Saturday, June 30, 2012

Animal Crackers - Oops we are working now!

Sorry for the YouTube oops...  but we are working now! Videos in post below :0)
HUGS and

Animal Crackers - Moving Pictures and SOUND

Now I this week I thought I would share some video's I have taken with my phone the last week. I apologize for those that have any problems with videos... I'll be back to regular photos next week -

But for today how about some videos and some cute sounds?

I call this... "Hello... IT IS Dinner Time???"   You see "Dad" was getting things together for Dinner, and then his phone rang. He answers.. walks around and then walks away (probably so he could hear!) ... and he is totally ignoring all the "children" calling to him....

Now here you see all the "keeper" girl kids. On the rock is Crissy, Little white one is my bottle baby Sandy, tan her brother Danny. The big black and white talking is Gidget... she is always talking. Then the grey and white standing at the gate with Gidget that is Vera. Very cautious that girl. Then the Black and white coming  to me is Alice, and the White with black next to her is Gracie. These two are really starting to be more friendly. Then of course my little one is Olive in the front with her ending cry... she still has that high pitch little scream. And yes she is still very tiny. So tiny we won't sell her for breeding or breed her ourselves unless she gets much bigger... she just is not growing much at all. She is like Hank -   You can see Autie pouting in the corner on the outside of the pen... yes... we have had to put up a temporary fix in that area... Dogs want in, and Goats want out... so they pulled the fence apart ... ALWAYS fixing something around here.

You can hear to the side of me Donkey asking for dinner as well and then behind me.. Peso and Cleatus banging and yelling at each other. For those that do no know... Buck Goats or Breeding Male Goats, they have LOTS of issues. I think the first issue.. is the WORST! The smell. Yes they smell HORRIBLE, and in the hot summer it is a toxic bomb that can knock you off your feet. We just won't go into why they smell... Google it or if you just have to know email me. LOL  Then they are just nasty.. sticky and very dirty... won't go there either, but it has to do with the smell. And then their attitude - They can be sweet, Frank is proof of that. But many Bucks get attitudes and are protective and territorial of their girls. Because we have not sold Cleatus yet we have decided to give him is own little pen and his own girl friends. He is so strikingly handsome and has Franks blue eyes so why not share the genes? He and Peso lived in one pen before we divided things and added girls... but add girls to the mix and the guys can no longer be friends. And they do LOTS of talking and banging. It would be great if Cleatus would be sold and went bye bye. I am sure he will soon. Then we will be back to just two bucks, Peso and Frank.. well until Hankie is old enough :0)

This is a short little video... no worries about little Hankie and his size ok? He stands up to everyone, and takes them on!! I think he may even have a little advantage as he is so close to the ground that sometimes it helps him with keeping his stance and not moving... LOL

He is a cutie isn't He?  Jack and Hutch are the only two little boys we have left to sell. I hope we can sell them this next week, as they are getting older and needs to have homes and decide whether to have them as little pets or save them for breeding and keep them as Bucks. Danny will soon be added to the boy pen then he can be sold. Another 3 weeks I think -

Now I finally did something I have not be able to do in years... it wasn't the best of her screams, but I did get part of Ellie Mae calling out

I do hope you enjoyed the "moving pictures" with sound  - I know it isn't the cute face photos we all love, but sometimes you just have to hear what I hear....

Have a wonderful Saturday and I'll see you tomorrow for the first of the Month Whimsy Digital Release Blog Hop!


Friday, June 29, 2012

Little Darlings RubberStamps - Sooooo BIG!

I am so excited to be joining the Little Darlings Design Team for the months of June and July as the Guest DT! I just adore these images, they are so fun to color - and just bring a smile to everyone. 

One of the very first Little Darling images I fell totally in head over heals with was "Sooooo Big". He is such a good helper don't you think? I colored with my Copics, then did a little more shading with pencils. When I am really enjoying coloring an image I tend to be a heavy colorer.. LOL So my image is quite bold - I thought that would be safe with the gorgeous papers from Graphic 45. I adore these papers from the Fashonista collection, but they are very busy and dark for most cards. But "Sooooo Big" can handle it I think. 

I chose a few patterns, sewed them down with a zig zag stitch, then added a wide lattice ribbon, backed with red card stock,  across the bottom. My image is cut out with a Spellbinders Thin Oval die, the edge colored with a red Copic, then matted with a Papertrey Ink scalloped die. Now this card did not start out as an easel card, but then after I started putting things all together I soon decided that it need more display room for the sentiment. The letters that I had die cut, Papertrey Ink Script Alphabet, were a little large to add to the front. So Easel card it became so everything would fit nicely. I followed the same basic layout of pattern papers as the top, but then added the red card stock center to attach the words "Thank You" - everything again is sewed down. I cut out one of the larger roses from the patterned paper to embellish the front corner, then a row of adhesive pearls across the back to hold the card in standing position. 

Bold yes, but I still think that little helper can handle it! He is "Soooo Big" after all! 

See you tomorrow for Animal Crackers!
HUGS and-

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Whimsy Stamps Challenge - Anything but a Square

Now.. I know a rectangle isn't thinking to far out of the box. This card is for this weeks Whimsy Stamps Challenge and All I saw when getting my card ready for the DT was Anything and never recognized the rest as no square. I had this card all colored and all the pieces cut out and LOTS of punching out... all for a square. Duh.   So last minute I had to rework it... and this was all I could get to. I tried circle, but it just didn't work. So rectangle it is.

Do you totally love this image or what? It is a scream! From Whimsy it is by artist Crissy Armstrong. We love her don't we? I have been just dying to use this one...  I colored with Copics and then did a bit of shading with pencils.

Then to the card. I don't know exactly how I got to the background. Was thinking a scalloped bottom would be cute, but wasn't sure which color I wanted to use. Did a white. Liked it. But might be more dramatic to do a purple... liked that too. Well what would the green look like? Suddenly I had all three and then well... lots of layers :0) I sewed each layer down. All of the colors were inspired from the Kaisercraft Paper Pad Lilac Avenue Collection.  Then I ended up only using one piece for the front. The simple green as the mat.  I die cut a flourish vine for the corner, with some pretty mulberry roses - the sentiment is also from Whimsy - LOVE their ticket sentiment collections! Especially with the matching die. This sentiment "Cherish Each Passing Moment" is from the Treasured Moments set.  I colored it with the matching colors of Copics.  Then I added three dots of Viva Decor Pearl Pen in the corner.

The inside I used one more piece of the Kaisercraft Papers - just simple.

Despite my little issues with the square. I had a lot of fun making this card. The image just made me smile the entire time... but then I tried a couple of new things with it... lots of punching for sure, but I think it was worth it.

Make sure to visit the Whimsy Stamps Inspiration Challenge today and see all the shapes :0)

Hubby and I are really busy today... lots of errands and things to take care of. We have to fit everything into Sandy's feeding schedule you know... so we will be moving fast...  Don't want to disrupt her schedule you know! LOL

HUGS and

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Bridal Shower Gift

Thought today I would show a gift I made for a Bridal Shower... it actually is the shower/wedding gift. I made this for my best Buddy Tracey's Daughter. She is a beautiful girl that is getting married next month, a destination wedding so we won't be attending. So I did a all in one gift. ;0)

I made her a flip flop album.  Ok so not a great name for a wedding gift, but that is what it is called. I found three or four tutorials for these albums when I Googled it. I used a little from all of them, then made up stuff on my own. After making it I see ways I could have improved... next album :0)

This is the front of the album. I covered chipboard for the outer pieces. Her colors are grey, deep purple and lilac.... I got as close as I could. I printed the photo of the happy couple on canvas after a little photoshop playing. I sewed down things. Their names I printing right on the photo. The word forever is from Papertrey Ink.. cut once in dark purple and once in lilac, then over lapped for a shadow look. The flourish is from Cheery Lane.. with three mulberry flowers added. Then my Viva Decor Pearl Pen. :0)

Inside -

From the front... has tags that flip and flop both ways... I did lots of layers, Lots of papers, rub ons, and stamps. Oh and of course more photos of the couple.

The view from the other way... more photos, and all the other embellishments. The tape is a paper tape I got ages ago... It is all about Paris :0) ... that is where the couple is hoping to spend part of their honeymoon.. OH how wonderful does that sound?

The back cover I added a pocket. With layers of paper, Whimsy scalloped die and ribbon. Then I added a matching tag in the pocket.

Tag has their present on it.. uh wait.. no I did not give them the Eiffel Tower.. LOL that is part of the decoration. Their gift is on the backside :0)

Darn I forgot to take a photo of the cute little ribbon closure I did.. I got to use some very old Maya Road clasp.  It is cute really....

When it was time to wrap it... hmmmm.... Then I remembered some clear boxes I had stashed somewhere -  fast forward through lots of digging time... and then....

It just FITS! Whew... then I wrapped it with some seam binding ribbon and ta da!  Hope she likes it. Took me a while to do it, and work through it all. But in the end I was happy with how it came out.

OH to be young and in love and just starting you married life. Well there is something wonderful about being .. (I was gonna say old, but hey.. ) anyway it is great to have 25 years and still in love too.

Have a great day :0)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Animal Crackers - Ready for my Close up

Hi! Animal Crackers day. I got quite a few shots this week while outside working. Don't tell Hubby... as I am suppose to be holding or waiting for him to return with a tool... and I do from time to time wander off to talk to a few of the children.. oh and snap a few photos.

I showed this on my Facebook page this week... I have laughed every time I see this photo...  I was trying to get a photo to show the size difference between Bobby and Hank. Bobby has been sold already, but we still have him waiting for his new home to be finished.

I will be perfectly honest. If they don't come back soon... I am going to be so attached to Bobby I won't be able to let him go... Really he screams personality with those huge ears, big eyes and pink nose. OH and I love that little black spot on his bottom lip. And Hank... well you know Hank will never be going anywhere - he is my little joy. We have been discussing keeping him for a future Buck. :0) Can you imagine lots of little Hanks and Hankettes in the future!

Speaking of close ups... Tuco has started his terrible twos... he isn't posing this week. Nope he actually got a little spanking this week - totally tore another corner of the wall apart. Darn good thing he is so cute...  He was more interested in getting close for attention than a good photo this week.

I did get a great one of Libbie! This reminds me of a 1970's photo... Why do I want to start singing have a Coke and a Smile?

Ok.. I know I am a dork, but I see those 1970's lounge around in the grass Coke commercials  - She sort of looks like she is smiling... man I wish I knew what she was thinking about.

Dogs... Here are "OUR" dogs... these are the neighbors dogs that we take care of. They use to actually LIVE next door. But now.... well they live with us now.  There are three of them, two sisters and a brother.

Nally -

I love all three of them really I do... but Nally and I have a special bond. I named her... she was a teeny little thing, and she was so sweet and had the calmest adorable personality... Her beginning formal name "Personality"... and then she just fell into Nally - She sleeps on my front door mat every night :0)

Then Moxie -

Moxie usually sleeps just out from the front porch, or under the house. I don't have a clue how many times Hubby has fixed the hole in the under penning of the house... Moxie.. she insist on a door to get under  - We don't get mad though, all you have to do is call her over, she is super loving, and I SWEAR... she has the funnies smile you have ever seen. I have tried to catch it on camera and haven't yet.. but I am going to keep trying.

Then Niner -

The "big brother" He is the most active of the three. The most obnoxious too. But only because he is so friendly. If you watch him during the day, you can see... he makes the rounds. Check the front of the property... the gate... MIL house... the Barn... each pen... And also the neighbors. Then at the end of the day - he sits out in front of the house. If there is any noise, he barks. Yes. Took me a while to not want to throw things at him and get use to it. But he thinks he is guarding us all, so you have to give him some credit. I don't care what time you look out there, most of the time he is sitting up or at least laying with his head up listening and watching.  Well unless it is raining or cold... then he takes cover under the house with Moxie... and barks from under the house at every noise he hears... just lovely....

You see... under the house it echoes in the house, and then that starts Libbie barking, then Chica... then Tuco and then finally Autie has to get up and give a few barks just so he doesn't appear to be lazy. It is so much fun to live in my house.

I use to totally freak about the dogs being here. Donkeys do not like dogs. And I just knew that they would get trampled. But I think they have made peace with the donkeys. They stay clear of them... and the donkeys leave them alone. But once in a while there is a little tension.

Nally wants to cross the little boys pen... Ramon is saying no, go around. They stood like this for minutes... Ramon is young, and doesn't quite have the respect yet....

Since Nally is standing her ground and not going around... Sergio decides to let her know his opinion on her crossing his pen.

Yea... don't mess with Sergio.... She decides that going around is the best thing to do.  Now Sergio is a good big brother, he didn't let Ramon know it was his look that did the job. Ramon thinks he was in control... :0)

Then one more photo... Hubby just had fed dinner. And the donkeys usually always break up into the same groups to share piles. These four share really well together and don't argue over dinner.

They are always in their pairs... but these two pairs are good together. All sweeties -

Hope you enjoyed this week. A little different photos - LOL  It has been a hard week around her. Most of our time has been with the goats. Selling... Separating... Weaning... and now breeding. It is VERY loud out there.  At any one time someone is calling out - it is starting to quiet down just a bit. Some cuz they are getting use to things.. and two some of the loudest have lost their voices. Just kills me... Right now Gidget and Vera both are totally hoarse. They sound awful! A day or so and they should be back to normal tones.  Now that things are settling down I hope to get some good photos of the goats this week... the babies are really starting to show their colors and personalities - and the Moms are trim and look good. We will see if they let me have a good shoot one afternoon.

Have a wonderful weekend.... Today is clean up day. And also working on a few more goat houses. Always a lot to do here! Sadly there is always a long to do list, that never has a ending. But we do love it.

HUGS and

Friday, June 22, 2012

Just Magnolias & Hanglars Challenge - Summer Colors

Hello Friday! This week flew by didn't it? Well a few days did - I couldn't believe it was already time for the Just Magnolia and Hanglar challenge and I double checked my calendar twice to make sure.

The challenge this week is very fitting... Summer Colors! And for me that means HOT colors. Man Summer has hit us hard already this year. Working outside is already a early morning and late afternoon chore here - I can not handle middle of the day and afternoons!

So for my card this week I went through my papers...dug really deep into old stuff. Funny I had a hard time finding papers that felt summer to me. But finally I found an older DCWV paper stack, I think it is called collage - really old. Makes me feel good to use up papers that have been on the shelf forever.

Here is my card - I used a stamped gift Hanglar image this week ;0)

So old DCWV pattern paper, this was one sheet of paper - I used both printed sides, cut into pieces and sewed down with different stitches. My image is colored with my Copics. I had a really hard time with bleeding, as the paper that this is stamped on is really thin compared to what I normally use... and I am a heavy handed colorer too... But I think it came out ok, I was determined to make it work and not waste this Hanglar! I cut out the mat for behind the image, and on the bottom corner I hand cut out the flowers to leave them with the paper. I punched out two Whimsy Corner dies - and then a Butterfly die... for the life of me I cannot find the name of... darn it. I cut it out of the cream card stock, then colored it with copics. Added three punched leaves from Marvy - and a large Prima flower. Dotted satin orange ribbon as well. It was finished... and then here it comes... Yellow Viva Decor Pearl. I know I need to join a group to get help with my obsession with this stuff!!! :0)

The inside. There was not hardly any of the pattern paper left from the front. So I used scraps of the card stocks and the strips from the pattern paper. Then a Whimsy double scallop circle die -

It is for sure a warm card - Lots of Summer color here! For more warmth... make sure to pop over to the  Just Magnolia & Hanglar Challenge and see all that the DT came up with this week.

Ok, gotta run. SIL had surgery this week, and she is home now. We are going to pick up some of food from a favorite BBQ place and take it to them. I know... I should make something homemade... it has just been so busy around here that I haven't had time to think much less plan a meal, shop, cook and then pack it up. Maybe next week....

Have a wonderful Friday - and see you tomorrow for Animal Crackers! LOTS been going on around here with the animals!

HUGS and

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Whimsy Stamps Challenge - White on White

Sounds simple right? A white on white challenge. Why did this one make me sweat then? Stress out? LOL  I just have such a hard time without some color! I kept pulling things out thinking they were perfect embellishments.. then remember "oh yea..white only" But I finally got things together and just barely in time for this weeks Whimsy Stamps Challenge -

Here is my White on White card -

I chose to use "Flap Happy" by LivvyBo Designs. I totally love this gal... For some reason it makes me think of my Grandma. :0)  Somewhere I have a fabulous photo of her as a teenager in her "flapper" glory.

For my card... after I sat staring at me desk for a little while and that white card stock, I decided to just have some fun... I used Bazzill Swiss Dots for the base. Then I took a plain piece of Bazzill and ran in through my Big Shot with a Cuttlebug embossing Folder. I have no idea what the pattern is, sorry. I can say it is an older one though - I didn't get smart enough to write the names on mine until I had a handful of them - one day when I have nothing else going on I will look them all up online and get those names! Anyway, I ran it through twice, To get my 5 1/2 square piece fully embossed, it worked well as once I ran through the first time, it lined up perfectly so I could emboss the second run and it matched. I added a piece of card stock that is a grayish white. I tried to find a name for it so I could say it was actually called white.. but then I gave up and said it is grayish white... HA! Told you guys I was stressing!

I then printed my image twice, the first one I colored with my Copics - then cut her out. The second I colored her in all grays - this way I could pop dot my little lady over it and have a "shadow" below her. Oh.. but before I pop dotted, I cut out the gray lady with a Memory Box die. This shape is called Debutante Frame. It has a matching die called Twirling Vine Frame - that is the layer with all the whisky vines :0) I cut that out of a different white card stock. My reasoning for that is all though they are both white... the different textures make them look different and show better as layers. Sounds artistic and creative if nothing else - wink wink... A little sewing, then a piece of dotted satin WHITE ribbon tied around the middle. Then my lady pop dotted - I added my obsession of Viva Decor Pearl Pen, some white gel pen stitching - and then I added a mulberry flower! Done!  Now I did stare at it for another day - it needs something. But time for the challenge so I had to accept that it was done. It is growing on me... but I don't think you will see a lot of these white on white cards from me.... Color... bold Colors :0)

Now would you like to really awesome white on white cards? The other DT girls rocked it this week - so pop over to the Whimsy Challenge Blog and see for yourself - then join us! Don't let me fears of white scare you ok?

Have fun with it!

Suppose to have some rain here today... hoping hoping hoping. We have errands in the morning, I have a Dr. Appointment (just a check in to get a prescription ok'ed) and then lunch with friends. We are not going to stop anything for the rain.. I normally hate doing errands in the rain, but don't care today I will be ok if we get stuck in a downpour!

We are also working with the goats - started a couple of days ago. Pulled all the boys out into their own Frat-house pen. Safe from all the little girls :0) - We are now pulling out a few of the Ladies... moving them around and putting them in with the bucks. YEP... we changed out minds and decided to let some of them go ahead and get pregnant for some fall babies. YEA! This population control with the donkeys is a have too... but with the goats, well they have been selling so well that we decided to go ahead with Fall babies too this year. A couple of weeks later than I would have liked but we are South Texas so November is usually still warm for kids.  Counting down that 145 -155 days for new babies! YES.. I know they arrive fast don't they? Darn Donkeys take a whole year - 5 months for the goats is like nothing at all.

Ok... better get the day going!
HUGS and

Monday, June 18, 2012

Up, Up and Away!

Hello..... that is a very slow, tired hello. LOL Hubby and I have finally finished cleaning out the storage units we purchased at auction. We really did get them at a great price, but after 2 days of sorting and then hauling to get rid of the junk.... I think we are both thinking that we will not be the next couple to try out for one of the storage war tv shows. HA! All though we have discussed that more than likely those people have hired hands to come in and do the actual work. The sweating, labor, painful nasty work... don't you think?! :0)  Well we are not super stars, so we ( Hubby loves when I say "we" ) but I was there and I did quite a bit for a lazy person that is use to be in air conditioning!... anyway WE had to do the nasty work to have the prizes... and speaking of prizes,   I did promise to show you our favorite piece, the reason we went after the larger unit.
 Now it didn't look quite like this in the unit. It was dried out, and filthy! But just after a little TLC from Hubby it is just as gorgeous as we knew it would be. Now I have to find somewhere in the house to put it.... yes, we a famous for buying things we don't need, and don't have room for - but I love it!

I'll try and show off more of the other stuff once in a while as we get things cleaned up and "show able" -

Now I want to show you that I have crafted - Actually this card flew out of me as soon as I got this stamp in the mail. I love this image from Little Darlings -

I think it is the look on her face, she is so happy don't you think?  She is called "Up, Up and Away" you might recognize her as part of the Logo of the company :0)

Colored her with my Copics, then did some shading with pencils. A little added Viva Decor Pearl Pen for a little extra.

For my card, I went with papers mostly from Webster's Pages. I love the richness of these papers. But I also found a vintage looking cloud pattern paper in my scraps, just seemed so right to use that behind the image, right?

I cut piece of the papers, layered with a light blue card stock, sewed down with blanket stitches and straight stitches. I am not sure why I used the roses paper on this card. I just loved it so much and was working away and went with it. And just before I attached all the pieces I saw a package of French doilies on my desk, ordered them a few weeks ago and totally forgot about them. Love the doily with the roses... but here again not sure if it all goes with the hot air balloon... but hey it is a girlie card :0) And with that thinking I thought the "Live * Love * Grow" sentiment that is part of the new release "In the Garden Sentiment" set was a good choice. I believe this little lady is Living, Loving and Growing! Growing doesn't have to mean plants...  A deep pink satin ribbon was all the extra it needed from there.

Here is a close up of the image, I pop dotted it on the clouds pattern paper so she is flying!!

The inside is simple with scraps from the front - but I cannot find the photo I took anywhere! grrrrrrr

Hope you enjoyed my card, I had a lot of fun with it! Make sure to visit the Little Darlings Rubberstamps web site and see all the cuteness there! Great new release too! 

Here are a couple of challenges that it qualifies for :0)
Let's Ink It Up - Use your favorite embellishment ( ribbon is one of my favorite embellishements )

HUGS and - 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I was chosen as the Spotlight! :0)

Hi -
I have no card today... sorry.  When I tell you why I didn't craft yesterday though... you might really laugh and give me a break...LOL

First though I want to thank Sweet Stampin Challenge Blog! I was chosen as the Spotlight this week! :0)  My old Goat card... they had a stitching challenge and I had lots of that! Ha.. I always do don't I? Love my sewing machine! They even gave me a blinkie - 

Thank you again Ladies! It was fun joining your challenge and I plan on playing much more :0) 

Now I just have to tell you what Hubby and I did yesterday, just so you can laugh... 

A friend invited us to a Storage Auction... Yep just like the tv shows... LOL  Was just for some entertainment. Something fun to "watch" live......... the rest of the day we spent going through two storage units. LOL Yep Hubby bought TWO of them! HA! 

Lots of stuff to go to the trash... but WOW we got some really awesome stuff to! Best piece. An Antique Secretary - gorgeous OAK, with original beveled mirror, and great old glass doors. A few of the other things we were happy to see. A Lane cedar chest. a huge wheel barrel, 6 nice lawn chairs, a air tank, a couple great vintage dresses, doilies, and the cutest appliqu├ęd 1940's baby bed spread. Hmmmm what else, Oh two old plant stands, 2 fabulous cast iron standing lamps, a wire dog crate, perfect for little goats :0) , A few piece of old glass, Old bear stein, And...... a PEDAL CAR! Actually a fire truck! Not a really old one, but all metal and in great condition. Just missing the steering wheel, have to find one of those. A ton of clothes... that all went for donation. Except for the 8-10 pair of new Wranger jeans... those I pulled out for a friend as they were his size.  

Oh there is more I am sure, Did we "need" any of this stuff? NOPE... but it was sure a lot of fun going to the auction and joining in. Now it was 185 degrees while going through all that stuff... I better have lost some weight sweating that much... but it really was fun - 

Hubby is out side right now cleaning up the oak secretary and putting a coat of finish on it. Then we will move in into the house!  I'll get a photo of it then....  

Have a great Sunday - I'l get some crafting done this afternoon - 
HUGS and

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Animal Crackers - Bye Bye Kids and a few in trouble

We are torn this week... we are happy, we have sold 10 kids. But we are sad cuz 10 kids are now gone.  It really does crush me when one of my babies drive away. Last week I told you that Popeye, Peggy and LuAnn had left us. This past week - Bobby and Mel were sold on Sunday. Thursday - Betty Davis, Janet and George left. And then yesterday Bluto and Ted went down the drive in a crate in the back of a truck. A few ... well we wave goodbye and wish them a good life. But then there are a few that really do hurt. Popeye is missed. Bobby really missed.... But honestly Betty Davis actually hurt. She had become so friendly that she like her Mom when she was young loved to stand up on Hubby's shoulders and stand on his back. He said he wasn't ever going to sell her.... But when this couple arrived, we could tell they were going to spoil her just as much as we would. And she would have a good life with them. Now I still have not convinced Betty's Mom Rhett... she is still out there yelling for her.

Yesterday when Ted and Bluto were being loaded up I snapped a photo of him... I think they have figured out, when strangers arrive.. if they point at you and either Hubby or I pick you up - you are not coming back... don't you think Bluto knows what is going on?

It is all ok, really. Ted and Bluto are going to be the pets of a six year old little girl as a gift from her Grandpa :0)

Earlier in the week the goats were in the back yard. Sometimes we let them out of their pen into the back yard to give Hubby enough time to get in the pen and set up their feed. It sounds like a good plan, but as soon as the goats hear the grain falling... they are all over it. Anyway... this one day, they were going nuts, as Hubby got a phone call and was held up. So I had a million goat in the backyard climbing the tree, going up and down the back porch, and then suddenly I heard a thud.... Some of the kids decided that if they jumped up on the back of Hombre, my donkey statue, that they could then reach the leaves in the trees. But so many tried to jump that they turned him over. But hey, it was ok, now more of them could fit on the side of Hombre!

They really are silly and a ton of fun to watch. Yesterday morning we were sitting out in the pen just after feeding them their hay. We had fed Coastal, and they prefer Alfalfa.... and Jill well she thought that maybe we hid the "good stuff" under the Coastal. And she was using her horns to dig to the bottom. When she wouldn't find it... she would run to the next pile and check it. Oops... she sort of had a problem at one point. She was tangled in a huge wad of hay... but she didn't let that stop her! She just took off for the next pile like nothing was different. But a few of the kids... well they saw breakfast on the go!
 I told you they were entertaining! :0)

Last night just as the sun was starting to set I headed out to get a few more photos....  I was asked a couple of weeks ago how Gabby is doing now -
Hard to believe she is almost a year old... She lives in the girls sorority pen, and has bonded with a few of them really well. She is doing great and has not had any issues from her month of high fevers as a newborn. She is one of the calm girls. And always hangs back waiting her turn for lovings.

I looked over into the Boys Frat pen.. and Jose was just standing there quietly watching. All the other boys were vocal and running up and down the fence line. A few of the girls were VERY interesting to them. But Jose... nope sweet and calm...
Don't you just want to hug that handsome little guy?

I then went over to see about snapping a few of baby Flavio and some of the "adults"... well just as I got to the pen and was about to snap a cute photo of a group of the ladies.... the entire group heard "Dad" with the hay cart coming around the barn.... that is the sound of dinner. Sort of like hearing the ice cream man around the corner.... They were gone in a flash!
This was all I saw of them after that -

But then... I heard a banging noise.... UH OH!!! Peso was in a bit of a jam..... But before I ran to get Hubby... I had to snap a photo ;0P
You see it is somewhat like a puzzle if you get your head through one of the holes as a goat. If you go through, you have to know how to turn your head to come back. Once in a while, it is just too much for Peso to grasp. Hey he is handsome and gives us gorgeous babies... being smart wasn't a qualification. But you have to understand. Unlike Frankie our other Buck, Peso... he does not like being "handled" or for that matter even touched. So helping him out of this jam... well it sounds more like you are trying to take him to a BBQ and not as a guest... He screams like the world is ending. Hubby put on his gloves and went in to help. Just a few seconds later Peso was free on his own, strictly by accident... he turned just right and fell out of the hole. He then pranced and hopped all over his pen enjoying his freedom. He is too funny.

Now speaking of being in a bit of trouble.....
I was laughing at Peso and started heading back towards the yard to check on the dogs... uh oh

I told Hubby to not leave his good work shoes on the back porch... looks like this one is no longer in that good category... seems to be missing a bit of leather and a part of the shoe string. Chica... she was really enjoying it though - I snapped this from a distance over the back fence... she had no clue I could even see her.... 

Heard Libbie barking, and came around by the gate... she saw the neighbors dog playing in the donkey pen... 
Normally I capture this shot from inside the yard and only see her from the back... Look how intense she is... there are "those dogs" on "HER" property.... only 10 inches tall, but totally in charge!

Well that is it this week. Sorry nothing great of Tuco... oh there were a few shots this week I wished I had my camera... like when he decided to play "pool party splash" in the water bowl in the kitchen... yep soaked everything... Or when he found the new bulk pack of 12 Mega rolls of toilet paper while we were gone... Lets just say He had LOTS of fun then... and then hid when I walked into the hallway. Or how about when he thought it would be fun to bring a cicada or as we Texans say around here a "locust" inside to play with then have as a snack.... Yes.. his is really in his teenage puppy times now!  LOL 

Hope you have a great Saturday - and I really hope that Animal Crackers gave you a smile to start the day! 

HUGS and-

Thursday, June 14, 2012

High Hopes - Old Goat Birthday Card

Hello - went digging in my older stash of stamps. It is so fun to see all my earlier stamps... Sadly they haven't seen ink in so long, but now going through them all I have promised them that they some of them will see light and ink! This one.. just really caught my attention, and I knew I needed to use it right away.... goat on the brain lately - everything around here has been about the goats. LOL

Here is my card with High Hopes "Norman Goat" ... I have always called him old goat.

I laughed the entire time I was making this card! He just cracks me up. I colored with my Copics, then shaded with my pencils. For my papers I found my KaiserCraft Madame Boutique stack. Funny Madame Boutique.. and the papers look more manly to me than most of my other papers. I chose 5 patterns and cut them down inked the edges and then sewed everything. Went a big nuts for a minute with that one stitch... LOL Different - and I like the texture it added. I layered it on a cream card stock, then used kraft card stock for the base. Wasn't sure what embellishments to use... It is so hard to not reach for those flowers and bling. But I wanted to keep it for a guy... so I used a Memory Box die, love that iron fence die, it is really dainty and thin, but it adds so much. For old wooden buttons on one side and then instead of a stamped sentiment, I used a printed ribbon layered on a piece of seam binding.

Love how it all came out - he really does make me totally smile. And then I went and did the inside. Same papers inside, layered a little different. Then I did a computer generated inside... I have a really good idea of where this card is going......... and this sentiment is so perfect.  LOL

Now I did this one all for fun but why not surf and see what challenges it fits into right?

High Hopes Stamps Challenge - One for the Boys! (wow that worked out perfect!)
Sweet Stampin/ Challenge Blog - All Stitched Up (I know second entry in this challenge, but it fits :0) )
Tuesday Throwdown - Critters ( a goat is a critter right? Around this house they are!)
Delicious Doodles Challenge - For the Fellas

Found a couple of new ones there :0) ... and over an hour surfing around... LOL

Hope you enjoy my "Old Goat" card, see you Saturday for Animal Crackers!
HUGS and

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Whimsy Stamps Challenge - Buttons and Bows

Hi - If you are here for the Little Darlings Blog Hop... please scroll down to my earlier post. :0)

Have to have two post today  - my second is the Whimsy Stamps Challenge - the challenge this week is Buttons and Bows.

For my card I decided to play with "Special Delivery" -StampArt Design by Katheryne... totally cute!

 Just love this little guy pulling his wagon, I saw him as a good chance to do some 3-d shadowing. I colored him with my Copics, then cut him out completely. I then printed it out a second time, coloring him and the wagon in grey tones, then did some grass and the sky with more shadowing around him. The color version is then pop dotted onto o the grey version. I loved the flowers in the wagon... but then thought hummmm and punched out my own flowers and leaves and glued them in a mound to have even more 3-d effect. The centers to my flowers are Viva Decor Paper Pen in dark brown.

My papers are all Prima - so totally yummy! Love the vintage feel of these, they are from the Sun Kiss collection. I picked out three patterns, then with kraft card stock and cream colored card stock I matted and created the card. I inked the edges of every layer with Distress Ink Tie Dye. and then sewed all the layers together. Now I didn't want to cover up any of that pretty butterfly... so I cut his wing and slipped the image behind him. For the "bows" part of the challenge I added a light brown ribbon around the card, and tied a bow. For the "buttons" part... I added two wood buttons to the wagon as the wheels. My sentiment is from Whimsy Stamps, and is part of the Fanciful Birthday Notables set - love these, and there is a matching die available :0) I added some ink around the edges and colored the band around the sentiment with a green Copic. Then just cuz I am so nuts about those Viva Decor Paper Pens.... I added six dots... just cuz I HAD too....

Here is a side view of the front so you can see all the "pop"

The inside is finished off with matching papers the same as the front... and again left blank.. ready for anything.

There are lots of FABULOUS DT inspirations this week at the Whimsy Stamps Challenge - Hurry on over and see them all... then join us for a chance at winning your own Whimsy products! They are still on sale today... hurry though the sale is gonna end quick!

Whew.. I am done for the day now. Hubby and I are gonna run some errands, then meet up with some friends for lunch. Then who knows where we will end up. OH.. yea... home in time for my Baby Goat Sandy's afternoon feeding. It is tough being a Mom you know?

HUGS and -