Saturday, August 31, 2019

Animal Crackers - We love you Sandy!

Howdy -

This week we said goodbye to a member of our goat family...  My first bottle baby goat Sandy.

 We knew it was coming, sadly she had a mass on her that was more than likely cancer. I will say she didn't "act" sick very often at all, she never lost her appetite, and she ALWAYS was my sweet loving friendly girl Sandy. But she was getting weaker the last couple of weeks and both Hubby and I knew it was coming. And then she went to sleep one night this last week and that was it. Thankfully she didn't suffer, and even that last day she trotted out to get her breakfast with all the girls and talk to "Dad" as he fed.

She was my very first bottle baby goat. Her Mom Lillie had mastitis and so I became her 24/7 milk .. those first few weeks we became very close those meals 6 times day/night. Then we went to 4.. 3...2 and then once a day. It was almost harder on me than her to stop that last feeding.

And funny... even to the end 7 years later if she saw a green bottle she would run over to see just in case if it was for her.

And man she was a cutie!

 When born I thought she was totally snow white except for that spot on her nose and a couple of other little spots on her legs. But as she grew up tan spots came in.... beautiful.

 She was one of our more talkative girls. And loved to call out to let us know that she was there for us to come love on and give any treats we might have.

We will always love our girl Sandy - and she will always be missed in our goat family.

 But we also know that it was for the best that she fell asleep and went peacefully. It's the hardest part of having so many fur children. The "business" of Ranching... loosing my "stock" is loosing a piece of my heart and a part of our family.

Hope you have a blessed weekend - and hug a furry friend! They are only here for a short time.
HUGS and

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Chef Pierre

Howdy -

Today for High Hopes Stamps I was feeling a bit hungry, and Chef Pierre came with a yummy Turkey for Thanksgiving. He is such a good Chef!

 I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then I cut him out with a small border. I found some pattern papers from in my stash of scraps. Loved the french feel of them, and I think Pierre would have his kitchen decorated with the same patterns. All the layers are sewn down. The sentiment "Happy Thanksgiving" is such a fun font from High Hopes Stamps. Then a corner die cut flourish from Spellbinders in the bottom corner.

Chef Pierre is such a great fun image to have fun with!

Copic colors used -

 He makes me smile - I hope he did you as well. To see all the fun wonderful images at High Hopes Stamps click HERE

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day -
HUGS and  

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Animal Crackers - Smiling Donkeys Make Me Happy

Howdy -

This week Hubby picked up a few peppermints for our favorite men to enjoy. One a piece though we don't want to spoil them you know. :0)

Flavio decided to leave Dad since he didn't have any more mints and come see if I had any...  Such a looker don't you think?

They LOVE peppermints. but they are sugar so they don't need them very often and only one. But they enjoy them long after it is gone. My favorite is watching them head to the water barrel and suck in the water and enjoy the cool feeling. Oh... and the smiles after they enjoy the mint....

Miguel enjoyed showing a large smile, showing off those dirty teeth...

Of course he was also looking for another mint... as well.

Speaking of looking for more...

 I love the look in Cocoa's eyes... she was standing patiently after finishing every piece of her breakfast, waiting for Jorge to spread his out and have some get a little too close to the gate so she could reach in and get a bite. That look from her was... just keep moving.. I am in line for what ever makes its way to close to the edge!

Cocoa's son Valentine knows better than to approach when she has that look in her eyes. She is in charge all the time, and you don't want "Mom" to get upset with you...  I seen it.. she snorts and her head moves up and down.. Valentine will back off and head and stand a distance away. Gives me a cold chill... remember those looks from parents when in public and you are just about to do something... yep feel that chill... LOL

Valentine is a big boy all grown up, but will always be a big baby. And always follow and obey his Mommy... I love this baby.

Wanted to show you a fun wonderful find this week.

I am helping a friend sell a large box of antique cloth dolls and toys and found this in the box! Oh my I have to buy it right? I think it is 1920's and I adore it. :0) just makes me giggle and smile.

Hope you have gotten a giggle or smile this week - and I hope you have a very blessed weekend -
HUGS and

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Wilson's Honey Farm

Howdy -

 This week for High Hopes Stamps I took a dive into some yummy honey. This is Wilson's Honey Farm... love the delicious end of summer goodness of this one!

Such a wonderful image for many subjects, but when paired up with the High Hopes Stamps sentiment "Have a Honey of a day!" Just a friendly card to bring a smile or could be a "sweet" birthday card!

I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then added some pencils for shadows and layers. Then I added some Nuvo Clear for that gorgeous glass honey jar, and then Nuvo sparkle for the bee's wings.

Dark brown card stock for the base, then deep yellow core-dinations card stock for a mat and a old piece of pattern paper from Senic Route all zig zag stitched down. Then the same brown card stock for a mat on the image sewed together. A simple gingham brown and white ribbon around and tied for a bow embellishment. That sentiment is punched out with an EK Success ticket punch and then matted yellow card stock punch mat.

Copic colors used -

Love the Fall season and all the warm colors! And High Hopes Stamps has SO MANY fun and wonderful images to play with this time of year! Pop over to the website store HERE and see all fabulous images!

Hope you enjoyed!
HUGS and

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Animal Crackers - Just what are those eyes saying...

Howdy -

Is that a beautiful face or what? Penelope is a real looker! 

Those big brown eyes are so sweet. Now Penelope is a talker... the boys Junior and Chipmunk are still chatting loudly about being weaned..  A LOT! and Penelope has been nice enough to answer A LOT! With looks like that she can call out all she wants!

Now these eyes ... Cocoa had some serious thoughts going on here... 

I really wish I could read her thoughts... maybe that was "Can this 100 degree heat just go away now!!" 

Chloe came out of the shade to see me... she has always been a stunning lady.

Hard to believe she is one of my old ladies now... but still beautiful... oh and her eyes... they were asking if I would sneak her some alfalfa... I know that look!

Raffie... my smiling donkey.... This guy is always always always working! Eyes always on the look out.

At this moment he was pacing the fence line "protecting" the ladies on the other side. Well in his mind he was protecting them. We just go with it, it makes him make feel proud and good. But what we don't tell him is that most all those Ladies.. well they can take care of themselves and might even be able to take him on and win! HA!

My beautiful Chica... what is she thinking?

Just sitting in the shade, staring off into the nothingness. Beautiful even when her mind is blank.

Then I looked over and saw this...

 Now what is Moxie thinking? She was laying perfectly still... eyes open, and tail wagging. Happy and Content I suppose. A soft shady spot under the tree, she had just finished eating a "cookie" treat I brought her and just enjoying the moment I suppose.

Now Spartacus... well he had a boo boo a couple of weeks ago...

It happens "Spart".. He has always had those long long long straight horns. Oddly different than most of the others, very little curve to them. They were all him. Well... I guess that straight horn isn't has strong in head bangs with thicker curved horns... cuz well one broke in half. Now no worries I don't think it hurt him, well maybe his pride and ego... but he is doing ok. Just that Pride thing.

Hope you have a wonderful blessed weekend. Stay out of the heat and protect all those outdoor animals plenty of shade and water.  Wish I could bring them all inside into the air conditioning... but Hubby said no...

HUGS and

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Harvest Blessings

Howdy -

A little more Fall fun this week for High Hopes Stamps - And this week I pulled out one of my very first High Hopes Stamps that I bought many many years ago. I love this sleepy little scarecrow!

 This is "Harvest Harry"... Isn't he just adorable?? Now his two friends.. well that is a later addition to my stamps. But they are just as cute. They remind me of Heckle and Jeckle ... but this stamp is called  "We're All Ears"  Maybe they are junior Heckle and Jeckles?  Love them matched up with Harvest Harry! Then a little sentiment "Harvest Blessings" I stamped it all out and colored with my Copics. Then found scraps of Graphic 45 papers that have that warm fall feeling to them. Sewing it all together.

A few die cut corners and dots of Nuvo pen as faux brads. 

These images just make me feel happy and warm! High Hopes Stamps has hundreds .. or more :0) Stamps that make me feel all happy and warm!

Copic colors used

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day!
HUGS and

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Animal Crackers - Meeting of the Minds

 Howdy -

The "Three Stooges" really do crack me up. Valentine, Cocoa and Ted E. Bear (Teddy Bear) They are given their breakfast each morning and it is nicely spread out for them... but they like to attack the same little pile. Just in case that one pile has the best hay... 

LOL so sweet and funny. 

Found a few of the girls at the water barrel yesterday morning. Jolene was happy to pose pretty and have those ears stand up and show off how long they are. Love those ears...

 Now Irene... she was enjoying that fresh clean cool water. Or at least as cool has it is these days running through the pipes.

Yes... the "cold" water is luke warm lately. But "Dad" makes sure that everyone's water is crystal clear and always full. Drinking good water is important with over 100 degree temps!

Bella informed me that it was too early and she was too tired to up! Yes me too Bella but it was the only way to get to see you and snap photos this week! That yawn was great... and first of 4 or 5 in a row...

Now even really early in the morning it has been loud around here... heck I took the dogs outside in the middle of the night and we still had "kids" screaming from time to time... Lets just say that Chipmunk and Junior are not liking this "manhood" thing and their Mommy now being on the other side of the fence from them. 

 Heck Mommy isn't too happy either but she has started to quite down more and more... as soon as her milk bag isn't hurting anymore she will move on and be happy to not have the two boy shadows.

Libbie wanted me to thank everyone for the well wishes last week... It was a really rough week and had us worried sick as well. But Libbie seems to be all better and back to "her" normal.

 Tiny and in Charge! Blind but still knows all and is guardian of all humans and animals! Love that Little Face!

Hope you all have a blessed weekend and have a furry friend to love on!
HUGS and

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Wagon Full of Blessings

Howdy -

 Ready for that Fall season? Cooler Temps, Pumpkins, Spices, Cute Sweaters, and oh yea... Cooler Temps! LOL Today I am having some fun with High Hopes Stamps Wagon Full of Blessings -

Such a cute couple of kids don't you think? Love him pulling the little girl in the wagon.  I colored with my Copics (colors below). Then the perfect Sentiment from High Hopes Stamps "Happy Fall Y'all!"  Love the font and that Y'all in there! 

My papers are all from Paper Studios that I layered and then sewed together. For some added fun I found some older jewelry spacers that I topped with Nuvo Black. Not quite bling.. but still makes me happy!

Now for those cooler temperatures...

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day!
HUGS and 

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Animal Crackers - Is it wrong to be this good looking?

Howdy -

I tell Junior everyday that he is just too pretty to be a boy. LOL He is such gorgeous little man -

 Excuse the toes... LOL This guy is so friendly I have to snap fast before he is up on you and getting lots of loving! Oh my he is so gorgeous, his brother, Chipmunk, is adorable as well... But Junior is just so pretty.. LOL handsome.

Alvin says it is all his genes... Ha!

Yes Alvin - he is your Son for sure! Just as handsome and just as sweet! Love this guy!

And Spec .. such a pretty lady. She really does know it too...

 Gorgeous for sure!

We have all our worry on Miss Libbie this week. And all our total lack of sleep!

She had a very sick belly. And well we will just say she was going outside 24/7 every hour to two hours. And oh my the tears and whining. I just killed me knowing my baby's tummy was hurting. But I think she is finally on the mend and feeling better. Appetite is back, and we all got 3-4 whole hours in a row of sleep at a time the last couple of nights! Please be getting better I can't handle seeing her sick.

Ok.. now last week I said more donkey photos this week... now I was outside twice this week around 8am and already everyone was gone and deep in the bushes. Hubby was out earlier and said a few were around... sigh.  It has been over 100 degrees this week so they are out moving at night and then sleeping deep in the shade during the day. Sigh... don't blame them. So here is a donkey that I did get a photo of.. 

 Hombre ... out large metal donkey in the backyard. He is always standing there - hot, cold, rain, doesn't matter... He was a gift from Hubby years back - and even if he is just yard art he is still cute.

Oh and how about I show you my miniatures collection cabinet. I don't think I have shared it in a long time. And since I add to it all the time it is getting pretty full...

It use to be just donkeys.. then I started finding old goat items that I "needed". What I "need" to do is take it all out clean everything and narrow down and sell all my duplicates or not needed anymore. But well.. that hasn't become high on the priority list. And well.. not really ready to decide what isn't needed right now. :0)

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend. I'll keep working on summer shots of my Lady donkeys... Some rain and cooler temps would help for sure! LOL And well... me getting farther out on the property too... Just hate this heat!

HUGS and