Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Whimsy Stamps Challenge - BINGO time!

Hello and Happy Wednesday! It is Whimsy time... and todays challenge is a game of Bingo. Love Bingo challenges as it gives you so many options! You can find the Bingo Card on the Whimsy Inspirations Challenge Blog HERE -

I chose Pearls - Image - Flowers. Sorry it was the easiest row for me, Memorial Day weekend, BBQ here with family and being the Mommy and feeding a baby goat every 3 hours it was just best...

Ok, so I used Crissy Armstongs image "Free Ride". He is just totally adorable don't you think? LOL I colored with my copies, then I cut out the balloon to the point of where my Circle Nestie was - cut out my circle. Then went to work on my card. I cannot tell you how bad I did NOT want to cut this paper... but then I saw this little mouse and decided it was worth it... LOL  - I LOVE this paper... My Minds Eye Miss Caroline Howdy Doody collection. That floral paper is just gorgeous! If I could get this paper in wall paper I would so do a room in my house!  Ok, so I cut into the paper, stacked up patterns sewed things together. Then I punched out two Whimsy Double Scallop border die - I just got it... so I HAD to use it right away :0) Do you love the weaving holes or what??? I cut strips of the matching paper and used it like ribbon, that way it would match perfectly. I sewed the borders in place and then I added Veva Decor Pearl Pen in Cream color to create lots of little "Pearls" on each border. My mouse and balloon were matted and then attached. I popped the balloon up with foam pop dots, then added two layers of dimensional glaze so my balloon would be really shiny and really pop out! Love how that came out.

Here is the cute little mouse up close -

Then I went to the inside, more of the same pattern papers, and then since I also just got the Double Scalloped Doily die... I had to use it on the inside ready for any type of sentiments - for any need. 

It sat on my desk for about an hour... before I remembered the flowers! OH MY I forgot the flowers... so I dug through my drawer of flowers and found a few that matched the pattern paper with some Martha Stewart Frond leaf punches. 

So I hope you enjoyed my "Free Ride" card - I had lots of fun with this one. Now make sure to pop over to the Whimsy Inspiration Challenge Blog and see all the other Bingo cards from the DT and then join us for a chance to win your own Whimsy Stamps... remember you don't have to use a Whimsy Stamp to join in - 

Thanks so much for visiting ;0) Hope you have a wonderful day... 
HUGS and - 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dust it Off - Elizabeth Bell - Pen Pal

Hi - This past weekend I took time to look through all of my older stamps. I have millions of them. And I really want to use all the older stamps that I had to have cuz I fell in love with them. Poor things... I loved them so much and then they got put in a box and haven't seen light much less ink in a long long long time. So I am going to Dust off my old weekly blog post.. "Dust it Off" and start playing with more of what I have. I still will need all the new things I fall in love with :0) But I have challenged myself to use more of what I have -

Today I pulled out one of those images that I had to have  - by Elizabeth Bell. Took me a while to figure out who this actually came from. But I finally found that she is part of the SweetART Ebony collection, and her name is Pen Pal.

Isn't she pretty? I think she has a little attitude :0) I colored her with my Copics. The pattern papers are from very old stuff. I punched two EK Success Flourish border punches twice once with the green card stock and once with the cream colored. Everything is sewed down. I stamped the sentiment on a piece of fabric tape.

My flower....

I love how my flower came out!

You see I made it! No really I did!!! A couple of weeks ago I was at Hobby Lobby. Just ran in for some glue - nothing else I swear.... But I did have a 40% off coupon and saw a set of punches by McGill that well... I needed them. It is three punches with instructions for making roses. They have other sets for other flowers, that maybe one day I'll need to. I punched out of light pink card stock and then shaded and added pink Copics for depth. The leaf punch is part of the set as well. I used green Copics to add veins and shadows there as well. After it was all glued together and gorgeous I decided it needed some texture and bling. So I sprayed with Goosebumps and Smooch... Has a shiny sparkle now. Frustrated not as much as I wanted... but both sprayers are clogged ... grrrrrrr....

Kept the inside simple and ready for anything.

She was so happy to have some ink again!

I found that this qualified for  Cute Card Thursday Challenge - Pink and Green

Have a wonderful day....and see you tomorrow for the Whimsy Challenge -

Hugs and

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Animal Crackers - Cute, Sweet, and Playful

Lots of Cute going on here folks! Lots of stress, and worry as well. But things are looking up. We had the Doc out here yesterday to see Lillie. Her milk bag has Mastitis... I don't know it that is the correct grammar or not, but basically her milk bag has hardened on one side and the milk is bad. So every 3-4 hours hubby and I are milking her out. Seems like such a waste but we need to get the bad milk out and keep her "working" so as the meds fix things she can produce good milk. Now the other side is working pretty well and the little boy is eating on his own on that side. The little girl... uh no - I have been bottle feeding her. I enjoy doing it, but I seriously don't want to do it long term. I would like her to learn to eat from Mom, and hopefully once Lillie is all good, she will do just that.

Now I must say here... I know I am a dork. When I showed off photos of the babies the other day I was so totally exhausted, and when going through names I had narrowed it down to two "couples" and I took the guy name from one and girl name from another when doing my photos and post... But in my head I had it right! LOL But the babies names are "Danny and Sandy"

They are just precious -

Speaking of babies... Flavio - I got a great photo of him playing with his Mom who has a lot of patience.

I am afraid that Flavio is going to be one of our wild kids. One of Bella's past babies was the same way, not the normal obnoxious friendly baby. We will keep working with him.

This is the normal afternoon view into the goat pen...

They have a really shady part of the pen late afternoon - and this is the perfect place for that nap all the kids need. Ok the Moms need too...

The Kids do play hard when they are awake though....

This is Bobby Hill and Popeye being boys... they like to push, shove and butt heads. these are two of the boys that will not go to auction. They are both VERY friendly... like untie your shoes, chew on your pants leg, pull on your shirt and climb on your back friendly. :0)

Got a pretty photo with my phone the other day - we were coming through our front gate and the three standards were grazing in our front pasture. This view of Cocoa I thought was really pretty -

Now.. here is another photo from my phone - just was too funny to not share.
I had been sorting through the mail and the junk mail, and the newspapers and was throwing away the trash in a paper sack... I came back by a few minutes later and the sack moved... Gato had taken up residence. So this sack was not trash until she was done with her nap -

Libbie posed again for me... and I got a couple that were actually decent - Our little rollie pollie girl.

Since being fixed Libbie is putting on just a bit too much weight... So we are going to have to really watch her eating habits and make sure she doesn't get too many rolls on her. You know weight carries really heavy on short people. :0)

And it seems I can't end an Animal Crackers with out a photo of Mr. Tuco... if I do I hear about it don't I? :0) He is changing so fast! but MAN look at all that gorgeous copper on him!
He has a few large spots on his back and his legs are solid copper now.

Ok.. a few questions from comments to answer -

Someone asked what font I am using ... It is in the template designer and I believe it is called "Indy Flowers" -

Then I had questions about our three standards... If you were a reader way back I talked about how we came to raising donkeys. When we purchased our property it had a donkey on it. I purchased her for $2.00 "with the property" as the previous owner did not want to take her. I feel so in love with Consuela that when looking into what we were going to raise here.. I wanted to do the donkeys. The only donkey that you can raise for Agriculture exemption for property is Registered Donkeys, I found a lady not to far that had registered Mini's - that I had never heard of much less seen. So we scheduled a visit. We drove up and Hubby saw my face and that was it... we were going to raise Mini Donkeys. But Consuela needed a friend to roam with so we purchased a young standard boy to be her friend. That donkey.. is Ted E. Bear our greeter donkey now. A year or so passed... and Consuela got sick, a rare thing, but very serious. She died. We thought that Ted could be friends with the mini's but he started roaming the property calling out for his girlfriend  - - - we were told by our vet that some donkeys will literally walk themselves to death looking for their partner that dies. So we quickly went out and found him a new girlfriend hoping that would make him settle down. That girlfriend - Cocoa.  A few months later... Cocoa gave us our third standard Valentine as she was pregnant when we purchased her. That is our Three Stooges now..   Now I was asked about the forth standard. That is Juliet - the three stooges are afraid of her and run and hide from her - so she lives in our youth girls pen. And loves being the big girl in the pen, taking care of all her little friends.

I hope I didn't miss a question - if I did.. please ask again in your comments and I will try to answer ASAP.

Have a great weekend. We are doing clean up today... as tomorrow we are having out some family and friends for dinner -

HUGS and-

Friday, May 25, 2012

Just Magnolia and Hanglar Challenge - Gingham

Hi -
Happy Friday! It is Just Magnolia & Hanglar Challenge - and today it is all about Gingham! I love Gingham... those adorable little boxes in all colors. For me this was also a great chance to use my new Magnolia image... Little Miss Muu Muu - totally love her!

Calves are just adorable, Cows... not so much :0) I say that because shortly after we moved to "the country" we found ourselves with three cows. I named them of course and we started caring for them all while trying to find the owners. Days.. then Weeks.. we still had the cows. Then one day there was a fourth... one dropped a baby. And oh my our property... they licked my truck, "went" everywhere ( and that was just plain gross) broke fences... well you get the point. And they were not friendly at all. We gave them to a local that had cows and decided to stick to donkeys.

Ok how about I get to my card? LOL I used my copies to color her, and then found some October Afternoon papers that were looked like Miss Muu Muu would like. Sewed things together. I then cut out a My Favorite Things doily and a couple of circles out of scraps. I stamped a sentiment from Stampabilities, then placed it over the corner and cut it down. A Red gingham ribbon around the bottom, and then my flowers. I looked up and saw my vase of flowers from the craft store. They are plastic, but they are just like the ones Miss Muu Muu is holding! A few Martha Stewart Frond leaves and done!

Close up of my flowers.

I then picked up my scraps and did a simple inside

 Fun card - with two patterns of Gingham for the challenge. Now it is your turn to visit the Just Magnolia and Hanglars Challenge and enter a card with gingham for this weeks prize.

Better go and check on the new kids. Still having problems with them eating from Mom - but they seem to be doing pretty good. I hope they can continue to get stronger and we get them eating 100% from Lillie.

See you tomorrow for Animal Crackers -
HUGS and -

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Long Night... Lillie has two precious babies

Well, things looked like they were going really good.... About 7:30 last night Lillie had her first little baby. All on her own, and he was doing great. (Lillie has had multiple breech babies and two still born babies) She was trying to deliver the second and just couldn't do it. After watching her really close we saw that she was worn out and just couldn't push anymore. That meant trouble. So we had to help. We don't like to help with the birthings unless it is totally necessary, Well #2 was stuck big time, and wasn't budging for us either. I was really getting worried. But finally we got it to start moving, then stuck again. There was no life in the little one at all. We thought that it was dead. So we decided that if we didn't do something we could loose Lillie as well... so we pulled. This is a total last resort... Hubby finally got it coming out again and her little head wasn't coming it was folded backwards. That was why she was stuck. He gave one big pull and she popped out. Hardly no life, barely breathing. I cleaned her up, cleared her mouth and nose and then gave her to Lillie. Who did a much better job cleaning on her. After about 30 minutes, her little head started popping up and moving around. After about an hour she started moving her legs a bit. After that I decided that she needed to stand up and really clear her lungs... so I held her in a standing position for a while. Her little legs were not strong enough to stand on her own. But after a while, she was trying to do it on her own, not well... but she was trying. Then she got her legs under her and was figuring out walking. Now #1... he was a handful. All over the place, screaming and hungry!

Now Lillie's milk bag was enormous. HUGE and I never thought about her having any problems with that. But it seemed that it was so large, that one the babies can't find the end to eat as it is literally touching the ground. And two, so large it has gotten hard and painful for Lillie. So I worked with her all night and then was up at dawn and out there trying to get the babies to eat. Finally with Hubby's help we got one side "working" and got the little guy eating, and man was he eating! But our little girl, she just can't get the hang of it, and the other side is just not letting the milk out... I will spend the day working on it, massaging and putting warm wet towels to hopefully fix things. The little girl is weak, but moving around great and has her lungs working just fine. That is a good sign, and hopefully today we will get the food source going and help them figure out to look lower than nature's instinct has them looking. Until then I will have to keep trying powdered newborn goat milk.

ok... wanna see them after all my rambling? (sorry lack of sleep)
 Despite Hubby rolling his eyes at me... I named them Johnny and Sandy. So who can tell me where I got those names from? Anyone? LOL .... OH my I am editing this to say I know I am an idiot... Of course it is Danny and Sandy.... The other names I was thinking of had Johnny in it.. and with my lack of sleep.... Duh.. DANNY and SANDY.... 

Totally love this photo - Lillie and her giant bug eyes cleaning on them, and Daddy Peso in the background in his own pen that we refer to "Peso's Pad"  just watching and keeping an eye on everything.
Little Sandy's ears haven't perked up yet, I am hoping that we get some meals into her and they will. She has one leg that is still not 100%, but it is getting better the more she is moving around. I just pray that we can get everything working well and normal. These are my last two babies for a long time and I don't want anything to happen to either of them!

Oh and just in case you haven't figured out where the names came from... I saw the movie "GREASE" this weekend. :0)

HUGS see you tomorrow for Just Magnolias and Hanglar challenge -

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Whimsy Challenge - A bit of Shabby Chic!

Hello and Happy Wednesday! Today is the Whimsy Inspiration Challenge and this week the request is for a bit of Shabby Chic to your project. Well you know I love that! For my card this week I colored up Digital image, Birdie Friend - such an adorable image by artist Crissy Armstrong. We all love her don't we :0)

I colored with my Copics, and then went to work on all that shabby-ness. Do you adore those pattern papers or what! Love Love Love them... they are Whimsy Digital Papers! All of the papers for my card are from the new Shabby Chic and the Pink Rustic Cottage collections. These were my first real digital papers that I have used... definitely not my last! I printed them out on heavy card stock, cut to the sizes I wanted and then inked the edges - more shabby look you know. I matted everything on kraft card stock. And sewed. Found a piece of antique lace  - had to have some lace. Then I went to work on my die cut fence and doily - to give even more chic look I used a new product that I have had but not used yet. PaperArtsy Fresco Finishes. I got a few of these a while back and just didn't find the right project to use them. But WOW how totally cool! I painted the pieces with an antique gold let it dry, then they have a crackle finish... I painted that and let it dry. Ok... I was impatient and use the heat gun here. Then a third layer of white chalk finish... and bam... it all started to crack. UP close it is really cool as the gold really does show through. And this stuff comes in a ton of colors... will so be gathering up more! I dotted the fence with black Viva Decor Paper Pen, for a few nails. then some Martha Stewart frond and branch punches with Mulberry Roses. My "Hello" dots... VERY old stash stuff... but still cute!

For the inside -

I printed out one of the pattern papers, inked and sewed to kraft card stock. Again... leaving it blank to be ready for any need.

Now it is time to visit the Whimsy Stamps Challenge Blog and see all the DT inspiration and then join us for a prize of more Whimsy! Don't forget You don't have to use a Whimsy image, it would be great if you did but not necessary :0)

Hope you enjoyed my card - and I really do hope you will join us at Whimsy Challenge -

OH.. I should pop over and add this to the Sunday's with Crissy Challenge shouldn't I?? The challenge I do believe is still something with wings... and I do have a Birdie on my card :0) I think I will do that!

Off with Hubby for a while this morning... errands and then to visit my Mom at the beauty shop to see if she can do something with my hair... a lawn mower or a Weed Wacker might handle things as it is way out of control I need a ton chopped off! I warned her, that it was bad. LOL Hope she is ready.

Have a wonderful Wednesday -
HUG and

Monday, May 21, 2012

No Ifs, and's, or...

Hello -
I have been sorting and cleaning my stash the past week. And in that going through everything, I realize I have too much stuff! LOL Lots of old stuff that I really should find new homes for, LOL. Why is it so hard to let go? Some of this is SOOO old. I am going to work on that. But I have had fun going through my boxes of stamps and seeing all my old favorites that I haven't inked in forever.  And when I came across the Donkey from High Hopes. His name is Brayden - love that name! Well I stopped and had to color him, with my Copics of course, and now you know why it is taking so long to do this... :0)  Well he was sitting on my desk, and this morning I put together a simple but bright card.

I know really bright huh? Seems like I have been in bold mood lately, that and I just love these Graphic 45 papers. Because the papers are so bold I didn't go with a lot of embellishments. Just sewed the layers down, 4 large vintage buttons and a die cut butterfly, that I colored with my copies. The sentiment is also from High Hopes... it is made to go with it :0)

The inside is the same papers, with my favorite "Happy Birthday" stamp from Alota Rubber Stamps.

While surfing around I found that this card basically qualifies for Sundays with Crissy Challenge - my butterfly takes care of that as the theme is "Things with Wings". I hope it does :0) May be a stretch.

Have a great day -

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Animal Crackers - grass is yummy...

Hey there - went out yesterday afternoon to snap a few photos... it was a gorgeous day, and most everyone was grazing... finding that perfect piece of grass or hay.

Olive Oyl was having trouble with hers

She kept trying to walk with it and eat at the same time, it kept spinning around and hitting her in the face. But she was determined. 

Like Mother - Like Daughter - Janet was having a little afternoon snack with her Mom Jill.

It is so good to spend time with Mom...

Found three of the little ones that thought the grass was greener on the other side of the fence :0)
They are getting real close to not being able to do this... a few will get their heads stuck for a bit until they learn to lean down when going through and coming back. Their little horns get hung... most figure it out pretty quick, but a few... well we hear a scream or two then they get it.

Went on from there to find the donkeys. Most everyone was way out in the pasture enjoying the grass...  But I found a few ...
Jolene was heading up to the front for a drink of cool water - I had just filled all the water buckets, and they love the "new" water.

But wait... look how cute this is. Diego and Irene were sharing a moment.
This is a case of you scratch my back I'll scratch yours.. but I prefer to call it "Donkey Hugs".

Then little Leticia... shhh she was taking an afternoon nap.
The babies are so scraggly right now. Grown out sun faded but always adorable.

Then back into the yard, Tuco was resting a bit himself in the shade -

His copper coloring is really coming in STRONG! And new spots every day. The sad thing is that my little puppy... he is disappearing. Woke up one day this last week and his little face was long and skinny... where is that plump round puppy face? Why do all the babies grow up so fast????

I took over 75 photos yesterday - most of them where Libbie - Autie and Chica. I could not get a decent photo of them for nothing! Chica is always moving 100 miles an hour. Autie's face is always buried into the grass, the tree, the steps.. you get it. And Libbie she was posing and sitting so pretty for me. But EVERY time I snapped... she blinked! I swear I have 18 photos of her with her eyes close, or partially closed. I'll try again for next week...

Hope you enjoyed these. Have a wonderful weekend.
HUGS and -

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Whispy Fairy - Another Saturated Canary :0)

Hello - told you I was loving these Saturated Canary images! This one was so fun to color, any image you can add Stickles to is a wonderful image!

Her name is Whispy - Isn't she pretty?
 I colored her with my copies - and the cut her out with a Spellbinders Skinny Oval. And then the Stickles! I gave a heavy coat to her wings and to the bottom of her skirt. Really does sparkle in the light!

Then I went to work on my card  -
 A white card stock base- deep purple card stock mat, and then a second mat of Papertrey Ink light green card stock. Just love purple and green, this is a little different shade of green for me to put with purple, but I think it still works. The pattern paper is from KaiserCraft - Lilac Avenue Collection. This pattern paper has a sparkle to is too :0) - I then cut out a CheeryLynn Designs die, Victorian Romance Flourish. It is a large corner flourish. For my ribbon. This was a piece of cream colored seam binding, I used my Copic BG10 and colored so it would match. I tried a purple one first, but I didn't like that... this color seemed better. I glued down the flourish and the oval at the same time so I could layer it correctly. Then I found 5 Prima flowers - then for just a little more bling, I added tiny purple rhinestones around the oval.

I then used scraps and another pattern paper from the KaiserCraft Lilac Avenue collection to decorate the inside -
I so looking forward to the new Saturated Canary store to open... it should be really soon!

For some added fun I thought I would go ahead and submit this one to a few challenges:

Saturated Canary Challenge Blog - May Flowers is the theme.
Sweet Stamping Pixies Challenge - Favorite Fairy/Pixie
Glitter Geeks Challenge - Things with Wings
Paper Sundaes Challenge - Things with Wings
Cute Card Thursday Challenge - A Touch of Sparkle!

Hope you liked it! I had lots of fun with this one... can't wait to color up my next Saturated Canary!
HUGS and -

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Whimsy Stamps Challenge - Anything Goes!

Wednesday - and today is the Whimsy Stamps Challenge. Theme is super easy this week. Anything Goes.. so no excuses!!! Go and join us at the challenge for a chance to get more Whimsy!

For me I used one of the new release images, Cockadoodledoo by Lia Stampz.  I loved coloring this one. Oh it wasn't the frilly bling girlie image that I love to work with. But once I started working with it, I really had lots of fun.

I had the Paper Studio Countryside Villa collection on the shelf. I have had it a while actually... loved all the country feeling patterns. But hadn't found the right image to use them yet. Well... this image was the one for sure! I found three patterns and stacked them and zig zag stitched them together. I cut the rooster out with a Spellbinders Oval, cutting the tail out first to it would stand out of the oval. All the papers and the images were gone around with a black copic. A piece of black and white gingham ribbon as a band around the middle. While looking through things I found these very old chipboard letters. Love them, I did have to get creative with my wording... but found a sentiment I liked.

I also did the inside. :0) My inside sentiment is computer generated. Ended up being a funny birthday card for my step father. Guy cards are so fun for me. But this one flew out and I love how it came out.

Now you need to go fast over to the Whimsy Inspiration Challenge see the other DT work and then join us! There is NO excuse... you don't even have to use a Whimsy image! But if you win you can get some :0) wink wink...

Better run... got a check up early this morning, then a few errands. Have a great day!
HUGS and

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My first Saturated Canary... but not last! :0)

That darn BEV!  She has done it again! :0) Don't get me wrong, I love this gal. But darn it... she has enabled me again! :0) I saw her cards with the Saturated Canary images and I was over the moon! We have had LONG discussions about images that are "out of proportion" some of them just really freak me out. Some are cute, and I use them and like them. But while messaging the other day she told me that I would LOVE these Saturated Canary images. Yea Yea... I went and looked and Crud... she was right! :0) I filled a cart up on my first visit then sat in front of my computer for a day waiting for them to be emailed to me. And now a brand new site is coming I am going to be broke for sure now.

So Bev... if only I was this cute... this would be me too you ...

I loved this image as soon as I saw it. I usually do go towards the silly ones. This cutie is called "FrizzyJinz" I colored with my Copics. Then I made my card.

The Saturated Canary Challenge this week is asking for May Flowers - So I found some KaiserCraft Papers called Charlotte's Dream with pretty peach colored roses. I stacked up a few of the patterns and zig zag stitched them together. 

Now I think I printed my image just a little big, but no way was I wasting it, so I made it fit :0) The sentiment is from Stampabilities. And the border around it is Papertrey Ink. That sentiment just seemed too perfect for her don't you think? I added a CherryLynn Die Cut flourish and leaves, with some peachy colored mulberry roses. Then for a little bling I added dots of Viva Decor Pearl Pen in Salmon color.

I did the inside too... And this Stampabilities sentiment was also perfect - so I used it on the inside with a Memory Box die, and more KaiserCraft papers sewed together.

Can't even tell you how much fun I had with this one. I really have been coloring and playing quite a bit lately. MoJo is going on full speed I guess. I have been cleaning my craft room and moving things all around the past two days. I have suddenly gotten a large 8x8 ft closet in my craft room to use, that was storage for my job until now, and have decided now was the time to totally sort and reorganize my space. Oh the goodies I am finding that I forgot about! With doing this and moving a lot of my crafting stuff into the closet I can now focus on "decorating" my room more. And I can't wait to find more fun "antique" things to put into it!

Speaking of - I had better get to work! See you tomorrow!
HUGS and -

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Animal Crackers - Lazy Days

Hi -
Well we have mud. Lots of mud. I didn't get to far out yesterday to get photos. The sun was out yesterday and it was actually a beautiful day after Wednesday and Thursdays rain. The animals are tired of rain, especially the babies, they don't understand it, and don't like it at all. My spoiled rotten doggies... they don't like to go outside when it is raining. They stand on the porch and whine. OH my they might get wet... poor things. But then when the rain is over it is just fine to go flying off the porch and splash, roll and get totally nasty. Don't understand them...

But now to photos - when I went out late yesterday afternoon everyone was enjoying the warm evening sun. Bella was taking just a bit of a nap before dinner, I am sure she told baby Flavio... don't leave from under this tree son - I am going to rest a while.

We are way behind on the bonding with Flavio this week. All the heavy rains kept us from spending as much time outside like we normally do - so this week... double time Flavio loving! 

While checking on the goats I found this ... How precious is this photo?
Brothers Starsky and Hutch taking an afternoon nap before their dinner - Hutch is going to be really hard to take to Auction.... Not that he is super friendly, but he really has the most unusual fur! It is much longer than everyone else's, and his coloring is really pretty. I think I will have to work on Hubby to let him stay in our keep for a little while pen. 

Here is a photo I got my with my phone yesterday morning. I came around my truck to hop in and run to town, and Ted was laying right next to my door. Still a little wet from the night time rain... 
Hubby and I were talking about the donkeys this week. We love them all you know that. But we were discussing personalities. How they are all raised exactly the same, and yet some are obnoxious, and others are sweet and loving. Some are not afraid of anything, and a very few are skittish. But of them all... Our Standard Donkey Ted E. Bear - he is the most trusting, and friendly. He is slow and usually calm and quiet. Loves to greet visitors, especially if it looks like your vehicle may have something good to eat in it. Oh he has a temper, and is an unbelievable guard donkey. I have actually witnessed him chase, and nearly squish a coyote. He is the everything a Donkey should be. Perfect! 

Had to show these two photos off my phone as well...... Just have too..... 
Tuco ... this is how he sleeps. Seriously. How stinking cute is he? But it is in his genes to sleep this way... you see his Dad loves to sleep the same way - 
Yep... my little men, they like to sleep with their bellies up - feet sprawling everywhere and yes, snoring just a tad.... Love them. :0) 

We have been on watch for two goats this week - 
Alice gave us a bit of a scare earlier in the week. She got really sick one day - and in case you don't know, when baby goats get sick if you don't catch it really quick and under control they can die in a matter of days. So as soon as we saw that she was ill I started the meds, and vitamins. I am happy to say I think she is doing fine now. But just in case I am trying to keep a really close eye on her. 

She is a pretty thing isn't she.

Then there is Lillie... we are keeping a very close eye on her..... any guesses why ?
Yes, our last pregnant goat - she is starting to show the signs... her milk bag is HUGE and it looks like the babies are moving into position. So anytime from tonight to the next couple of weeks! LOL

Hope you enjoyed my lazy animals this week. Sometimes they are cuter when sleeping than awake you know...LOL
Have a wonderful weekend -
HUGS and