Saturday, March 17, 2018

Animal Crackers - Have Your Cake and Eat it too?

Howdy -

Well as I said last week, we have put Darlene into the single pen for some much needed extra lovin'.

She is LOVING her Geriatric Equine food. And the Alfalfa of course. But as soon as she is done eating - she is done - and wants back into the large back pen with all her ladies. Yep.. her Cake and to eat it too. It isn't too hard to move her between the two pens but well... once the ladies find out what is going on it will become like fighting back a group of children at a new candy store. Alfalfa breath is hard to hide you know... And honestly we would like to make sure that Darlene is eating all her feed and hay herself and putting on some weight.  Now despite her age and needing to put on some weight... she is still a bit of flirt with her old boyfriend Black Jack..... who is in the pen next to hers.

She is a funny lady! LOL And old man Black Jack is doing some strutting and showing off himself!

Speaking of a funny lady - Cautious Big Girl Cocoa -

One of the standards. She is so pretty... very very cautious but a true love.

She and Teddy were really enjoying all that new green grass -

They are all loving the green grass, but as they are our children they are also still wanting their hay and feed... It will be very noisy around here as we work them back to more grass then hay... LOL

Mary was finishing up her breakfast and turned back to give me a grin...

 Sweet little girl, with those blue eyes we love. So pretty -

And speaking of pretty...

 Come on,  she is pretty in her own way... LOL Love all the details these chicken have when you zoom in for a close up. And I love to see those bright red combs... that means all is well and healthy! They must be cuz the egg totals have really been going up now that Spring is here. All are eating all kinds of eggs around here!

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed and happy weekend.
Hug someone furry or feathered and enjoy!
Hugs and -

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Carol Dee said...

So nice to see GREEN Grass. I imagine that helps a lot with the feed bills too. The chickens are lovely. i enjoy the many color variations in breeds. Do you have any Easter eggers. Love those greens and blues in eggs! Have a happy Weekend.