Saturday, March 30, 2024

Animal Crackers -

Howdy - 

 Thank you all for the wonderful comments for Libbie. They have meant a lot to us - 

It has been a quiet week around the house without Libbie, we both have found ourselves looking for her and then remembering. I told Chica she was now the lead dog. First time in her 13 years that she was the boss and now the big dog bed was all hers. Libbie always made her leave it if she wanted it instead of her smaller one. So I washed everything and we stared off clean and new for Miss Chica. The next morning I got out of bed and found Chica squished in the little bed and this... 

Yes.. McLaren has now claimed the big bed. I have never seen any of the cats sleep in the dog beds. But then again... Libbie was always in control. But more than once I have come around the corner and found McLaren taking naps and sleeping in the large bed. Sorry Chica... at least McLaren will share with you at times. 

Went out and saw the guys the other day. Their pen is just stunning with fresh green grass! 

They are LOVING it and the bellies are showing proof! lol 

I would love to move Sergio into the large pen, but he doesn't get along with Patricio and Flavio too well. So for now he has to stay in his smaller private pen. He still has some nice green grass. And he is much closer for lovings and those ear scratches! And honestly sometimes a private place is nice -

Wanted to share a photo my sister sent me this month! Many of you know my nephew Tagen and years ago may have even sent him cards to cheer him up after surgery. Well he is all grown up now! Where does the time go? 

He went to the local rodeo with his class group and he just had to make sure and get a photo with the miniature donkey of course!

Looks a lot like Raffie, my smiling donkey,  doesn't he? So proud of Tagen - such a big heart and great young man! 

Now this last week we were at the Round Top Antique Show - and it has been awhile since I shared any photos of one of the booths that Hubby and I set up with our stuff for sale. So I thought this would be a great week for it since it was one of fullest booths ever! LOL

So big I had to do it in two shots!

Great stuff we have been gathering for this show! Was lots of different things for us, but fun to find! After all the hunt is most all of the fun of it right? 

Hope you all enjoyed this week  - and hope you will be back next week for more! 
HUGS and

Saturday, March 23, 2024

Animal Crackers - Celebrating Libbie

Howdy - 

 This is a hard one to write ... But I am going to try and make this a celebration instead of sad. This week we lost the leader of our family. Miss Libbie. 


There is a huge hole in our hearts. But it was time. She was old, Hubby figured it out. 15 years, 4 months and 4 days old. She was blind and the last few months pretty slow but still in charge. 

Hubby and I have been really talking about our favorite memories of her. Like the day we met her. 

 We drove almost 4 hours to "look" at a Miniature Aussie. Got there late in the evening knocked on the door and said we were excited to see her Miniatures... The lady looked funny at us and said oh I'm sorry all my Mini's are sold all I have now is a couple of Toy Aussies. TOY? Flashes of Paris Hilton and dressing up dogs.... I wasn't sure about that. They came around the corner with her.... tiny thing in one hand. I'm not sure... we were use to full size Border Colllies. But I looked over at Hubby and I knew we were buying a puppy. He was totally in love.  And honestly as soon as I held her... so was I. 

We had to wait a couple more weeks until we could bring her home. But the day we picked her up, we knew she was meant to be a member of her family. This next photo is one of my all time favorite photos..... My Manly Man and his new dog.

Beautiful Little girl as a puppy and as she grew up. 

 While she was still a puppy, despite me saying I would never dress up my dog.... we came across a Halloween costume and I just couldn't help myself. It lasted about 30 seconds. And she was not happy with me at all! 


She had it off and away from me in less than a minute and spent the rest of the day giving me this same look. I never put her through that again. It was just degrading for a dog of her standing! 

 And the puppies she gave us... oh my! She and Autie really did make beautiful babies. 


She was a good Momma. Not the most gentle and cuddling Momma all the time. But Autie was there to back her up and do the cuddling. But she did her job and was good with the puppies. All three litters she had. 

From day one she was in charge of us all. And ran the house. Well and ran the animals outside too.

We never let her out with the goats or donkeys but even with a fence between them she ran them mentally and physically. 

She watched over them... even when she lost her sight. She knew where everyone was and would sit outside and listen to them all. 


Another of my favorite photos... Her leading Autie around the yard. He was never allowed to run ahead of her, but always stayed right by her side.

Now they are together again I suppose on the other side of that Rainbow Bridge they talk about. 

I will miss her so much just as we do Autie. 

We will always love you Libbie!

Hugs and - have a blessed weekend.

Saturday, March 16, 2024

Animal Crackers - Bubba's Glamour Shot

Howdy - 

The other day I was sitting and talking with Bubba... started snapping some photos while playing with settings on my phone's camera that I have never used. This one cracked me up!! Flash back to all those wonderful 1980's Glamour Shot photos. So here is Bubba's Napoleon Dynamite photo! 

 As you can see he was not amused with me snapping all the photographs. But this is his serious Glamour Shot... I just don't know why but it just makes me laugh to hard! 
Now I went out yesterday afternoon trying to get some photos before the storms moved through. Most everyone was in hiding or way out in their pens and walking through the wet grass in my flip flops just wasn't in my plan. So I stuck closer up to the house... had a chat with old Alvin. He was having a late lunch but still took time with me. 
That made me think I could make it over to his boys pen and snap a photo of them ... Alvin Jr. "AJ" was also chowing down.... way too big of bites Dude!

He is a copy of his daddy... Just younger and thinner at this point. 

I was snapping a photo of his brother Chipmunk... but he made mad so he didn't get a photo today. The wind was really blowing and my hair must have tempted him too much... well in half of a second his nose poked through the fence and he had a giant wad of my hair and then yanked as hard as he could. Thank goodness he dropped when I yelled!!! Otherwise I might have had to have some shaved hair cut in my future! OUCH! 
Then I heard a loud whining scream. Miss Darlene was making sure I knew she was out and there was no "old people gruel" in her bucket. Sorry old girl... Dad feeds you that in the morning and despite you taking a nap... it is still the same day! HA!

She is such a funny girl. I did go over and do some lovings on her. She is just too sweet to ignore. 

Hubby sent me this photo this week. He was out in one of the pastures and found Grey Beard and Orange enjoying one of the old trees. Just hanging out I guess -

But honestly that is what their whole day it right? Sleep, eat breakfast, nap, explore, hang out, eat then hunker down for Sleep again. Tough life.

I snapped a photo of Hubby's Amaryllis flowers. They are SO gorgeous! These are the first two of many buds that came up this year.

These bulbs came from a sweet old lady we knew in one of the little towns we lived in. Her old German Yard was FULL of them!! We were very lucky to have gotten some to remember her and enjoy in our yard! 

One last photo... wanted to capture Hubby's Tomato plants! They are in and doing great! I can see sliced tomatoes in our future!!! MMMMM

Hope you have a smile this week... if not scroll back up to that photo of Bubba!! Cracks me up!!

Have a blessed weekend!
HUGS and

Saturday, March 9, 2024

Animal Crackers - Beautiful Spring Day

Howdy - 

Yesterday morning was a cloudy yucky start. We were suppose to get some good rain, but it broke up and went around us... again. But when the clouds broke, the sun came out and it was a beautiful spring day. 

Here in Texas you know it is Spring when the Bluebonnets arrive! 


Along the highways, or large fields they are a gorgeous site. We have some large patches on our property. And even a few in our back yard. So pretty! 

Now the first thing I do when going out to visit the fur children is check on those that we keep the close watch on due to their age and health. 

Darlene was up first. Little heart stop when I didn't find her in her pen. But all was good when I got the gate open and made my way to her private hut. She was just taking a little morning rest. 


It was all good - she grunted and popped up and followed me around her pen. Then went to her left over breakfast and started eating. My old girl.. Darlene. 

Next was Old Black Jack.... Her neighbor.


He is getting hard to get good close up photos of, he just keeps coming at me full force for loving. I so totally adore this old man. When we purchased him so many years ago he wouldn't let us touch him. He was a crabby jack that wasn't friendly at all.  Years here with us and he knows he is safe and seems to be very happy. Oh and LOVES head, ear and rear end scratches with lots of attention. 

So two oldest fur children are all good! I then go to the ladies goat pen to check on Crissy. She gave me a horrible scare this week. So much so that I called Hubby at work to let him know she was not well at all and I thought it was coming close to her end. He got home that night and she was up, breathing well and seemed ok. I find her today and she looks great! And was out chomping down like crazy enjoying the new Spring grass!

So happy! I then head off to visit everyone else and snap more photos. I always make sure to have a chat with Alvin. But he too was enjoying a shady spot and napping.

Didn't want bother him... he seemed so comfortable and enjoying his morning snooze. Sounds like a plan I would like have a nap too... LOL I'll go back out for our daily chat later.

Then I heard Little Rooster scream out... He talks 24/7... I think he was just showing off his women. 

I snapped a photo of him screaming out ... again... he is adorable. 

Came back in after finishing the rounds. Went back inside and there was a little Meow in the window next to the back door. 

McLaren was watching me the entire time I was outside from her window bed.


McLaren is the one we call Psycho Kitty. Oh my this little girl has two speeds. Zero resting/sleeping and then speed of light insane. She is Hubby's kitty. As she seems to have claimed him and chooses his lap in the evenings. That is once she calms down... for about 30 minutes she must head butt, jump, kneed, and just beat Hubby up before she settles down. I'm good with her liking him best. LOL But I do love her. And I am good with Ferrari or Bubba who are calm and sweet in my lap.

Well I do hope you enjoyed this week and have your Animal Crackers smile. Until next week... 

HUGS and

Saturday, March 2, 2024

Animal Crackers - You can't see her...

Howdy - 

Went out to take photos yesterday afternoon ... had to wait till mid afternoon it was just dreary and wet all morning, but then suddenly the clouds cleared and sun came out. I went out front to see the "3 Stooges" our full size donkeys. They were all in front grazing in the nice weather. As I walked up front I noticed that Cocoa was "hiding' from me... she was turning her head away and looking like I couldn't see her. What do you think? She doing a good job hiding from me under the oak tree?


Finally she came out and said hello... but she didn't want to until I really talked her out. Now Teddy... he was enjoying the grass and chowing down!


So so happy the grass is thick and feeding them. Oh the 3 stooges are at the back gate every morning screaming out for breakfast to be brought out to them. In winter they get louder and louder until it is delivered. But now that they have spring grass coming in they yell out for a little while then give up and feed themselves. Cracks me up.... I do the same I guess.... Lets get Mexican Food... Lets go.... now lets go.... oh ok we will just find something at home to eat. LOL 

I then went out to the goat pen and saw the guy goats. Stinky... dirty... wet,  but AJ is still a cutie. Oh sorry men like Handsome! 

AJ's brother Chipmunk was lounging behind his hut. Just as Handsome. Now what I didn't show was their hut.... sad sad hut.

Hubby fixes it and gets it all nice for Chipmunk and his brother AJ. Within a few weeks, they have head butted, banged and destroyed it again. Last time they tore the back completely off. This time it is on its side. Not that it is new to turn it over, but this may be a last time as this poor hut has been repaired too many times. Ha! 

As destructive as the brothers are... they are nothing compared to Domino. He is a bit bigger, and much more aggressive. His pen is usually always a mess, turning over everything. His fence is no longer straight. He charges and bangs on the panels and they ALL are bowed out. As I got out to him he was scratching the top of his head... then banging his horns. Yep... destructive!

One more photo from earlier in the week.... we had a cold front come through and it got pretty chilly. Hubby and I were watching a movie and I was under a quilt. And very warm with the top layer of kitties!

Bubba, Mommy Cat and Ferarri all were all curled ON TOP OF me. So we were all staying warm! LOL Sweet kitties! And yes very warm kitties. 

Hope you have a smile again this week. Enjoyed our fur children again this week. 

Have a blessed weekend 

HUGS and