Monday, September 30, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Naughty Kitty

Howdy -

Another fabulous new image from High Hopes Stamps... just loving how adorable this Naughty Kitty is! 

I colored with Copics - (colors below) and then added some Viva Decor Sparkle to Kitty's Hat. I don't think this guy was meaning to be naughty at all... just a little playful? I found an old scrap of Making Memories pattern paper, love the winter sweater pattern. I matted with black card stock and sewed down the layers with a zig zag stitch and straight stitch. And put on a white card stock base. Then the fun new sentiment from High Hopes "Naughty List?" ... I think not, this guy is just cute!

Copic colors used

To see all the new fabulous images for Christmas from High Hopes Stamps click HERE  Some great images for your Holiday Cards!

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Saturday, September 28, 2019

Animal Crackers - My Baby

Howdy -

What an emotional week... getting ready for the antique show, truck issues, banged up my knee again and then... My Baby!

This was 99.99% of my stress... Autie was sick

Worried, couldn't do anything but lay with my sick baby boy. He had a bad stomach, and coughing. Wouldn't eat (which is biggie with this boy) Wouldn't get up, yes he was sick. Then he somehow poked something in his eye... so that was swollen, red and crying. Oh my I was so worried. But some special loving, and special meals he started doing better. I was washing his eye out, and doing as much as I could for him. Here we are a week later and he is 95% back to normal. But he had us really worried. I hope it is all gone now and I don't have to stop life again. And for this boy I do if I need to.

I don't play favorites - seriously I don't. But you see Autie is my boy. My shadow, he is always by my side. Working at computer, he is on my feet under my desk, cooking in the kitchen he is laying next to me. Relaxing in my chair at night watching TV, he is on my lap. And bedtime comes, he lays at the foot of the bed, touching me. I wake up and I can't feel him there I panic. Usually one of us rolled over and he is just inches away. So when he was hurting.. I was hurting. But he is better :0)

Whew.. also this week we did some musical pens for a few of the goats. Finally!

Alice is now back into the ladies pen. I think she is happy, she went from goat to goat to say hello, to her favorite hut to make sure it is all there. And then to the hay... eating is most important.

Domino has moved into Junior and Chipmunk (Chippy) pen. Wasn't sure how this would go. Domino is so sweet, and has never been aggressive, but when you put boys together for the first time you just never know.

We had about 30 minutes of who is the boss.. and then all are BFFs - Here Domino and Chippy were standing and keeping a close watch on "Dad" as the food was coming any minute they just knew it!

And then Alvin move to a bigger pen and happily for him, he is even closer to all the girls so he can strut for them and show them just how studly and handsome he really is. 

Shhhhhh... we don't see her... nope don't say anything... I can hear in my head one of those old wildlife tv shows.... we need to be very quiet when we approach this wild animal. LOL

 LOL the outdoor kitties are always in hiding. And I had to zoom way in to snap this one.Hubby and I were talking it is amazing how old these rescue kitties are now. They love their "Cat House" Dad bout for them year ago and live happily and spoiled.

Lucy "Goose" - as Dad calls her. I can't believe that one of my first babies is now one of my old ladies. Such a sweet girl. She isn't forceful, she always stands off and waits her turn at anything. And she is touch to the past to her Momma "Paintbrush" that we lost earlier this year.

Sweet Lucy Goosey...

Now how sad is this photo... You would think he is starved and mistreated waiting for breakfast.

Nope this is Sergio being calm waiting for me to approach for his head scratching.

 Now this is my guy... he knows he ALWAYS is going to get his scratching from Momma! I loved all over him, kissed the end of his nose... then Dad came with breakfast I got a quick look back as if he was saying "Thanks Mom!" and it was time to eat!

Hope you got a smile from this weeks animals.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - It's A New Release Day!!

Howdy -

There is a NEW Release at High Hopes Stamps today!!! I so excited! This is the 2019 Christmas Release and so it has lots of Ho Ho Holiday Fun!

For my first card I am coloring up Christmas Santa ! How adorable is he for holiday cards?

 I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then added some sparkle to Santa's hat and suit with Viva Decor Pearl Pen. Some older Cloud 9 holidays papers that I sewed down to a green card stock with a zig zag stitch. Same with the image... love to zig zag! It is all placed on to a white card stock base. Then the new sentiment that is so fun!! "Fun Merry Christmas Sentiment" Fabulous Font!

Here are my Copic colors used -

Now you must head over to the High Hopes Stamps website and see all the new release HERE 

And you can visit the High Hopes Stamps Blog HERE to see what the DT did with all the images. 

Have a blessed day -
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Monday, September 23, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Boo Crew in Frame

Howdy -

This week for High Hopes Stamps I have "BOO Crew in Frame" Just the perfect amount of scary cute for Halloween!

I colored with Copics (colors below) Then I found some papers from Cloud 9 that have that Boo factor to them. Love the witches hats and candy corn... and they have a bit of sparkle to them. Love that. Black and Purple card stock match up well. All they layers are sewn down. For the Sentiment I used the High Hopes "Happy Halloween" with a EK Success Punch as the mat behind. A few Dots of Nuvo Black as little faux brads.

Love cute Halloween... LOL

Copic colors used - And sorry something was off I guess and it is a little blury.. oops.

For lots of fun Halloween and Holiday image you can visit the High Hopes Store HERE 

Thanks so much
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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Animal Crackers - Uploading Slow...

Howdy -

 This post was tough!! Satellite Internet Issues... photos wouldn't load was so frustrating! But I am dedicated and stuck with it!

This week I had a hard time finding good models... Lots and Lots of Lightening and Thunder the night before, sadly we missed the main rain. We really really really need some rain!!! But all the noise must have kept most everyone up all night and they were all inside huts or bushes taking naps I am sure. I sure needed one!

Well Darlene was there... She was trying to tell me that "Dad" forgot to feed her again. And she needed a scoop of her special feed.

She tries this trick multiple times a week with me. I think she really believes I am not real smart. I think I'll just drop that right there. LOL I know a few friends will have a come back laugh for that!

Jackie came out of a hut .. at first I thought to see me, but ended up she was just stretching her legs and needed to scratch her back .... man those horns are useful!

Now old lady Jill came right over to see me and get lovin' all over. She is such a sweet girl.

My miracle goat. A stuck baby years ago nearly killed her. But she fought and survived despite the vet saying he didn't think she would make it thru the night. Love how friendly and did I say sweet?

Uh Oh... we have a chicken that didn't lay her egg where she was suppose to!!

Now which chicken is it??? I guess I could call in CSI and do some testing and get down to the bad girl. But well... as long as it was a one time thing I guess we will let it slide this time! Next time in the box girls!!

Just had to share this! We are getting ready for one of the Big Antique Shows and we have this beauty to sell!

This antique Pull Toy / Rocking Horse is about 3 1/2 ft. tall! Now first of all I know you are asking "WHY ARE YOU SELLING IT??" Lol well first of all space... small house and I already have a 1930's Macy's Store Window Donkey that is over 4 ft. tall that takes up a big wall in my living room. Second well... its a horse. Not that I don't love horses... now if it was a donkey... might be loosing a piece of furniture in the house! LOL and well... it is going to look great in our booth! 

ok.. that is all the photos I got to load correctly ... 

Now I guess I will do some research and find out what is slowing down my internet so much... sigh. A con of living in the country.. but the pros are so much more!

Hope you have a blessed weekend -
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Monday, September 16, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Thankful Friends

Howdy -

For High Hopes Stamps this week a Warm and Fuzzy one! Or Warm and Feathered? This is Thankful Friends - Such a sweet Thanksgiving image! 

I colored with my Copics and then shaded with Pencils. A very warm feeling color palette right? I cut out with a round Spellbinders Nestie and then found some older paper from K&Co. Juliane collection. I cut out, layered and then sewed together with straight and zig zag stitches. I matted the image with a larger circle with the same stripe pattern paper. I love that the paper has a clear glaze to it. Shines! It needed just a bit more, so I cut out four corner embellishments and then added some Nuvo decor pearl pen to the buckles and dots in the corners.

For the sentiment I used the High Hopes Stamps "Happy Thanksgiving"  Love this image just feels so Thankful!

Copic used -

Hope you enjoyed - there are so many wonderful holiday images at High Hopes Stamps! You can get to them all HERE

Thanks so much!

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Animal Crackers -

Howdy -

This week has been relatively quiet... time to sit and reflect on things I suppose? 

 Miss Chica loves to sit outside in the morning sun and watch the goats. Of  course from a little distance and with a fence between them... after all she is only a tough girl when she knows she is safe. Such a beautiful girl .

Speaking of beautiful I finally got a photo of Penelope showing off some of her grey...

Funny it is almost like she is hiding her spots from me, she is usually always facing the other direction. But not this time Penelope! Such a pretty girl... a bit nuts like her Mom but beautiful too!

From Young Beauty to Old... Old Lady Darlene... we have a routine with this Old Gal... 

Every morning she is at the gate to be let in to eat her special geriatric equine breakfast, a spot of hay and see her buddy, Black Jack,  through the fence of course. They are both in their late 20's after all... Darlene as much she thinks she should have a baby... she is retired. Anyway when she is done she bangs her head on the gate and wants back in with her Lady friends. Well most days .. some days she spends lazy time in her private pen. Here I had let her back into the pen and she always looks back as if to say thanks... I'll be back in the morning. LOL

Then I went over to young boy goats pen.. Chipmunk was jealous that he didn't get a solo shot last week like his twin brother. 

 This little guy "Chippy" as we have started calling him... he is a sweetheart! Totally a love!

Hubby snapped this photo for me... he was out watering and this guy came by to say hi!

 Hubby had a little chat with him, then warned him to run and hide before Moxie woke up and found him... we don't like that to happen .. well it is best for Bunny if Moxie doesn't know he was visiting.

Had to end today with a bit of color.... Things are so BROWN here now. HOT and most all things are dried up and dead. But Hubby has some of his roses planted in the back yard in pots (have to stay away from the Donkeys of course)

 Love this little pink rose.. it has dark pink spots that make is just so perfect!

Hope you have a perfect weekend planned where you are and make sure to hug a furry friend!
HUGS and

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Angel Bear Clown

Howdy -

 More Halloween fun with High Hopes Stamps this week. This image is just cute! With the name "Angel Bear Clown" it is not a scary boo image at all.. just cute!

I found an older scrap paper of a starry night and thought it worked well with Halloween card. I sewed the layers down to a lime green card stock. On a black card stock base. Colored with Copics and then shaded with pencils. Then high lighted with some Nuvo sparkle.

Then a sentiment "Happy Halloween" that I cut in half to split the words to fit better.

Copic colors used -

Sweet Halloween image! To see all the great images at High Hopes Stamps click HERE to jump straight to the website store. 

Hope you have a wonderful day -
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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Animal Crackers - Beautiful faces

Howdy -

These faces just make me happy all over... some of our "children" like and enjoy being photographed more than others... some well they just live to have cute photos taken of them...

Domino... this boy is sweet all the way to the middle! He is a love! 

And he does have that little sense of humor! We have been discussing moving him into the pen with Junior and Chipmunk... I think and hope that they will all get along well. Domino is a bit larger but is so sweet :0) -

And then there is Junior... 

Junior he bats those beautiful blues and gives me that "I am gorgeous and you know it!" look... LOL

 Ok he is right... he is gorgeous...

Miss Patti - she has those eyes that just speak a million words - so much personality.

And she is beautiful as well .. And her daughter Irene.. just as beautiful!

Very wide... common spotted baby!!!!

Praying that is a baby and not just her being chubby... LOL

And then one girl that has more personality and beauty that she just doesn't know what to do with it all!!


In this light though.. I think maybe tweezers are in need for this pretty lady!

She is one of the standard donkeys that was purchased to roam with the other three standards. But well... they decided and she liked being in with all the mini ladies better. She loves being in with the girls and taking care of her "family" 

As I passed the chicken coop.. the old ladies were at the gate clucking for "breakfast" They thought I didn't know "Dad" had already fed them over an hour ago. 

 Well unless they ate it all already and forgot? hmmmmm

Hope some of our beautiful faces gave you a smile this week.. They always make me happy!

Have a blessed weekend -
HUGS and

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

High Hopes Stamps - Witchy Poo with Kitty Frame

Howdy -

High Hopes Stamps is getting a little spooky this month - showing off some Halloween images! BOO! Now I tend to lean towards the more silly fun images with my Halloween cards, and this silly little witch and her purple hair makes me grin. "Witchy Poo with Kitty Frame

 I always tend to try new colors with my Halloween, but I can't help it Purple, Green and Orange just feels so good together with these cards! I colored with my Copics (colors below) and then did a little high lighting with some pencils.

There was a great piece of pattern paper in my scraps. Now I don't think it was designed for halloween, but it and its bit of glitter just worked well with my spider button! I added some yellow Ranger Stickles to the moon and stars, and then sewed all the layers down onto a black card stock base. For the sentiment the High Hopes "Trick or Treat!" is just perfect!

Copic markers used -

IF you are ready to make you Halloween cards and invites to those fun parties just click HERE to get straight to the spooky images! There are so many cute images... oh scary spooky boo images! And then while there surf the entire store to see all the fabulous images, sentiments and backgrounds!

Have a wonderfully blessed day -
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