Saturday, December 7, 2013

Animal Crackers- Donkey Hugs

Howdy -

Running a bit late this Saturday. My mind has just been not on the days of the week sorry... got up this morning thinking it was Friday then realized when the news was not on that it was Saturday. Oops... sorry.

I did work ahead for today though. I got some great photo earlier in the week for today -

This was my favorite  -

In case you have never had the opportunity - Donkey Hugs are the best. Juliet loves to nuzzle and give hugs. It is one of the first things that the babies are taught... nuzzling faces and Donkey hugs. This is now the background on my phone... Love this photo

This makes me happy too...

Our skittish boy Flavio is just begging for attention. Now he still isn't pushy and lets us rub all over him. But he is letting us pet his nose and head and is actually asking for attention now... sometimes....

One of our beautiful girls -

Now she isn't exactly clean... LOL This girl when she was little was always bright white with her dark brown and black spots. (the black ones are faded out by the sun right now) But with her longer winter fur and a few really good dirt baths.. she isn't so bright white right now. Those dirt baths really feel good you know. No I don't understand them either, but they do love a good roll in the dirt.

Here is one little girl that does not show her dirt until you pat her.. then she looks like smoke signals are coming off of her.

Leticia is just so sweet and little and really a good looking girl. 

Speaking of good looking... 

 Now so much in this photo I guess... but a little later he was stunning for that few minutes after he was brushed. Then he went out and rolled in the grass... maybe I should try it they all do seem to love it don't they? All three inside doggies had baths  - Autie was first and he was standing in the kitchen waiting for the girls to be done with there baths so they could have their cookies for being good. We give it to Chica despite the fact that she is a nightmare to bathe. She becomes a limp rag and lays over on you and will not stand for nothing.

Hope the weather is nice where you are. Bit cold here in Texas this morning. Woke up to the 20's here today. And I know that isn't cold for most of you.. but here in Texas that is COLD! Especially for wimps like me. LOL

Have a wonderful weekend -
HUGS and-


okienurse said...

Slept in late today cause of the cold and snowy day today. Love to see the pix of your babes and hear what they are up to each week...brightens my week! Speaking of dog baths...a friend of mine takes her dog in the shower with her to bathe them because they do the limp dish rag thing. She holds them, soaps them down, rinses them then sits them on the floor and she said they jump and play in the water then. Commited to her babe I guess! Have a great week.

Carol Dee said...

Cold here. No real snow yet. (Thank Goodness) I hope the ice missed you. What a mess that must be for the south where people are not used to such things.
The Donkey pics are sweet. I do love the new one of Juliet and Dad. So Sweet. Hugs all around.

Kirsten said...

Such a lovely photo & of Dad & Juliet!! Great photos this week, the one of Autie is very cute.
Cold here, but only in the 30s - almost tropical! Have a great weekend.

Unknown said...

It's been warmer here today, so we've made the most of fresh air. Gorgeous donkeys all of them, but I love the photo of Hubby with Juliet, so sweet! Isn't Hubby missing a moustache?! He's looking younger without it LOL. Our dog goes in the shower once a month with our son for a lovely pamper session!! Have a good week. X