Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chanson d'amour Wedding Card

Yesterday it was my turn to post on the Stampavie DT Blog - Do you visit there? Everyday a DT takes a turn showing off a project for inspiration. I love visiting and seeing what everyone is making. Well I couldn't post here the same day that would have bumped Animal Crackers... so here is my Stampavie post -

Today you are getting a peek at a wedding card I have made for a dear friend. Hope she isn’t peeking here as she will be getting it this weekend :0)
I wanted to do something a bit different – go more vintage and romantic. I think the Penny Johnson Chanson d’amour image is PERFECT -
I used kraft card stock for the base and to stamp my image on with brown ink. I then stamped the image a second time on white card stock and cut out the birds. Very little coloring on this one, just a bit of rose colored for the heart, then a white gel pen for the highlights of the word and the lace around the heart.
The birds once cut out I pop dotted them onto the main image and then covered them with shimmerz -
They look as if they are in flight over the card don’t they… ok but they are pretty….
I added lots of scallops, satin ribbon, roses and branch punches to add to the romance – Then I decorated the inside and envelope too…
Sentiment is a word punch and stamp from Papertrey Ink, and the envelope… I just stamped off the corner of the envelope with the main image.

I think it turned out pretty – I hope the bride and groom like it as well. Totally loving the shabby vintage images in the Penny Johnson collection, sometimes it is really nice to step outside the box and do something a bit different, and love this style to do that.

Hope you liked it - I'll show the part of our wedding gift later in the week :0)
HUGS and

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Animal Crackers - Winter Grass Seeds

This week I have a bunch of photos of the day we spent putting down our winter grass seeds. I love watching Hubby when he is doing that... not that it is fun to watch him walk in circles around the pens... nope it isn't.. but watching the donkeys run from him and around him now that is entertaining.

 Now the youth pen... they run from "Dad" spreading the grass seed. Lots of running, bucking and kicking! Having fun...
It is just too fun watching them... look at that tail up in the air!
Oops... out of the way now they are coming at me!
The goats are really watching this all... why are they running? LOL
Now the other pen... that is a totally different story... these are the older Momma donkeys and their babies... These donkeys are very very curious! Is this food?

"Dad" explains no that it isn't for them....
But they think they had better follow him and make sure that isn't food for them.  Once they follow him around.. oh two, three or four times around they get bored. Nope this isn't for them. They then go back to the hay that is out for them.

Now the sad thing... Hubby chose this day to spread the Winter Grass Seed, as we had a really good chance for some rain before a front approaching us. You know Rain is something we just haven't seen much of at all around here the past year. So this was our chance to get the seed down and get it soaked in..... well the front came.... it is chilly here and the wind blowing so hard we can feel it in the house. No Rain. And now we think that a lot of our seed..... well the farm down the hill next to us should have some really nice winter grass -

I had to show you a photo of Estella... one week old and just gorgeous!! She is gonna be a pistol though - already we see her testing her Momma and seeing how far she can get with out getting that demanding snort and foot stomping on the ground. Each time a bit farther and farther...... ADORABLE!

Now I have put off the secret from yesterday... But I think you have probably figured it out....
Yes... Libbie is in "season" - and we honestly wanted to skip this time and not let her breed again. But how do you do that when they both live in the same house. A small house... with no real way to keep them separated, it surprised us. Shouldn't have, but it did, time flies. So it looks like there will be puppies coming, and if I counted correctly they should arrive about the same time as Christmas..... What a gift.  Wonder how many, and what colors we will have this time. Heaven help us if there is one that looks like Libbie... Hubby is gonna really be tough to get it away from, he has been really sad we sold the only Merle that she has had.... but FOUR dogs is I think more than I can handle...... time will tell..... Who do you think will win this one? Yea... me too... I think if there is a blue one with those ice blue eyes... I had better figure out how to deal with more....

Hope you have a wonderful Saturday... and I hope that Animal Crackers gave you a smile this week.
HUGS and

Friday, October 28, 2011

Just Magnolias and Hanglars - Christmas Time!

It's Friday! And it is Team B week at Just Magnolia and Hanglars Challenge - my week! You may not have noticed but we have split the team and are now doing every other week - Lots of prizes and lots of inspiration still - but well... a little less stress for the team. And this time of year, that is a huge bonus!

Are you aware how close Christmas is? Seriously.. have you counted the days? I have... and it is scary! LOL Now why I was counting the days? Uh.. I'll tell you that in tomorrows post - how is that for a cliff hanger?

Now for my card this week - the theme is Christmas! And we were given some adorable sentiments from one of our sponsors this week... The Cutting Cafe really love them! Perfect for your holiday cards.

I played with one of my older Hanglars - love this "couple" :0)

 I colored with my Copics -

Then I went to work on my card - I used papers from My Minds Eye Lost and Found Christmas Collection - really yummy vintage papers!
Ok, shocker here... but I didn't sew anything! For some reason this card just went together and I never even thought about using the sewing machine... I think it was cuz I was excited about using that GORGEOUS piece of antique lace! It is one that I got from Etsy... Totally ADORE it! I inked the edges of all the papers with Distress Ink Old Paper, and the attached to a kraft card stock base.  It all went really fast. My embellishment - I found a metal Making Memories metal corner in my box from my scrapbooking days - Love how well it matches. Printed out my sentiment, added just a bit of color to it and all done!

Hope you like it - And make sure to visit the Just Magnolia and Hanglar Challenge - two prizes this week... and LOTS of inspiration for your Christmas cards! Why not join us and that would be one of your holiday cards done! :0)

I'll see you tomorrow... yes... I'll let you know what is coming..... any ideas??? LOL

HUGS and

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Inky Impressions Challenge - Anything Goes!

Hello - today's Inky Impressions Challenge Day! And this week it is an easy challenge - Anything Goes! How easy is that? And don't forget you don't have to use an Inky Impressions image to join us... well until you have your own Inky Image that is, cuz you are gonna love these images they are just adorable!

Me... I used Deputy Christopher - I have a serious crush on him -
 Handsome little guy isn't he? I colored with my copics - I really love using my Blender to remove some of the ink on the boots and hat... gives them a bit of that worn leather look don't you think? I cut out the image with my Nesties Label 17 dies, and then cut out a piece of the new Tim Holtz Kraft Core-dinations paper, oh oh oh so yummy. I really love this paper! I sanded the edges of it - gorgeous!

Then for my card -

I went for a guy looking card... sometimes you need a just cuz card for Men too right?
 So I went with a dark brown card stock for the card base, a piece of that yummy Kraft Core'dinations paper sanded of course. While looking through my paper for a printed paper, I ran across this vintage papers piece- Love it and how manly and western it feels. So I sewed it down. I really had a hard time getting a second pattern paper - then the light bulb went off in my head and I dug and dug through my vintage finds. Do you love the card I used? It is the back to an advertising card. Has some sort of poem on it, but I love the symbols! I thought for sure Deputy Christopher would play his share of poker don't you think? LOL...

My sentiment is from I think Hero Arts - stamped onto a small price tag that I have tied with twine and inked. Oh the twine... I also wrapped the center of the card with a ribbon and then twine over and over. Then to finish it off I added three vintage buttons with twine through them as well.

 I usually have a super hard time with guy cards, but this one really went together fast, and was fun. Maybe that was because of my crush on my image?

Now pop on over to the Inky Impression Challenge - Great prizes and lots of inspiration!

Have a great Wednesday - Me... lots of little things I need to get done, wonder if I will actually get to them all... I have had a problem getting things done lately, horrible at getting side tracked lately... LOL

HUGS and

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Me and My Space - Something new.. but very old.

Hi - This weeks Me and My Space post is on Tuesday, I have a challenge post for Wednesday. And this week I got something in that is just making me giggle and I was very excited to show them to you!!!

Aren't these just wonderful???
 I am just soooo excited about them. I found these wonderful Antique alphabet stamps on Etsy a couple of weeks ago. I have wanted some vintage/antique letters for a long time, but well... they are usually really pricey. Well. this set was just perfect for me. They are super clean - great condition, all "usable" and honestly... a FABULOUS price!
The box is just a bit worn, but from everything I can tell this set is probably from the 1940's maybe early 1950's - I think... so worn is to be expected. But the stamps are in wonderful condition. The set still has its metal line up bar and the wooden bar for long words. Plus the original stamp pad... dried out but it is still there! I have already used them in a project or two, and all though silly they just make me happy to use them!

Now I am obsessed and want more of them... other fonts and sizes. LOL ok, I'll just be happy with this set for now, but I will be keeping a watch for one to add to it, then I'll have a collection started :0)

So you have anything new (or old)  that makes you happy to use?

I'll see you tomorrow for my Inky Impressions Challenge post... Have a great Tuesday!
HUGS and-

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dust it off Sunday - nothing new I can show :0(

How is this for a post... I have nothing I can show you. Oh I have something I made to show you today, but it is a gift for someone, and I didn't get it to them like I had planned. And it probably wouldn't be nice to show it off here before they get to see it right?

So here I sit .... With nada to post. And I really wanted to not miss posting. Especially since I may have figured out my posting on my iPad... I got an app called BlogPress... It may solve my issues. I sat and researched it yesterday while waiting for the refrigerator repair man. My crusher for my much loved crushed ice.... It stopped working a while back, and I was really missing my "Dairy Queen" like crushed ice....wait many may not know what that is. Fast food place that most know for their ice creams. Me nope - it is their wonderful crushed ice with a yummy fountain coke. Ok diet coke is better with the full sugar coke though. Would rather have that instead of the ice cream! Anyway back to my broken crusher. It went out a while back and planning a day ahead of time to sit and wait for the repair man just wasn't easy.

That was until they called last week and said my warranty was running out. Ha! So I sat here all morning yesterday for my 8am- 12pm appointment.... At 11:45am, he was here. Looked at it and said.... Yes Mam, just as I thought we are going to have to order you a part and reschedule to put it in.... Sigh.... So today I am still having to use cubes instead of my crushed ice. I miss my crushed ice.... Which do you like? Cubes or Crushed?

To make me feel better Hubby and I spent the evening outside. Playing with LOTS of baby donkeys. That does make me happy :0) and we do have lots right now. It will be a long year next year with very few babies. We are trying to get them all moved back to spring babies, instead of summer/fall. It is an 11-12 month wait for a baby donkey. So we have our two Jacks penned up until after winter. Smart, but not fun when I am wanting to hug on a baby next year. Warning I will be whining then ok?

Well I hope you didn't mind my rambling about nothing. And thanks for visiting me even when I don't have anything to show you.... I'll try and get a few projects ahead this week.

(oops .... I have no kicking donkey on my iPad! Guess I'll figure out how to get that on my iPad while waiting for the part huh?)

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Animal Crackers - Went to get a Pedicure and Came home to find...

Yesterday I went to get a pedicure, and came home to find this...

How stinking Cute and Cool is that???? I had told Hubby a couple of days ago that Patti might be thinking of having her baby, but she still looked a long way off -  hardly no bag at all. Well... she decided it was a gorgeous day so why not? Gorgeous or what?
Little carbon copy of her Mom too....  We are calling her Estella - why? I have no idea, just saw the name and really liked it. Leaves room for lots of nick names too. She has long hair, that is wavy. Patti is a SUPER good Mom, she LOVES being a Mom. So much so that she is terribly jealous of all other Mom's until she has her own baby. She is constantly rubbing on her, and touching her.
Love new born ears... one they look huge, but especially that they have that little curl at the end of them for the first couple of days.  And look at those beautiful eyes.
Here again... rubbing on and giving love....

Total sweetness. I am sad that I missed the birth - that is only the 2nd or 3rd in all of them that I have totally missed. But it is also exciting to drive up glance that way and see a brand new baby that wasn't there when you left. Adorable!

And of course we have to have our day one photo with Dad -

This one has LONG legs! We (Hubby and I) always argue about Patti's babies... he says she is too big, and her babies are too big... I say who cares :0)  They are adorable even if a little super model tall - Not the best for breeding perfect small donkeys, but sometimes I think it is better to have healthy bigger babies that make great pets.

Sorry I went a bit nuts today with taking baby photos and totally forgot to take pictures of anyone else! But really... new born babies are always great for a smile right?

We only have two more Mom's to be now for this year. Darlene and Vicki - and honestly I would have put all my odds that either one of them would have gone before Patti! And that is why I don't gamble...

Have a wonderful Saturday, Me... I'll be out in the pasture watching babies play :0)
HUGS and

Friday, October 21, 2011

Notes Caddy - a Sizzix Die

Quick post today - been working around the house, and on the computer. You may see my blog changing a bit over the next few days. Bored and thinking it is time to change things up a bit... maybe just colors and such... who knows... may end up right back to the same, just bored. Haven't got my MoJo either, I lost it somewhere, may have packed it up while cleaning my craft room. LOL But I did take some time last night while watching the baseball game, to play with one of my Sizzix Dies. This is the Bag, Caddy - cute but as always, smaller than I thought when I ordering...
I think although small, it is a cute die. Lots of possibilities - I used DCWV Mat sheets to cut it out, so it is pretty heavy board. I then used scraps to cover with pretty papers. I inked the edges, added vintage lace and a couple of Cherry Lane butterfly dies, that I colored, and stickled. Dug through my very old Thicker alphabets and spelled out "notes". Found a small pad - right now it is hanging on my metal door in my craft room, but I think it could be cute on my refrigerator ... maybe hubby then could find something to write on besides the mail... LOL

Now I did this post and my photo on my IPad... I have been trying to learn how to use it better - it is really different!! Do many of you use IPads to blog? How do I blog and not be in html posting? I can't see my photos in my post, and speaking of my photos... I haven't found an app that will let me put a watermark on my photo... I would love to be able to blog on the go, and use my IPad more effeciently - I need an online class! LOL Now that Sprint is doing the IPhones, I would love to upgrade my cell phone to that then my phone and my IPad could talk too... ok, dreaming right now... I'll ask Santa for that -

Told you - no MoJo ... been really sidetracked with computer stuff - - and not getting anywhere which is really frustrating!

Oh don't forget to pop over to the JUST Magnolia and Hanglar Challenge... I've gone to ever other week on the DT, but still have to keep up with all the gorgeous DT projects :0)

Have a nice Friday... meeting up with BFF Tracey for pedicures and gossip... ahem.. chatting. HUGS and

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Me and My Space - Help me decide on my Button storage and My Vintage Bread Boxes

Hi - today I thought I would show you my button drawer box thingy - I have sort of shown it before, but well... I wanted to show it off today again.. LOL I made this a while back. Well I painted it, This was an unfinished piece I got at Hobby Lobby when it was 50% off. I think I paid like $5.00 And it came with the little handles! It had to be painted blue and white to match my room of course. I used inexpensive acrylic paint -
 It really turned out cute, and I love it sitting up on my desk top shelf. My button Drawers!

Here is a look in the "Red/Pink" drawer -
 Now this has been great for me.... has been... I have been trying to decide where to go from here.... Should I get a second one or find larger storage? Mine is SO full that the drawers are just not working well and I have started piling up buttons in other places. So ... opinions here, Do a second one and expand? Or should I look for something larger?

Thought I would also share one of my all time favorite storage items.... You can find these all over my house for storage - Here are a few on top of one of my cabinets in my Craft Room - Vintage Tin Bread Boxes!
These here hold old family photos - and paperwork - and old tools and the tall round container... it has some old markers and ink pads in it. 

They make me happy - I love seeing them in my room, I love recycling them for my uses, and honestly - they are pretty inexpensive at yard sales or markets... well sometimes they are, I have seen crazy prices at some shows - but shop around!

Hope you enjoyed today- give me your opinion on my button drawers -
HUGS and -

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tina Wenke Mice Under the Mistletoe - and Aquamakers

Just in case you didn't get a chance to see my Stampavie DT Blog post on Saturday - I wanted to post it here on my personal blog. :0) Couldn't bump Animal Crackers right?

For my post I wanted to play with one of Tina Wenke’s new images Mice Under the Mistletoe – I adore her mice :0)  I had no clue where I was going with the image, just having fun with the image and Letraset Aquamarkers . Have you had a chance to see these markers? They are just too cool for words. I love the water color looks – and these markers make it oh so much easier for me… well with practice.
Probably need more practice, but I am having fun with them! I cut out the image in a circle, and then cut the bottom portion off – kind of different.

My card went pretty vintage looking – love the papers from My Minds Eye Lost and Found Christmas collection. OH and that sentiment – don’t you love that too? That is one of the Tina Wenke new Christmas sentiments, it is so wonderful to have those in the Stampavie collection!
Hope you like my card – lovin’ the new Christmas images!

Have a fabulous Monday! I am cleaning house today! YEA! (... total fake enthusiasm there but I am trying to make myself feel better about it ok? I have some Crafting ideas in my head and I won't let myself play until the house is clean... so YEA!)

Hugs -

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Family - My Aunt's 80th Birthday

Yesterday we went to a celebration. A fabulous celebration, My Aunt's 80th Birthday. It was a wonderful time seeing family and meeting family we haven't seen in FAR too long, in the large church we all attended as a family when I was very young. My Aunt still attends there. And my Aunt - she is an inspiration, just as beautiful as always. When I was little I use to think she was perfect, she was and is always dressed beautifully, never a hair out of place, gorgeous  - and a voice of an angel. I don't remember a lot about attending the "big fancy church" when I was little... sleeping on the pews between my Mom and Dad, how large the place was.. and blue... everything was blue.... and I remember my Aunt's singing. I was a good kid in church most of the time, but when my Aunt sang with the choir .... I would sit motionless. It was fabulous yesterday as we were all standing around talking and remember... My Aunt and her friends gathered at the piano and started to sing. Same  angelic voice, gorgeous. And just fabulous to hear them all in harmony.  As I got a little older maybe 5 or 6... my family started going to a closer church.. a much smaller church - no blue there. It was all orange and brown. Funny the things we remember as little kids huh?

As Hubby and I set off for the celebration yesterday, we were as always flying out the door trying to gather things and make it on time. Half way there... I realized I forgot to take a photo of the card!! I spent two nights on it, and wanted to share it with you!!  Well Hubby and my Mom took it in their hands and towards the end of the party, they tracked down the card, and my Aunt so I could get a photo of her opening it. Now that is something that we don't see much - and that is why we make all these cards right? To see happiness they bring? Here is my Aunt just after she opened her card -
 Now my close up of my card... well It isn't my usual with my fancy camera, lights and white back ground. This ...I think came out pretty darn good considering I took it on a party table with my phone! :0)
Just a few details... One of my all time favorite Sarah Kay images from Stampavie "Noel Joy" - she doesn't have to be used just for Christmas you know - Webster Pages papers I think... sorry can't remember for sure - The mat is a Heritage Creations Die - The pink lace die is from My Favorite Things, Prima Marketing Flowers and of course I sewed things together.
I did the inside too :0) The sentiments are from Papertrey Ink - Inside and Out Birthday set.

It really was wonderful to see so many from the family. We promised to not let it be so long until we all get together again. We had talked about a family gathering here and so they could meet our furry children (can't take them to a church gathering you know.. LOL ) Anyway were were going to get together last fall... some ding dong poked her eye out and really wasn't up to it then. But She is now! So we are going to try and have a family Texas BBQ here in the coming year - have everyone out. Things like that are tough to plan here in Texas - have to make sure it isn't too hot... cooler weather, but then not cold and wet either. Tough... especially since we would have to have most of it outside... my house... not big enough for my entire family to visit at once ! LOL Heck it fills up just when my immediate family of my Mom and Sister come with all their family... small house... larger Craft room - Priorities you know... What do I need a large Living Room For? Craft Space... that is where my time is spent.

OK... I am running SOOO late now for our locals breakfast gathering. Any minute now Hubby is going to come in and give me that look - you know the one "You aren't ready yet???" Nope still sitting here in my Eeyore PJs... better run! Have a beautiful Sunday!

HUGS and -

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Animal Crackers - Green and Gorgeous!

Hello! Today we are celebrating!!! For those in our area - or other drought areas... this is called GRASS!!
 Isn't it gorgeous??? OH it has been sooooo long since we have any grass growing here - and after two rains.. it is popping up all over our property! So quickly that we now are going to have to break out the lawn mowers, and tractor! Hubby already shredded the front of our property, mainly to cut back all the dead so we can see all the pretty green coming up :0)

Now I don't know if you saw my post the other day, but I said we opened up the area between our two main pens. Letting all our "Adult" donkeys and their babies roam together and letting them eat all the luscious green going to waste between the pens. You see in their pens... as soon as a hint of green starts to sprout they have been eating it. It has been way to long since they have had much fresh to eat.

This was after just two days... all the grass is gone... They did a serious number on it didn't they? This is also why I have no video of kids playing this week... no time for playing - they were eating non-stop!

There were a few asking about our "sick" baby... Gabriella "Gabby" - she is doing wonderful! She is extremely pushy and obnoxious just like her Mom - LOL 

Gorgeous isn't she? We are very attached to this little one, Hubby has been calling her Little Rosie - She is Rosie's full sister, and looks a lot like her. A whole lot like her. We miss Rosie to pieces. But very glad that Gabby is here now.

I looked up from here to find Darlene - only enough shade for one under this tree....

 Ok.. one if you are Darlene that is. LOL  Very Wide, Very pregnant, but not ready yet!

Juliet was enjoying some shade as well... And no we haven't moved her out of the youth pen to roam with the other three standards yet... why you ask? Well she loves the other mini's primarily Lydia and Marisa... they are all bestest buddies... and they are always togehter! LOL 

 She might be bigger than the mini's but she is just as cute!

I went to check on the goats... Rhett cracks me up with the buckets....

She tries so hard to walk in them, lay in them, what ever in them! She turns them over just to play inside of them. It is too funny to watch. She is really turning into a gorgeous goat - Great coloring and those stunning ice blue eyes!

Speaking of ice blue eyes....
Miss Libbie - She was so ready for me to be done taking photos and take her back into the air conditioned house!

Autie was also ready....

The sun was in his eyes... Don't you love his little "horns" Doesn't matter what we do those little hair horns pop up... Too cute!

Chica - Found her waiting on the porch - -
She is looking SO much like her Dad Autie. She has always had that puppy look, and the short puppy fur, but just in the last two weeks we have noticed that she is filling in and her fur is growing by leaps and bounds. When they are clean their fur is gorgeous - it last for just a few hours.... sigh...

Hope you enjoyed this week - I will keep trying for that baby playing video... working with children is so tough in the filming business you know!

So what are you up to this weekend? We are attending a birthday celebration for my Aunt who is turning 80. Will be a great time, and we will see family we haven't seen in a very long time.

Have a great Saturday! HUGS and-