Wednesday, January 30, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Party Cow

Howdy -

A little fun with High Hopes Stamps Party Cow this week! How can you not love a dancing cow??

My fun cow is colored with Copics (colors below) I added the perfect High Hopes Stamps sentiment "Don't stop the music". I found some papers from Simple Stories with yellow card stock and blue card stock that all the layers are sewn down. Then a matching pattern paper I cut out some larger flowers for the embellishment in the corner. Love how it matches the pattern paper.

Copic colors used -

Now should we all get with this little cow and do some dancing and Party!!

Have a wonderfully blessed day - and do a little dancing!
HUGS and 

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Animal Crackers - Uninvited Guest

Howdy -

We had some uninvited guest stop by this week...

 The neighbors cows found or created a hole in the fence this week. Not good. There were 9 when we first found them, but they are very skittish and took off running. I got the donkeys penned up and then the neighbor and Hubby had to work the cows back through the fence. Sigh... not so fun!  The other issue... that was a brand new round bale for the donkeys... and yes, the cows have done a number on it. Man they are destructive and fast eaters!

This week was an active one..  cows and then earlier in the week we moved around some donkeys for some babies in the future! First up Raffie is going to have another chance.. Praying this year things go better with him.

Here is Raffie and his four Ladies! Raffie.. Patti, Pepita, Lacey and Vicki. Common let this be the year! I really really really want some babies .. maybe a couple of spots?

All though Vicki was giving me that eye ... Please can I come back to the other side now?

And Pavo... well he has been living with the Ladies for a while now and he is upset that Patti is on the other side of the fence. Here he is showing Patti "He's Got Hay"...

Such a funny man.... he always puts hay up on his back! Not sure why, but it is his thing.

Then we put three girls in with Black Jack. Our old man, but he was calling out very jealous that Raffie had women again and he screamed that it was unfair!!

So Irene, Bella and Jolene will be living in with Black Jack for a while.  They first off took over the Black Jack Shack as their own...

Now Irene will be a first time Mom if we can get her bred, but don't let that fool you. She is the one in charge of all around. And she told the other girls.. this is our house now!

Black Jack well... he doesn't mind, he was thrilled HE HAS GIRLS!!!

He was talking and trotting around ... one happy camper!

Then I found this sweet adorable face poking through the fence...

 I can hear his thought... "Uh Excuse Me.... I know I have three girls now, but if it wouldn't be a problem can have some new girls too?" LOL  Oh I wish I could Alvin... you are so good looking I would love to give you all you want! But just stick with the three girls you already have.. LOL

Hope you have got a smile as large as Alvins...
And have a blessed weekend
HUGS and

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Whimsy Stamps - Cuddle Bunny

Howdy -

How beautiful is this image from Whimsy Stamps? Love the Crissy Armstrong "Cuddle Bunny" so pretty!

 After printing the image out I colored with Copics (colors below). I cut out the image with the Whimsy Stamps Basic Stitched Ovals Set. Don't you just adore the little stitched pattern it puts around the oval? My papers are from Graphic 45 Floral Shoppe on a white card stock base. Then for the corners I used the Whimsy Stamps Doodled Die that I cut into 4 pieces for corners on the card. And for the Leaves in the bottom Whimsy Stamps Leaf Foliage 2 Dies set. with a pretty Happy Birthday Script sentiment.

Copic colors used.  

Love the warm feel of this image!

Have a wonderful blessed day
HUGS and 

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Fragrant Blooms

Howdy -

Digging in my older favorites from High Hopes Stamps - and being that I am in the mood for Spring to come I just had to color up this little cutie.. Fragrant Blooms! Isn't she sweet with her watering can giving those flowers a drink?

 I colored with my Copic (colors below) then loosely cut out the image in a fun shape. I found papers from Simple Stories along with bright card stocks on a grey card stock base. I Adore that pattern paper with the wood grain background with fun comic flowers.  And then that perfect Sentiment "Spring is in the Air" For some added country feel I added some corner punches.

Sweet image with the flowers and bugs! Now if only Spring would come so we can see some real flowers!

Copics used -

 To see all the fun images at High Hopes stamps click HERE You will love them all!

 Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day -
HUGS and

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Animal Crackers - Missing Leon

Howdy -

There are sounds you hear daily that become a normal sound. Something you don't really even hear, until it isn't there anymore. This week we lost our Super Rooster Leon. Leon tragically died the other night... we think a racoon "got" him. Yes our chickens are protected in a fence coop, but there was a tiny space at the door to the pen, that the racoon reached through, Leon didn't like it and I would like to think he was protecting his ladies and tried to make him stop reaching into the pen.

We have been so upset and sad we lost our grand mighty rooster, and that cock-a-doodle-doo that was a constant sound is now silent. Even Red our little Bantam rooster isn't calling out as much any more. He has no other man to yell out to complain about all the Ladies, I suppose.

When we first got Leon we were a little upset... you see we thought we had purchased all hens. And then there was Leon as they got older. We quickly fell for him.  He was such a friendly large Rooster, and never was aggressive. He actually had a great personality.. and loved to chat with us when we were out near then pen... heck he chatted all the time even if no one was out there.

He was such a stunner... a handsome man. 

He knew it too...

He was a really large Rooster.. and seriously gorgeous.

Even when being silly..

We will miss him terribly. The quiet is so loud and makes me think of him even more.

Odd thing is that just a week ago Hubby and I were talking about getting a few chicks this next month as it is the season. Even if we end up with another oops rooster... he won't be a Leon.... Leon was one of a kind. Miss you Big Man!

Hope you all have a blessed weekend.
HUGS and

Friday, January 18, 2019

Whimsy Stamps - Aimee & Valentino

Howdy -

Loving playing with the new images from Whimsy Stamps Digital collection - especially all the new spring love images. And this new image "Aimee & Valentino" by CC Designs is just to cute!

Adorable couple of kids right? And one of my favorite things about working with the digital stamps is I can print them out with the Whimsy Stamps Digital Paper  "Hearts a Flutter" LOVE LOVE LOVE these papers and printing them out with the digital stamp is so fun and just perfect for making those cards special!

I colored the image with Copics (colors below) and then found a piece of paper studio wood paper with red and white card stock that all was sewn down. The sentiment "Heartfelt" is part of the Whimsy Stamps die set "Sympathy Heartfelt Condolences" The word sentiments that work so well on cards!

Copic colors used

Hope you enjoyed - have some coloring fun today too! With a digital you can be coloring in no time!
Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Clucker Club

Howdy -

This week we have been talking about getting a few more chickens... and then I saw this stamp and just knew it needed to be colored. Clucker Club is just too cute!

I can only imagine what these girls are sitting around chatting about... I colored with my Copics (colors below) And then found a pattern paper from Paper Studio.. love the yellow and white polk a dot with the barn wood feel to it. Perfect for a little chicken coop pattern. A bright red card stock mat on a white card stock base really pops. All the layers were sewed down.  And then why do buttons feel right for a country chicken card? Not sure but they really feel right. And then the High Hopes sentiment "Hanging' with my Peeps" is just fun and perfect!

Copic colors used -

 My first stamping love all those many many years ago was falling for High Hopes Animal Farm stamps - I still get that pitter pat heart when I play with any of them! And there are so many to choose from! To hop straight to the ANIMALS click the word!

 Hope you have a blessed day!
HUGS and -

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Animal Crackers - Peek-a-Boo

Howdy -

I adore my "kids" and sometimes they really just crack me up with out even doing a thing. Most of the time with some of the "guys" it is just simply that hair of theirs... This week I went out to the front Men's Goat pen and found Spartacus lounging in what was left of his breakfast... Just laying there staring at me. I felt like we were playing a bit of Peek-a-boo with this bangs blowing in front of his eyes.... What a looker!

I snapped just in time to see one eye... but missed the other... Such a handsome boy.

And speaking of handsome, in the same "Men's Pen" is Charles. He has always known he was handsome. He has always been a little stand-offish... maybe that is because he was named after Prince Charles and it is a royalty thing... but he does love to pose for a good photo.

 Yes, I know gorgeous... but check his profile shot... yes just as stunning you know...

Why do I always hear his voice with a English accent? When in reality he probably has that south Texas hill billy twang, and goes by Chuck more often.  LOL

Now Frankie... he is just pure silliness! He always loves to pose for photos but usually it is like trying to take a toddler holding a puppy type of shot!

I sure do love this old man!

Oh and Miss Moxie... she followed me around the entire time I was out snapping photos. And each time I would stop... she would stop and sit and look at me like this. 

I call this her "Angel" shot. Usually it is after she did something she probably shouldn't have and she wants me to love on her and not know what she did. I hate to accuse her but I think she got one of the wild rabbits... she loves wild rabbits. And as much as we fuss at her to not chase after them, they are more than she can handle and control herself. And yes... I stopped and loved on that adorable face each time she posed for me.

Found the Three Stooges right where they have posted themselves. Next to their new round bale. 

Life is so wonderful when you don't have to wander around and graze. You can just stand in one spot and chow down. This is Cocoa looking at me like don't you dare come any closer and run me off... "Dad" said this was our bale! Yes Cocoa... this is all for you three sweeties.

Hope you all enjoyed this week and have a wonderfully blessed weekend.
HUGS and

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Bunny Blossoms

Howdy -

Anyone else ready for Spring? Me Me Me!!! And what is more spring then a bunny smelling flowers?  This is Bunny Blossoms -

I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then found papers in the Authentique Cuddle Girl collection that matched up with the image. I sewed down the layers and cut out the image on one side around the bunny then zig zag stitched the rest down. The sentiment is perfect for this image "Some Bunny Loves you". Three pink buttons for embellishment on the top corner.

Copic colors used -

Feels so good to be coloring up Spring... now if the weather would just settle in and stay here and flowers start growing it would be really wonderful. I love Spring!

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day -
HUGS and -

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Whimsy Stamps - Angie

Howdy -

How adorable is this new image from Whimsy Stamps - from Sylvia Zet Wee Stamps, this is Angie. It is available as a Digital or Rubber stamp! Awesome!
 I colored with my Copics (colors below) and cut out with an oval Spellbinder Nestie. That cloud she is sitting on just really needed some puffy! So I used a Marvy Snow marker for that. Love that stuff! Then some Ranger stickles on the wings and stars. My pattern papers are from Authentique Cuddle Girl collection that I sewed down with a zig zag stitch. For some fun I added one of the Whimsy Chipboard Elements the Scribble Circle Stars Frame, that I colored with a yellow copic. For my sentiment I went with a retired die cut word Blessings.

Sweet images always make cute cards don't you think?

Copic colors used -

Hope you enjoyed the new Wee Stamp from Whimsy Stamps "Angie"

Have a blessed day -
HUGS and

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Animal Crackers - Here comes the sun

Howdy -

 Went out early the other morning. Love to get photos of the children in the early morning sun but honestly I am not that much of a early morning person... Dilemma for sure! LOL

Black Jack really shows off how his black coloring bleaches out in the sun in the early morning.

But even in his faded coloring he is a looker! Kind of that Sean Connery old man sexy don't you think?

The goat girls were all up in the cool morning sun ready for breakfast -

Lucy always looks like she is grinning at me when I hold up the camera... Such a sweet girl.

Found one of the chickens hunkered down on the perch all puffed up.

That look is... "please get that camera out of my face!" They aren't into my photos like some are....

Autie my baby boy... Those eyes just melt me. I know I say that all the time with photographs of Autie... but when he is "posed" on the porch waiting for me to go back inside I just have to stop and take an adorable photograph. 

 Such a handsome man...

Then found Gato posing when I came back inside.

Now first... yes she knows she is not suppose to be sitting on my table. But I think the new item that "Dad" just brought in must have really caught her attention. LOL Hubby found this vintage bird feeder for us to take to our next show. Isn't it really pretty... Well Gato must have really liked the little birdies and wanted a closer look. She lost interest when they wouldn't move or play with her.

Hope you have some sun where you are today - And a furry or feathered friend to hug on.
Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Whimsy Stamps - New Release!! Crateful of Kittens

Howdy - and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

New Release time at Whimsy Stamps! A Crissy Armstrong Digital "Crateful of Kittens" Love how adorable this image is!

 Seriously... doesn't this image make you swoon??? I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then inked the edges of the image with Rangers Distress ink. I found some older Tilda papers in my stash that have that fun spring look to them. A kraft card stock base with all the pattern papers sewn together. A bright pink dotted ribbon for a band around the middle. On the corners I used a retired Whimsy Stamps Doodled Doily Die. I like to think outside the box sometimes with dies... this is a circle shaped die that I cut to create the corners. Multi Use! Love that! For fun a couple of Whimsy Enamel Dots on the corners as well. Then for the sentiment I used one the Whimsy Chipboard Elements. I have gone nuts for these! This is the "Hello" Word Chipboard - love how it comes as two pieces I colored the shadow with a dark pink and the front piece a light green.

Copic colors used -

 This is such a fun Release at Whimsy Stamps - and with these new Digital images you are coloring in no time at all!

Click here to get to the Whimsy Store now  - HERE