Sunday, December 28, 2014

Magnolia's Ella the Donkey

Howdy -

Being that Hubby and I have had a quiet Holiday at home, and the weather has been cold and rainy a few days I have had lots of fun in my craft room actually having fun going through all my stamps of way back. Finding that there are quite a few that have never seen ink! The shame! This is one I HAD to have - and now that I have used it finally I am sure you will see it more often. And I am also sure you will see why I HAD to have it....

Love this Magolia image - Ella the Donkey  - Not sure if my kids would let me embellishment like this. Probably would do a roll in the mud to get it all off. LOL - I colored with my Copics (colors below)

Then I went for some inspiration for my card - I have been surfing a lot on the net at new sites, old favorites I haven't been to in a long time. Splitcoast was always a favorite and I found a challenge there in the inspiration category that I really liked - IC473 The Perfect Palette - loved the color challenge and the red, black and white inspiration.

Sewed things down - added some buttons and then the sentiment from Alota Rubber Stamps "Happy Birthday"

The pattern paper is from Prima Marketing  - loved the fun saying - Used it on the inside as well.

Copic colors used -

Having so much fun just playing with old stash! The best part of rainy cold weather days! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend - family, friends? Or maybe the love of some fun craft supplies!

HUGS and -

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Animal Crackers - Looking forward to a Happy New Year!

Howdy -

Hope all had a very Merry Christmas - now we move to a Happy New Year! Enjoying most of our time now with bouncing baby goats - and scratching lots of ears!

Doc is enjoying a little piece of grass...

Doc is a hoot! He really is full of personality and really is handsome! 

And then we have our first baby Abigail -  She is very pretty.. big girl but stunning! Her markings are stunning.

Found the Guineas enjoying the afternoon in one of the huts with Sweet Pea... Nice pose huh?

The girls were all enjoying a sunny day yesterday - found Lacey heading to me for some ear scratches...

No worries she got lots of scratching and hugs. Love this girl -

And this girl just cracks me up... Love Pepita...

and can you tell she has lots of personality? She does... LOL

And I told you a few weeks ago that we have lots of gorgeous Cardinals here this time of year... found one on the goat pen fence - preeeetttty huh?

 New Camera really is nice! Now I just wish the ducks would arrive here so Hubby and I could do some small road driving and spot some country tanks for some photos -

Looking forward to 2015 - animals - crafting - friends and family -
HUGS and-

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Howdy -

From Hubby, Myself and all the furry kids we wish you a Very Merry Christmas! Looking forward to a Blessed Creative New Year! Hope you are spending time with Loved Ones -

HUGS and

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Animal Crackers - Milk.. Does a Body Good!

Howdy -

This week has just been a blur - I have not accepted that next week is Christmas, and then New Years is less than two weeks away. Seriously people time has been moving so fast I can't believe it!

I won't lie ... a lot of my time has been out with the baby goats. One of Daisy's kids was not doing well at all and I thought she wasn't going to make it. Other kids are all putting on weight and growing, but poor little Jackie just was going to blow away in the wind, so I jumped in and decided that I needed to supplement her eating habits. She still is out with Mom and her siblings but  3-5 times a day I give her a little extra.

Sometimes just an ounce sometimes 3-4. Depends how much she is getting from Mom. Her Siblings are twice as big as she is and with there being only two places in line to eat - Jackie is getting shoved out of the way more than she should. A week ago poor thing was so skinny, now she is getting a little belly and is looking much healthier. Photo angle is a bit odd... sorry was holding her, the bottle and trying to take the picture! LOL

She is a cute little thing isn't she?

 This entire group of kids is all stunning - but the girls have me just over the moon!

Jackie's sister has really bright coloring  -bred a black and white with blue eyes female to a white and grey male with brown eyes.... Got a red, black, grey and white with blue eyes! Love it!

Beautiful - And a bold and beautiful as Lizzy's coloring is.. her 1/2 sister Josie is soft in her coloring.  Bred a red, black and white with blue eyes to white and grey with brown eyes... Gorgeous!

Snapped a great photo of Perrywinkle! Love this guy he just cracks me up he is so darn hysterical. I swear he knows it and like to make me laugh.

I have been trying to teach him to eat out of my hand when I feed lettuce. He really loves to get right to me and then checks all around me just in case... then grab at the lettuce as fast as he can. Great shot of just how crooked his beak is.. doesn't slow down the eating though!

 Now I had planned some really great doggie shots as everyone had baths and had been brushed and was just so pretty.. or handsome in Autie's case. But you see it rained Thursday night after baths... so when "Dad" let them out first thing in the morning.... yeah.... they came back in a wet and nasty. Except Miss Libbie - she never gets messy.

 And yes... that is really green grass right now. We have had just enough rain for some thick winter grass to come in. Donkeys don't eat it... Not sure why, but they don't. Wish they did cuz it is really getting high in some areas. Can't believe Hubby is going to have to mow this coming week before Christmas.

Isn't my girl pretty? Even when she has her radar ears up!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend -
Hugs and

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Old Favorites for Christmas


A few weeks back I started having one of those moments where I was missing and thinking back to some of my favorite stamps that I never get to use any more.  I have SO many that I have loved so much in the past. Especially at Christmas - so many really cute and fun images that have been in the box and screaming out for some ink.

While looking through my "Favs" I got sad missing some of my favorite artist.... so I went out searching to see where they are now. I found one of them at another online stamp company. Penny Johnson has some wonderful new images over at "Your Next Stamp" now that I surfed through their website I found a ton more great images I didn't know about - and I am thinking I really need to ask Santa if he knows about YNS and see if maybe I have been good enough this year for some new goodies! LOL Make sure you head over to YNS and see... seriously I was blown away! Been so long since I went out looking at new things!

Now I haven't had a chance to order any new things yet... but I decided that I really needed to pull out some of my older images and play with them.

This is an older Penny image that I think is just adorable.

I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then added lots of stickles and Viva Decor Pearl pen.

Now while surfing the YNS site I found they do a challenge - it has been so long since I played along with a challenge just for fun. And it is a great color and sketch challenge.

Love the colors and great for Christmas challenge. I used lots of different brand papers from my scraps.

I then inside more of the same papers.

Copic colors used -

Make sure to pop over and see this fun site - Well only if you have the time cuz they have lots to see.. LOL I got lost there for a while. Probably should get out there more often and see all the great stuff out there... well maybe I should pace myself... Hubby might freak if I find too many new things out there after being so good for so long. HA!

Hope you have a great day - Hubby and I are working on inventory for our shows in January.  Lots of new items for our first show. If we can get them all sorted and priced!

Hugs and -

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Animal Crackers - Introductions to the Kids

Howdy -

This week I thought I would try and Introduce the kids to you -  Now a few posed real nice and others... well they just bounced everywhere and wouldn't stay still.  KIDS....

Now Chloe's kids first -

This is Doc - He seems to have an outgoing personality and likes to wander off and see and talk to everyone. And in case you miss it he is just too handsome for words - The black stripe from his nose to his lips and those two white dots on his front black legs. 

 Now this guy is the smallest of the three, but don't tell him he thinks he is the head honcho and leader of his world. This is Wyatt - And the personality just comes through the photo doesn't it? 

And our little girl of this trio - This is Josephine "Josie", shy but sweet. She is much more cautious than her brothers. her coloring is getting a little darker, I think she will really be a stunner. I tell her those baby blues will be her way out of any trouble! 

 Then we have Daisy's three little ones - 

First up is Will Turner - He is the largest of the three and has gorgeous grey coloring. He is quite but keeps close to his siblings. Once you get him in your arms he will snuggle down and really enjoy it.

The little girl of this group is Elizabeth "Lizzy" - she is the friendlies of all the kids. She normally comes right to me and is very outgoing. She loves to talk and seems to watch over her brother Capt. Jack most of the time. And her coloring and eyes... wow wow wow! 

Capt. Jack is the littlest of the three, he is a very handsome little guy. We have really been keeping a very close eye on him and worried. Poor little guy has had a tummy ache all week and a touch of constipation. Hate to see my babies hurting.

 He is adorable isn't he? Here he was trying to nibble on his sister's ear. I hope he will be back to 100% really soon!

The hardest of the seven to snap a photo of - Abigail! I have told you she is a pistol. And boy is she!!

 This girl loves all her little friends to play with, but she is a bit spaz... like her Mom I suppose. We are working on her and with the help of the other kids hopefully she will setting down.

Now one more photograph... we went this last week and drove a few hours to visit Little Bit and Marissa ( now called Bella, all their pets start with the letter "B" ) who we sold last winter.

We don't get to visit too many of our children when they move to new homes. So getting to see these two special girls was wonderful! Even more wonderful that when we opened the pasture gate they came running to us and hugged and rubbed on us! They remember "Mom and Dad" was so wonderful! They looked wonderful and are truly loved - so happy they have a great home.

Better get my day going - hope you have a wonderful Saturday planned! Hug someone furry!
HUGS and

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

UT Graduation Card

Howdy -

Last week a friend asked me if I could make a card for her to give to a University of Texas College Graduate. Talk about pressure! LOL I decided to go for it and go over the top UT on it.

Using the Whimsy Digital Stamp  by Marika Collins - called Graduate Girl - 

Now I feel like I need to put some sad news in before I go on with the card - Whimsy Stamps will be closing down the Digital Stamps at the end of the year - understandable with all the new "laws" but still sad. So NOW is the time to head over and purchase some Whimsy Digital Stamps as they are all 50% off - even this one!

ok back to the card -

As you can see I really went with the UT embellishments - I found some free images and then sized them down to fit the card - The polka dot and zig zag papers are from my stash. I think they are actually old halloween pattern paper, but hey they matched well with this card! I sewed down the image. Colored with Copics and as you can probably guess the UT color is orange  -

Close up of the Graduate Girl -

Inside I stamped out the word Congratulations

Copic Colors used -

Well the card was given and they seemed to like it - that made me happy... I stress on such personal cards.. LOL

Hope you have a great day -

Monday, December 8, 2014

Animal Crackers - TRIPETS x2 !

Howdy -

Very busy weekend here! Chloe has her babies on Saturday afternoon... almost to the minute a week after Annie had Abigail last week! Chloe has triplets that are always bold coloring.  The main reason we keep Chloe. She is a skittish pain.. but man does she produce awesome babies!

Chloe's babies are stunning for sure! Lots of great coloring and two of three have her blue eyes! We named them Wyatt - Doc and Josephine. I am calling her "Josie" -  We know the boys have to go... But have been talking about maybe keeping Doc as a future breeder, black and white with blue eyes... Time will have to see -

But Josie... More than likely she will stay - Gorgeous coloring white - greyish brown buck skin - red - black and fabulous blue eyes!

Then Daisy decided Sunday about noon that it was her turn! Another set of Triplets!! Again two  boys and a girl...... We named them "Jack, Will and Elizabeth"

Now these have really gorgeous coloring! Very different and beautiful. The boys are both black grey and white. Really a handsome grey in them... one with blue eyes! Then Elizabeth "Lizzy" she is fabulous!!!! Red and White with touches of black! And AGAIN BLUE EYES!!

Here is the Trio this morning taking a little nap while Mom tries to get breakfast....

 Daisy is VERY protective over her kids. Chloe wanders off from hers to eat and such and does't worry too much but does keep an eye their direction. Daisy... she is having a difficult time getting very far as she just is so worried that something will happen to them. She is so protective that last night when I picked up Lizzy at one point she head butted me in the knee for taking her daughter. I let her know that is not acceptable and she better be nice! She was a much better this morning with me.

All seven babies will be held and loved on whether Mom's like it or not!! Abigail is still on high speed chase but these new six are a little calmer and I am going to work hard to make sure they don't get skittish -

So we have lots of bouncing kids now! Still have a watch on Gracie and Alice to see if they are pregnant or not... they just don't look or act it at all - - - first time to be bred so they may not have taken. If not we will be trying again for sure! We put Crissy and Jill in with Frank on Saturday for Spring babies. And then Rhett and Scarlett in with Peso.  So should have their babies May - June.

Well gotta get chores done so I can "play" :0)
HUGS and

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Animal Crackers - Bet you say AWE....


You are going to just have to have some patience with me and my photos of Abigail... I am just head over heals about this little nut!

And she is a nut! She is not one to just run up to me... nope she likes to play the chase game! And believe me this one can run like the wind! But once she gets tired and lets me catch her she loves cuddling and rubbing faces... something I am going to have to not do as I have done that in the past with little babies then those horns grow in...

But for now I am just spending as much time as I can get away with outside cuddling, chasing and basically sitting back and enjoying watching. She is a riot to watch play!

yep even adorable while sleeping! Maybe even more adorable... 

Now I have not been totally neglecting the donkeys - They have gotten lovings and photo time too. 
Sonia was napping in the sun earlier in the week. She is still a wooly little girl but it had been chilly here so she is liking her longer fur.

Found Mirta napping while standing up a little further out in the pasture. Her face is just precious - love those donkey lips!

Now Hubby took this last photo this week - he messaged me this little fellow while he was out watering the other day...

 He said "Aren't they cute outside?" ... maybe... as long as they stay OUTSIDE!!! This guy was staying warm under one of the water buckets and I think he thought if he didn't move no one would see him and put the bucket back in the same place... LOL

Still waiting on Daisy and Chloe to have their kids. A watched pot never boils... hope they do have them really soon so Abigail with have same size and age friends to play with.

Have a blessed and wonderful weekend -
HUGS and