Saturday, June 29, 2013

Animal Crackers - End of June and the hot has arrived.

Howdy -

Hot where you are? It is here. Heck I was hot when Hubby was saying how nice it was for June. But this week... he has said it is hot more than once. Mid to high 90's and you have lost me. I am inside with the AC going. Yesterday it was over 100 and that is just too darn hot. I did take a few minutes and made the rounds with Hubby watering yesterday evening and snapped a few photos.

I was totally thrilled that all "older" gals and yes the few "safe" boys decided to come over while I had my camera out and say hello. They love the grass over at the neighbors, and the huge tree that is over the grass... LOL. But today just as they saw us coming out of the back yard, the trotted over for a visit.... or wait it may have been for the cool water that Hubby was putting in their buckets... Oh yea that was what they were liking. But hey I got to snap photos of them so whatever -

This was my favorite shot -

Angelina and Irene have really buddied up. Aren't they cute BFF's? Angelina is a carbon copy of her Mom, Macie - and the older Irene gets the more she looks just like her Mom, Patti. All though I see her Daddy too - Raffie. Two sweet girls. And two extremely friendly girls.

Hubby and I have been talking about how wonderful all of these donkeys look. They have had so much fresh green. Something they haven't had too much of the past 3 or 4 years here. Oh we fed them well during the drought. But it just isn't the same as fresh picked.. LOL

Look how trim and perfect Miss Jolene is -

She still is slicking off the last of her winter coat - but man she is pretty. She was our first long sleek all black girls. Well with the sun she has a little red in their.

I stood back and tried to get one of them all wandering around waiting for the cool water and head pets - Lacy (at the fence) She was cracking me up... she still hasn't quite figured out the chickens yet. And they were really talking...

Jazz is the "body" in the bottom left corner, and Gloria center bottom... you can really see how gorgeous they are in the sun. They are shiny and healthy looking. Gorgeous.

How funny is Miss Scarlett? Is that a stretch or what?

We named her correctly - Scarlett really fits her well. Hubby actually calls her "Red" most of the time. She was working pretty hard to reach a few leaves wasn't she. Like she has nothing else... but treats are treats.

Went over to Hubby's brother and his wife's last night. My SIL at their old house had a bunch of cats that knew she was a sucker in the neighborhood. Free meals and kept water out... you know the cat lady of the neighborhood. (I say that with a little giggle, I am one to talk when it comes to feeding and keeping to many animals! LOL) Anyway when we went out to leave her knew group was waiting for the gravy train to come outside. Yes, now instead of the Kitty radar.. looks like she has moved up to Deer. Oh and there is NO ZOOM here.

That front girl... I had to explain that my phone was not feed. While I was snapping this one she moved right up on me... I backed up quick. These are wild animals even if they have been lucky enough to live in a neighborhood buffet.

I have no clue how much these guys get fed each night .. they go from house to house like they are trick or treating! LOL ... The deer are ok.. they all look the same to me, but then there are a few of these-

Pretty stinking cute huh? Very cautious though unlike the grown ups. She wouldn't let me get very close at all -

 Hope you have a little cooler weather where you are - and if not.. pull a chair up to the window with an ice tea and enjoy the outside ... inside with the AC! LOL

Have a wonderful weekend -
HUGS and

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Whimsy Inspiration - All digi here ....

howdy -

You know I must have missed the stamp on my back side that says "Best by 2012" Cuz so far 2013 has found me falling apart with old age!! First bifocals...or bifocal... then all those lovely little things that add up to the doctor saying that "Pre-M" word and then saying I need meds to level things out. And now pains in my arm that has me trying to do things with my left... and as hard as it is to believe I am more of a clutz with my left arm than with my right...  oh well to my card -

Well this week for my Whimsy Inspiration I did something a little different - I went all Digi... meaning I did NO coloring!!  Shocking I know - but needed a simple nice card and had an idea... and it actually came out just about like I saw it in my head. That is even more shocking!

Here is my digital Whimsy Card -

You see I have been really fighting pain in my right arm and wrist - We won't say that Carpel thing ok? So coloring really didn't sound too good the other day when I sat down to do my card. Now the computer is the cause of my pain, so how I thought saving myself from coloring then moving over to the computer helped I don't know... but I was really happy with the results.

I started off with one of the Whimsy Digital Papers - Michele R. Desgins "Basic Vintage Papers" collection - I ADORE this set, the sheet with the roses and butterflies is Gorgeous!  Now this pattern is much darker when you open up the file. I opened it up in photoshop and faded it by 50% - This left good coloring but light enough to over lay a sentiment - I chose Raindrop Echo Designs Gratitude Sentiment set - the Sincere Appreciation was just what I needed. I layered it on to the pattern paper, then sized to 3 3/4 inches square. Why that size? Because that is the perfect size to fit just inside of the Whimsy Double Scalloped Square Doily Die. A favorite of mine. Great size!

I rounded the corners of the digital paper I printed, then inked the edges with Distress Dye Ink.  I printed another digital paper from the Basic Vintage papers collection. Layered with brown card stock onto my cream card stock base. Simple but I love it!

The inside is the same pattern paper from the front printed larger but still at the 50% fade, this way you can write a note inside. Don't you love that you can print any size you need with Digital papers???

Now anyone out there have hints for helping with arm pain? I can't stop using the computer... or coloring so am going to have to figure out what I have done to cause it? Angle I am typing? I may try and get a brace for my wrist and see if that helps.

Enough whining I know... seems like I do that alot lately... falling apart...
Hope things are going good where you are -
HUGS and-

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

High Hopes - Lots of Layers

Howdy -

Today I have a birthday card that I made for a friend. And also for today's High Hopes Challenge. My card is for a guy friend of ours. Guy cards are tough sometimes, we all know that. But while going through my High Hopes stamps to decide what to use I found this adorable little guy and he was perfect for our friend Kirk - today is his birthday, won't say how old cuz we went to high school together, actually I am a year older...  so he is old, just not as old as me.

This is "Diver Dan"

And my photo of him is a little off from how he looks in person. He is a little dark in the photo. There is more detail. But still he is really cute. I colored him and the background with my Copics. (colors below) I then cut it out with a circle Nestie. The challenge is to have lots of layers, and I think I covered that pretty well. I think there are more than ten layers here... not including the inside! I found an older paper pad from My Mind's Eye Lost and Found called Breeze - liked the colors with the "water". I did up layers with the cream colored base. And then found a piece of core'dinations cardstock to use as a mat. Punched out a border and used a ribbon as a band. The sentiment is also High Hopes - called "Dive Right In" I then wanted to make the water look more like water. So I pulled out my Viva Decor Hologram Glitter Pen and covered the entire circle image. Really is pretty fun in person.

Here is the inside - more of the same collection of papers, then I stamped Diver Dan in black just for some more fun.

Here are my Copic colors used

Hope Kirk is gonna like his birthday card. I sure had fun making it. :0)

Make sure to pop over to the High Hopes Challenge and see all the DT Layers of Cards or Cards with lots of Layers? Sure there is lots to see - then join us!!! You could win!

Lots going on today - We had an antique show this past weekend and of course just as it was time to load up the trailer it started pouring. Most all of our stuff is in plastic boxes so no treasures got wet. But still there was moisture - so Hubby wants to pull things out and let everything "breath" at bit. Me. I will be listing things onto eBay and working on some house cleaning. Normal day I guess you could say.

Whats new in your house?

Have a wonderful day -
HUGS and

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Animal Crackers - SMILE

Howdy -

Got home just before dark last night - just in time to head grab my camera and head out to snap photos of the "kids" outside.

Thought I would start out the photos with a smile....

Jorge was smiling for the camera... actually I think that one of the girls in the pen next to him was flirting with him... but I like to think he was smiling for the camera. :0) 

Since we had just drove up and walked in the door, the inside doggies were excited to go out with us... Chica must have just woke up and was still attached to her baby, "the flea".

She carries the flea constant when she is sleepy, nervous, in trouble, scared... don't tell her but it is "flea 3" There are a million toys around the house. But the flea... that is her baby. When Libbie is in one of her "moods" she will pick her up and walk around with it, just to hear Chica get upset. Everyone knows... the flea is Chica's -

I found Juliet and the other girls enjoying the fresh cool water Hubby was filling into their bucket.

What after a good cool drink on a hot day you don't stick out your tongue and then swish water around in your mouth? Try it one day... ( I haven't but all the donkeys love doing it... )

Little Alex -

 One of the boys that need to find new homes. He was the last baby born last year. And has been the biggest baby of all of them. He nearly made me cry when he had to be weaned from his Mom and put in with all the boys. OH my... he cried, and screamed all day. He finally got a little better... now he just screams when he is hungry, bored, sees Mom across the other pen, the wind blows, he sees a dog, ... ok he still talks quite a bit. But he is so cute it is all ok. He was "chewing" here... bottom lip and his "goatee" was really moving  fast wasn't it?

Moxie one of the outside doggies was chiling in the shade waiting for us to finish up outside. You see... once we finish with all the other animals she knows there is a big box on the back porch with "cookies" just for them....

 The three outside doggies usually get two a day. One in the morning, and then one right before dark. Makes sure they are there in the morning, and here at the end of the day and ready to find their normal spots around the house for bed time. Moxie's is just at the bottom of the steps of the front porch... unless it is bad weather then she will move up to the porch with Nally. Moxie is probably the shyest of the three. She is also the one that will smile for me - seriously she smiles! Unless I am holding a camera.

Last photo today -

Ted E. Bear was grazing by of the crepe myrtle trees.

We planted four just after we moved here 10 years ago. They have been really gorgeous this year. But now they are starting to loose their flowers. Should have taken a photo about a week or two ago -

Hope you had a smile or two today -

Have a wonderful weekend and hug a furry friend!
HUGS and

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Whimsy Inspiration - Sweet Baby Boo

Howdy -

I have been trying to get this posted for two days... issues. Was either me, the computer or the cold/allergy medicine... anyway I am here now.

Love this new image from Whimsy Stamps -

This is Scrapper's Delights "Sweet Baby Boo" - adorable huh?  Colored with my Copics (colors below) Worked heavy on this one, Lots of coloring, oh and I worked a little darker skin on their faces. I like how it came out. Used more E42 this time. My papers are new for me, Pink Paislee Cottage Farms.  (I have a couple left in my eBay store and all my crafting stuff is still on sale) :0)

My sentiment is from Whimsy - Gratitude Sentiments Set I just got these and totally love them! So many great ones in one set.

EK Success border punch on the border, and the sentiment is also EK Success punch.

Inside is all scraps from the front - Love that :0)

Copics used -

Yesterday we met with the family for the estate that I have been selling. We went through the last boxes and got another load home. Was lots of sorting and hauling, but now we are done and through it all. Lots more to list in my eBay store. Sadly no more dolls. But still lots of good things. But wow... I am sore... lol all afternoon in the storage on concrete I can feel it. Didn't while we were working, but do today!

Today Hubby and I will empty the truck and bring it all in and sort it all for selling. Lots of collectors plates - hope they will sell well. Then we will work on our antiques and the trailer... getting ready for our next show coming up!! Where is time going?

Hope you have a great day -
HUGS and-

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Animal Crackers - What's Up?

Howdy -

I am thinking that maybe just for a little while I am going to not post and cheer about the rain. Love getting it - EVERYTHING is so Green and it is JUNE!! But things are soggy here, and we have really had some wind and heavy rain this week. Just about everyday this week I would ask Hubby what are the rain chances for the day - he would answer 10% maybe 20%... then mid afternoon dark - wind - lightning - and heavy scary rain. Check the chances then and they have changed it to 40% or 50%... yea like they stick their head out the window and realize it is raining and oops we better up the chances!

Hubby and went out yesterday morning and I snapped a bunch of photos.. and yes, I know they are all dated the 13th... but I thought it was the 13th. It was the cold medicine I am on, totally got my head messed up.

Love this photo I got of one of the Rhode Island Reds - Love the details on the feathers -

She was a little wet - not smart girls here folks - they stand out in the rain storms. But gorgeous feathers-

Speaking of not smart and just makes me want to take a shower -

This is Black Jack one of our studs. Is he crusty or what? Loves to roll in the mud. Dirt baths is what we normally would call it, but with all the rain... they are mud baths. He is Crusty! And perfectly happy. Common.. you are wanting to take a bath now right? LOL

Speaking of needing a bath - the dogs, yes they just had them, but they sure get stinky when they play outside in the wet grass. Chica is the worst... that girl loves to play outside and get totally nasty. But it is ok, with that sweet face she can have all the fun she wants.

Another Dirty Dog -

One of our outside doggies - Niner. All three of the outside dogs are just nasty. I really don't want to even think about what they have been rolling around in - Since they like to sleep in the middle of the donkey pens, you can only imagine. But sweet... Nasty yes, and totally sweethearts.  And in case you have missed in the past where Niner got his name. Started out as the neighbors dogs - she moved and we were taking care of them, they now are ours and live here. There were nine puppies... we all named them all... then we got to the last puppy... he is "Niner".

Caught Cocoa getting a little special breakfast -

Hubby feeds off of this cart - Rolls around to all the pens and breaks the hay bales and feeds each group their ration of hay from each bale. Now this is the same hay that Cocoa was fed in her little pile for breakfast. But it is soooo much better straight off the cart. Every morning she eats from her pile until Hubby is all done then she thinks she is sneaking over and no one sees her. And she gets the special stuff left on the cart. ;0)

And how is this for sweet?

Gabby and Felicia are such good friends :0) Love both of these girls, they both have super sweet personalities.

OH and BIG NEWS!!!

We moved the Guineas into the goat pen!!!!

 I didn't take photos the day we did it. Heck catching them and getting them over was just about all we could handle.  They have been in now for 3 or 4 days. And settled really well. I hope they stay in with the goats. They will be safe there - no dogs. No Coyotes. Yes, even our "pet" dogs worry me with them, they are good hunters. And I don't want them going after the Guineas. So far they have been happy there and haven't flown out. I know one day they probably will, but hopefully go right back. They have lots of grass, lots of huts, and the goats really don't care too much that they are there. Well other than the male screaming late at night or too early in the morning. He LOVES to hear his own voice.

The chickens are SO much more calm. They were getting so stressed I was worried they wouldn't lay eggs - The reds are just now getting of age, and the Guineas really did cause panic quite often. But in with the goats they are good.

Here is Hubby talking to "Beavis" while the goats are having dinner. Yes I named the male "Beavis".

He kept running over to see what the goats were eating but never would eat any. He is so funny... he follows Hubby all around, talks constantly to him. He will get inches away from Hubby and the second he tries to pet him - Whoosh - he is gone. One day I am sure he will be right on top of Hubby.

Well - better run - If the rain stays away today we are going to go and see my BIL who is set up at a local art show. We haven't had a chance to see his booth with all his paintings all hung and displayed. Looking forward to it. If the weather will be nice -

How is the weather where you are? Been scary weather the past couple of months hasn't it? Hope you will have a wonderful nice weekend where you are -

HUGS and -

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

High Hopes - Summertime

Howdy -

The challenge this week over at High Hopes Blog is just in time around here - Summertime! Kids are all out of school here and it has started to really heat up. Hubby was working outside yesterday afternoon and I kept looking out the window to make sure he was still moving around out there. I cannot handle the heat anymore. And all though Hubby has no issues working out in the heat I still keep an eye on him, just to make sure. He was fine of course. In fact about 4pm he came in and said that is all for a while until is cools down a bit. See he is smart.

And with the warmth of summer it was a good time to have a challenge for Summertime. Now what does that mean? Well I take it to mean things that remind you of summer. Subject, Colors and such. Don't know if that is totally correct but that is how I ran with it. :0)

Here is my card - and I like to think that it was inspired by fellow High Hopes DT Anna at Sassy & Sweet Notes. She has been taking the most gorgeous Sunflower photos recently! So when I saw this pattern paper it just all came together!

Used one of my older favorite images - "Jolie's Little Friend" She is just so sweet, especially smiling at her new green friend. I colored with my Copics, then sewed to a double mat matching my card. My card  - oh used more yummy new Graphic 45 papers! From the French Country Collection, love the warmth of this collection. And since I am really into chickens right now that collection really makes me smile :0). I chose two patterns and did a little zig zag stitching to put them onto the deep red mat. And all onto the yellow card stock base. I added a red and white gingham ribbon across the bottom. And yes, it isn't white... I colored it with a yellow copic marker so it would match better. Love making things work for different colors like that. I punched out two leaves from a marvy punch out of core'dinations green card stock and the sanded the edges and the middle. Found two very old yellow Prima flowers in my stash, colored the center orange and added a brown button. The Sentiment is from Papertrey Ink again, the script alphabet die, it was on my desk still :0) 

Inside is all done with left over papers - 

And here are all of my copic colors -

Hope my card gave you a little smile and warmed you up - Now you hop on over to High Hopes Challenge and join us in a little Summertime fun ok?

What is on your list to do today? Me? Well a few errands with Hubby in the morning, then home to do a little cleaning. I usually try and run through the house on Mondays - it was the plan yesterday. But I got sidetracked (easy for me to do) anyway sidetracked into the living room and the massive mess of boxes for the estate that I am selling on eBay. I got to looking at the boxes and realized that many of them were 1/2 full. And things were really in a total disaster state. One thing led to another and guess what? I have 2/3 rds of my living room back!!! Yep - got everything back in order and managed to get rid of 5 huge boxes and narrow down the piles. Walked by the door last night and found Gato stretched out a mile long on the rug. LOL She hasn't seen the rug in a few months since the collection arrived. She was enjoying the wide open space. So was I.. that room was starting to make me twitch. So now... the rest of the house and the regular chores for today. And then some listing on eBay. (BTW... have a little bit of a sale on my crafting supplies for the next couple of weeks.)

Hope you have a wonderful day - Hug someone you love ok?
HUGS to you -

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Animal Crackers - What is he looking at?

Howdy -
Well we got a little more rain yesterday - keeps things green around here! YEA! This week I have a few more photos that I took last week.

This photo was one of my favorites of all that I took -

I watched Autie for about 5 minutes. He was like a statue... never moved an inch...

What is he looking at???

Now you have to know Autie doesn't normally hold his attention that long. And to be that still for so long... no, well not usually, unless he is asleep and snoring. Well I couldn't stand it any longer I had to go and see what he was looking at. So I headed into the back yard to see, and just as I got there - he ate it. Yep... that is my boy. I am pretty sure it was a june bug. At least that is what we call them here in Texas. A plain brown beetle, that shows up every year about now and is here through summer. Autie likes when they show up - little snacks you know. Ewe. But better than grub worms.

Now I could ask what is Lucy looking at? But with the goats -

A goat can stare for hours and hours at absolutely nothing. Patience or just nothing better to do but stare out into nothing. I don't know.

Now I KNOW what Big Moe was looking at -

Niner one of the outside dogs was strolling by his cat house.  Moe, he loves that he is safe in his area and can still see everything going on. Even "dogs" like Niner.  Moe hate to run and hide. Heck I think Moe hates to run at all. He is a handsome man isn't he?

Uh oh - Samantha "Sam" was looking at Niner too... and...

It looks like she was sticking her tongue out at Niner - good thing she is safe in her cat house :0)

Ramon - he took a glance at me on his way to dinner. Of course he couldn't come and say hi to me - no... his dinner of hay might go stale.
 He is such a handsome boy too. He has that really dark face and his fur turns that gorgeous red. He needs to be sold to a new home and be a Jack and pass on those looks. Maybe one day  -

And then one more LOOK for you - Is this a serious look or what?

One of my Wyandottes - LOL I think she is part Hawk or Eagle... I was in snapping photos last week. Normally when I go in the pen in the evening I take in lettuce or some sort of left over treat... but that night I just came in me and my camera. Hubby is always saying to sit still too long in there if they are hungry enough they'll eat you. I roll my eyes and say yea right. But with that look... I'll keep moving around.

Last night I went into the pen to clean their water container, and check their food. I had been in earlier in the day and all was good. Well... there were 4 of the girls that all their tail feathers were missing! And their hind ends were raw! I called Hubby over trying to figure out what had happened and then it did... One of the other chickens ran over and pecked and yanked out a feather!!  Yes, I freaked, sorry I don't like my children to miss behave or have anything wrong. So I came in and read to see what the problem was. So either they are low on Protein, or bugs, or stress and overcrowded. Now reality I don't think it is any of those. Hubby says it is called a pecking order and they are just doing what birds do. But I decided to take control. They were treated just in case. Sprayed stuff that would taste bad to stop them from wanting to pull the feathers, and then added vitamins to their water. Tomorrow I'll get some Calcium, more DE and everything else they have on the shelf for chickens. Just in case.

So what is on the plans for your weekend? Here? Little bit and a whole lot of nothing much. Normal routine - Nice simple weekend. All though I think while I was out there I saw the grass grow and inch or so - Hubby is gonna have to mow probably - he already mowed once this week, but it needs it again. Great that everything is green - but not fun to have to mow so often. Especially when you have so much to mow. Nature of things on a farm.

Have a great one -
HUGS and

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Me and My Space - Antique Dolls in my DonkeySmiles Store

Howdy -

It has been awhile since I showed some of my latest Antique treasures that I have found and now selling. Today I thought I would show off a few of my dolls - I have gotten a few that really make me happy. One or two that will be sad to see go. But that is the nature of the business - I get to have it for a little while then it goes on to a new home.

First I thought I would show a little sweet doll - A Kestner Mold 257  Bent Limb Baby Character Doll.

Mouth full for a little doll - but even with all that info she has one other thing that just sent me over the moon when I found it as part of her  -

I purchased her at an auction. Was told all the above in her description, but also that she was a sleep eye bisque doll. No rare thing at all - but after I got her home and started looking closer she is really rare -

Let me show her first .. then I'll tell you her rare quality if you don't see it right off -
 Those that know dolls might say "oh she is a google eye" and if you only look at one photo that could be.

She does look off to the left side -
 BUT with just a little tilt of her head she will then look off to the right!!
 She is a FLIRTY EYE doll! And a Kestner! Which is a very collected maker. When the auction house listed her as a sleep eye that was correct, when they laid her back her eyes closed. But they did not realize that there was tissue paper in her head, ( a good practice when shipping bisque dolls with movable weighted glass eyes as they can break very easily ) But when I pulled the tissue out to make sure she was solid and working properly I saw all of this!!
Hubby thought I was nuts.. well many times he does... but I was yelling to come and see quick! Very detailed workings for such an old bisque doll. The weights move up and down for the sleep eyes, then side to side for the flirty eyes. OH and the sleep part... that has a rare feature too!! Usually the glass eyes just roll 1/2 way and the top part of the eye is painted flesh color. But these eyes have small metal eye lids that slide down just like eye lids! So totally cool!

Anyway... was really exciting to me, I have read about these dolls, but to have gotten one at auction as a bonus feature was really fabulous! And after I sat and played with her for a while... leaning her left to right and making her eyes move around I took all the photos and got her listed in my eBay store. There are a whole bunch of photos in the listing if you would like to know more... HA... that sounded like the movie Starship Troopers... love that movie! You can see the Kestner Flirty Eye Doll HERE in my EBay store.

I actually am listing quite a few dolls lately. We don't have too many shows over the summer - and I want to buy more dolls and different dolls for the Fall shows - so I am moving stock on eBay...

I have a tiny little Kestner doll listed - she is only 4.75" inches. Sweet little thing -
She is listed HERE -

A much larger Kestner - She measures 23" tall! And is that a hairdo or what!!
She is listed HERE -

A totally adorable little guy listed too - A Scotsman in his full tartan kilt costume! He is only 7 1/2" tall
He is listed HERE

And even a much later but just as sweet - Storybook Doll - mid 1940's for this cutie - 
 She is listed HERE -

There are lots of things going on now in my eBay store - I think I have way over 100 items now! See I have been very busy!

 I have Dolls - Toys - Cher Items - Toy Cars - Vintage Fashion Clothing - Old Creamware Ironstone - Antique Etching Art - OH... and a whole bunch of crafting items! Mostly smaller 6x6, 8x8 paper pads, Stamps and even a few Dies.

Got lots listed - I think this weekend I deserve a little crafting stamping coloring time for fun! After I do a little house cleaning ... sigh.

I'll be back Saturday for Animal Crackers -

Hugs and -