Saturday, May 25, 2024

Animal Crackers - Handsome

Howdy - 

 Came through the gate the other afternoon. The men were all watching us come in and looked so handsome with the sun setting behind them. 

Flavio is such a stud. He has slicked off pretty well for the summer. He always has that one last patch on his rear end and back that is last to go. LOL

Just about then Patricio trotted up as if to say me too... I am handsome too!

Pat Man we all know you are just as handsome! I just love his ears... they are always perfect standing up tall and proud. He has pretty much completely shed off.... just a tiny bit on his back. Slick and dark black... love that tan then he sun fades to his "reddish" coloring. Still handsome! 

Also handsome... My guy! Hubby out in the heat loading up hay out of the field for our fur children. Temps were at 99.... He never complains... well unless I miss the bale he thinks I am driving towards. 

 Hey its not easy driving in the air conditioned truck and reading his mind where I am suppose to be. LOL but we always work it out and get back on track! 

Now a couple girls... 

I had this photo of Juliet. Man this girl is hard to get a nice portrait of! She is trotting right into my face as soon as she sees me! I love her so much! 


My big girl watching over all her little friends!

 One last photo this week... sorry it was hot out there and I didn't get many photos this week. 

This last one I snapped while out feeding the chickens... Old Girl Spec.

We really have no idea exactly how old she is, we got her as a full grown chicken. But we have had her for a few years now. She is so friendly and so beautiful! And you see her how she got her name "Spec" So pretty! 

Hope you have you Animal Crackers smile this week... sorry light on photos, little under the weather and the heat just was too much this week. I am so not ready for this 100 degree days! 

HUGS and

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Animal Crackers - Noses

Howdy - 

This week I went out to see the fur children and realized how many donkey noses I show... LOL It is just how they love for me to love on them. Noses first. When they were babies we started the kissing on the end of the noses and so now because I have "trained" them for their kisses that is how I am greeted I suppose. 

Today it was the men, Sergio and Jorge. 


Sergio was my orphan baby I raised, so he got LOTS of kisses and loving while he was getting his buckets of milk around the clock as a baby. Now it is our thing... I call out and tell him to come for his kisses and he trots to me and nose comes out at me.


Adorable... and Jorge all though more independent he still does come for the kisses... then swaps around for scratches! LOL And you gotta love all those whiskers!

I went out and opened up a small pen off the goats pen yesterday - It had lots of "grass" weeds actually but they saw them as green and were trying to reach the green through the fence. So worked it out so they could go in and chow down!

They were all very happy to have the big buffet. But sweet little Penelope took a few minutes to come and visit me first. I adore this little girl! So very sweet. 

and beautiful!!!

Snapped this photo for Hubby. His outdoor kitty Grey Beard was perched up on one of the goats fence pole enjoying a breeze from the front that had just come through. He was so content and enjoying it.

Such a sweet kitty - especially for an outdoor kitty. 

Now not so happy to see this next visitor! Yes I know they are cute and all... but I don't need him hanging around eating the kitty food and washing up in everyone's water. They carry bad things that I really don't want him to give bad cooties to my fur kids.

I've been doing my best to scare him off. Cat food is picked up just before dark. And when he shows up... I bang on window, worked first time... then stomping, banging the door, then running out yelling. Yes Crazy woman on the loose. Not sure it is working but at least he runs off for the night. Sigh... 

Hope you enjoyed this week and got a smile - 

Have a blessed day - 

HUGS and

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Animal Crackers - It's that time of year

Howdy - 

Well it's that time of year... the weather is getting hotter and much much more humid. We have to keep a close eye on all of our fur children. But especially our older children. 

Darlene is doing pretty good. Staying in the shade and in her hut more during the day. 

She is such a pretty old girl and we are very cautious with her... 32 is pretty good. 

One of our studs Black Jack is right behind her at 29... he really is not liking the heat and humidity. Maybe it is his darker coloring but it really does a number on him. But as I am typing this he is right out my office window under the big tree next to me scratching his head on a low branch. 

Really watching him close. Hate when our babies are not feeling their best. But the heat can really make them down, heck I can't handle the heat either. But I have the luxury of coming inside in the AC! 

Chickens also are not fans of the heat - but they will cool off by jumping and splashing in their water. Makes a big mess and really does a number on the water float that Hubby has to fix numerous times a week so it doesn't leak, but cooling off is important too right? 

As I came back into the back yard I found Chica sitting out in the yard... squinting in the sun. 

Was such a silly look on her face... 

Silly grin too - Love this girl! 

I have been showing off our tomatoes recently. But Hubby made me realize that the Peach tree needed to be shown off too! 

Not ripe yet, but looking good! 

Not good... It's that time of year again... The SNAKES are out big time! Normally Hubby leaves the rat snakes alone... stomps and makes them move on away from things. But when they have found the chicken coop and are eating all our eggs! Well That buffet is always in their minds and they will come back over and over and eat as much as they can. So they have to go. 

 These two are over 5 ft. and the other close to 6ft. Yikes... I'm ok with them gone. 

Well other than the snakes I hope you got a smile this week - enjoy Sunday and Mother's day - 

Have a blessed weekend. 

HUGS and

Saturday, May 4, 2024

Animal Crackers - Grass Vs. Hay?

Howdy - 

It is always best to have fresh green grass. Right? Well once in a while you just need that old fashioned hay. Especially when it is coming in on a truck right past you!! LOL The Men up front don't get hay every day, I mean really look at their pasture - gorgeous! But when their favorite hay cutter calls and has a few bales and it is coming in on the truck through the gate right past you it just wouldn't be nice to drive right past them would it? 

They LOVE the hay from our hay grower, and they know when it isn't his hay. No worries - they are spoiled and got some last week to enjoy. You can tell when it is just a treat and when it is a meal. They were not "hungry" as they graze 24/7 on the fresh grass... but they did munch on this hay for a few days just to enjoy the flavor. If they were hungry it would have been gone in hours not days. LOL 

Hubby sent me this rare photo the other day... to snap one of the old kitties is great but to find them both together and snap a photo is super rare! We were trying to decide just how old they are now... OLD is all we could decide on for sure but we know they are way over 12 years old.

Old Mom is on the left... you can tell she is really getting up there, but her child Fraidy is almost the same age. 

I had a few photos from my visit with the ladies that I didn't get to share.  Macie, Man I love this girl. She has such a sweet calm loving personality. 


She still looks "heavy" but she actually has lost a little weight. She will always be a bit wide it is just in her genes. Kinda like me.. LOL

Love this photo of Miss Bella.. formally "Anna Bell" She is so beautiful, here she was really keeping a watch on Dad. There was a chance he was coming her way and she wanted to be on the ready to be first in line for breakfast.


 You can see Raffie in the back ground doing the same thing in his pen... funny donkeys. 

Got a good shot of Hannah (Bella's daughter) - she is hard to get photos like this of as she usually trots towards you pretty fast for close ups! But she was 1/2 asleep when I got out there so she wasn't really on her game. I can't believe she is so grown up. No longer my baby girl, but sweet young lady!

Last photo is me stopping to check on our tomatoes. Oh start turning red!!! These are the grape tomatoes. There a sooooo many of them. Can't wait! 

Hope you enjoyed this week and have you weekend Animal Crackers Smile - we really do love that you visit us each week. It really means so much to us! 

HUGS and