Tuesday, May 28, 2013

High Hopes - Gate Fold Challenge

Howdy -

Today is Tuesday - Feels like Monday with the Memorial Day Holiday yesterday. But it is Tuesday and that is the High Hopes Challenge :0)  -

This week the challenge is to make a Gate Fold Card. Any kind of Gate fold card will work. Or you can try my Tutorial from last week. :0)

I made another one. I have been having fun with my Gate Fold with a scene card. I think it is because I get to use more stamps, and just spend lots of time coloring. I have really loved the calm time coloring lately. Needed it and really has helped me chill a bit. That on edge about to explode feeling goes away while coloring. Hubby would say do more coloring... LOL

Ok, so back to my card - These are some of my first High Hopes images -

First I guess I will just make a list of the stamps used - 

Told you I got to play with lots of stamps on this one!!! I won't go into all the instructions on how to make it, you can scroll down to last week for all of that. The only thing different is the pattern paper, I used Graphic 45 Bird Song papers. 

Oh and I masked off the background and stamped it twice for the inside. And Masked and stamped the leaves behind Monkey Mike. 

Here is the card opening up - 

And the inside -

Sorry I forgot to take my photo of my Copics - lets just make it easy and say almost every green, lots of browns and a few basics - ha!

Now its your turn! PLEASE head over to the High Hopes Challenge and join us in playing. This was my first Tutorial, I would love to have lots of activity for the challenge.... so please play this week ok?

And if you do make a card with my Tutorial... SHARE with me here the link. I would love to come and see your card!

Alrighty... back to work!! We have been doing Spring cleaning. It is such a great but horrible feeling to move furniture, pull out drawers and clean out!  Great cuz once it is done the house feels good and looks so much nicer. Horrible cuz I look at the stacks of junk and trash and Animal Hair and Dirt that is trapped under and behind furniture!! Oh my how does my house get that way! Oh yea... Hubby and I are not the most organized. (those that know us, please stop laughing now) And all the dogs, a cat, and we live here - and sometimes life just gets away doesn't it? Well things are all getting moved, dusted, cleaned and then put back to order. May take a while to do every room... but wow two rooms down, working on room three. Feels great!! And lots of garbage bags going out! And donation bags out! YEA!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!! Gonna go and get my broom and dust pan and get busy!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Whimsy Inspiration - Stargazer Lilly

Howdy -

   Well we got the rain! There has been some flooding around here, we have been lucky and just good rain. All the rain left Hubby and I inside all day. Now we have a list of "chores" a mile long, and many of them are inside jobs. Guess how much we got done yesterday while "stuck" inside while it rained all day.  Laundry. That is just about it. Oh and I got some coloring done. We basically were pretty lazy. Why is it that rainy days make it hard to work on chores. Hopefully we can catch up today. If not our list will grow and then move to tomorrow.

Here is my card for Whimsy this week - I have really been wanting to color the new Stargazer Lily image.

Love this image - Dana's Digi - Stargazer Lily - I have layers and layers of coloring here... LOL I colored, and then set it aside, then decided it wasn't right and colored over it again. This is one of the few that you see the ink on the backside of my paper. I use Papertrey Ink card stock to color. And not much soaks through. This one shows about 90% on the back side, wish I had taken a photo and showed you. After I picked out my pattern paper I went back and colored the background green to match. Went over it with the same green Copic about 10-12 times. Love how it almost has a velvet look to it.

The paper is from a older pad, from K&Company. Just says Designer Pad. The front I used just a simple pattern, but take a look at the inside of the card... sort of matches huh?

Sorry the photos are sort of dark... lots of rain remember? Anyway love how it sort of matches the image. Back to the front of the card. I matted with Bazzill Dotted Swiss Hot Pink card stock, on a white card stock base. Matted the image and the sentiment. I had to use that sentiment it is just so me lately -

"Life - is about playing catch up. Just when you think you've reached the bottom of the list, it miraculously grows." Yep... that is life around here!

I added tiny little pearls to the white flowers on the pattern paper on the front, and then just a touch of stickles for some bling.

Inside kept it simple, just using the one pattern paper, matted and a white box for signing.

Here are the Copic colors - may have used up a few... LOL

Now what is on the list for today? Breakfast with the locals at the cafe. Priorities you know. Then maybe the grocery store. Then back to some "deep" cleaning. Trying to do a little Spring Cleaning around here. Hope I can get it all done before Spring is over -

Then I also need to get some items listed to start up on eBay tonight. OH.. I added a BUNCH of craft items to my eBay store.  Some older new items, and some very brand new items that I just got in. :0) Link is top right if you would like to take a look at all I have for sale right now.

Hope you have a wonderful blessed Sunday -
HUGS and -

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Animal Crackers - Soggy Chicken, Soggy Goats, Soggy Donkeys, Soggy Doggies, Soggy Photographer


Yesterday it rained! And rained pretty good. We didn't get as much as some of our friends around here - We got less than an inch. One friend got close to SIX inches! Wowser! More is predicted for today, but I don't think we will get close to that measurement.

I kept waiting for it to stop late in the day to get my photos, but it never stopped completely before dark. So late afternoon it slowed down some. So I braved the rain and Hubby and I made a trip around all the pens to check on everyone and snap a few photos.

What we got was photos of lots of soggy animals. LOL I think they were enjoying the cool wet. Well all but the goats. One drop and they were not happy campers. A couple got real wet due to the fact that they couldn't find any room in each of the huts, or at least the huts they wanted to be in. Finally everyone was settled and was "safe" from the dangerous wet stuff falling from the sky.

Shockingly the chickens were out in the rain. Hubby keeps telling me they are CHICKENS. They do not have large brains at all! But my chickens I thought were smarter than that!
Heck it cooled off and the rain probably felt nice after the warm days we have had this last week. But still I was surprised that they were out in it and so wet.

The young donkey girls were all lined up in one of the huts. They looked like they were enjoying the cool rain as well... until it started raining hard then they got smart and went for cover!
Their pen really gets soggy, much more than an inch and they get a private pond. Not a good pond, a slick muddy yucky pond. One of those things on Hubby's fix list. As soon as we can move the girls, then he will build it up and seed the old pen. Then they will have late summer fall grass. Just another one of those "to - do's" around the farm. The list gets more added than we can get marked off - sigh.

Sonia was still out walking around in the rain. She was REALLY SOGGY.
She didn't seem to mind. Wonder where she got that from?

Oh yes, her Dad Black Jack LOVES to get soaked and enjoy the rainfall...
When it rains you can always find Black Jack out in the pen getting totally soaked. Now I say that he enjoys getting soaked but now that I think about it, it may just be that the ladies never let him into the shack while they are in it... Heck he could use a bath anyway... and he doesn't complain. Whatever the ladies want, he is just happy in the big pen again and to have a couple of girls there with him! (Yes folks... we should have at least one baby next year!!!)

Now this is a guy that really really really hates the rain. He is a goat so it makes sense, but Peso seems to really pout and get so sad when it rains.
He hates not being able to be up on his spool looking over all of his world. And when it rains he HAS to go into the igloo hut for protection, he could melt you know. And inside his hut, he cannot see anything. So this is "Pouting Peso" ... sad huh? I told Hubby he needs to build him a new hut... up high off the ground, and with windows on each side so he can see -  :0)

Now this next photo made me grin. We have become a little paranoid about the dogs. Not that we could have done anything for Tuco, but we keep watch over the dogs even more now. I hate to have them out and not be right there with them. Which is silly... but Anyway, while roaming around all the pens, we can still see the backyard. Libbie on the porch watching the rain and all the animals. But Autie and Chica...
 Now first you have to know that I spent forever Thursday brushing both of them. They were so soft and looked so pretty, or handsome. And now... they smell like wet dogs, and are crunchy. Going to wait and see how much it rains today - then I think they will be getting a bath again right away. OH not Miss Libbie, she is still soft and clean, the girl hates to be dirty.

Actually... seeing them play and have fun was so worth it, we don't mind having to clean them up. Since we have taken a good portion of fur off of Autie (you can't tell can you?) since lightening his fur he is playing more and seems to having more fun. I mean that face there... that is his puppy face that we haven't seen in a long time. Full out running having fun - Chica... that face is I want to fun and have fun but it is starting to rain harder and I am just not to sure about it anymore. LOL

 Hope you have a wonderful Weekend -
HUG a furry baby -

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

High Hopes - "My" Gate Fold Tutorial

Howdy - it is my turn to host the High Hopes Blog Monthly Tutorial. Nervous here... so be nice. :0)
I have a hard time with tutorials as I tend to ramble and not make sense. But I think I got through it ok. Hope you enjoy it and PLEASE make sure to visit the High Hopes Blog and then next week join us for the challenge which will have to do with my tutorial.. hint hint...

Here is my Tutorial -

Howdy Fellow High Hope Fans - 

Today I have been asked to do a tutorial for a Gate Fold Card - Now my Gate Fold Card is a bit of a show off - Do you have background stamps that you want to use more, this is a great way to use them and your favorite images in one card. 
An easy card - with a little different view to it. 

First you color your images so you know how to size your gate fold. One background to place on the inside base. Then two smaller images to fit onto your “folds”.

Then on to the card! You need to create the base - 

 Cut pieces -
1. 6x6
2. (2) 3x6 or (1) 3x12

Line the pieces so that they create an upside down T-shape. Use your bone folder and create folds Vertically at the edge or basically 3 inches left and right. Attach on one side then fold over the base. 

You can actually make the size of the “top” folds as high as you would like. To show off the size of your background stamp that will be used on the base. Or you can make it full size and not show off your base. 

Next we create the finished base. 
Cut a card stock mat 1/4 inch smaller than the base - for me - 5.75 x 5.75 inches

Then your pattern paper - 5.5 x 5.x5 inches.

And then your “art” background stamp. Make sure when you stamp this image and color it that you stamp at the top of the paper and have enough space to cut this as a whole piece. The white lower part will be behind your folds and where your message will be. 

I sewed my together then used adhesive to attach to the inside base. 

Now the folds 

Pretty much smaller versions of what you just did - for my folds the mats measure - 

Card stock mat - 2.75 x 2.75 inches
Pattern Paper - 2.5 x 2.5 inches. 
Attach to the fronts of the folds. 

Then loosely cut out your two images. The image on the right side needs to be placed first. I use pop foam to raise it just a bit. Now I hope this makes sense. You only want the foam to be on 2/3rds of the image -  the right outside edge of the image. 

This leaves an empty left side to tuck the image on the left fold. Helps keep the card closed and joins the two images when flat. 

When you attach the image on the left. It is placed directly on the pattern paper. Let it hang over towards the right fold enough to be able to “tuck” it behind your popped up image. Sound ok? It is harder to explain than do believe me. 

Done - 
Here is my cards again - Showing different fold images.
I added Sentiment stamps and if you are really observant you will see that I colored down further on my background stamp to meet the top of my folds. Just looks better to me to not have any empty white showing and look more like a complete scene. 

It is really pretty easy - and sometimes fun to do something just a bit different! And I love that it gives a chance to use more images in one card! 

Hope you enjoy my version of a Gate-Fold card! 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Me and My Space - And the Bride wore... Converse

Howdy -

Well I am scheduling this post - working on it before we go to the wedding Saturday evening. Not sure how late the wedding will be, and wanted to show you what I have been working on recently.

I told you that my niece wanted to wear her Converse high tops for her wedding. Actually the entire wedding party will be wearing Converse. Groom - and 10 bridesmaids and groomsmen. (5 on each side) Well if she wants her tennis shoes to be her shoes of choice I thought at least I could make them just a little more formal  -

So I got her a new pair of Converse - bought a bag full of lace, bling, pearls and beads at Michaels and sat down to work on them. I asked Hubby's advise before I started gluing things down. And that was it. Now he was doing all the gluing while I lined things up and we decided what fit and looked best.

Here was the finished joint effort project.

I think they turned out really cute. I didn't want "too" much - but enough to not look like they just played a game of hoops in the park. LOL 

On one shoe we covered the "logo" with the bride and groom's names and the date of the wedding. 

On the other shoes we covered it with something a little different -

Now did you know the tradition is "Something Old, Something New, Something borrowed, Something blue. And she had a Six pence in her shoe"  Now the formal poem sounds a little better than that. But that is the jist of the poem. The six pence is a English dime - I found two traditions with this part of the poem. One said it was so she went into the marriage with money of her own. The other said it was a good luck piece to ensure that the new couple never will worry about money in their future. So now I know ... no one put a six pence in my shoe when Hubby and I married!

 Hubby found six pence from 1758 - I think it adds something special don't you? We think Laura will get a kick out of it, she has always loved historical facts and grew up reading books from authors like Jane Austin.

We gave her the shoes Friday night - she seemed to really like them. Can't wait to see her in them with the wedding dress.

I also thought about it and decided that some frilly socks were needed too right? So I bought some socks, and a few rolls of lace and frilled them up!

This way all the girls in the wedding in their Converse Shoes will have a bit of lace poking out the top of their shoes.

Should be a beautiful wedding. But actually by the time you are reading this they will be Mr. & Mrs.! Hubby and I were talking about the happy couple on the way home from the rehearsal dinner. Isn't it wonderful when you see a young couple being married and you just know that they were meant to be. Perfectly matched, so much in common and look so happy when they are together? You know lots that are good looking couples and those that work well together and all.. but once in a while there is that one couple that just seems to be destine to have found each other. Looking at these two... they are one of those couples.

Hope you have a blessed wonderful Sunday -
HUGS and-

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Animal Crackers - A quiet week

Howdy -

It has been a very quiet week around here. We are all still trying to deal with the loss of Tuco. The dogs keep looking for him. Heck I have too. So everyone here has gotten more hugs and loving than even normal. We have lost animals before, but this one is different. Hubby says some of that could be my hormones. But I don't know - he was my baby. We are all missing him so much as he was the middle of everything and the heart -

But I need to show off animals for today and stop talking about our loss.

Do some focusing on some of the smiles here - This photo has to make you grin -

My chickens this week have really been changing. The Wyandotts are really loving the outside pen. Other than the Guineas.. or should I say one Guinea... I think he is a male and is really a pain in the...

But back to the chicks... they are really friendly. Much more than the Rhode Island Reds. I go out at least twice a day to check food and water and have a little talk with them. They like it when they can eat out of my hand and I keep the Guinea from coming over to run them around the pen. Once in a while one will decide to do as the goats and step up into my hand and cover all the food from the rest .. silly chicks.

One day they will be all grown up and big, those Guineas will think twice about chasing them I bet. Then again the Guineas are probably going to be moving out of the pen in the near future. If we can get brave and let them out.

The Reds have started to go into the coop during the day and scratch around in and on the nesting boxes. That could be a good thing coming soon I think!! Scrambled or Fried?

I stuck my arm into the air vent at the top of the coop to get this photo... they are very private about being in the coop. Or maybe this was just all a gossip gathering to talk about that one Guinea?

Spent a little time in with the girls yesterday - until my skin started to look like the Rhode Island Red chickens...  All the girls have slicked off their winter fur or at least most of it off - there are a few though that I think we are going to have to help...

Sonia is one of those. She is still totally furry -

She hasn't minded too much yet, but it got to the mid 90's here yesterday and that coat is warm here in Texas. Might see if she will let me do some brushing out first before we do any shearing. She is such a petite little thing - and so sweet. Of course here she had found a little pile of good hay that had blown away from the group, so that was her priority.

Chachi on the other hand has learned from a few of the other goats.. protect the hay by laying right in the middle of it!

The boys are so cute. Need to all go but they are cute. We have loaned out Luke for awhile to a neighbor. She wanted to bring one of her girls here to get her bred. I thought about it and since her goat is more like a dog, and very special to her children I didn't want to have to keep her here and away from them. So I just loaned her one of the boys, Luke. Heck maybe they will fall in love with him and need to keep him too? LOL 

Only one more photo this week. Last week I showed you how Gato keeps stealing my chair. Well we got a second chair for the craft room/ office. Now their are two - and now Gato has found my photo table instead - 

 There is no more heat lamp from the chicks... so the photo lamps were a runner up. She is so funny - She messed up my blue back ground while making things comfortable - but you can't get upset with her. Even if I had cat hair all over the table to get off.

Well - we have a wedding today. Niece's big day. Out door wedding and so far the weather looks like it is going to be wonderful. Tomorrow I can show you her shoes we did for her to wear. Wanted to before but couldn't spoil the surprise you know.

Have a blessed wonderful day - and please hug your furry children ok?
HUGS and -

Friday, May 17, 2013

Whimsy Stamps - Full Bloom

First I have to thank all of you for your sweet comments and emails. They have meant a lot to Hubby and I - Loosing Tuco has been really hard for us this week. Still doesn't seem real.

I took a quiet day yesterday and just puttered around the house, did a little cleaning, little laundry, sat and watched a movie, and finally finished the card I was working on when everything went insane. It was one of those odd days were the house was quiet most of the day, Hubby was gone helping a friend. I realized at 3pm I hadn't even brushed my hair and was still in my pj's. Didn't accomplish a whole lot but did. You know what I mean?

But it did feel good to sit and craft for a while. I have been working the past couple of weeks on a project for my nieces wedding this weekend. But just coloring and making a card was nice.

My mojo wasn't around but still kept on and I love the new image from Whimsy "Full Bloom 2"by StampArt Design - Great image and so fun to color.

Great for a card for a friend that you need just something sweet and special. I went for a purple with a touch of green for my colors. Found papers in the Papermania Lucy Cromwell collection that worked well. Kept it simple. I didn't do any sewing on this one. My machine has been all set up working on wedding project, and if I change it probably would never get it back...

Added some ribbon - and sentiment that is also Whimsy -

Inside my card -

And my Copic colors -

Thank you again for all the wonderful comments -

HUGS and

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Our baby Tuco

We said goodbye to Tuco Monday evening. And coming on and posting it here has been very difficult for me.

He wasn't sick, didn't act even like he didn't feel well. Normal playful and happy. Asked to go out - Hubby took all of them out, they were running and playing and in less than 60 seconds he started crying. Took Hubby just a few seconds to get back to the yard, and he was already gone. He had a aneurism is what the Vet thinks. Probably caused from his stomach flipping - rare in dogs small young dogs. But does happen. It was so fast and such a horrible shock. Can't stop crying -

The house seems so empty - he was the heart of our family.  Thought I would share my 4 favorite photos of him with you.

He was only 16 months old.

And we miss him already so much.

We were blessed to have him the 16 months that we did,  but still can't believe he is gone.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

High Hopes Challenge - Clean and Simple

Howdy -

today the challenge over at High Hopes blog is Clean and Simple. For me that isn't so simple. I have such a hard time leaving it - and not adding ribbon, buttons, flowers anything - But I did it and walked away. I think I am going to call this the Clean and Hard challenge.

This is "April and Mr. Waddles"

I hadn't gotten a chance to ink this one up and this was a great chance. I colored with my Copics ( colors below ) 

My papers are First Edition Blank Canvas. Nice cool colors. I just chose two patterns. A peach card stock for the base. 

The sentiment is also High Hopes - A fun sentiment "When life gives you a rainy day... Remember to play in the puddles!!"

I then added some sparkles to the "rain" - still clean right? But man I wanted to add a a ribbon and I had these great buttons... but I stopped as much as I wanted to add them. 

The inside is simple with left over papers.

And here are the Copic colors.

Hope you will join us over at the High Hopes challenge - Pop over and see the other DT Simple work, and then join us.

Sorry it is short today - was a really rough night last night. Having a hard time focusing today -

Hope you are having a good day - a blessed day -
HUGS and