Sunday, August 19, 2012

Me and My Space - Loving tiny things

Hello - First I will report that we spoke for a long time with the Doc yesterday and he thinks Patti is on the mends. Her numbers had come way up in the two days, and all though we still do not have the tests back to confirm, or find out what is actually the cause, she is doing much better. Wouldn't let me bring her home yet... Darn it... but I did agree, she is doing well and until she is 100% and we know for sure I would rather her stay where they can run test and like clock work give her meds.  I do think they have all fallen in love with her though :0) They can't believe how sweet she is. And in their words "Especially for a donkey"... I wrinkle my nose up when they say that.... all my children are sweet! I'll keep you informed... but at this point until the test come back middle of the week, we are are on hold.

Now yesterday after we talked with the vet, Hubby and I went to do errands, and somehow we ended going junking again. We are SO BAD!! But we did have fun, and I got something I have wanted FOREVER, and am so excited to show you. But (teaser here) I couldn't get a photograph of it last night when we got home so it will have to wait until next week to show you. Thunderstorms moved through and we barely got inside after checking on the animals. And so no photos could be taken. Wish I could have gotten photos of the lightning too... I have NEVER seen bolts like that and so close! Freaky scary!

I looked around and found something else I totally love to show you - I have told you we collect toys, right? I think so, and I have showed a few things to you. Today I will show you one of my most loved things, in a new happy display toy.

These toy tin canisters are I have had for years. I adore them! I have always said "I am pretty su" they are from the late 1920's to 1930's. I have been blessed to have the entire set with all the lids.  Then a couple of weeks ago I ran across this adorable little hutch dirt cheap. Hubby said, well you just have to buy it for your canisters. Uh yea for sure!

Then just a couple of days later I was online surfing and found this for sale!
Did I need it? No, I have  a set..... but these... Oh I really do need them. They are like new, still in the box they were sold in!!! Now we would say "upgrade".  I like to think improving my "investment".  It is a good thing Hubby and I think the same, and he understands me. Cuz I showed him the screen... and didn't say a word. He said well I guess you are going to have to find somewhere to put that when it arrives. LOL  So I closed my eyes and hit the buy now button. Just a few days later it was here!

Now normally... I would sell the lesser set, and treasure my upgrade. But at this moment. I think I am going to love both sets. I told Hubby that if I found a different set that I just had to have, that would sit in my hutch, then maybe I would sell. But I can't take the ones out of the box for the hutch... and we don't want the hutch to be empty do we? So for now... I have TWO sets of one of my favorite treasures. Oh and the inside of the box... it is stamped - inspected, Nov - 1927.  So now I can say for sure the date!

Hope you are enjoying seeing my things - my happy toys. Just wait until you see what I got today!

Have a great Sunday! We have a chance for more rain today... fingers crossed!
HUGS and-


paola said...

what a lucky find, this is just such a treasure, had no idea you were a junker, ME TOO!!! cant resist, but my hubster doesnt get it, so my craft space is filling up fast, lol.
Enjoy!! cant wait to see what else you managed to find

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Pattie is getting better, hope you get to bring her home very soon.
Your toys are so cute.

Unknown said...

Oh yes! Good news (so far, so good) about Patti...keeping my fingers crossed for her mid-week results. How sweet it is that she's melting their hearts! Looking forward to your news about her. Well done you for finding that playset of your favourite tins! Looking forward to seeing your new 'find'.
Ellie Maggie x

Carol Dee said...

Oooo I want to train my DH to be more like yours! You are a LUCKY girl. Love the sweet set of tins. Can't wait to see your new treasure. :) Hugs....

Niki said...

Glad Patti is doing better. Hope you can bring her home soon.

Shelly said...

I adore your little hutch and the sweet tins. When I see a set from 1927 that's still in the box like that I wish I could know it's story. I wonder why on one ever used it? I know I'm strange, but antiques always make me wish I knew the stories they could tell. :)