Saturday, April 29, 2017

Animal Crackers - Here Chickie...

Howdy -

I can't believe how big the chicks are! Almost full grown ladies now. Ok we are a few months from egg layers, but they are such pretty young ladies! They are loving their new outdoor pen. Of course they have not encountered rain yet... or cold weather.... or really hot weather... but they will get use to it all.

These girls are beginning to figure out me and my camera coming at them. Can't you see the look in her eye... Uh Oh... here she comes again!

Then she started strutting a little runway walk for me.

Such a pretty lady...

I found one of the little reds checking out their new hut.

Can't you see her thinking.. Nice new house, can we get a tv, maybe a feather bed and air now? 

Now this older chicken was more interested in a bath. A Dirt Bath!

They all do it.. Chickens, Goats, Donkeys... that cool loose dirt just makes you feel so good! Not! But I guess it is good for them. This lady had the dirt really flying! LOL

Thought I would show off one of Hubby's favorite ladies...

He loves his Guineas. We only have two of the original three, but they seem to be healthy and going strong. They rule the goat pen and have control over all goats, except for the oldest, Paintbrush. They seem to respect her and never peck or chase her. They may not be gorgeous, but they are smart!

And it looks like we have some new temporary birdies....

 This is a wood carving hanging on my back porch, and it seems that a wren has made herself a large nest with that "wood" wood duck to protect it. Can't wait to see if there are babies in there but for now we are giving Momma a little privacy.  Will try and sneak a shot in the coming weeks now and then.

Hope you enjoyed my birdies this week. A little cold front is coming today.. whew. Was in the 90's here yesterday! I am so not ready for summer to hit. Liking our spring this year and would love for it to stick around a bit longer!

Thanks so much for joining me today - Hope you got a smile!
HUGS and

Friday, April 28, 2017

Whimsy Stamps - Penguin Birthday

Howdy -

Just lovin' Whimsy Stamps Crissy Armstrongs Penguins!!! Today I am using Penguin Birthday.

Adorable image for any birthday card!

Sweet image right? I colored with my Copics and found some PERFECT papers from Whimsy Stamps "It's A Party" 6x6 paper pad. I sewed to a purple mat on a light pink card stock base. Then for my sentiment I used the Whimsy Word Die Sets. "Birthday, Wishes and Magical" and "Smiles, Happy and Celebrate" I dotted the "i" in birthday with a Whimsy Stamps Enamel Dot. LOVE these!

Inside more of the same papers -

Copic colors used -

To see all the fun with the Whimsy Stamps new release click over right HERE 

Have a blessed day -
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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

High Hopes Stamps - Turtles Spring Fever

Howdy -

More Think Spring Release from High Hopes Stamps! And how can you not totally love two romantic turtles? This is "Turtles Spring Fever"

I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then I added some Rangers Stickles Yellow to the image for some added depth. I inked the edges with Rangers Tea Dye ink to have a vintage feel to it. Kraft card stock for the base and then Core'dinations deep rose card stock sanded for a mat. The pattern paper is from Paper Studio. All layers sewn together. The sentiment is also from the new Think Spring Release called "live life in full bloom" A few dots of Viva Decor Pearl Pen and done!

Inside the same papers.

Copic colors used -

Amazing and beautiful new images in the Thinks Spring collection... see them all HERE

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Animal Crackers - Frenemy?

Howdy -

Came through the house the other day and found this... now yes it is adorable. But you have to understand at just how much this was a shocker to me! You see Libbie runs the house. She is Small and in Charge! She doesn't especially love her "sister" Gato. A Fenemy.. LOL She barks constantly at her. Tells her what she is doing wrong and how she feels. Drives us nuts. But at this moment... there is peace!

Why she ALLOWED Gato to sleep on the beds with her I don't know. But it made a totally sweet photograph didn't it?

Another sweet photo... A smile from our old man Frankie!

He was chillin' up on his deck under the tree the other afternoon. He is such a happy old goat. Especially since that nasty horn came off last year. This guy is always friendly, and always available for a scratch on the end of the nose. Honestly that is the only spot I scratch on... the rest smells so bad you don't want to touch... take my word for it! Male goats are smelly! 

Vera... This goat really has me on the fence! Beautiful but so unfriendly! 

Oh she wants to be friendly but just can't quite bring herself. Looks are for sure her best quality!

Now looks are usually with Jet... but right now... well not so much!

 We are going through a little bit of moulting here. Not so pretty. Feathers everywhere, and some nasty bald spots on our girls. Not everyone is moulting, but a few that are really do look pretty yucky! The only bad thing is that most chickens don't lay eggs during moulting. So I will be happy when their new feathers come in and they are all pretty again!

Thought I would also share Hubby's little garden this year. Last year was rough on the garden, and we didn't get what we expected. Darn weather! Not enough rain, too much rain.. hail... This year so far things are looking good!

 Here he has tomatoes, strawberries and watermelons... hoping he can get the other half done soon, but things like work are getting in the way! But the other side is my squash and zucchini! So hoping we can plant them soon. Looking forward to those tomatoes first though! I rarely get the strawberries, him and the boys that rent our guest house usually eat those up while out there.. LOL and I am not a watermelon fan so not so excited about those... but again the guys are!

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend -
HUGS and

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

High Hopes Stamps - Willow - Happy Thought

Howdy -

High Hopes Stamps new Think Spring release is just too pretty! Love Spring! And these images show off Spring so well.

This is Willow  -

Isn't she sweet? I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then cut out the image with an oval nestie. Then inked the edge with Rangers Distress Ink Tea Dye color. Kraft card stock with a peach colored mat to show off the piece of pattern paper from Paper Studio all sewed down. A few extra large Martha Stewart leaf punches with some older crocheted flowers. The sentiment "Happy Thoughts" is part of the new High Hopes Think Spring release. Perfect for so many cards! For some added fun I added Viva Decor Pearl pen dots to the centers of the flowers and then some fun dots on her dress.

Inside the card the same papers.

Copic colors used -

There are so many beautiful images at high hopes! Make sure to visit the store HERE to see them all.

Have a blessed day -
Hugs and

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Animal Crackers - Sleepy Boy

Howdy -

I love all my furry and feathered children... but this little boy has a special place in my heart.

Autie is my boy. And this guy and I have a bond. He knows when I am sick or don't feel well and is right there with me. The other night after working all day and getting home late he was stuck to my side. Or here stuck on top of me. His ritual is to climb up on me in my recliner at the end of the day and cuddle. During our cuddling he fell asleep. And was and is absolutely adorable! How could you not love that sweet face?

Now I thought I should update you on Old Man Black Jack. He is doing so much better!

He is enjoying his pen all on his own now. He has put on weight and is looking much healthier. Now that may be the special senior feed that Hubby has been feeding him. I guess it is like "Ensure"or something?? He acts like it is having a bowl of ice cream with chocolate sprinkles! I don't want to be around when Hubby has to explain that he really doesn't need his special food every day. LOL

And then how about Black Jack's daughter Pepita? Pretty isn't she?

She is in Raffie's pasture and we are so looking forward to their baby! Things have been "active" with Pepita and Raffie so this time next year we should have a bouncing baby! So excited!

Also in Raffie's pen is Lacey and Vicki.. Vicki is my hope for another spot... well I guess we could have spot from any of the three... but Vicki gives me a little more % of that.

 Vicki and Raffie has given us a few amazing babies in the past. Haven't seen to much action yet... but I am sure things are in the works. :0)

Cute photo of three of girls having their dinner.

 All serious business when dinner is in the works!

Speaking of serious!!!

How is that for a serious face on Leon?? This man is large and in charge! He is also so beautiful! Or Handsome. He had just gotten up from a little roll in the cool dirt and was shaking off a bit. LOL

Everyone around here is starting to loose their winter fur. Donkeys and Goats. Makes for some shabby weeks, but then they slick off and look so shiny and pretty.

Well Wyatt must have been doing a little scratching with all that loose under coat.

Both horns had wads of fur hanging from them. Ewe... Ha! Won't hang there long, he will rub against the fence and it will all shed off pretty quick... I hope!

Hope you all have a wonderfully Blessed Easter Weekend -
HUGS and

Friday, April 14, 2017

Whimsy Stamps New Release - Loli's Dance

Howdy -

Another fun day showing of the new release at Whimsy Stamps!! And today I used the new adorable stamp "Loli's Dance" by Sylvia Zet and two new Whimsy Dies!!! Cherry Blossom Panel and the word smiles from "smile happy and celebrate" Word Die Set. I am in love with these new word dies! and that Cherry Blossom Panel is so gorgeous!

But seriously how adorable is little Loli? Dancing around... I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then found a piece of paper from Paper Studios to match her with. I matted all with a dark pink card stock on a cream colored base. I sewed the layers together and added that fabulous die! And the word Smiles - To add more fun to the panel I added pink enamel dots from Whimsy. You can find them HERE

Inside more of the same papers -

Copic colors used -

To see all the fabulous new items at Whimsy Stamps make sure to visit their web site HERE !

Hope you enjoyed - Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Whimsy Stamps New Release - Sunflower Smile

Howdy -

New Release time at Whimsy Stamps!! And I just love Spring stamps! Don't you?  For my first card this month I chose to work with a little set of stamps called "Sunflower Smile" by Krista Heij-Barber.

Now first yes, I know Sunflowers are suppose to be yellow.... but these looks a lot like Gerber Daisys to me. I LOVE Gerbers... So I colored up my happy flowers in red! (colored with my Copics, colors below) Then I cut them out with a small white border. So they would pop I placed them on some bold Paper Studio Papers, that I sewed together with a zig zag stitch. Placed on a kraft card stock base. I colored one of the sentiments that came with the set to match the flowers. I LOVE when I can color up the sentiment! And this set has great sentiments! Then to add just a bit of fun I added three Whimsy Stamps Enamel Dots. I am just going to have to order up more of these! They are so perfect and easy to stick and enjoy!

Inside more of the same papers -

And then Copic colors used -

Hope you enjoyed - Love how bright and cheerful this new set is! Make sure to pop over to the Whimsy Stamps web site and see all the great new fun!!!

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

High Hopes Stamps - Egg-Cellent Friend!

Howdy -

I don't think there Anything better than "Hangin' With My Peeps"!

This new sentiment from High Hopes Stamps is one of my new favorites! And it matches up so perfectly with so many of the new Think Spring images. This one is called "Egg-Cellent Friend". Sweet little elephant just enjoying his time with three of his little chick friends!

I colored up with my Copics (colors below) and then found papers from Paper Studio to use with a crisp white card stock and a country blue card stock. Matted the image with the Whimsy Stamps Double Scallop Square die. Sewing down all the layers, then adding that fabulous High Hopes Sentiment "Hangin' with My Peeps" Love it! A few punched flowers and leaves with dots of Viva Decor Yellow Pearl Pen and this one is just a great card to send to cheer up someone special!

Inside more of the same papers.

Copic colors used -

This new High Hopes Stamps Think Spring is just so cute! Make sure to visit the High Hopes Website HERE and see all the fun!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Animal Crackers - Loving Spring Weather

Howdy -

The weather here in Texas has just been gorgeous lately. Totally loving little evening strolls and visit all my furry children.  But some children will do anything to get your attention and made you laugh….

This is Scarlett or "Red" as we call her. This goat ALWAYS has to be center of attention and demands it.. Even if she has to work her head into odd places to reach out furthest to you.

That nose was just pushing for some loving. Oh who am I kidding they were wanting "Dad" to bring them feed… but it wasn't time so they were all really let down. But still funny and then was ok with some head scratches.

Gracie and Sandy look as if they were being patient and calm in this shot.

But in reality they were screaming the loudest. Gracie like her Mom Chloe is a very loud talker especially when it comes to food.

I can not express how happy our new "Men's Pen" in our front pasture makes me. You drive up and see happy boys grazing in their very green pasture… and totally love to see the boys and the three standard donkeys all together, ok with a fence between them, but together. This was Valentine and Rico posing for a rare shot together.

Diego and Miguel were in the background doing a little your scratch my back I'll scratch yours…..

And Teddy… he just loves posing on his own… anytime, anywhere.

Such a handsome guy… And the sweetest personality. This guy always loves hugs and ear scratches.

Thought I better update on the chicks… before they are too big to be chicks anymore!!

They have gotten so big! And moving and flying around in their chick hut! Man they make it so hard to put in feed and water twice a day! So nervous I am going to be on chick chase one day soon! Getting close to moving into the chicken coop… just not quite yet! Momma still worries about them out there. Especially since Hubby found a very large snake stealing eggs last week!!

This is Itsy or Bitsy… not sure which and they are pretty much identical. They are getting pretty big too. We are so proud of our first home grown and hatched little chicks. Just hoping they are girls!! But thinking we may have a rooster as one of them is much more aggressive than the other. Sigh… Don't need another rooster.

 But they are family so if we do Hubby is just going to have to build me another coop addition for them.. LOL

Hope you got a smile this week. If not take another look at that photo of Scarlett and tell me you aren't grinning!

Have a blessed weekend - HUGS and