Saturday, August 5, 2017

Animal Crackers - Whatcha You Lookin' At?

Howdy -

Now this photo made me laugh out loud!

This is one of our young Guineas - And I am thinking with this look she has a bit of attitude! LOL Their feathers are coming in nicely and they are growing big. I am going to hate to release them into the goat pen when it is time. I hate too loose any of them. But our old girls have lived long lives in with the lady goats. We lost one of the last two Old Guineas this last week, so we only have one old lady left. I think it was simply old age and the heat.

Here is our last old lady taking an afternoon break with Bell and Gracie. That is the prime spot in the goat pen in the afternoon. They all line up and claim spots as soon as it starts getting hot. Ok, the goats line up... the Guinea always has a spot there, if not she runs off one of the goats.

Bell is one of the pets... she is my girl that had the semi-stroke during a very rough birth. She is fine and gets along good. But no more babies. So we only got one baby from her ever. Miss Sweet Pea.

Sweet Pea gave a beautiful baby boy for her first baby, and look forward to breeding her again this fall. She has her Grandma's Pop Eyes.  Lillie was one of our original 4 goats, and we lost her a couple of years ago.. simply old age. We loved her so much she was so friendly and those eyes just melted me. 

We talk about thinning out some of the goats and bringing in some new blood lines. But Sweet Pea, will always stay here, simply because I see that heart of her Grandma Lillie.

Now the heat has been pretty brutal here. Over 100 many days, the chickens have to have their misters to keep them cooled off. Love how this chicken is just standing in front of it staring it down.

Guess I would too... LOL

Found a bird, that didn't seem to mind me moving all around her. Not sure what kind, as it seems she is molting a bit. She was hanging around the back yard around the goat pen. Making sure to stay in the shade. But then I realized she had to if she was going to perch on the fencing...

 I leaned on the pipe fence top to take the photograph of Sweet Pea. I still have a red mark on my arm! OUCH can you say HOT! Smart bird... stay in the shade there!

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend and make sure to enjoy a furry fuzzy or feathered friend!



Marilyn said...

Michelle, I enjoy these posts so much! I don't always comment but I do visit and just love seeing the critters!

Carol Dee said...

Good to see everyone surviving the heat. (stay away from hot metal objects!) See you next week.

okienurse said...

beautiful goats and that guinea does seem to have a bit of an attitude. It hasn't been nearly as hot hear as it has been down there. We have had a few 100°'s but mostly in the upper 80°-mid 90° range! Miserable. A couple of my friends have bought some misters to put around their patios and it isn't half bad sitting out there and I was worried I would feel wet but..nope just cool. little black bird looks a little young...might fight you for that cool spot on the pipe fence! Have a good week!

Ginger Shaw said...

Love my every Sunday look at your beautiful babies. Thank you Michelle.

Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

I too love my weekly peek in on the animals! How do the donkeys handle the heat? Any better than the rest of the crew?

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