Monday, June 29, 2020

High Hopes Stamps - Lil Fire Chief

Howdy -

Love this adorable image from High Hopes Stamps - "Lil Fire Chief"

Cute right? I colored with my Copics and highlighted with pencils (colors below) The image is cut out with just a small border around it. I like how it pops off the page! The pattern paper is from MME and I thought the arrows in all different directions gave a lot of direction to the image. I sewed it down on a red paper, then a cream colored card stock base. A border across the bottom of the page with the High Hopes Stamps sentiment "I'm Responding to a Birthday Emergency" A few enamel dots for fun and a great card for a guy or fire chief loving girl.

Copic colors used -

For lots of great images you can visit the High Hopes Stamps website HERE

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Animal Crackers - Smile

Howdy -

How can this face not make you smile?

Peso really does have a grin like no other... Such a funny man! And those eyes just add to the grin don't they? Ha!

Another Smile for me is to see "Donkey Hugs" ... where does one start and the other end?

Here we have Miss Hannah and her Momma Bella giving "Donkey Hugs" or you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours is probably more correct, but I like the hugs thought... LOL

Hannah was really loving on her Momma... she has grown up so fast!

 Beautiful young lady for sure! And her little 1/2 sister Josie is right behind her in growing up.

This little girl has sure faded though... from her silky black coloring to her red she is still so adorable! Obnoxious, pushy and friendly ... adorable still all the time no matter what color!

The Ladies in the Goat Pen were being very very very loud!! Seems "Dad" was taking too long in bringing breakfast to them... Hurry DAD!

They are so funny... and yes loud! Scarlet or "Red" as we call her was trying to give me the look...

Come on Mom... can't you make Dad move faster??? I'm hungry here... tell him to hurry up!

As I was heading back towards the house I passed the outdoor kitties... Momma Cat was sitting on her bench giving me the eye too... now her look is much more determined than Reds... Ok Momma Cat I'll tell Dad to get out here and bring your breakfast NOW!

 LOL.. really she is very sweet... but has a serious look to her most all the time.

All my kids give me a smile - hope they brought a smile to your face today -

Give a furry friend a hug and it is for sure to make you feel good and smile!
Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and

Monday, June 22, 2020

High Hopes Stamps - Howdy Pardner

Howdy -

Howdy Pardner! Love this little guy and his "pony" from High Hopes Stamps! This is Riley -

A cutie right? I colored with my Copics (colors below)  along with some pencils. I sewed down the layers on brown card stock with a piece of Paper Studio barn wood pattern paper. Don't you just love barn wood paper? I created a border with a Martha Stewart Iron Fence punch and ribbon. For a sentiment I used the sentiment "Howdy Pardner!" All little guys riding horses know how to say Howdy Pardner!

Copic colors used -

To find more fun image to play with visit the High Hopes Stamps web site HERE

Coloring makes all happy right? And High Hopes Stamps has so many you can fall in love with!

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and 

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Animal Crackers - sets of three

Howdy -

This week I was playing again with settings on my camera, and portraits... now getting my "kids" to stand still long enough for a portrait is not easy. But this week I decided to give it a try on sets of three... first up was the little boy goats, my mini goat stooges.

They were after all begging for attention -

So first I stopped for loving... then worked on getting photos..  Before they got to head butty...

Alvin Jr. usually will stop and pose for me.. or am I posing for him, those eyes just melt me!

His twin brother Chipmunk was going for the low down through the fence pose... ok he was resting his head on the fence waiting for me to give him more grass... But hey he was being cute and STILL! So I snapped quick!

The Domino - sigh... this is my big time head butter! He lives to squish fingers in the fence I think.

Really it is just him showing he is the boss of the pen. But we still love and adore that adorable face even when a finger gets a little bumped. 

Then my three inside doggies...

Old Lady Libbie, she has been doing so well, so happy as long as she is in charge and control! Pretty girl.

And her first daughter - Chica ... our puppy.... that seems to be turning more gray each month. I guess she gets it from her Momma Libbie we just can't tell how gray she is cuz she is well... gray!

But we won't tell her she is getting old she still answers to puppy and thinks she is a puppy!

But my baby boy Autie, Chica's 'Dad' - he got is summer puppy cut. He feels so good when his thick long hair is off in the summer. Funny he has no gray him other than his under coat that is so thick.

 Now my boy has been under the weather the past few months, he is feeling better and then his allergies have gone nuts.. little guys eyes get so red and itchy. But he is feeling better so that is what is important to me.

I know I say this a lot... but we are so blessed to have all these special fur babies, they really do give us happiness in a crazy world. Hope you can hug on a furry kid and enjoy some unconditional love too!

HUGS and

Monday, June 15, 2020

High Hopes Stamps - Daniel, Sending Hugs


How cute is this guy? This is Daniel from High Hopes Stamps. Seems he has sent out some hugs and is waiting for a response?

I colored with my Copics (colors below) and shaded with pencils. The pattern paper is from Paper Studio - and happened to find a piece of card stock that matched those polka dots perfectly. I sewed layers down with my sewing machine. A lace ribbon and a red and white gingham ribbon for a band. Now the red and white ribbon was a little bright so I used a Copic marker and colored the white with a tan color. The sentiment "Sending Hugs!" from High Hopes Stamps is perfect for sending out to a friend.

Copic colors used -

There are so many fun images at High Hopes Stamps you just must visit the web site HERE you will just love so many of them- promise!

Have a blessed day HUGS -

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Animal Crackers - Glamour Shots!

Howdy -

Was out just before the sun set the other night... took the opportunity to snap some "Glamour Shots" of some of my children...

Vicki was just gorgeous with the large oak tree and sun behind her. Heck she is gorgeous all the time!

My short "big boned" lady Macie is always a looker, she has really deep brown eyes with long lashes.

She is so so sweet. Slow calm and loving!

Beautiful Ellie Mae - Miss Skinny Minnie - my screamer.

We love Ellie Mae so much and it is so sad she was never able to get pregnant. She has a happy home forever no matter what.

Pavo says boys can have "Glamour Shot" photos too! He actually posed for me by resting his head on Patti's back.

I love how friendly he has become since being moved into the pen with the ladies. He was so skittish in with some of the guys. Just shows the difference of attitudes of a "man" with all his testosterone, and a sweet gelding boy. The ladies are no threat to him, and he loves being in with them.

Penelope was calling out while I was in the with the donkeys.. She is a super model too! Take my photo Mom! I'm not a donkey but I am just as cute! Why yes you are Miss Penelope!

It is that grin, and that long sleek neck.. she such a pretty thing.

Now I know I couldn't not show our newest family member Big Al! He is a looker too. He is a little copy of his Daddy Raffie. I told Hubby he is like trying a photo of a nat though... he is always bouncing around a million miles an hour!

After I snapped the first photo he normally will take off... but here it was as if he said "No wait... this is my good side!"

 Yes he knows he is absolutely adorable!

We are so blessed! Nothing warms my heart than out loving on our fur children. And babies are just that extra blessing! Hope you enjoy a little of our happiness and they bring you a smile!

HUGS and

Monday, June 8, 2020

High Hopes Stamps - Carpenter Ant

Howdy -

How fun is a little Carpenter Ant building a sign of Happy Birthday! This is High Hopes Stamps "Carpenter Ant" a fun busy little guy!

I colored with my Copics (colors below) and shaded with pencils. I found a scrap pieces of paper that have an ant feel to them... a table cloth pattern was too funny. For the sentiment I matched up the little ant with "Wooden Happy Birthday" Love how it matches up with Carpenter Ant! I sewed all the layers together with both zig zag stitch and straight stitch. And placed on a white card stock base. For a little fun I added some enamel dots.

Copic colors used -

There is so much fun to color up at High Hopes Stamps!! To get to the website store click HERE - guaranteed you will fall for lots of adorable images!

Have a blessed day
Hugs and

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Animal Crackers - BIG AL!!!!

Howdy -

Finally Lacey decided to share her baby with us!! Of course she had to do it in the middle of the night... sigh. Last weekend she started pacing late evening and took forever, but finally about 12:45 in the morning she laid down... I ran in to get Hubby ... she pushed a few times and a tiny little spotted baby popped out! SPOTTED! Ok... a boy, but oh well he is adorable and we are in total love with this guy! His official name is ALBERTO... but Hubby has nicked named him "Big Al" and it fits :0)

It was a long night but SOOOO worth it!

Lacey is a fabulous Mom.. had him cleaned up and he was eating in minutes.

Our traditional Day One photo.. "Dad" is so proud of this little guy!

I couldn't get a photo but he has unusual eyes. They are a grey blue color. Not anything he can pass on but still stunning!

The two girls have been curious and Hannah gave up and wasn't interested too much. But Josie... well she has been very jealous... LOL

Good thing there have been lots of people visiting them so everyone can take a baby and spoil... LOL

Seriously How stinking cute is he???

He is a pistol too... He doesn't like minding Momma... and thinks it is hysterical to run from Mom. I don't know what Lacey is grunting to him, but he ends up giving up and coming back to Mom and being good.

Thought I would share a photo of another baby this week...

Hubby was watering in the backyard his potted plants and this little cutie came bopping out, eyes closed and all.  While he was trying to find the tiny hidy-hole nest I held on to it to make sure it wasn't in danger of getting to far away or scooped up by something. Adorable right? Love nature! And after finding a good place to place him, we hope he got back to his nest and Momma was ok with our helping her baby.

Hope you got a smile this week. I know we have lots of smiles with all the babies out there! Have a super blessed week!
HUGS and

Monday, June 1, 2020

High Hopes Stamps - Lilly the Spring Fairy

Howdy -

Just love a girly flower card! And High Hopes Stamps Lilly the Spring Fairy is the perfect stamp to add flowers and sparkle!

My Fairy is colored with Copics (colors below) and then cut out with a stitched oval die. I found papers from Paper Studio Country Roads collection. The layers are stitched down with a zig zag stitch. The sentiment is also from High Hopes Stamps "Have a fairy special day" that I added a faux mat with a Copic marker. I sewed that layer down then punched out some leaves and Mulberry Roses. Love Roses! And because every fairy needs some sparkle of magic I added Viva Decor Sparkle to her wings.

Copic colors used -

For lots of fun magical images pop over to the High Hopes Stamps web site HERE 

Have a wonderfully blessed day!
HUGS and