Monday, January 31, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Snow Friends

Howdy - 

 Today for High Hopes Stamps I had some fun with a chilly "Snow Friend

Love the warm feel of this image despite all that cold snow. My "Snow Friend"  is colored with my Copics and then topped off with Nuvo white and Glitter Sparkles. Gotta love the bling! I found some pattern papers from Graphic 45 that had the vintage fun feel I was looking for. I layered and sewed things together with a cream colored card stock mat and then a kraft cardstock base for my card. The sentiment is also from High Hopes Stamps - "Friendship Warms the Heart" felt like the perfect sentiment for my snowman and his bird friend. I punched the sentiment out with a EK Success Ticket punch. 

Copic colors used -

This one makes me smile - although I am ready for some warmer weather and flowers! 

Hope you have a blessed day - 

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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Animal Crackers - Personality

Howdy - 

Every furry kid here has their own personality. From Shy to Obnoxious - We've got them all here. But each one is loved totally. I try each week to capture that personality to share with you all. Some come through no problems others I really have to work to get a decent photo. This first picture has become a favorite and totally shows this girls inquisitive yet funny personality. Ferrari is always watching and taking in things. This photo is one that came from Hubby one evening while he was sitting with his little lap friend.

Hubby always tells me that he can't take decent photographs for me. But now he has credit to two of my top favorites.  

I decided to head out yesterday and get some fresh air and see my fur babies - capture some of those personalities. Two of the hardest to get a good photograph of yet always shows off their personality.. Jorge and Sergio. I very rarely get a nice formal pretty posed photo of these two guys. It is always a close up in your face show me all attention photo - 

Jorge first - I stood there for 10 minutes trying to get him to chill and let me take a nice posed photo. Nope it was shoving his head at me ... or turning around and pushing on me with his rear end for those much loved rear end scratches. I did not want the back end for a photo so I guess this is as good as it gets for him this week. 

And then Sergio - my sweet little bottle boy. He is a little too pushy with his wanting attention. I have to warn people with Sergio. He demands full attention and has been known to nip at you or pull on clothes if you don't!  
From pushy in your face we go to shy and stand offish. These three goats are a little more cautious. The black goat Mallory, we've barely touched her. She has never been friendly or "sweet" to us. Always in the back and watching and taking in things. Abigail laying in the back is the same, all though we have been able to pet on her from time to time. Then Penelope in the front... Abigail's full grown "baby" she is always right there with her Momma .. now this girl really wants attention and petting. So it is a pull between doing what she wants and what her Mom does and demands her to do.

Now when it is quiet and still outside and no other goats are gathered... I have been able to love all over Penelope. She loves it and you can see it in her face how much. But as soon as Mom, Abigail sees what is going on .. a snort and Penelope gives me that look... "Sorry I've gotta go.. Mom said so"  LOL As long as we get our moments I'm ok sharing her... she is so worth it. 

Chipmunk - this guy loves attention, but he is not usually the one up front and demanding it. His twin brother Alvin Jr.  - this guy is the Alpha Goat in their relationship. But when I move slow and stealth like I can get up to the fence and give Chipmunk his head scratches that he loves so much.

Of course then I have to boil my fingers to remove the smell, but Chipmunk loves it so I can wash right? He is such a handsome man - 

Last photo today is to show you ... despite wanting the loving and head scratches. The thing that always comes first and foremost in everyone - FOOD Ha!

OH yes they all want to come to me but in this moment, a chilly rainy morning, that new hay bale was much more attractive to them. But Miguel was seriously thinking about it. Then he turned and went back to that bale. I understand Miguel - a plate of Mexican Food does the same for me - nothing comes before that. 

Hope you enjoyed this week - smiles for everyone! 

HUGS and

Monday, January 24, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Turtle Ride


Great Friends! This is High Hopes Stamps Turtle Ride - What a great friend to offer a ride for a friend.  

I colored these two good friends with my Copics (colors below) and found some older papers by Scribble Scrabble. Love the vintage color combo of this collection. All the layers are sewn down and then a Fiskars border punch and green silk ribbon for a border. The High Hopes Stamp sentiment "Thank You for being a friend"  works really well with this duo - I punched it out with a EK Success Ticket punch and then matted with a scrap piece of pattern paper. 

Copic colors used - 

Great fun image for any friend - I love these pick me up smile cards! 

To find more fabulous images from High Hopes Stamps click HERE and see so so many fabulous images!

Have a blessed day -
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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Animal Crackers - Free with every box?

Howdy - 

 So you think this cutie comes Free in every box? LOL We have all kinds of toys laying all around the house, but nope the best toy... an empty box. Porsche was really having a blast playing inside and popping out of this empty box of can cat food.


Now anytime one of the kittens find something great to play with then it calls out to the other to come and join in.. or take away. One or the other. With the box it was join in. Mercedes was pouncing and trying his best to get into the box as well... and this is why the box soon split. LOL

Box lasted a couple of days of fun, then I had to trash it as it was becoming shreds. No worries the outside kitties love their canned food so we have more in the pantry and the box is almost empty for more fun. The kittens canned food box is so much smaller, use to be fun but they are just too big now and can't fit inside it any longer. But that big box is just right! 
Love these close up profiles - Miss Hannah is all grown up now and look at all that thick fur to keep her warm in the cold wind. 

Such a beautiful little lady! And of course she was right with her BFF Juliet - So I had to move around to snap a profile of her as well.

Man she is looking so much like her big brother Teddy - Much Skinnier than her older brother, but same eyes and curly fur.

Was feeding and checking on the boys before the cold weather coming. They are very excited as I told them Dad was getting them a large round bale.  Flavio was all ears listening to my information.. Ha ha.


Latest we have ever brought in round bales. But now everything is dead so round bales have to be brought in. They love the fresh green growing grass.. but there is something said for a huge amount of hay brought in and all in one large bale plopped down in one place for them to chow down on without moving at all. 

Snapped a pretty photo of Miss Thelma - posed pretty sitting up on top of one of the huts.

She is such a sweet lady - and love those blue eyes. She has given us some pretty kids too. I think we may try her again this Spring. I've been looking back at baby goat photos recently, I think need a baby goat. Fun and bouncy! 

Gracie came running over to me - she was making sure to get her photo taken. Of every girl out there I really do think Gracie loves her picture taken most. That's where her nickname of my "Super Model" came from though - LOL

She is beautiful - coloring, blue eyes and that sweet little grin she has. 

Its going to be a cold weekend. So lots of hay and then hunkering down in their huts to stay warm. They really don't mind it too much they have that thick winter fur, but me.. this weekend animal watching will be done from the window from me! HA- No worries it will be warmer again first of the week before the next cold front. Sigh... hate this up and down temps! Counting down to Spring! 

Hope you enjoyed this week - have a big smile! 

HUGS and

Monday, January 17, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Bird Song

Howdy - 

 This image is such a happy image! It is High Hopes Stamps "Bird Song" - it just makes me smile.  


 I've colored this image with bold bright colors before - but this time I went with pastel colors. Colored with my Copics (colors below) and then cut out and corners punched with a Fiskars corner punch. I found a Bo Bunny's pattern paper that I have saved for a while, just love that newspaper print mixed in the pattern of blue flowers. I sewed down the pattern paper with a zig zag stitch on a blue card stock then on a white card stock for the base. I found a vintage ribbon to wrap the papers with and stuck down the image. My sentiment is from High Hopes Stamps "Friend are the Best Collectibles" I adore that sentiment! 

Then I just felt it really needed a flower... I know it is winter, but sometimes you just have to have a flower! I found a Prima Flower with Martha Stewart leaf punch. Then topped off with a yellow button.

Copic colors used 

Ok I know I said it.. but this one makes me smile - love those little birdies! 

To find this image and lots of others you will smile over pop over to the High Hopes Stamps web store HERE and fall in love!

Have a blessed day -

HUGS and

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Animal Crackers - Close up Attention

Howdy -

A visit with the guys in the front pen yesterday morning. Miguel and Diego were wanting close up attention. That or trying to figure out why the heck I was there without mint! 

Seriously not smart on my part! LOL They made do lots of ear scratches and hugs! 
Hubby sent me this photo the other morning... a check in on the wide loads from the girls in with Raffie. 

Oh please let those wide bellies be babies and not just winter flab! They are pretty though all fluffy. 

While I was out yesterday I was trying to get photographs this is what I found... all lined up and keeping a close watch on Dad. 

No attention for me until they know exactly where and what Dad is doing. You have to be ready for the trot to the hay barn just in case that is where he is going. Uh sorry gals... he isn't heading out to feed you just now. LOL 

Once they figured that out then they were all good to show me some love. One by one they broke off and made their way towards me.

Fancy Pants was all sweet and loving. Look at all that gray hair coming in. Old age girl... hitting us both I know. She will always be beautiful to me. Even if her reddish brown hair has lots of gray in it.  

Oops lost Irene's attention. I think her belly is rumbling and she just can't give up hope for hay from Dad.

We have been so blessed with green grass so late in the year. But this last freeze zapped it all. So they are all depending on hay from Dad each morning. Patience girl... it is coming. 
Scarlet "Red" was being calm. Maybe it is the cold weather? Not like her to not push and be obnoxious. I took advantage and snapped a normal pose photo instead of a close up nose shot. Then I loved all over her. 

Hard to believe she is one of the old ladies now! She was one cute baby back in 2011 wasn't she?

Still beautiful.. just all grown up! 

To end today I just had to share this one! Mercedes new "trick" - he hates for you to "leave" the house.

I worry he, or his sisters, is going to get out and we can't catch them quickly. They are all indoors and do not know the dangers outside to them. But honestly most of this here is just trying to get you back inside. You really don't get the humor in this photo unless you know that this him... hanging from the window in the back door.  He jumps up and literally hangs from those needle claws watching to make sure you are coming back in to play with him.. feed him... or just cuddle him, just be there in case... Attention ... that is the main goal. So adorable. 

Love to blame Hubby for the four kittens in the house - remind him he is the nut job that brought in and wanted to keep them all. Totally insane! Don't tell him though... I love each one of them. They are so sweet, loving and too much entertainment and way too many laughs... lots and lots of laughs! 

Hope you got at least a giggle this week. 

Have a blessed weekend - 

HUGS and

Monday, January 10, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Snowy Pine

Howdy - 

 Today for High Hopes Stamps I made a card with a bit more serious feel to it. This is Snowy Pine

 This tree stamp is a pretty image that I love all the snow and cool feeling of it. I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then added lots of Nuvo white paint for shiny ice cold snow. For my papers I went with a more calm simple feel. These are all from Basic Gray - old stash. I layered the papers and then did a Fiskars Border Punch for a band across the middle. 

The sentiment "You are Always on my mind" is also from High Hopes Stamps and I love the sweet thought for a card. 

All the layers are sewn down for the card. It is hard for me to keep things simple. I tried on this one, but slipped a little with that border, but I still like how it feels and love how the tree pops. 

Copic colors used -

There are some fabulous images in this January release at High Hopes Stamps this month. Pop over to the web site store HERE -

Have a great day ! 

HUGS and 

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Animal Crackers - Love to Chloe & Peso

Howdy - 

 Today I thought I needed to do a bit of a little tribute to two - Chloe and Peso... Sadly we lost of them over the holiday season. The day before Christmas Chloe passed away in her sleep. We had been watching her closely and knew it was coming... but still hit us as the day before she was trotting and still active for the most part. 

She was a beautiful girl - I think she was our first born here with those ice blue eyes. She was a sweety - and loved attention. 
She gave us some beautiful babies - and more than once gave us triplets! 

She will be missed! But she had a good long life here - well as far as a goat life. They just don't live long enough for me.

Now Peso was not expected .. One afternoon he was just laying on his patio hut looking around. Not eating much but not acting sick. Next morning he was gone, rolled up sleeping and then gone. I don't know which is worse ... knowing and watching day after day that it is coming, or something quick. Guess it depends on the animal and if they are suffering right? Well neither of them suffered at all. Other than Chloe loosing her Queen Bee in charge status a year or so ago to one of the other ladies. She hated giving up her title and control of all the ladies.

Peso though.. that smile and those teeth grinning at me - man I am going to really miss him. And his high pitch girlie sounding call. 

I think back to that day we brought him home. It was one funny afternoon. We had been at a Scrapbooking Conference... a morning of shopping! Hubby had gone with me to make a day of it. On the way home we began a conversation about how we really needed some new blood in the goat pen. Google on the phone, a breeder on the way home, called, stopped just to look and do some thinking..........

And then less than an hour later this was riding home on my lap! He was so adorable, and totally a spur of the moment thing. We are not good at going just too look at anything! He fit right into our "family" and has given us so many beautiful babies. I so wanted that grey coloring in our herd. And he gave us that. 
He grew up to be a total looker and his personality was such a hoot. 


His little bachelor pad is so empty now - so sad. We decided that it is time to do some moving around and bring one of the other guys to live in the bachelor pad. Just need some time to get around it all in my head and have some time to say goodbye to Peso. 

Too say goodbye to Peso and Chloe. Sigh ~ I've been saying it was coming so many of our family has gotten old. I'm going to try and not focus on that and just love hug and pet on them all as much as I can. 

The hardest part of the "busines" is that after time they get old and we loose them. I so wish they would live longer.. that they all would live longer. 

We will always have a special part of our heart for you Peso and Chloe! 

HUGS and

Monday, January 3, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Winter Pup

Howdy - 

 There is a release at High Hopes Stamps! Winter Friends! For my first card I just had to color up the "Winter Pup" ... too adorable!  

This little one is so cute, I colored with Copics (colors below). And then I added lots of Nuvo glitter and white to the hat and scarf. I added those polka dots to match up with my pattern paper. Both patterns are from KasierCraft. The pieces are sewn down and then the image is die cut in an oval and inked with Ranger tea dye ink. I needed some sort of mat and went digging in my stash. Found a great large die that fit perfectly! A High Hopes Stamps sentiment "Friendship warms the heart"  it is punched out with a EK Success ticket punch. A Copic around the edges for a faux mat. 

Copic colors used -

Love the fun warm feel of this one.  There are so many great fun images in the January release!! You must pop over to the High Hopes Stamps website HERE and see all the fabulous images to play with!

Have a blessed day -

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Animal Crackers - Happy New Year!

Howdy - 

Goodbye 2021~ and Welcome Happy New Year 2022!! Every year I do a year in review on this weekend. Show off again a few of my favorite photographs of the past year. 

Well narrowing down photographs is seriously hard! But I can't re-blog ALL of them.. so I just picked a few that made me smile the most. 

First up I suppose would have to be the day we found the kittens on the back porch.

I still can hear myself saying "Oh my they are so adorable...NO we aren't keeping them" Now I sit here shaking my head .. right like that was even taking seriously at all! Life is very different in our house! Oh we have lots of laughs and love them to pieces but oh my ... yes you can imagine - four new kittens in our house! LOL 

Yes they have total control -

Total control! I love this photo of Ferrari! But my ultimate favorite kitten photo has to be this - 

Yep cracks me up! Hubby wasn't thrilled I shared it the first time.. he will love me sharing it again! But hey it made the top photos of the year!

I take lots of photos of the doggies. And many of them could be in the top photos. I adore this one of Libbie though. Shows her royalty - her beauty and even her personality. Love this lady.

This photo of Macie was one that just warmed my heart. Again I think it because it shows personality and her beauty.

Its the eyes - her big brown eyes and long eyelashes. Then there are those donkeys that move their eyes and can express themselves so much with just the smallest look. Like Patti -

That girl can give a side glance that just cracks me up. She is such a pretty girl. And a funny girl too! 

Speaking of funny and pretty - this photo of Penelope was a big oops and almost deleted. But when I downloaded and blew it up I fell in love with it.

Is it the artistic feel of it - or just that close up look from my youngest little girl goat? Love this photo almost as much as I love her! 

One Saturday I had some fun with an app on my phone. So much fun turning normal photographs to "works of art" - now looking back at them this one means so so much more.

I miss Miss Gato every day - we may have the kittens now but this sweet soul was my baby - I feed her with an eye dropper when she was tiny and she was such a huge part of my days and nights.... oh my she loved to head butt and rub for attention in the middle of night.  She was beautiful and very loved. We were so blessed to have her in our lives. 

And had to end with a sweet and silly face - 

 Juliet, Sweet and Silly is the perfect description of this girl. She loves to pose for me and I have many photographs of this girl. Many are the same sort of pose as this - her resting over the fence for attention. 

We are really more than blessed with all of our fur babies - I enjoy so much sharing them with you each Saturday. I hope you enjoyed them the past year - and do hope you will continue to join us each Saturday in 2022! 

HUGS and