Saturday, July 30, 2022

Animal Crackers - We have a house guest!


This weekend we have a house guest! And we are in love! Well he is "family" so he is always welcome - but getting to stay all weekend while his "Mom & Dad" are visiting family. We are just over joyed to spend time with him.... even if he has a bit of a look that tugs at my heart completely... do you see it? 

Ammo is one of Libbie and Autie's last puppies. And Ammo... well he is a clone of his Dad Autie! Well other than being well groomed, and not as plump. I can't tell you how many times he has already been called Autie. He spent most of the day yesterday laying under my desk on my feet... just like Autie use to do. He is such a sweet boy, very well behaved and hasn't been an ounce of trouble at all. It is really amazing how much he acts and looks like Autie - but then I snapped this next  photograph and bam! I saw Chica completely! 

Sorry for the squinting it was very very bright outside - But seriously he looks so much like Chica here! LOL Now the only concern we had was how were the cats going to do around him. We had some puffed up tails and arched backs at first and everyone kept their distance. Well except Mercedes - he is in charge of inspecting anything new coming in the house and this "dog" was no different. He just sniffed,  hissed arched his back and walked away. Later he didn't care at all. The only one that has shown her ownership of the house is Porsche... she bopped him on the end of the nose (no claws involved) and told him she is is the boss. He yelped and now understands and stays away from her completely. 

After all this is a very serious face and you can tell right off she is in charge -

Beautiful though -  And really very very sweet, just not to new dogs in the house.

Now Lucy was not happy with the photo of herself last week and felt it was unflattering angle... She made a slight noise at me to say hello and pose for a prettier portrait - 

There are a couple hours each afternoon where the natural shade is in smaller areas. Oh they have covers over their huts and around the walls of their huts, but those spots under the trees next to their pen. Those are the prime spots and get claimed pretty quick. Lucy somehow lucked out and had one of those spots. It was nice and shady and a slight breeze. Happy old girl! 

Sweet Pea had the spot next to Lucy - and was very content in her spot. 


Love those crooked front teeth that always make her look like she is smiling - She is a funny lady - 

Now I have to share a new favorite I snapped when we got home one evening this last week.

Our Greeter Ted E. Bear was standing exactly where the truck is suppose to be parked. He decided he was more important than the truck and we could just pull in a different place. LOL "Dad" said no and we moved Ted over and then he got hugs and loving from both of us. He is such a special spirit and adds so much to our family!  Heck they all do don't they?

 Have a blessed weekend - and I do hope you have your Animal Crackers smile! 

HUGS and

Monday, July 25, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Jolly Old St. Nick

Howdy - 

One more Christmas in July for me at High Hopes Stamps - now its over 100 degrees here... but any image with a Santa and cute little cats is always fun to color even if I am melting! LOL 

This is Jolly Old St. Nick

I love that Santa's boot can't be put on due to the kitty in it! I do worry that he doesn't have a sock though - Colored with my Copics (colors below) and then a little bling with Nuvo glitter paint pen for Santa's white trim. I found a Santa paper and Merry Christmas paper from Paper Studio that I sewed down and put on a white card stock base. Then the fun High Hopes Stamps Sentiment "I believe in Santa Claus!

Love this image - makes you giggle.. and maybe a little close to home with cats in shoes around here! Ha! 

Copic colors used -

 For so many fabulous Christmas images to get ahead on your Christmas card list - click HERE to pop straight to the High Hopes Stamps Web site!

 Have a blessed day - 

HUGS and

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Animal Crackers - Calling out

Howdy - 

We were out feeding just before the sun went down... Crissy wanted to make sure that "Dad" knew she was out there and waiting for him.

She has such a dainty voice - love this gal!  Wish we could have bred her again, but it just made me too nervous her first and only pregnancy didn't go well and ended in early still born twins. So healthy Crissy makes me happy. 

Speaking of calling out.. I know this photo is a bit grainy but it was too funny to not share. They were on full speed running at us!
This was as we were driving up with a load of hay... Hubby was going to call out and tell them they were getting first bale off the truck. But no need... Flavio and Patricio were already on their way! Love how Diego and Miguel were hanging back waiting to make sure they were actually going to get some fresh hay. LOL No use in the effort to come out in the heat if there wasn't food in the end!

They were trying to be cool and wait for that first flake, but you could tell they were excited. Not like they didn't have the exact same hay the day before from that load. LOL

And then there was the Ladies pen... Not usually any running in this pen.. LOL But some quick trotting!


Ok a couple were trotting.. the rest a slow walking pace is about all they have. But with fresh hay its always worth a little extra.

 Jackie was being sweet and calm waiting for her dinner.. Posing pretty too. 

While Old Lady Lucy was cleaning up what was blowing around ... now mind you there was still a little bit from breakfast left, but that wasn't the new stuff!

I was out filling the water buckets and normally the donkeys just do not pay any attention and stay busy eating or just want some ear scratching... Lacey and Victoria were just being pest! I though fine I'll squirt some water on you that will move you back. Nope! It felt really good then I had another problem - they both wanted showers and wouldn't let me get past them to finish the watering!

Can't blame them the water wasn't cold by any means but it did feel nice in the humid heat! 

Hope you are out of the heat and staying cool! 

Have a blessed weekend - 

HUGS and

Monday, July 18, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Gingerbread Family

Howdy - 

This week for High Hopes Stamps we have some adorable Gingerbread Family in Heart - yummy cute!  

 They are a fun family - wish they had a smell to them I love the smell of gingerbread! ha! I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then cut it out so it would pop more on the dark red checked pattern paper. Both pattern papers are from Paper Studio. I sewed down with a zig zag stitch. Then placed the heart and the High Hopes Sentiment "Gingerbread Dreams" below. A few Nuvo decor pearl paint drops in the corner, then added the same for the frosting on the family. I just love how they really pop on the red! 

Copic colors used -

Love this one and now I am craving some gingerbread cookies! If it wasn't 105 degrees outside I would seriously consider making a batch! Ha! 

To see more wonderful image for your cards - Christmas will be here really fast! Click HERE to get right to the High Hopes Stamps Store! 

Have a blessed day -

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Saturday, July 16, 2022

Animal Crackers - Wonderful Early Morning Visit

Howdy - 

Out early yesterday morning as breakfast was being served. Was actually really nice outside for a change. But I knew that it was going to heat up quick so early had to be the plan! Valentine and Ted were finishing off their breakfast - Got some great close up photos of each of them. This view really makes Valentine look SO MUCH skinnier than he is in real life! LOL ... Photos of me never work out skinnier! Darn. 

 Even Ted looks skinny - He sure is getting gray... and spotted! Not sure why he is getting so spotted in his "mature" age. Didn't want to say old.. LOL  Such a love!

Now here is a RARE photo! Caught Jorge off guard and he wasn't plastered against the fence! Now he was running at me but I got a snap before he got to me! He is so hard to get photographs of him with out his head through the fence! 
Handsome little man in he sunshine isn't he? He knows it. 
Now there was some serious grunts and groans going on in the goat pen. You see Dad had already fed them and it was plain old Coastal Hay. "Uh Hello?? Where is the Alfalfa??" Crissy, Abigail and Penelope were all three giving a stare to show just how upset they were about the menu. Sorry girls... Alfalfa only 3 times a week! Very Pricey right now! and honestly you don't need it everyday, we need to watch those tummies!

Domino was watching as well... Not as much about the menu, but he was just watching the ladies! LOL

He is one handsome but one stinky nasty guy! 

Always cracks me up how they always go for the same bunch of hay. Like it isn't all the exact same hay... LOL This is two beautiful girls. Ellie Mae and Fancy Pants. Sweet and gorgeous!

And wanted to show Miss Irene. She and Black Jack were not well last week. Irene wasn't quite as sick as Black Jack but still was worried and keeping a close watch on her. But she is back to normal ...

Her chunky self! She is a large girl, very sweet and loving. Just like her Mom Patti. I am so thrilled that both are feeling back to their healthy selves. A few days of no Black Jack calling out really does depress me. But as I sit here and type he is trotting up and down the fence and calling out to Cocoa... Love that sound! He has such a crush on Cocoa :0) 

Hope you have your Saturday Animal Crackers Smile - 

Have a blessed weekend - 

HUGS and

Monday, July 11, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Road Trippin' Santa

Howdy - 

Doing more Christmas in July at High Hopes Stamps! And my Santa is out for a ride! This is Road Trippin' Santa

You just knew Santa would have a convertible right? - I have colored with my Copics (colors below) and found a couple of Paper Studio papers to layer on white card stock with Santa. I rounded the corners on the papers and the image - mainly because I just found my fiskars corner rounder punch after it missing for months.. LOL I used a red Copic to create a faux border around the edge of image. 
The sentiment "Santa Claus is coming to town!"  is a fun favorite with any Santa in movement! I rounded the corners of the sentiment as well. Then I found some glitter enamel dots and had to use them. Then Santa had to have some glitter on his coat and hats trim. So out with my Nuvo glitter pen! Love adding sparkle! 

It needed a bit more... hmmmm.... OH I found some older alphabet enamel dots while cleaning out! HO HO HO! 

Copic colors used - 

Was a fun card to color and put together ... despite me having to color in the heat. Air Conditioning going out in 105 degree heat is not good! Thankfully we found a very nice man to come out on the weekend and fix it pretty quick. I was thinking of coloring a snowman... but thought it might melt! So Santa speeding around in a convertible seemed perfect! 

Hope you enjoyed - now make sure to pop over to the High Hopes Stamps web store HERE and see all the Christmas in July or any other fun image!

Have a blessed day -

HUGS and-

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Animal Crackers - Slicked Off

Howdy - 

Well its only gotten hotter around here. I talked about how everyone is slicking off and got a few photos to show you this week. 

This photo of Miss Bella really shows her long face and ears doesn't it? She is so trim and pretty. She was keeping an on "Dad" and her girl Hannah following him.

They were all curious to see if Dad had anything other than morning hay. Nope just checking on one of the Donkeys not up front. 

Hannah took off to check things out -

Not a great photo.. a bit blurry, she was in a hurry! You can kind of tell how dark and silky she is though.  Still obnoxious... but sweet. So much darker than her Momma Bella -

And her partner in crime.. Josie - amazing how black she is - just like her Daddy and her older sister Pepita. 


She is never far from her half sister Hannah - she is just so much smaller than her. It is so cute to watch her follow behind.

Speaking of her sister.. her older sister Pepita - I do think once in the same pen we may have to put bows on their tails to tell Josie and Pepita apart...

Now Pepita is a bit taller, and belly a little bigger? I keep hoping that she is actually going to get or is pregnant in there with Raffie... But as you can tell from this next photo she is in charge and runs him off any time he comes near ...

She is a bit of ... well she is in charge lets just leave it at that. But that does make it difficult for Raffie to breed her though.

Speaking of Black Jack ... old Black Jack... prayers for him please. He had a start of colic this week. He is doing better, but he gave us a scare. We are keeping a really close watch on him. 


He looks old here and you can tell he just doesn't feel good. The heat, no rain is just too much on an old donkey. Heck, on me, I'm not use to being outside in the heat checking on him so much either. I think one day this week it was suppose to be over 105... that is just too hot. Common on FALL! And please RAIN! 

Now no worries about the heat inside with Mercedes... Once again they pulled the top off of their window bed, they like the foam better..ha. 

Here Mercedes or Bubba as we call him most of the time, he was really out cold taking an afternoon nap. Not sure about that tongue sticking out though.. lol

Have your Saturday morning smile? If not check out the tongue again.. 

Have a blessed weekend - 

HUGS and

Monday, July 4, 2022

High Hopes Stamps - Fishing Santa

Howdy - 

 Santa Claus is taking one last vacation before his busy season - And the image of his catch makes a perfect Christmas Card! This is High Hope Stamps "Fishing Santa"  

This has always been a favorite Santa image of mine! I love the fun feel of it and the fact that Santa gets a holiday for himself. I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then topped off the trim in his hat with some Nuvo sparkles, even on holiday his fur trim must have sparkle! 

Now for papers, I didn't want to go with traditional Christmas patterns here and so I dug into my stash of papers and found some older My Minds Eye Kraft Funday collection. Love the craft paper feel to these and thought they were perfect for a Santa on an outdoor holiday - I sewed down the layers and put them on a dark brown card stock. The sentiment is High Hopes Stamps "Christmas Fishies" and is perfect for this image. 

Now I felt it needed some sort of embellishment... but what? Then I saw a jar of antique buttons on my shelf. The colors were perfect and the vintage feel even better! So I attached three buttons with glue dots! 

Copic colors used -

This one makes me happy - And that is what this is all about to feel good coloring! And then pass on the card to make someone else smile! For tons of other images to share a smile visit the High Hopes Stamps Web store HERE and you will fall in love with so so many images! Promise! 

Have a blessed day! 

HUGS and

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Animal Crackers - Do these horns make my eyes look big?

Howdy - 

LOL! There is no doubt that Malory is our much loved Lilly's grand-daughter. We miss Lilly - But every time I see Malory I grin.. and think of her.

She looks nothing like Lilly... Lilly was a light brown BIG girl. And Malory is solid black and smaller, well other than that tummy, but those eyes. POP EYES - too funny. She has her grandmother's POP EYES!
Louise made a noise .. I think it was to tell me she has pretty eyes too! 
Yes Louise you do have beautiful eyes. And you are a beautiful little girl. I think she knows it... 
Speaking of Good Looking .. Boy most all the donkeys have really slicked off with the horrible heat. And they are so gorgeous. Oh sorry.. Sergio, So Handsome!

He really is handsome. And yes, he knows it as well.. 

And since I took a handsome photo of Sergio - Jorge was SCREAMING out that he wanted attention and a photograph as well. 

You can see they really are stunning when all slicked off - True colors show as well. The black donkeys look dirty red most of the year.. then slick off and are shiny black. And Jorge, he is a dirty light brown most of the year, then he turns this gorgeous dark brown grey. I went in and tried to get a photo of him with out the gate, but nope he was having none of it. He was against me in my face and obnoxious. So he gets his normal through the gate portrait. 
Sweet Moxie was stretched out outside Jorge's pen waiting calmly for her belly rubs. I asked her if that was what she was waiting for and this was the look I got... Is that a Please? 

So I put my phone in my pocket and got down and we had lots of belly rubs and face loving. She is so precious. I wish you could hear the little moaning and whining she does while you are talking and loving on her. She communicates constantly. 

Took this of Momma Cat coming back into the back yard. She was just posing perfectly up on the old barbecue pit. 

It totally amazes us how totally different she is - Last December we were freaking out on how to trap her and get her fixed, as she was totally feral and wouldn't let us come within 10 feet of her. Now she is all over us, sit on the edge of the porch and she is rubbing and shoving all over you. Hubby would love for her to come in the house and live with her kittens - yes I know another cat inside... sigh... But if something happens to Momma Cat outside Hubby will be crushed. And honestly so will I she is so sweet. But she will have no part of coming inside. She followed Chica inside one morning. Saw one of the now grown up kittens and hissed, freaked and flew out the back door. Funny she is not scared of the dogs at all, but freaks out when she sees one of her own kittens. She loves "her" property outside. But I am sure Hubby will keep asking her and trying to move her inside. 

Now the last photo today, is horrible quality, there was very little light, but was too cute to not show. 

I had just cleaned up this huge studio art pottery platter to sell and set it down on the bed. Excuse the fact that the bed is not made... I went to get something from the other room came back and this is how I found the platter. Ferrari thought is looked comfortable I suppose. Or it was cool and felt good? She is too adorable. Oh and did not want to give up her claim on the platter. Ha! 

Hope you have your Saturday Animal Crackers Smile - if not just go back to the top and take a look at Miss Malory.. common you know she makes you grin! 

Have a blessed weekend - 
HUGS and