Monday, October 28, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Santa's List

Howdy -

"You Made the Nice List" ... you weren't worried were you? MichelleO here today for High Hopes Stamps and "Santa's List" And I think this is just an adorable little Santa and he is checking the nice list... whew you made it!

 I colored with Copics (colors below) and then added lots of bling sparkle with a Nuvo Pen. All layers are sewn down with a zig zag stitch. A piece of fun Santa Paper from Paper Studio as a background. Then for a little pop, I added three brads - red, black and green.

And in a fun font from High Hopes Stamps "You Made the Nice List"

Copic colors used -

 A fun Christmas holiday image - and too see LOTS more you can visit the High Hopes Stamps web site HERE

Have a blessed day -

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Animal Crackers - Loud and Clear!

Howdy -

After a wonderful rain shower and cool front Friday was breezy but gorgeous. The ladies were up front and well... talking to me about the rain the night before. 

Bella was very vocal telling me a long loud story... 

 Now we can't blame the gossiping just on Bella... Pepita joined in to tell her view points...

Her version was much shorter and lower pitched. Now after her Lacey, Vicki and and then Ellie Mae had a say. I didn't get photos of them, cuz well actually I was inches away from Ellie Mae when she started "talking" and well... Ellie Mae is very very high pitched and very very loud when she talks. And I jumped and then covered my ears! LOL

Patti was just standing back as usual calm and watching everything.

 Yes... hoping that is a baby bump there and not too much hay... But then I saw Miss Juliet!

Is that some sort of snickering or judgement sticking that tongue out that I jumped??? I bet I know who taught her that... LOL !!!! I won't call out any names ... but she knows who she is! She has a special thing with Juliet!

Lucy was keeping her mouth closed watching all this with the donkeys..

Keeping her mouth closed with a very full mouth of hay! LOL Silly Donkeys...

Snapped a photo of Ted E. Bear coming towards me. He is such a handsome man.

My over friendly greeter. He got lots of ear scratching and loving after snapping this. He always does get his attention - when you are that cute its easy to get lots of attention!

Hope you have a furry friend to love on this weekend. And have a blessed day - 
HUGS and 

Monday, October 21, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Warm Winter Wishes

Howdy -

Decorating a Christmas Card with a fun "Round Snowman Ornament" from High Hopes Stamps. 

I colored the ornament with my Copics (colors below) and then needed a "tree" to hang it on. I punched out a bunch of leaves from Martha Stewart and layered them up to create a branch. I found a small old piece of wire and bent it over the "limb". I layered it on a scrap piece of Graphic 45 paper and then used the High Hopes Stamps "Warm Winter Wishes" on a banner across the bottom. Now the ornament needed more sparkle... so I used some Viva Decor on the top and bottom and POP! some real bling on this ornament!!

Copic colors used -

A fun image to create a great Christmas Card. For LOTS and LOTS of great images to make your holiday cards visit the High Hopes Stamps web site HERE

Have a blessed day!
HUGS and

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Animal Crackers - Handsome Stinky Man

Howdy -

Such a Handsome Man... STINKY but really handsome.

Alvin moved to Frankie's Old pen, a bit larger and well... closer to the girls. And being closer to the girls gives him LOTS of opportunity to strut, flirt and tell the girls that he is the studly Man of their dreams. And showing him off to you and just how adorable he really is is nice, and saving you from the smell... whoa! He has been flirting A LOT with the girls! Love from a distance is best at this time! Or clothes pens on your nose!

He is adorable no matter what he smells like!

 And a sweetheart too! I just can't hug on him right now. I would have to burn my clothes seriously!

Crissy was out watching me talk to Alvin. She is one of the beauties that Alvin has had his eyes on.

 She is a beauty...

Jennifer was with Crissy - Funny Crissy is one of the friendliest goats we have, but Jennifer...

 Yeah... I don't get to love on her much.. or at all. One of those that just never was friendly. We have had so few of these spaz goats, I have tried for years but nothing from her or her sister Malory.

We had a cold front here this last week, and for days it was cool, and cloudy. But then the end of the week the sun came out and the chickens have been clucking about it loudly!

 Scratching around looking for snacks and just simply enjoying the nice weather and sun!

Had a few asking about my baby boy "Autie"

 He is doing so much better, now that we are watching and feeding him as healthy as we can. Fat intake is a big no no. So my homemade dog food has been totally changed. No more dark meat chicken... only white meat, no veggies that aren't good for him... corn is a no no, carrots and green beans are good but Yellow Squash is really good for him, so he has gotten all of this years garden squash I froze for the winter... he is more important you know. All three our inside doggies love breakfast meals. I thought they might complain when I changed up the menu for Autie... but honestly they eat the new low fat just as happily. I guess it is better than plain ole' hard dog food. They are all three getting at a healthy weight - and Autie's doing so much better. Now if only I could do something for allergies for him and Libbie... sigh I cook more for these three than I do for Hubby and I! But they are my kids!

Hope you have a blessed weekend and have some plans with family friends and furry children!
HUGS and

Monday, October 14, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Snowy's Friends

Howdy -

This week for High Hopes Stamps we have "Snowy's Friends"  Such an adorable winter image that makes me smile.

 Aren't those happy smiles? Good Tines are better when they are shared! - perfect sentiment from High Hopes Stamps for this card! I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then used DCWV papers in blue shades for this one. I created faux mats around the image and sentiment by using a Copic around the edge.

For a little added embellishment I made three oval dots with Nuvo White.

Copic colors used -

Love how warm and fun this image is from High Hopes Stamps. There are so many to color and play with!! So many subjects! To see them all at the High Hopes Stamps Website HERE -

I know you will find lots to make you smile that you will want to craft with!
Have a blessed day!
HUGS and

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Animal Crackers - Out of the oven and into the freezer!

Howdy -

Ok so one afternoon we are in a hay field loading bales in 95 degree heat... then the next we are bundled up and it is barely 52 degrees! Wind is gusting and well... it is cold! Wait..... in a day or two we will be back into the 80's! Gotta Love Texas!

Black Jack was very vocal about the wind!! 

I know old man it is crazy how cold the wind is! 

Love this old man... he is really getting grey -  

That black silky nose, is more salt and pepper colored. He is such a sweetie.. and waiting, praying and hoping that we see some little babies that look just a gorgeous as he is in a few months.

Then I went to see Alvin. My sweet friendly, always runs to see me man goat... oh wait... this is all I got...

LOL oh he did stand up ... checked for food ... nope... got a little noise a grin and then he laid back down and settled into his warm hut. Don't blame him.

 Bitsy was out and hunkered down out of the wind.

 Bitsy has been a bit under the weather lately, a little broody. She was out to get some fresh air, but I think soon after I snapped the photo she headed back into the coop.

Macie came out to see me.

Such a sweet girl. Now I know you are looking at that wide belly... sorry she is not pregnant, just big boned and carrying a lot of water weight. :0) We have so much in common Miss Macie you are perfect just the way you are! Love you.

Pepita then came out of their hut... and finally I am seeing some widening on her belly!! She hasn't shown any signs of being pregnant... but hopefully things are starting to show for us!

This will be her first baby... Praying things are good, goes smoothly, and we get a baby with a bit of her and Daddy Raffie!

Before we sign off today... Fancy Pants wanted to say Hi!

She is one of the queen's of photo bombing! Funny girl! I am sure you grinned at this photo!

Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and

Monday, October 7, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Bear-ly Warming Up

Howdy -

How can you not love a cuddly bear with a cup of hot cocoa? This is "Bear-ly Warming Up

Adorable right? I colored with my Copics (colors below) then found old papers from Cloud 9... love the sparkle bling they have added to them. I sewed the layers to both green and dark red card stock to match. And then stacked the layers on a cream colored card stock base. For my sentiment I used High Hopes "Cookies and Cocoa Script" Love the font on this one!

Copic colors used -

Such a wonderful Winter fun image - There are so many fun images to make your cards with! Visit the High Hopes Stamps Store HERE and see that there is so much you will want to color and play with!

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Animal Crackers - This Guy is a Comedian!

Howdy -

 Mr. Pavo... He likes to put a portion of breakfast on his back every morning. I have shown this in the past, him with a hunk of hay perfectly balanced, saving it for later.

I finally caught him in the act!!!!!!

Yep... here he his big chunk of hay flying thru the air and putting it in the center of his back! LOL He seriously cracks me up! If the donkeys have a spot in the brush for an evening of stand up comedy... this guy is the head liner for sure! And then there is Vickie just calmly enjoying her meal... Such a lady! Well unless you catch her in the act of a good roll in the mud. sigh.

I think Vera found it funny too... 

I swear she grins when I point the camera at her! That row of bottom teeth all lined up and then that smile. Vera you, your grin and that long silky stinky beard is priceless!

Found Gato totally crashed asleep. Now it is on the bills I had gathered up to pay that morning!

Now if only she would pay them that would make me HAPPY!  She was too precious - the bills just waiting awhile until the cat nap was over!

Libbie - Love this girl to pieces but you see there is a pecking order in our house. "Dad" is the boss...

 Then her... then I think she places Chica, Autie, Gato in order then ME! She was enjoying the sun the other morning and I had a ton of work to get done and she would not come in! Wouldn't even look my way- I was sweet.. I yelled.. I tried the bribe word of "Cookie"... I even went over and gave her shove! Then Dad calmly from across the yard just said her Name "Libbie... inside" - she got up and went straight to the back door!! SO FRUSTRATING!!! Still love her. :0)

Hope you got a smile this week.. I know Pavo at least gave you a grin!
Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and