Monday, March 20, 2023

High Hopes Stamps - Classy Clydesdale

Howdy - 

 Have you gone over and seen the Out of Retirement from High Hopes Stamps "Thoughts of Spring with Friends"? Loving getting to play with these images again! Love this pretty horse "Classy Clydesdale"

 Pretty right? I loved coloring her with my Copics (colors below) I dug through my older papers and found some fun papers from Sassafras. I fell for those scallops made in the edge of the papers! 

The layers are sewn down on dark brown card stock and then the sentiment from High Hopes Stamps "Raggedy's Birthday" Love the fun script! I punched out a piece of the pattern paper with an EK Success punch and then layered the sentiment. 

Now we need some embellishment... Large oval rhinestones that's perfect! 

Copic colors used - 


To see more fabulous image from High Hopes Stamps click HERE and pop right over to the web store! 

Have a blessed day - 

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Saturday, March 18, 2023

Animal Crackers - What a difference a day makes

Howdy - 

Well Thursday it was gorgeous - sunny and 80 degrees. Beautiful! But then Friday... rainy, windy and in the 40's when I headed out to take photos. brrrr... Chipmunk said no thank you - unless you have something worth coming out for, I'm staying in my hut!

It's ok Chip - I understand completely! My photos with the fur children will be done pretty quick! I don't like cold wet wind! 

Domino decided to come out - very brave!
oops good thing I snapped that one quick as he went right back in as soon as he saw I had nothing for him. He did make some noise at me to let me know he wasn't happy with me. 
Jackie was out roaming. Boys are such babies.. I know that was what she was thinking. But she was out getting some breakfast and soon after she headed back to the large hut as well. 
I'm telling you ... it was rainy and cold! Not the weather that goats or me for that matter, are happy to be in!  

Most all the Donkeys were out in the back pasture or behind trees or buildings staying out of the wind. But I did find Jorge out. And honestly it was a rare time to snap a photo of him without his head poking through the fence. It is a nice posed full body photo. His fur is all puffy to stay warm in the wind! He isn't cold at all.

He is so handsome. And it is really so hard to snap a photo like this. He did come to the fence for me, and I loved on that silky velvet nose. 
As I said Thursday it was beautiful - 80, sunny with a slight breeze. Libbie loves that! Totally blind now, and pretty much deaf - laying in the sun with the breeze is a happy place. She has her farm smells and enjoys the weather. 
I will admit I sat out there with her for a while. Was really relaxing and peaceful. Friday morning though was a different story for our Miss Libbie... yep Hubby had to carry her out to do her business and she was right back up the stairs and inside. Her warm bed inside was calling her, and that is where she planned to stay most all day.
This next photo is really not a great photo. And excuse the mess on my table. But it was such a moment to capture I just had to share it! ALL the kitties in one shot! 

Of course Porsche was charging towards me so she is a little blurry. But everyone else was sitting in the windows and enjoying the sun and views. I did get almost all of them to look my way, but as it is with photographs, animals or children... you can't get 100% often! Darn it Ferrari!

And I hope you aren't minding the flower shots each week lately. But it really is so pretty with things all blooming and Spring coming. This is one of Hubby's rose pots. There are so many buds coming as well. So beautiful and happy to see all the color!

He has such a green thumb - and they are all gorgeous. As long as I don't touch or water anything! HA! 

Hope you have your Animal Crackers Saturday Smile - and hope you have a furry, feathered or nature in your life to make you smile as well! 

HUGS and

Monday, March 13, 2023

High Hopes Stamps - Foxy Knitter

Howdy - 

 This week for High Hopes Stamps I had some fun working with a little Foxy Knitter -  another of the Thoughts of Spring with Friends release.


 Cute little fox huh? I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then found some papers from Prima that complimented the colors of my fox. All my layers are sewn down with a zig zag stitch and straight stitch. Then I added a fun sentiment "Sending Hugs!" A favorite for lots of types of cards to friends. I punched it with a ticket punch and created a faux mat with a copic marker. 

For some added embellishment, Those fun older Prima flowers came out again. the orange color was too perfect. With some Leaves punches it makes a perfect corner embellishment. Dots of Nuvo cream for the centers to finish them off. 

I love how this one came out. Guess its cuz this little knitter is too cute. I think its her eyes... LOL 

Copic colors used -

For more fun fabulous images pop over to the High Hopes Stamps web site HERE and fall in love with LOTS! You know you will! 

Have a blessed day - 

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Saturday, March 11, 2023

Animal Crackers - Sunny Smiles!

Howdy - 

How can you not love that face? I know Gracie smiles just for my camera! Seriously that is a smile right?


I adore this girl. She is so beautiful and just so much happy personality! Happy girl for sure! And loves to have her photograph taken. 
Now not happy... Miss Hannah was not happy that her photo last week, she was not the center of attention and you could not see her face and how beautiful she is. Yes Hannah ... Gorgeous! 
 She is such a sweetheart - fabulous, funny and beautiful in all ways! Love her.

Found Patti enjoying the afternoon and taking a bit of a break.
She is not a young girl anymore - so she deserves a break anytime she wants one! Oh.. and not long after the snap she had a bit of a dirt roll to feel even better! 
And naps... no one takes a better afternoon nap than a cat! 

 Porsche was so adorable with her paw over her face. They do love their window beds! The perfect place for an afternoon cat nap! 

Hubby and I went around the backside of the men's pen to check on the pasture and the bluebonnets.

They are starting to fill in!  The real sign of Spring here in Texas! Our state flower is so pretty and is popping up everywhere! Hubby gets so excited when they start blooming in our fields. And then shortly after that the Indian paintbrushes fill in with their bright red. So pretty. 

Close up.. so pretty.
Do you have spring flowers popping up in your area? I love this time of year... makes driving to even the most boring place have color and a smile! All the flowers along the roads and highways! 
Hope you have a smile this week. And enjoyed our furry family. 
HUGS and 

Monday, March 6, 2023

High Hopes Stamps - Hedgy in Tulip

Howdy - 

Spring is coming! And this month for High Hopes Stamps there is a release all about it! "Thoughts of Spring with Friends" a group of our favorites out of retirement and release just in time to color up for the season! 

For my card this week I chose to color up a real cutie - Hedgy in Tulip 

So ready for all the colors and flowers aren't you? My image is colored with my Copics (colors below) and then I found some pattern papers that fit the theme. First Edition "Spring Fest" Love the soft pastel colors. I cut out the image with an oval die cut and matted with one of the pattern papers, found two more patterns that are sewn together with a fun zig zag stitch. For a band I used a Martha Stewart doily punch on both sides of a white card stock to create a faux piece of lace around the middle. 

All put together and then added the High Hopes Stamps sentiment "Spring is in the Air" Love the font on this one! I punched it with a ticket punch and made a faux mat with a copic marker around the edge. 

Needed more... so out came my Nuvo bright white and little dots around the oval mat, and in the corners. A little fun and a pop of bright white. 

Are you ready for Spring? How about coloring up some spring with these wonderful High Hopes Stamps images ... HERE

Copic colors used -

Hope you enjoyed - 

Have a blessed day -

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Saturday, March 4, 2023

Animal Crackers - Fun Views


Taking photos of animal every week can be interesting. Many times I just feel like it is the same thing over and over and disappointing. But then once in a while I get a few that are gorgeous and make me so happy! And then well you just have to have some fun with the views!

I was in the goat pen, and the lady donkeys were jealous and want some time as well. I was trying to love on everyone that wanted ear scratches... Fancy and Hannah got some but man Bella was being extra pushy about it! LOL So funny.. she really was wanting center of attention. 
Then someone pushed my shoulder and snorted... uh yep. Juliet! 
Acting all innocent and adorable. Girl you just got donkey slobber on my shoulder! That's ok girl, you are adorable. And despite being very demanding deserve lots of loving! 
After I made my rounds to each of the lady donkeys that wanted scratches I went back into the goat pen to see how everyone was doing. Well it was a very iffy morning you see... it was a tiny tiny bit of drizzle going on... that means it could rain at any second so many of the girls were claiming prime huts and protection from the sky that could be falling! 

Crissy was very comfortable in one of the dog igloos - no chance of any rain touching her when she snuggles back into that! But until then she was enjoying the breeze in the doorway. Sweet old girl. 

Mallory was in one of the larger huts. She heard me in the pen, stuck her head around the corner just long enough to see if there were any chances of treats... sorry Mallory. She was back in and laid back down against the inside wall of the hut. Those eyes just crack me up. Pop Eye just like her Grandma Lillie... miss her, but see her in the grand kids all the time.

Oh my then I saw bravery at its finest! Lizzie was up on top of the hut - out in the drizzle! Enjoying the breeze! 
She is spry enough that if or when the rain does start she will be down in a half of a second and under cover! She was beautiful and sweet to pose so pretty for me though! 
Now I don't think this was bravery here ... more like just lazy and very comfortable! Alvin was laying in his hay breakfast, under a tree. Half awake and chewing at the same time. 
Handsome - and adorable all in one! 

A little nature now. It is spring when you see the big yucca's blooming our front gate. I really don't like the yuccas that much. Until the one time a year they sprout up this enormous flower out of the center. Or is it a bunch of flowers? Whatever it is really pretty.

It last a week or so then it starts to turn brown, fall over and gone. Then I am back to really not liking the yuccas any more. ha! 

We are seeing predictions of some colder weather again next week - hope it doesn't get too cold. Things are really looking so pretty now and flowers are budding everywhere! You can really feel spring coming! I am so done with winter for now! 

Hope things are pretty and nice where you are - and I do hope you have your Saturday Animal Crackers Smile again this week! 

HUGS and

Monday, February 27, 2023

High Hopes Stamps- Take a Tissue

Howdy - 

This week for High Hopes Stamps I found an image for a little get well card. This is "Take a Tissue"  


My stash of get well cards has gotten really low - and with this sinus season hitting here I needed to color up some well wishes! And this guy is just too adorable and perfect to send as a pick me up. I colored with my copics. (colors below) and found some old K & Company K-Ology papers. I adore the color combo with these papers. I matted the image and sewed down the layers. The sentiment is also from High Hopes Stamps "Get Well Soon"  Now I accidentally punched my sentiment. Insert sad face here... but then I decided to just go with it! LOL I finished punching both sides and used it! Happy Accident? 

For embellishment I added three white prima shimmer flowers with light pink brads. I had lost these flower forever in my "collection" of craft supplies. So happy I have found them I am loving them all over! 

Hope this one will make someone feel better. Makes me smile. 

Copic colors used -

Now you must run over to High Hopes Stamps Web Store and see all the fun and images to make you smile too! Click HERE to get there fast!

Have a very blessed day - 

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