attention. Little Crissy - 

I loved all over her and we had a nice little chat, mainly about how beautiful she is. :0) Finally I had to leave her to make my way out to a few of the lady donkeys that are in with Raffie. 

First up I spoke with Raffie - 

I think he was trying to tell me is ready for the ladies to move back to their own pasture. You see these three girls are controlling all the hay... location in the pen... best spots in his shed and whatever shade they want. All the chasing, kicking and hee haws are getting old too he said. No really I heard him say all of that...look in his eyes he is done. But a bit longer Raffie! He is also very handsome and I want more little babies from him! 

And just like that Pepita walked up to the fence... ears back, then rear end towards him and started kicking. Raffie was gone and Pepita had all control. Yep just like Raffie said! LOL 

I asked her why she was so rude to Raffie... I just got a look as if "Hey I gotta do what I gotta do.."

She then went back to the hay and was bored with me. But then behind me I was "nosed" 

I told Miss Vicki she was too close for a good photo... all I can focus on is that whisker filled nose! And my she does have lots of them on that pink spotted nose! LOL 

So I backed up so we could make sure and get a good in focus photo of the pretty girl. 

She really is a beautiful lady when she isn't poking through a fence. I also noticed how wide she is as well... I think she has been grazing quite a bit on all that green grass. Too early to even hope that she is pregnant and showing any signs. She just hasn't been in long enough yet, all thought I do hope she is.. I soooo want a baby from her and Raffie this time! LOL. 

I started to walk out to the other ladies in the back pasture and visit with them and snap a few photos. But uh... nope not me. We had more rain out here night before last and it was really muddy and squishy. And I was in my flip flops so nope... I will see them over the weekend for some girl time - 

Hope you have a smile again this week from all my fur kids. They love visiting you - 
HUGS and 

Monday, July 19, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Carolers - Fa-La-La-La

Howdy -

More Christmas in July with High Hopes Stamps this week. This week we are doing a little singing. Why is it I am now humming all kinds of Christmas Songs? Fa-La-La-La! This image is High Hopes Carolers - They are too sweet singing loud with their dog and kitty at their feet.

Now I went non traditional this week again. Not sure I pulled this one off as well.. sigh. I found this starry night pattern paper from Graphic 45 with sheet music in the same collection. Seems good with my Christmas singers. I sewed the two papers with a zig zag stitch. Then coloring the image with lots of Copic markers (colors below) I tried to match up and go with the purple and tan theme. I thought that little girl just had to have some bling to her sweater, so I added some Purple Stickles and Gold Stickles so she sparkled. I stamped out the Fa-la-la-la sentiment from High Hopes Stamps twice to create a border. Then to make sure they stayed on the snow I have a border fence punch with a cast iron gate top. So very non traditional but not sure ... I love my singing couple though and her bling. :0) 

Copic colors used - 

For LOTS of fun Christmas images to get your head start on your Holiday Cards click HERE - And sing a few favorite Christmas Fa-la-la's while shopping! You will fall for so many adorable images! Promise! 

Have a blessed day - 
HUGS and 

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Animal Crackers - Enjoying the weather

Howdy -

This week the weather has been fabulous... well for July in Texas fabulous! A little bits of rain and no where near as hot as it normally is. And the animals have really been out and enjoying it! Normally in July you can't find anyone during the middle of the day to snap photos of, they are all hiding in the shade somewhere. But this week all are out enjoying lots of green grass and playing... 

Ok.. this one guy has been out playing... Oh my he is cute... 

He is a little braver and lets us get closer to him than his Momma does. Still very cautious but curious as well. 

Hubby snapped a few great photos of the little guy playing in the flowers. But a few days earlier he got this one... 

It was close to dinner time, so Momma Tuxedo was sitting just inside the goat pen waiting for Hubby to bring out her meal. And while she was waiting patiently Shadow was having a blast jumping from the high heights of the tire in the goat pen. Was so funny.. he would pop in the tire... then up on the tire and then leap as far as he could from the tire. Then it all started over again.. 

I went out yesterday and saw this serious conversation going on.. Oh what are they talking about? 

Alvin was probably telling Big Al to quit biting on the fence panel as it is not good for his teeth... sigh young boys... Ha! 

I looked down and my dirty boy was at my feet... with one very large yawn! I think he was ready to head in for his afternoon nap in the air conditioning... 

And as I typed this blog post... yep he is under my chair on my feet snoring... Love my Autie Boy! He doesn't know a bath is in his near future! 

Since it was quiet I was able to talk to Penelope and get some lovings from her. She was moving fast at me... so all I got was a close up! Wish you could have seen how fast that little tail was moving. 

She LOVES scratches between her horns. I suppose it is a spot she can't get to herself. So so sweet! 

And then suddenly she was gone... yep Scarlet "Red" came over for attention. And what "Red" wants ... she gets. Alway in charge! 

She was sweet to me and I loved all over her, but she lost interest quickly due to me not having anything good to eat. Sorry girl... dinner will be out a bit later! 

Wanted to share a peaceful photo... 

The view coming home and through the gate. Hubby mowed the men's pen this week, it was more than ready to be mowed with all the rain we have had. And the "Men" are loving all the new green grass they can now munch on. It was almost as if they were eating in a line to make sure and get all the best in a well planned out manner. But seriously.. we know men never plan out that well, this was just spreading out to have their own space of grazing. 

Hope you got a smile this week again - Love sharing my furry smiles with you each week! 
HUGS and have a blessed weekend

Thursday, July 15, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Snowy Couple

Howdy -

Enjoying a little Christmas in July at High Hope Stamps - This week I pulled out "Snowy Couple" - they are just so sweet! 

Now first you may wonder about my color choice. I decided to start a little personal challenge and use a some non-traditional colors for some of my theme cards. I ran across this collection from Lilybee Collections Buttercup patterns - Can't get much further than that for Christmas snowmen! I like it though! I layered the pattern papers up and colored the image with my Copics (colors below) to match up with the papers. Who says a pretty little snow girl can't wear a pop of yellow! I then used the High Hopes Stamp sentiment "We wish you a Merry Christmas" - I punched it out with and Ek Success and then went around the edge with a matching Copic color. 

And for some reason three large brads were showing on my desk that just happened to match perfect! Love that! 

Copic colors used - 

Have you seen all the great Christmas images at High Hopes Stamps? Now is the time to plan for your holiday cards. Scary how fast time is moving and Christmas will be here really really really soon! 

Pop over to the High Hopes Stamps HERE and see all the beautiful images... then color up traditionally or have fun going a little crazy! 

Have a blessed day - 
HUGS and 

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Animal Crackers - Tuxedo's Surprise


This week we got a "little" surprise. Now you may remember our stray kitten that showed up months ago, Tuxedo, as we named her. She lives in the goat pen and seems happy there... a while back Hubby came in and said I think Tuxedo is pregnant... and I answered "How?!!" Yeah you can imagine the look I got. But then we remembered months ago we had a day or so where we saw another cat... then never again. Hubby said it was a male ... and well I guess it was. This week I was called outside to see a surprise... This is what I saw out in the goat pen as I came off the back porch.

Tuxedo's surprise is the cutest little kitten... we have named him "Shadow" I am sure his Momma will be teaching him to live cautious and in the shadows of the goats. That is how she has stayed safe, and well hid her little baby for so long. The goats seem to have accepted the new little creature,  just as they did Tuxedo. 

I didn't get a photo of Tuxedo this week, as soon as she sees me she bolts for cover. So here is one photo I did get a while back. 

Now this little guy is just adorable.... 

It was really adorable when Hubby went into the pen to see if Shadow would let him get close. 

The hiss was even adorable. HA! 

But as soon as Hubby left him alone, he climbed up on the deck (yes it is flipped over, the goats do that.. sigh, we can't flip it back now because that seems to be where Tuxedo and Shadow are staying right now) Anyway... he climbed up on the deck and found a tail to play with.. his own, it was so cute! 

We stood out there quite a long time watching this little guy. Hopefully in time he will be a little friendlier than his momma. And we won't let them know that soon they will both be trapped and taken to be fixed to help keep the population under control. They will be brought back and left to live with their family, the goats. 

Gato isn't worried about the new competition... She knows we wouldn't bring anyone else inside to live with her... but mainly to live with Libbie. Nope Libbie wouldn't allow that. 

Now the weather here has been unseasonably cooler than normal. Sorry I know those of you in the Northwest are roasting in the heat that you are not use to. Here this week the last few days we have barely made 80 degrees. And cloudy rainy weather as well. Loving that! 

Louise not happy.. well the cooler weather yes, the rainy.. no. You know goats... they melt in the rain. 

Well at least they think that... and express it loudly as well. The ground is wet!!!!

The only really great donkey photo I got this week was Valentine. My standard boy. 

Some days you get a quick hello while he is passing, to food usually, or just following his Mom Cocoa. But the other day I got out of the car and he came right up to the door and stood there, I took advantage and loved all over him. Ok he was wet from the rain, so I became a mess as well. But I love the days he wants attention. Such a handsome guy. Wet and dirty and still a handsome guy! 

Hope you got a smile again this week and that you enjoyed our little surprise this week as well. 

Have a blessed weekend - 
HUGS and 

Monday, July 5, 2021

High Hopes Stamps - Sleigh Ride - Think Snow!

Howdy - 

At High Hopes Stamps we are doing a little Christmas in July! Now I worry my little snowman may melt in all the heat we are having but it is fun to at least color up a bit of cool! And Think Snow! This is "Sleigh Ride" isn't he adorable with his little penguin friend? 

I forced myself to go a bit non traditional with the colors on this one. I found a tan pattern paper from Graphic 45 that had snowflakes on it... so I pushed on and found a pretty teal in the same collection. I actually love the combo and how the image pops with them. My little snowman friend is colored with my Copics, colors below, then stacked on layers of the pattern paper. All placed on a cream colored card stock base. Now I will admit I may have gone a bit silly with the Nuvo white. Ha! I brought it out to dot the snow flakes on the sleigh... and then though "Think Snow" and well... it is snowing! Oh and that sentiment is also from High Hopes Stamps, love the font! 

The snowflake punches are from Spellbinders and seem to work with the theme well! I added some dots of the Nuvo on them as well, just so all my snow matches perfectly. 

Copic colors used - 

It is fun to color up your own cool weather - and perfect to get ahead on those holiday cards as well! You now how busy things get the end of the year, so why not cool off and get ahead now? 

Hope you enjoyed - and make sure to visit the High Hopes Stamps website HERE for more "Cool" images! 

Hugs and have a blessed day - 

Saturday, July 3, 2021

Animal Crackers - A Weekend with the Girls


Since we had last weekend with a few of the boys, I thought today I would stick with some of the girls. Now Thelma says hello... but didn't want to stop with her breakfast. She has spread it out to a big mess, and is picking out all the best for her meal. 

Chloe was going steady and slow. That may be a bit due to her age. When did she become one of the old ladies? 

Keeping a close watch on her and Lucy. They both are in their golden years, and a bit skinny. But still going good, and they haven't lost a trot to their meals! 

And Miss Gracie... do you think an animal can really enjoy having their photo taken? She seriously runs to me and my camera and poses! I know I say that all the time, but it really cracks me up how she believes she is a super model. She seems to hold poses perfectly for me, where with others it is a million deleted photos of blurs and misses. 

Oh well I love showing her off - she is a pretty lady! 

Went back to see the lady donkeys, but I was too late again. All they cared about was eating. Although I could tell it was really killing Juliet to not come over and get her obnoxious lovings. But if she did she would loose her place in the hay circle... that could be horrible! 

Came back inside as it was already getting so hot and humid outside... 

Chica came in and just totally flopped over on the wood floor... I bet it felt good and cool huh Chica??? I would have joined her but that probably would have freaked Hubby out if he came in and saw me laying there next to her. HA ! And then I would have to get myself up off the floor and that would have been scary as well! 

Came in to my desk to download my photos... sigh... Gato and I recently have an on going feud over my office chair. She thinks it belongs to her, she loves this chair! 

But it is MY chair, there are LOTS of other places she can go and have her cat naps! Yeah I know I plugged in my camera and left her there for a while, she is in charge. But after I got laundry started and made some noise in the kitchen she jumped down and left her claim... so I took it! She did come back a bit later and meowed and pushed on me, but I stayed firm and she finally went and got in the recliner. Silly kitty. 

Hope you have a blessed weekend, a happy 4th of July holiday here in the USA - 
HUGS and