Saturday, December 31, 2022

Animal Crackers - Blessed!

Howdy - 

As we close out 2022 and move on to 2023 it is always a time to look at just how blessed we are. 

Now Libbie she is feeling blessed to have received a new cushy bed for Christmas! 


We are blessed to have our little Libbie - she has been such a joy to our lives since day one! Getting old now, but still a total joy!

Another blessing is another year with our matriarch, our old lady, Darlene. She will be 31 in May and still going strong!


A little stronger and faster if her Geriatric Feed on its way to her. Man she loves that stuff! LOL She is the heart. Part of the beginning of our Donkey family - We love her so much. 

Now I couldn't go out to Darlene's pen and see her with out visiting our Old Man Black Jack. 

Now he is just a couple of years younger than Darlene, but that grey hair is showing so much more on his black. This photo is for a second reason... my friend Deana said my last photo of Black Jack made him look like he had no legs.. just a floating head. Well Deana ... he has great legs attached! And for an old man he can still chase down things he doesn't like in his pen. Just ask the neighbors dog! (dog got away with just his pride kicked! LOL) 

Heard a trickling sound while out with Black Jack and Darlene. Uh oh.. Chicken's water bowl was leaking. Looks like it had just started so good timing! Hubby out to fix it right off! 


The chickens are a blessing for us too. We have always loved having chickens, a pro for living in the country for sure having chickens. But recently WOW the price of eggs have gone nuts. So they are providing a valuable product that little white egg! 

The goats - Another blessing of joy. They are for sure some great entertainment! Crissy came to represent them all. Ok she came for some scratches between those gorgeous long horns. She loves to be scratched right on top of her head, oh and on her nose and cheeks.

Sweet girl! 

Thought I would share one more blessing. We love to buy and sell antiques. The hunt of finding awesome items is so much fun. Then to find the person that loves it just as much and wants it for their home. 

Hubby and I were at a local estate sale just before Christmas and found this fabulous concrete bunny!


He is a big bunny too! 29 inches tall or 74cm - He will be adorable in our show booth this Spring! I do have to laugh. More than once we have driven up just at dark and he kind of makes you jump. (no pun intended) Driving up and seeing a giant rabbit peeking at you.. LOL for a split second we think there is a giant rabbit in our yard. 

WE are very blessed to live where we do and have ALL of furry family. I do hope you have enjoyed visiting the past year. And I do hope you will continue to visit in 2023! 

HUGS and

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Animal Crackers - Merry Christmas!

Howdy - And Merry Christmas! 

This week has been eventful! The big freeze - water pipes - Animals and of course getting ready for Christmas! As always I like to share our Christmas card of the year  with all of you - 


As always try and get as many as we can on the card! LOL 

Now earlier in the week Hubby was bringing in round bales to make sure everyone had plenty to eat once the cold arctic air blew in on Thursday - Us Texans just ain't use to that sort of thing ya know! Well we had the other issue of the more than 8 inches of rain the week before - so things were pretty muddy still. But he got in the round bales for them! Yeah! 

Now I went in and opened up the front gate to let him drive in with the trailer - They guys were more than ready for theirs! I had to convince them to stay back and not charge the truck! LOL Smart Diego and Miguel though they just waited back by the "spot" it was to be dropped!

Once "Dad" was in though it was very hungry boys that wanted to much before it was unloaded. They do make it fun for Hubby to get it unloaded ... LOL Well at least I was entertained watching! Hubby no so much!

On Thursday that front blew in with some gusto! Man was over 60 degrees in an hour we were near freezing! Then it hit 16 during the night.... and that was a big problem. First time ever the pipes into our house froze! Brrrr... But Hubby saved us and sat out in the frigid cold and warmed the pipes up and got our water going again. 

Not many realize that even in freezing cold the animals have to keep drinking a certain amount of water to stay warm and digest their hay. So keeping things going and hauling water buckets is a brave job that Hubby always does to keep everyone healthy. 

Inside heat is on, but to help out I have a electric heater in my office. As you can tell Ferrari really does enjoy napping just in front of it. Please excuse all the cat hair on that chair - LOL

That warm red glow has them fighting over the spot in the chair with prime heat!

Wanted to share our kitty Christmas treat photos too ... LOL A dear sweet friend sent the kitties an advent calendar - 


It has been fun with them and the little treats. Momma Cat is the one to the right, she is still just a tad cautious at times. 

Funny they don't all like the treats, but love coming in and playing with them! Ha !

Bubba was guarding to make sure he got his!

Just love our fur babies - they are entertaining for sure !

I do hope you have your Animal Crackers Smile this week - and from all of us here wish you a very Merry Christmas and look forward to a New Animal Crackers Year!

HUGS and -

Monday, December 19, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Winter Owl

Howdy - 

BRRR...  This week I will be sending Warm Winter Wishes to many! Its gunna get cold here in Texas! For my card for High Hopes Stamps I pulled out Winter Owl. Love this little guy but he needs more than a hat and scarf! 

I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then pulled out my Nuvo White pearl and Sparkle to give some shimmer and bling to him. I found some older papers in my stash that just matched up his colors perfectly. OLD papers from Basic Grey... man I love those papers. Sewing down the layers with a zig zag stitch and then adding some Marvy Punch snowflakes this card does have a chilly feel to it. So I then added the High Hopes Stamps sentiment "Warm Winter Wishes" One of my all time favorite Winter sentiments! Not a fan of cold weather! 

Copic colors used -

 Hope you are bundled up and warm where you are! Warm Winter Wishes!

Hugs and -

Saturday, December 17, 2022

Animal Crackers - Goodbye Lucy

Howdy - 

This week has been a blessing and sorrow. We are very sad - we have lost Miss Lucy - 

We knew it was coming at some point in the near future.  Still wasn't ready when it happened this week. The last couple of months she had gotten very frail. Hubby and I both have been very upset - She was really our first baby goat. She was part of quads that Paintbrush had just weeks after we purchased our first group of goats. And quads was a huge shock! But Lucy, Ricky, Ethel and Fred were fun and made us fast learners for just how fast and active baby goats could be! Lucy's siblings were sold. But we had to keep Miss Lucy. She was the smallest and totally a love. She would climb up on your leg and beg to be picked up. 


So so gorgeous. She grew up to be stunning and gave us so many wonderful "kids".

Hubby has been especially sad. His special bond with Lucy and the fact that everyday for months he goes out first thing in the morning and she was his first visit. And at night before all is locked up and goes to bed he checked on her and said good night. So he really has been upset since she passed. We both loved her very much. We have lots of other goats yes, but some just don't bond like others. I know you understand. 
And her funny personality was also a big part of our love. She seemed to have a sense of humor. 

WE will always miss you Lucy - just like your Mom Paintbrush, and Dad Frankie... the start of our Goat Love. 

Now some blessing for the week - I know you probably get tired of me talking about our lack of rain. How dry we have been.. blah blah... So Until the last week we had gotten I think under 6 inches of rain ALL YEAR. That is a fraction of what we should have by now. Then rain was predicted for last Saturday night. They were saying we should get 1/2 - 1 1/2 inches from this. That would be wonderful! 

We went to bed and BAM... storm hit and it rained and rained and rained! Thunder Lightening and did I mention it RAINED??? 

Our front "Pond" has been dry for a few years now. Totally dry.... and Sunday morning when we got up -


That front pond is about 12 1/2 feet deep!! And it was totally full!  Over flowing full!!! We had over EIGHT INCHES of rain in just hours! Was such a huge blessing!! Things were already getting a little green from the smaller rains we had a couple of weeks ago - But now WOW! 

As we were heading out Sunday morning "Dad" went out into the Guys pen - Now I didn't even take that chance as the mud was unbelievable! But he wanted to check on the cracks in the ground and see how they looked after the rain. 

The boys... didn't care about the cracks... just wanted his total attention and see if there were any treats in those pockets!

It was very fun to watch the four guys totally pushing and shoving on Hubby - Now those cracks.. he couldn't tell anything - as they were totally full of water, like little tiny rivers in the pen. There are tiny rivers everywhere as a matter of fact. Our dirt road - or excuse me our Mud road has its own river now too. It is such a huge blessing to see all our neighbors and farms around us as well, their ponds that were dried up and gone are now full - Hope they all stay full for a while - 

Now to try and get in the Christmas Spirit and accept that it is actually only a week away! Yikes! Hope you are all not as far behind as me! 

Have a very blessed weekend - HUGS and

Monday, December 12, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Bird Song

Howdy - 

High Hopes Stamps Day! And this week I pulled out a favorite winter image. This is "Bird Song" and it is just perfect for a happy little note card to sent to a friend.  I just love those little birds so happy in their winter hats and scarfs!

Now I've used this stamp quite a bit. It just makes me happy. I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then added some Nuvo White Pearl paint for the snow. I have challenged myself to use more of the many many many dies in stash, I love the tiny scallops in this one and that is it more narrow rectangle. So happy colored and then went to make my card. Found some older papers from My Minds Eye French Laundry collection. Love the sparkles to all the papers in this collection. Layered and sewed down with zig zag and straight stitches. Then went to put my image on ... uh oh... That Die is way to big for my card. Can't believe I didn't check that. But I was happy and singing along with the little birdies. Well I'll make it work! Just took it off the sides and let it run off the card. I kind of like how that turned out! 

The sentiment "Friendship Warms the Heart" is perfect for these sweet little birds and perfect for a pick me up note to make a friend smile!

There are so so many fabulous images to make you smile at High Hopes Stamps. Click HERE to pop straight over and I promise you will find LOTS to have fun with. 

Have a blessed day- 

HUGS and

Saturday, December 10, 2022

Animal Crackers - Smile!

Howdy - 

The two youngest girls Josie and Hannah were competing for attention while I was out yesterday. Now I got a few good photos, but honestly I should have done a video. These girls were swinging their heads back and forth and snorting and making lots of noises. But Miss Hannah just kept showing me her nose and snorting at me! LOL I wanted a cute photo of the two of them not a shot up Hannah's nose! 

But I kept trying... I see a little bit of Hannah's eye.. now Josie is acting up!

I think this is best I got... :0)  - Man I love these two girls! They are so funny and sweet.

Josie was trying hard to be calm and wait her turn. This is a really really hard thing for Miss Juliet. But She got her share of loving and head scratches. You can really tell she is Teddy's little sister here - And i love the tongue sticking out! 

Jealous of Crissy's morning nap - in her breakfast no less. The weather was wonderful slight breeze and in the mid 70's. If there had been a hammock out there I may have joined her.. but despite the fact the breakfast hay looked soft... well we know that ground has some nastiness there too... ha!

Had to share a photo of one of Hubby's roses - man it gorgeous right now! And that stunning orange red color is breath taking! 


And just cuz he was really demanding an audience... Sergio wanted to close things off today with just a little noise - Hope it works -

Not his best Hee Haw but it was with love! 

Hope you have your Saturday Animal Crackers Smile! 

HUGS and Have a Blessed weekend!

Monday, December 5, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Snowman Love

Howdy - 

This month for High Hopes Stamps we are coloring up a little Winter Fun - And for me I found a happy little Snowman to build. This is "Snowman Love" -  

I went with bright happy colors with a kraft paper base and snowflake kraft paper from Farm House Papers. Love that snowflake paper! My snowman is colored with my Copics (colors below) and then all my papers are sewn together with a band across the middle made with Martha Stewart punch border. 
The sentiment is from High Hopes Stamps "Think Snow"  Love that sentiment with the snowflake between the words. I punched the sentiment with a EK Success ticket punch. Then created a faux mat with my Copic markers. 

That sweet little snowman pops! Love the happy colors, that make him pop. 

Copic colors used -

Hope you enjoyed - now make sure to pop over to the High Hopes Stamps Web Store HERE and find so many great images to color up some winter fun yourself!

Have a blessed day - 

HUGS and

Saturday, December 3, 2022

Animal Crackers - Misty Day

Howdy - 

I kept waiting for the fog and mist to burn off so I could go out and get some nice portrait photograph with bright sun. But well... it just wasn't happening. So out in the drizzle I went to snap some photos. And everyone was really wanting to come in for close ups. Ok... they really wanted treats... but let me think they wanted to see me.

Alvin is such a handsome man. Those eyes just melt me! And he is so sweet. Now while I was out I saw he has broke free a section in his panels... between him and the ladies so it was an emergency repair needed. LOL need to keep him secure so we don't have a population explosion. 

I found Cocoa and Valentine out by the old barn. It amazes me how green the winter grass has come in, after a year of brown. The fabulous rain and moisture of these drizzle days we have had the last couple of weeks have things growing! Love the photos with bright new green.... much prettier than dead brown.

Cocoa and Valentine love all the green. They have a round bale for themselves now and believe me they have done some serious damage to it, but they always seem to move to the grazing the green as well. I then realized that Teddy was not with them or even near them I decided that I needed to find him to make sure he was ok. They have the nick name "Three Stooges" for a reason, they are always together. Found him way off towards the front grazing. LOL Had to be good to leave his buddies - food is the only reason you go off on your own, that way you get more to eat more before you are joined. 

Ok so Teddy was good - so back to my photos. Passed the lady goats, Gracie was talking to me.  She posed pretty and smiled -


Just simply beautiful. This girl is such a sweetheart! 

Now to the Ladies donkey pen. Everyone was heading towards me. I think Irene had been napping a bit when she turned towards me to get some ear scratches. 

She picked her ears up once I started loving on her. Just took a minute to wake her up a bit. LOL She moves slow but is always a sweet loving girl. 

Now one that is usually quick and right up front for her pushy attention. Miss Josie - 

Love this tiny little girl. The top of her nose feels like silk - and giving her ear scratches and kisses on her nose is a must! 

And then around the corner towards me came Miss Vicki - She is really a stunning gorgeous girl. Bright White with light brown and near black spots... and those greenish colored eyes. But she is not a prim and proper little girl. This girl is more Tom boyish. She loves to roll in the dirt and be just well... covered in mud! 

Loved on her between her ears, and on her cheeks, but honestly she was just filthy! Oh well.. I have to wash my hands anyway so might as well give her a good loving! 

I hope you have your Saturday Smiles again this week. We love sharing them with each of you. They bring so much joy to us that we have to share. 

HUGS and

Monday, November 28, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Precious Nativity

Howdy - 

This week for High Hopes Stamps I picked a very sweet special image. I love the warmth and feeling of this image. This is "Precious Nativity" it is a perfect Christmas image for your cards.

I wanted to keep most all the focus of this card on the image - not the papers and such. So I tried to keep it simple. As simple as I can anyway, I tend to go off track and keep doing more and adding more. This image is colored with my Copics (colors below) and then cut out with a Spellbinders die. The edges are inked with Ranger distress ink to give a warmer vintage feel. The pattern papers are from Making Memories, and I liked the music paper with the sentiment from High Hopes Stamps "Away in a manger

You know you have the song going on in your head - I did coloring and putting this all together. A gingham bow on top just for a little embellishment. 

This image just makes me happy! 

Copic colors used -

No matter what direction you want to go with your holiday cards. High Hopes Stamps has got you covered. Or you can just go crazy and make lots of different cards! 

Hope you enjoyed - Have a blessed day -

Hugs and

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Animal Crackers - What are you looking at?

Howdy - 

So I braved the wind and the mud and went out to see how everyone was doing. The ladies were begging for hay. Now they still have some of their large round bale, not much, but they still have some and for what it is costing right now they need to finish it. We could be eating like royalty daily for what hay is costing right now. sigh.

As I got out there I found it funny that the girls seemed to be staring a hole into the side of the house waiting for "Dad" to come out and feed them fresh new hay. I told them give it up, but nope no one would pay any attention to me as I am not the "feeder" for them. Even Juliet - who is normally a total pushy give me attention donkey. She wanted her "Dad" to come out.

So funny... Here is Patti and Bella staring in the same direction.

Can you see the same total concentration in their faces? 

Pepita same thing. I was trying so hard to get her to come to me at the fence so I could get that one piece of hay off her face. Was really bothering me. But she would not even look my direction. I decided it could stay there cuz no way was I going into the pen - mud was slick and deep. Falling in between all the girls didn't sound like a fun plan.

Went around to the other side of the pens and found Ted E. Bear moving fast to get to the back gate, you see if everyone else was looking towards the house there must be a reason so I better get to the gate quick. 

Such a funny guy! Sorry Dad is not coming out right now.

Wait someone looking at me!!

Jorge had to duck under Valentine to see me but he was looking at me. Valentine was trying to sneak bites of Jorge's hay, Jorge was reaching out and saying no, but as I walked up Valentine played the innocent game. Jorge was snorting and looking at me like "You did see that right?" LOL I kicked his hay further into the pen and told him if he didn't make such a mess with his hay and ate it then the wind wouldn't blow in away so Val could eat it! Silly boys! 

And then in the house the other day - I snapped this one really quick.. sorry for the glare in the photo. But it was so cute I had to share it. Wish you could hear the little noises coming from all three of these - LOL

Just inches out the window on a branch was a squirrel. Was making them all nuts! Ha! Nuts...  They were all chattering and so upset that they couldn't reach it. Now honestly they probably would have freaked as they have never dealt with anything that wasn't stuffed or glittered with a bell, that we bought for them. Something that would fight back could be an issue. Now their Momma Cat - she was a serious hunter outside and brought lots of "trophy catches" to the back door before she became an inside cat. I think having heat, cushioned beds and her food put out in a timely manner to her has her happy at her new inside life. These three... talked for a while in the window and then went back to their feathered cat nip stuffed toy. Ha! 

Hope you have a smile again - and have a safe blessed weekend. Enjoy family, friends and furry kids! 

HUGS and