Saturday, September 29, 2018

Animal Crackers - Now that is a face!

Howdy -

Fall temps are showing up here in Texas. Yes... goodbye 90+ temps and Hello cooler weather. Now I was out yesterday and found that the doggies were really enjoying the sun that has been hiding for a while and the breeze. Now isn't that the face of pure enjoyment?

Guess it was the perfect temperature and a really nice breeze huh? LOL I love this little Queen Bee... Small and in charge!

OH wait... Chica was enjoying things too.. but with the panting with that LONG tongue sticking out the temperature must be a little to warm for her...

 Now my boy Autie ... he had gotten in trouble for rolling in the wet grass. So he was trying to pull off that "Who Me?" look.

Dirty and grass all over him and he is still adorable. Bath is coming Autie regardless of that handsome cute innocent look. 

Now with all the rains.. we look a bit overgrown and honestly it looks like Spring! Black Jack was playing a little hide and seek!

We will mow soon Black Jack as soon as the tractor can get in and the mud dries up!

Little Miss Louise... She was suppose to be bred last Spring. And for some reason it didn't take. And where is she now? Flirting with the young boys...

Flirt now Louise... we will be trying again really really soon! I really want little babies from this pretty little girl!

And then there is this photo of Chloe. LOL!

Now not the clearest photo, she was really taking care of that itch on her back with those long gorgeous horns! But seriously - do you think that tongue helps?

Hope you got a giggle this week and have a blessed weekend.
HUGS and 

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

High Hopes Stamps - Pumpkin Patch

Howdy -

It is official Fall now.. and so out come the pumpkins! This sweet image from High Hopes Stamps "Pumpkin Patch" is a great way to color up that seasonal feeling.

I colored the image with my Copics and then pulled out one of my favorite pattern papers, from My Minds Eye,  that I love with the Pumpkin images.  I sewed all the layers down with mats in dark brown and bright gree.

For a little embellishments I added Viva Decor Dots in the same colors. Was trying to put a sentiment with the card and then decided that the sign was enough. You think?

Copic colors -

Hope you enjoyed ... And have a little fall feeling~ Love that crisp fall feeling don't you?

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Monday, September 24, 2018

Whimsy Stamps - Christmas Mermaid

Howdy -

Now that Fall is here it is time to start preparing for Christmas right? And there are so many wonderful Christmas images at Whimsy Stamps to play with. And this image was really fun to play with as a Digital image. This is Christmas Mermaid by Crissy Armstrong...

I have been having so much fun playing with Digital images! And this Mermaid... well lets just say I tried a few oceans on her before I decided on this one! LOL I chose a free iamge and then placed her over it before printing. Printed it out then colored her with my Copics (colors below) I love how she becomes a part of the ocean! Her and her little swimming friends. Then they all had to have some Rangers Stickles added to their hats for some bling!

My pattern papers are scraps from long ago that I sewed together. I pulled out all my leaf dies and found a couple that looked like they could be under the water plants.  The green leaves are from Whimsy's Leaf Foliage 2 Die Set. And the purple is a retired die. For my sentiment at Merry Christmas -

I think she is fun.. and a great image for someone that loves a little under the sea adventures!

Here is my Copic colors used -

 Links to products used-

Thanks so much for looking... now head over to the Whimsy Stamps store and have some fun!


Saturday, September 22, 2018

Animal Crackers - Sad Puppy Face

Howdy -

I know I have said it a million times... I adore this face. This is Autie's Sad Puppy Face.  It melts me.

Here he was waiting for the girls, Libbie and Chica, to finish their breakfast so he could eat. The boy could be starving and he still waits for his turn AFTER the girls. I have to make sure they leave him a share most of the time. And they usually do... usually. No worries though after I snapped the photo, I said his name, he looked up wagged his rear end and came to me for lovin'. And yes... he had his breakfast too.

Seems Miss Moxie was out a bit late last night...

And she seemed to have some fun rolling in some mud! Ok.. there is mud everywhere here and with Lots more rain in the forecast for this weekend so more mud to stay. Moxie... she must have had a long night chasing bunnies... normally I would say barking at the moon but there was no moon with all the clouds... so it has to be bunnies... Don't worry she will catch up on her beauty sleep during the day. Life of Luxury...

Cocoa wanted to stop and say hi...

Sweet old lady... she too is a bit muddy and wet. Maybe she had a little bath in one of the showers that passed through. Oh and yes... Cocoa has some LONG Ears when you stop and look at her straight on. Love this lady.

Teddy wanted a close up too.... It amazes me how grey he has turned over the years.

Still my sweet greeter and loves attention or food... whichever. LOL

Went out to the Men's Goat Pen... Spartacus actually looked up from his breakfast .... Yes he does have eyes.... somewhere in that fabulous hairdo!

This man has so much personality. He can just look at you and make you grin. But then again within a second he was back to his breakfast.

Wyatt and Chuck ... nope not interested in you Mom. 

 These boys look SO much alike I have to look close to see who is who... and..... well... after zooming in and looking really close it is for sure Wyatt on the left and Chuck on the right. Pretty sure.. yep that is right! LOL


Teddy came up on my blind side and scared me. Then he put his head on my shoulder for a bit more loving... Such a sweet boy!

Hope you have a fun weekend planned. Maybe some furry fun with a pet? Doesn't look like I will be outside much this weekend with all the rain forecasted. And now the mosquitoes are out and since they seem to love me so much I stay inside early morning and dusk for sure! We have BIG Mosquitoes here in Texas you know!

Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

High Hopes Stamps - Medicine Man

Howdy -

It is getting to be that time of year... where get well cards are in great need. And I think High Hopes Stamps Medicine Man is one of my favorites! Even when you don't feel well he can stir up a smile!

 I stamped out the medicine man and then masked him off an stamped out his "bubbling brew" all good doctors need a get well brew! Then I colored both with my Copics (colors below)  The Sentiment is a must with these image... especially for the smile. "Get Well Soon, Or I'm calling the Dr.!" ok.. it makes me grin.

I found a scrap piece of My Minds Eye paper and matched it up with a Core'dinations yellow card stock mat and a dark brown base. I then cut out a Spellbinders die for some leaves and vines look behind the image. Everything is sewed down.

For a little dimensional  look and some bling I added yellow Rangers Stickles to the Fire and Nuvo to the brew, then Nuvo bright white to the "bones" the Medicine man is wearing... LOL

The copics used -

Hopefully this will make a special someone feel better - and to have more grins pop over to the High Hopes Stamps website and see all the fabulous images you can have fun with! HERE

Have a wonderfully blessed day
HUGS and

Monday, September 17, 2018

Whimsy Stamps - Penguin Magic

Howdy -

I had this image and card rolling around in my head for a while now.. and it didn't come out exactly as I imagined but it was my first shaker card in a million years... so I think after a few more tries I might get it right...LOL

This is Whimsy Stamps Penguin Magic - I needed a fun interactive card and this image fit perfect with my shaker card idea -

Now I colored the Crissy Armstrong image with my Copics (colors below) and then cut out the Whimsy Shaker Maker die  As I said this is my first real shaker card in many many years and I had planned these cute little stars that I have... or had... I couldn't find them anywhere in my stash. So I went with a plan "B" and cut out the clear plastic and filled the shaker card with glitter. It shakes pretty well but I wish I had those stars! I then cut out the Whimsy Word die "Magical" from the "birthday, wishes, magical" set.  I adore word dies!!! And Magical just is perfect with this little guy!

What do you want to make bet those stars fall out of no where and appear on my desk this week? LOL

I think I need to make another shaker card ... it was fun and makes a fun interactive card! You should pop over and see all the fun dies at Whimsy that you can play with!

Here are my Copics used -

Hope you have a blessed day -
Hugs and

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Animal Crackers - Feast or Famine

Howdy -

 That is how we roll with rain around here... Feast or Famine. Now we send our prayers to all of those dealing with Hurricane Florence - that is a lot of rain. Here in Texas we are just dealing with a tropical wave after a week of rainy weather. It was time for Hubby to do a little refurbishing on the goat huts and this week it was the dog igloos... Goats are really hard their housing... even indestructible dog igloos. We wanted to get them up off the ground, it makes them less likely to fill up with water in heavy rains. So Hubby brought in some reclaimed wood and built a few more decks for them to attach their igloos to. And then he really brought out the smarts... we have two plastic spools we got a while ago and guess what the igloos are the same size around! So they are now attached up on the spools and the goats LOVE them. They are a bit like living in the penthouse.

Here Lucy is enjoying the concrete steps in front of the huts... a nice patio of sorts.  She is relaxed and all stretched out.....

Now Frankie and Paintbrush their deck has been in their pen for a while and they love it... Paintbrush loves to stomp on it and stretch out... Frankie finds it that perfect height to scratch those places that are so hard to reach. Love that happy face on Frankie!

 I had to snap a close up of Paintbrush...  Is this what you would call a level headed goat?
It seemed as if she was balancing her ears perfectly... LOL

Uh oh... shower moving through!... run for cover!!!

Whew... Olive got in one of the new huts up on the new deck before the drizzle had turned to rain! LOL She loves this hut it has a private deck.

Then I heard Black Jack coming up behind me... to see me... now at this time it is starting to rain... but how can I not stay and wait for some loving from this wet muddy guy?

 So I scratched that greying nose and forehead and between those sweet ears and chatted for a while while getting wet... He's worth standing in the rain for.  Such a sweet loving old man.

And before running towards the house I found Guinea Girl running up and down her pen in the rain. She was one of the few that seemed to really be enjoying the rain.. me not so much as I was getting soaked and as soon as I snapped this photo I had to put my camera under my shirt to protect it... but I got her photo first...

 I had planned a walk out to the far back pen to talk to the Lady donkeys... but the rain came and they all went for cover and then so did I.

No more photos for me... and lots more rain this weekend. Wish we could stack it up somewhere and save it for when needed. But for now we feel blessed we have gotten it and thankful to see some green growing again.

Hope you have a safe and blessed weekend!
HUGS and

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

High Hopes Stamps - Party Donkey

Howdy -

One of my first High Hopes Stamps images.. I still swoon when I pull it out to play! "Party Donkey" is an all time favorite... I mean common folks how can you not love a donkey carrying a cake!

Now I know I have a bit of special place in MY heart for donkeys.. but the talent to bring you a cake should impress everyone. I colored my little guy with Copics after stamping the addition of the "Three Candle Cake".  On the cake I added some orange Stickles sparkles. I cut out the edge of the cake and then cut out the rest with a Whimsy Oval Stitched Die. As a mat I used a Spellbinders die. My papers are from Moda Scraps Little Boy collection that I sewed down with a zig zag stitch and placed on a brown card stock base.

Then for my sentiment "Make A Wish" from High Hopes Stamps. Works great with a Donkey bringing a birthday cake don't you thin?

Copic colors used -

Love Love Love my donkey stamps! And High Hopes Stamps has all time favorites! I am sure they have your favorite too! Click HERE to visit the site and fall in love!

Have a blessed day-
HUGS and -

Monday, September 10, 2018

Whimsy Digital Stamps - Penguin Fun in Fall

Howdy -

Anyone else feel like Celebrating Fall coming? ME ME ME! I am so ready for summer to be done and over! Ready for some fall weather and fun! Whimsy Stamps Digital Stamp "Penguin Fun in Fall"  by Crissy Armstrong is in the celebrating mood sure!

Do just love this cute little guy or what? I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then matched up with a million different papers and embellishments... Maybe it is just my mood from the insane crazy week ... but I think I needed a little CAS card. Just wish my house and everything else was clean and simple! I sewed down the image paper onto a sage green card stock and then placed on a light brown card stock base. The same brown card stock I used my Whimsy Stamp die "celebrate"

I do love my word dies!

My copic colors used -

It felt good to finally get some coloring time this week.. therapy that is much needed!

Make sure to see all the fun "therapy" at Whimsy Stamps HERE and I promise there is so much to make you feel happy all over!

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Animal Crackers - Sweet Faces

Howdy -

 I love these faces... all of them. Some have so much personality in just that glance of an eye.

Lacey and Patti have those faces that just make you smile. Especially Lacey her eyes talk all on their own. Patti has expressive eyes too, they just don't have the humor in them that Lacey has. Patti's is all about did you bring me a snack? Lacey would for sure take the snack.. but she is also all about being the center of attention. Always wants to be in the middle front and center for all the attention.. all the lovin'... all they head scratches.. and oh yea.. all the snacks.

Macie her eyes are all about warmth.

Her eyes are so big, expressive and just simply gorgeous. And they just warm my heart...

Olive Oyl - now she had a hard spring, loosing her baby. But she is still a loving sweet girl.

Such a love and now we have to decide how long we wait before breeding her again. If we breed her again. But I so want that line passed down and her sweet personality. I know she will be a loving attentive Mom as she was so good with Domino when he was a baby... we called her Aunt Olive and much of the time we would find Olive sleeping with Domino.

Willie... oh my Willie.

Just like his Mom he is cautious and wants so badly to be friendly and come for loving. He is so close to just going for it.. and once in a while he allows some petting and loving but cautiously for sure.
Now his brothers...

 Yes they know no caution.. they are all in 110% - it is gimmie gimmie gimmie for all attention. We have be be a little more careful with them. They are getting bigger and stronger so those cute little polka dot head butts I use to get from them... well they have some force now. They just don't realize they are hurting they just want all the attention petting and loving they can get... and I try and give all I can cuz.. well how could you not with those adorable faces?

Ok so this isn't just a face shot here... But this little lady looked so sweet and peaceful perched up on her bar yesterday morning. 

 We FINALLY got some rain Thursday afternoon. All around us all week everyone was getting so much really soaking rain. Heck just 15-20 miles from us people were getting 8-9 inches! And we were not getting a drop. And we are just so dry and need it so badly. Then Thursday it was our turn and we were blessed with some decent rainfall.  There is more predicted for this weekend. Praying we get more to help green up things around here more. Its all about rain when you raise animals... we need that rain to keep everyone healthy and happy.

 I hope you enjoyed my faces today -
Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

High Hopes Stamps - Tracking Thomas

Howdy -

This week for High Hopes stamps I just had to dig into my older High Hopes Stamps and find Tracking Thomas... as soon as I saw the paper pad from Carte Bella's Cowboy Country collection. those tee pees from the collection needed Tracking Thomas right?

Handsome Indian Boy isn't he? I colored with my Copics (colors below) masking off Thomas and then stamping him a little tee pee for him to live in. This High Hopes Lg. Tee Pee stamp. and then pulled out three patterns from the Carta Bella Cowboy Country paper pad... the red solid, the teepees and then a stripe off of a buffalo pattern. Perfect band for my little tracker. I stacked them all up on a kraft card stock. Then the fabulous sentiment made for these imaegs "Tracking Birthday"

Great card for a young man or older man in your life don't you think? It makes me so happy to find perfect pattern paper for an image!

Copic colors used -

Hope you enjoyed -
Have a blessed day -
HUGS and