Monday, September 26, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Snoozin' Sam

Howdy - 

This week for High Hopes Stamps I did a little coloring with Snoozin' Sam its about how I felt myself! 

Such a fun image to color... I just love coloring kitties and stacked books! Weird? Probably but I do love it. I decided to go with pajamas on Sam. Coloring with my Copics (colors below) and then doing a little doodling around the image. I found some papers from Paper Studio and the zig zag sort of reminded me of snoozing. LOL The sentiment  It's Raining is just to fun with the image. All though now that childhood chant is ringing in my head. I like the calmer colors with Sam - I usually go a bit heavier on coloring these great image with so much in them, but went softer, maybe cuz he was sleeping?

I added three brads to the corner of the image and then decided to stop as that paper was already pretty busy. 

Copic colors used -

For so so so many more images to color up and have fun with click HERE and get transported straight to the High Hopes Stamps Web store. Its so fun to click and see all the joy!

Have a blessed day - 

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Saturday, September 24, 2022

Animal Crackers - They were blamed for eating too much...

Howdy - 

Well I feel bad for the men in the front pen. For the last couple weeks Hubby and I have been talking about how fast and much the little guys were eating of their hay. They must have been starving! Eating it so fast! Well... Not really... sigh... 

Driving up on them one afternoon last week we found the three stooges with heads over the fence stealing the guys hay! They have their own! And now chowing down big time on the guys! As soon as they saw us pull up .. they turned around and acted casual "pretending" to graze. UH NOPE! You all three were caught in the act! And now apologies to the men thinking they were being piggies! 

So yesterday I went with Hubby up to the front pen while feeding them men. Hubby is now feeding them farther in the pen so long standard donkey necks can not reach! 

Patricio "Pat Man" was watching "Dad" cut the bale and getting ready to throw it in for them. This is serious concentration! And a very handsome man!


Flavio was trying to decide if coming to me for scratches behind his ears or trotting over to the fresh hay was more important...

Any guess which decision he made?

Now its been two minutes and "Pat Man" is already wearing breakfast. It was really good fresh breakfast though... so you can't blame him for diving in head first.

Miguel was all business ... not even glancing my way... "So sorry Mom fresh hay on the ground!"

Snapped a quick photo of Crissy in mid yawn...  It was mid morning though time for her nap.

Next click she stuck her tongue out to show me what she though of my rude photo snap of the yawn.

She is adorable! And one of the sweetest goats ever! 

Now how many of your cats out there go nuts with the Roku screen saver?

They all love it, but I got a photo the other day of McLaren watching and occasionally swatting at things. I tried to explain that all the things going on are great scenes in movies, Pirates of Caribbean, ET, Volcano, Sleepless in Seattle, Titanic ... oh so many. Silly how Hubby and I sat there watching it when it first popped up to pick out all the movies. I still find a new one now and then. Looks like McLaren is looking to find some of her favorites. LOL 

Hope you have an Animal Crackers Smile again - We love sharing smiles each Saturday - 

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Monday, September 19, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Andrea's Kitties

Howdy - 

Another Adorable High Hopes Stamps Image! I can't believe that I hadn't colored this one yet! I guess when you have so many fabulous images a few slip through - This is Andrea's Kitties.. giggle.... yep a basket of kitties! 


Precious! I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then used a die to cut her out. Love the stitching on the die. I found some older Webster's Pages, that I just adored the fence in the pattern. Seemed to work well with Andrea's Kitties! I layered the patterns with a Martha Stewart Border punch mat. Everything is sewn down, and then matched up with the High Hopes Stamps Sentiment - Fancy Basket Saying - Adore how it works with those little kitties! Now I couldn't find any red card stock to mat the sentiment. So I just did a faux mat with a copic marker around the edge. I do that a lot, it is so easy and works! For just an added bit of embellishment I added some Nuvo White Paint dots in the corners. 

Copic markers used -

A fun card to make - and loved coloring up Andrea's Kitties! To see all the joy at High Hopes Stamps click HERE and pop over and fall in love over and over! 

Have a blessed day! 

HUGS and

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Animal Crackers - Nothing Better than a Good Dirt Bath!

Howdy - 

Went out to take photos yesterday... Raffie was really in full enjoyment of an afternoon Dirt Bath. It must have been really good! The grunts and groans .. oh my. 

A little more over here... 

Oh and now here.... 


He really was loving it - So funny. And it does seem to really make them feel good. LOL Makes me itch all over just thinking about it.

Speaking of Feel Good - This little girl, Chica, she just loves her lounging in the sun. So beautiful. 

Such a sweetie - And another little sweetie - Miss Olive Oyl... She is so sweet.

She was standing along the fence quietly and just listening to our conversation intently. Or she was just ignoring me and thinking when will she stop talking and go back inside? 

Now this boy.. he was in trouble!

I leaned down to talk to him and take his photograph. He charged the fence and head butted! If I had been just a few inches closer... well lets just say I would have gotten a long long lecture from Hubby about being more careful and how I always get hurt. Thankfully I was just out of reach and no harm. Well other than scaring me and him getting yelled at. I know better... girls are in season so he is really on edge. Ha!

And then NOT on edge... Mercedes "Bubba" I tried to explain that this box is way too small for him. But he loves it, and so it has been laying out and neither Hubby or I have had the heart to take it away just yet from him.

Spoiled kitties - yep! Just like all the rest of our fur babies! We love them all! 

Hope you have a smile on your face again this week - They all love visiting you every Saturday. :0) 

HUGS and

Monday, September 12, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - You Have a Pizza My Heart!


 Went digging in the High Hopes Stamps Web Site and was looking for images I have never colored... there weren't too many! LOL  I thought what a great goal to have some fun coloring every image! So I found just a few to play with this month. Luigi is one I had seen on other cards and just was really excited to play with! I mean common its a heart shaped PIZZA!  So here is my fun with Luigi -  

 Isn't he adorable? Coloring with Copics and then cutting out with an oval stitched die I think he just pops a bit. I was looking for red and white checked pattern paper in my stash, I know I have it. But after digging a while I found this sweet My Minds Eye papers that have lots of fonts of  "I Love You" and just thought it would be too perfect with that heart shaped pizza. I layered the papers with red card stock and then created a border with a scalloped EK Success border punch. Everything is sewn down and then the High Hope Stamps sentiment "You have a pizza my heart!" is the perfect match with Luigi

For a bit of added sparkle I added a few red glitter enamel dots. Love Luigi... think he will be colored up more and more - 

Copic colors used -

Now you just must click over to the High Hopes Stamps Web site and see all the joy there! You will fall in love with LOTS of fabulous images! Click HERE

Hmmm.... I think I will now find Hubby and see about Italian food for dinner, I'm having a craving! 

Have a blessed day - 

HUGS and

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Animal Crackers - So lets talk

Howdy - 

 I have totally avoided the conversation about the"Pregnant" girls. Now I have a couple of comments of where are the babies. Good question. We breed naturally - put ladies in with men and let them handle things on their own. The problem with that is you really have no exact date on when they "get pregnant" and honestly if... 


So we use a calendar and watch the girls and keep watch. Now for nearly 20 years this has worked out and things are usually close to when we think. But this year things are different - These two girls were in with Raffie for almost a year - we took them out in Spring this year because they were looking close.. and showing the start of signs. Then we wait... Well we've been waiting for a while and honestly nothing now. So were they never pregnant? Did they not get pregnant until Fall? We just are not sure. So we have discussed releasing them back into the ladies pen or back in with Raffie... Natural is healthy but frustrating. I have had a talk with girls.

Now Lacey seemed to be all ears and listened closely... But she wouldn't tell me if there was a baby in the works. 

Vicki was a little more interested in head scratches and rear end rubs. But she was not interested at all in giving up any info either.


Where does that leave us? Well waiting. And possibly looking into another Jack as Raffie may not be doing his business. Black Jack is doing much better now and his health is good... but is he too old to keep breeding? He says no - He is good to go... Right now it is still a bit warm to breed so we have time to discuss that one. Meanwhile we will have to decide next step on Vicki and Lacey - sigh... Vet may be out with a visit soon - 

Now the chickens were out strutting and looking good.. it may have been showing off for the neighbors rooster that keeps showing up! 

We don't have many chickens right now - need to get some chicks soon. But evidently they are hot ladies and the rooster and a few of his girlfriends make their way over across the pasture to visit from time to time. Our chickens don't roam free.. safer and well easier to gather the eggs. But these other roamer chickens - between owls, hawks, coyotes and other predators their days may be numbered. I worry about them - but everyone does their own way of raising their animals. 

I wish you could have heard the noises coming from Miss Penelope. She had found a way to scratch that itch! OHHH it must have felt sooo good. 

Thought I would show you Hubby's Fall Tomatoes - We have little flowers and buds so tomatoes aren't too far away. 

I wanted squashes too - but well things are just too busy right now and so we settled for just tomatoes in the above ground boxes in the back yard for now.

One last photo - I had just brought in a new tote bag I got. It was set down for barely a minute! And  when I turned and went to pick it right up it was "full"

Just like a box set down - a new tote is a fabulous place to roll up and hide! OH McLaren you are silly! 

Hope you have your Saturday Morning Animal Cracker smile! 

HUGS and -

Monday, September 5, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Heidi & Mattie - Best Friends

Howdy- Today is High Hopes day! And I just had to color up this cutie... this is Heidi and Mattie. They are adorable right?
I colored with my Copics (colors below) - Then cut the image with an oval - My pattern papers are from Heidi Grace. Love the fun sweet feel of these papers. A Martha Stewart border eyelet punch. All sewn down. The sentiment "Best friends" is perfect for the duo! I punched a EK Success tag punch to use as a border for the sentiment. 

Copic colors used - 

I just love the girlie feel to this one! And I always love the color combo of Purple and Green. Haven't done that in a while. Hope you enjoyed this one. And to see SO MANY wonderful fun image visit the High Hopes Stamps Web Store HERE and fall in love and get some new friends to color for your projects.

Have a blessed day - 
HUGS and

Saturday, September 3, 2022

Animal Crackers - SMILE

Howdy - 

Well I went out and was begging for someone to give me a good photo this week. Everyone was more interested in the feed that was coming, or just asleep in the shade. But my boy Sergio decided to try and out do Raffie's Smile for the blog... 


Ok, first .. ewe! Sergio we need to do some serious brushing of those teeth son! You haven't had anything but hay... so what is that on your teeth. I think I will let Hubby look into that... Ha! But my boy Sergio does think he is handsome ... he is :0) 

Now this photo of Ted was a bit earlier in the day - we were heading out to get some breakfast and then run to the post office. Now Ted... he likes to stand between our back fence and the truck. You are not going anywhere until he gets his breakfast.

Smart, good looks and totally a sweet guy! Just adore him. He got some ear scratches and nose scratches then a kiss on the forehead while "Dad" was gathering up their hay... 

Then I noticed Cocoa watching closely... what is that on her head????

Oh poor Cocoa... she must have walked through a spider web in the trees and it is now stuck on her head. I tried to approach her to get it off. But not happening.. all that matters in this moment is that that fresh flake of hay is coming. Hubby tried to get it all off after feeding her, but she kept pulling her head away. No worries if is finally off after her belly was full. 

It is so hard to get photos while bellies are rumbling. These boys would not even look at me! It was like they couldn't chance loosing sight of Hubby while he was rolling around the hay cart. Common on guys!

Nope that slight eye glance from Chipmunk was all I could get! 

But Sweet Pea - she came to me for a photo. Shame the sun was behind her - but it is still such a great capture of her personality!

She is just so funny! I adore her even if she won't let me totally rub all over her. Just a little head scratch now and then is all I get... and those funny faces! 

Now speaking of funny faces... sigh... Bubba -

This photo was a few days ago... I was trying to work at my desk on the computer, he is sitting up on my printer above me. He had been in trouble more than once that day for anything from hauling things around the house, climbing up on book cases among a few things I just shake my head at. He isn't "bad" he just is always curious and checking things out. Oh like trying to jump at moving ceiling fan blades. Don't worry he wasn't even close, he just thought he could reach the ceiling. He is cute not brilliant. He freaks me out at times with what he tries. And I can't even tell you how long he just sat there staring at me. I finally leaned back in my chair and said what do you want? He climbed down onto the desk and curled up on me to go to sleep. Gotta love him, even if he makes me nuts at times! 

One more photo this week... thought y'all might like to see the antique concrete angel we got at a local estate sale.


Plan  is to have her at our next antique show for sale... but man I am really loving her! She is so beautiful. 

Well I hope you have an Animal Crackers smile again this week... if not scroll back up to Sergio Smiling - Ha! 

Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and