Saturday, June 30, 2018

Animal Crackers - We all Love the Rug

Howdy -

So at an antique show a while back we found a large rag rug. Wasn't sure what we were going to do with it, but I had to have it, and it sat for a while until we could figure out what we wanted to do with it. But then one day we decided to put it down in our back entryway and try it out for a while. Seems most everyone really likes it...

Gato really seemed to be stretched out and enjoying herself. Of course she only can lay out like this when the doggies are outside. Then she can have a little claim to the new striped area.

Then the doggies come back in and "she" gets full control again....

 Yes we all know that Libbie is in control. I would say large and in charge... but small and in charge is more literal. She will allow Autie to nap on the corners...

Yes he is asleep.. and yes snoring loudly. LOL Love that little dude.

Now oddly I haven't found Chica sleeping on it yet. But then again the food bowl is very close to this rug, and Chica... well my little piggie, she will nap wrapped around the food bowl. Just in case she wakes up and needs a little snack I suppose. My girl...

Speaking of snacks.. 

 The Guys front pen is just about the last of the green grazing around here. There is a bit still in the girls back but the guys seems to have a better choice. It has one whole end that is lower and seems to have some green still there for munching. They were all enjoying a mid afternoon snack then Rico had to check and make sure I didn't have mints or carrots for them. :0)

Now if you follow you may remember that Hubby tends to have wild feathered pets as well as the many many many of our furry and feathered children. All those these three are not so cute... to most, These three young vultures are the newest members to the farm.

In one of the old buildings on the property we have had some babies.. second season for these birds to find our building to raise their young. Last year it was two babies... this year three. They have learned to fly and now are learning to be on there own. Hubby says they have a purpose in life and are "cute" in their own way... Ok Babe whatever you say...

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend  -
HUGS and

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Whimsy Stamps - Potted Birdhouse

Howdy -

Today for Whimsy Stamps I wanted to make a card for encouragement for a friend. I decided to use DoveArt's new Potted Birdhouse. Love this! I think I need to see if Hubby could make me one of these.... oh wait the donkeys would probably knock it over and eat the flowers. sigh. I will just have to color up this one and enjoy it in my crafting.

I colored with my copics (colors below) and then used Ranger Distress Ink around the edges. I found a piece of Graphic 45 paper scrap that I loved as a background. I sewed all the blocks sort of like quilting. Hard to see in the photo, but it looks cool. For the sentiment I love the new Stain Glass Scriptures! This set is so inspiring. I added some corner dies and placed it all on a Kraft cardstock base.

Copic colors used -

To jump really fast to the Whimsy items I used just click the photos below!

Love coloring with Whimsy Stamps! So much art and fun in my cards with Whimsy!
Hope you enjoyed -
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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

High Hopes Stamps - Ron's Royce

Howdy -

I have been having so much fun with the new High Hopes Stamps Modes of Transportation release! Vroom Vroom! This week I used one that really reminded me of Hubby and I's dating days...

This is Ron's Royce ... 

Now we didn't zip around in a Rolls Royce... But Hubby did have a 1957 convertible MGA that was sort of like this. All swoopy .. is that a word? Well it was swoopy. And it was a lot of fun. I colored this one in a creamy color... "ours" was more white, but I like the cream coloring... looks so rich and it matched my papers... LOL.  After I colored it I decided that any good classic car was very shiny. So I added lots of glaze to my car. Its really shiny!

An unnamed piece of paper in my stash felt just right. Along with a cream colored base and mat. Three Enamel glitter dots and the great new sentiment from High Hopes Stamps "Best Miles".

Copic colors used

Hope you like my shiny car..
Have a blessed day -
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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Animal Crackers - Rub a Dub Dub... 2 Boys in a Tub

Howdy -

Well Domino has had his bowl taken away from him... he was overflowing from it pretty much. So now the twins have claimed it... and they are so small they both fit perfectly in it. Adorable... I know. 

 I have been "working" with these three boys. Ok... sitting out and loving on them isn't really work. But I really want them to be super friendly. I want these guys to be like my old man Frankie... not like Peso who still runs from me when I want to pet on him.

Well two out of three of these guys have become super sweet. Domino is my pushy funny man. My little dude i cal him. He totally cracks me up, he thinks he is the "man". Here he is showing me how he can eat up this big piece of hay. And he did...

Amazing how big his horns are already.. I have a few purple and blue polka dots to prove just how pointy they are! We are working on that now... no head butting!

Waylon I call my "little love"...

 He normally will answer me when I call out to him. And will run to the fence for some loving. He likes to climb up in my lap when I am sitting in the pen, and pretty much cuddle and get lots of scratches. He is my "little love"- Then Domino comes and shoves him out of my lap... he still doesn't like to share Momma.. LOL

Now his twin brother Willie... he hasn't been quite as friendly at all. He will come over to me or stand up on my back when sitting on the bench, but when I go to scratch on him he backs off... Once in a while he will let me love on him. But it takes some convincing.

He is still a totally sweetie.. just cautious. Like his mom... I will keep "working" with him.

Moxie wanted some loving when I passed. This is her pose on her back...

 Is that a face or what? She loves her belly rubbed! Of course sometimes I am not quite sure what she has been into and really don't want to rub her belly... but she gets rubbed anyway.. at least on the cleaner areas. LOL

 I didn't get any donkeys this week... worked too many hours and didn't get out where they were all out grazing and it was pretty hot, I hate the heat. We were predicted to have some desperately needed rain last weekend and early this week.. 3-6 inches is what they were saying and we were thrilled to get it! We need it SO BAD, we are so dry too early in the summer. Well... rain came and died each day before it got to us... we ended up 4 days of "rain" to get less than 1/2 inch. The positive thing is that the high 90's temps went way down into the 80's for a few days with the clouds. But yesterday the sun was out and man did it get HOT! That is Texas for ya!

Hope we are blessed with some rain with the next system to pass through.

And I hope that this week you got a grin from my fur babies. Have a very blessed weekend -

HUGS and

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Whimsy Stamps - Mazarine Butterfly Fairy

Howdy -

Today a little playing with a new Whimsy Stamp by Marina Fedotova called "Mazarine Butterfly Fairy" she is such a sweet little fairy!

 This little girl is too cute and fun to color with those dots. I colored with my copics after finding this piece of pattern paper from The Girls Paperie Jubilee collection. Like the simple feeling of the image with the paper. I added the sentiment from Whimsy Stamps "Bold Statements" collection. Then some doodling in the corners - she just seemed the doodling type of fairy to me.

Copic colors used -

 Here are the images to click to link straight to the Whimsy Store to the items used -

Hope enjoyed... make sure to visit the Whimsy Stamps store and see all the fun!
HUGS and

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

High Hopes Stamps - Love Bug

Howdy -

Cruising around and loving playing with the new Modes of Transportation release at High Hopes Stamps. And today I went on a little Mid Century Vibe...

Here is the new "Love Bug TT147" stamp... love how fun this one is!

I found papers from Die Cuts With a View "Hippie Chic" collection that well... just screamed to be used with the Love Bug stamp. I did some paper piecing and decided that if I was going to have a real Love Bug it would be one of two ways.... either done up to look like Herbie the Love Bug a childhood favorite, or a wild paint job with lots of bling and flowers! And this is just that! This paper has some bling to it so that worked out really well.

Matching up papers from the Hippie Chic collection I layered up the papers after inking the edges with a Copic marker. Added the fabulous sentiment "Crazy" and is a great stamp for me.

Three buttons for embellishment, loved the flower shape.

Was a bit worried that it was too busy, but then Hubby said he liked it and all the patterns was so 60's... Flash back those childhood dresses with 10 different bold flower patterns in bright colors. LOL

So I went with it!

Copic colors used for what wasn't paper pieced.

Now for you to find some fun Modes of Transportation to get away and color up some friends. Click HERE to zip right over to the High Hopes Store!

Have a blessed day -

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Animal Crackers - Breakfast Time NOW!


Yesterday I went out early with Hubby before he fed breakfast. All though I am not an early morning person, I do love going out with him in the morning as that is when the animals are all out and a bit more outgoing. It just gets too darn hot here by middle of the day and everyone is usually hiding in the brush or in their huts to stay out of the heat.

Back to breakfast... This is the first thing you see when you come out the back door and look to the left.

Cocoa staring with all her might to will you to come her way first and feed her. She is like a statue... please come this way.

If you look to the right... this is what you see.

 You have to look past the goat pen.. all though they are all standing perfectly still staring as well. But then you can see the donkeys girls pen. They are all lined up begging for breakfast too. You would think they were starving... LOL

I decided to walk around into the girls pen and snap photos of a few.

 Nope not interested in me at all... they have to keep an eye on the prize... BREAKFAST! You must at all time watch where "Dad" goes and make sure you not forgotten. Like that ever happens. If "Dad" ever moves the wrong way or goes back towards the house they start screaming to remind him that they are still there. So spoiled.

I finally got a few to pay attention to me. But getting a photo of Juliet for you wasn't easy... this girl likes to move in close and always be the main center of attention.

 She is such a sweetheart.

Ellie Mae is adorable and just as sweet.

But she and Jolene were still making sure that the meal is coming...

The exciting part is that now "Dad" has moved back towards the hay barn... it is getting closer!

I tried to snap at least one photo of the babies for you. But Willie and Waylon were on hyper active jumping mode and all though they were entertaining I didn't get a single photo where they were not blurred by motion.

Now Domino.. he had his morning exercise and had just settled down for a rest...

He still loves his bowl bed. But I hate to tell him he is really close to not fitting! But I will wait as that face is just way to adorable to upset him now! Glad I snapped this one when I did as one minute later "Dad" pitched in their breakfast and he was up and gone! Can't be late for breakfast!

Inside the house I found Gato in one of her new places to chill -

 A couple of weeks ago at an estate sale we were working I purchased these vintage chair cushions. Not that I was planning on a use for them after the sale... they were simply to use on hard folding chairs that weekend. LOL Hubby thought I was nuts while doing it, but I did notice he took one during the sale. But I decided they would still find a good use for us.. But I haven't been able to move them very far out of the spare chair in the dining room. Gato has taken ownership of them. As long as she is happy...

Hope you got a smile -
Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Whimsy Stamps - Teddy Flying a Kite

Howdy -

Some days you just have to take some time and go fly a kite! Enjoy life! So I colored up the new Whimsy Stamps image by Lee Holland "Teddy Flying a Kite"

Sweet right? I stamped out the Teddy once then again on my pattern dot paper so I could cut out the kite. I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then attached the kite onto my image. I love paper piecing to match up the image with the pattern paper.

For the sentiment I stamped out "Share a Smile & change the world" from the "Bold Statements" Clear sentiment set. LOVE LOVE LOVE this set! So many fun sentiments that fit so many types of cards. Believe me it is a must.

Simple card, but it just feels so perfect!

Copic colors used -

 To pop over quick to my Whimsy Stamps products used - click the images below!

 Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day - Maybe fly a kite?
HUGS and

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

High Hopes Stamps - Live Life at Full Throttle

Howdy -

Another FUN new release from High Hopes Stamps! Now for me as many of you, boy cards are harder to make. But with the new release at High Hopes Stamps "Modes of Transportation" they fun and spot on for the guy in your life!

Today I colored up Saucy Sam... one great looking race car! 

VroomVroom! I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then found some papers from Authentique that has a bit of that fast fun. I sewed all the layers down with black mats and base. It matched up fabulously with the new "Live Life at full Throttle" sentiment!  I feel the need to say it again... Vroom Vroom! Three black buttons for embellishments -

Copic colors used -

This new release is so much fun... but now I am thinking... how cute would this race car be in pink??? for that special little racing gal in your life! Oh.. now back to the desk to pull out pink!

Make sure to visit the High Hopes Stamps site HERE and see all the new!

Have a blessed day!
HUGS and

Monday, June 11, 2018

High Hopes Stamps - New Release Mode of Transportation

Howdy -

There is a new release at High Hopes Stamps and this one is going to go like the speed of light! Vroom! This is the Mode of Transportation release!

I had a little fun with the new Harley TT145 stamp!

 Now I can hear my Dad, who I lost many years ago, that a Harley should always be black. I know Dad... but to match my paper I needed this one to be green.... he would understand the art of it I think. But we are talking about Harley here... that is a sacred thing. I colored with my Copics and then layered with pieces of My Minds Eye Papers. I sewed down the layers and added a few enamel dots in the corner. The sentiment is also new from High Hopes and is called Find Joy GG037 - love this sentiment and thought it would work really well with the joy of a Harley.

Here are the copic colors I used -

You really need to visit the High Hopes Stamps website and have some fun with all the "Modes of Transportation"! Click HERE to get there FAST! 

 Have a wonderfully blessed day -
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